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Mist in a sentence

But the glass was mist.
A mist shrouded the sun.
Then the mist came again.
I moved off into the mist.
Mist rose from the floor.
Then out of the mist, a.
A mist gathered about them.

Of course! The purple mist.
That bring the fog and mist.
And then it sprayed a mist;.
Of course! The purple mist!.
The mist clung to the water.
A mist came before his eyes.
Mist wreathed from the wet.
The mist in the air forms a.
Just the heavy scarlet mist.
Mist was coming off the pool.
From the land of mist and snow.
The mist started to evaporate.
The mist swallowed up his voice.
Mist of the sacred land of God.
Or be quelled by the hazy mist.
She told me that it means mist.
In mist profound all yet is hid.
A red mist rose before his eyes.
The mist drifted casually down.
The mist was flowing past him.
The mist which went up can be.
He yearned for the purple mist.
Mist curled off the filthy water.
Sky cloudy with mist in the air.
The Mist is really strong here.
A slight mist hung over the sea.
A green mist filled his thinking.
In the mist of all manner of Sin.
Cutting through the mist and rock.
The mist thickened and swirled;.
His eyes began to mist over again.
In an instant, the mist was gone.
Aye, I can smell it in the mist.
Misting the air.
A fine misting is enough.
I know, I said, my eyes misting over.
Water hits the wall and sprays up, misting my face.
And as they stood, a little misting rain began to fall.
Soffen gazed at the old badger, sadness misting her eyes.
Due to the misting rain, his wipers came on automatically.
Humidifiers - are a variation of the misting or fogging system.
Karla said nothing, just looked at him with tears misting her eyes.
But her wide oval eyes remained unheeded, then began misting over.
Our Navy diver told us to spit onto the lenses and rub it to prevent misting.
Misting systems comes attached with timers for automatic engagement of mists.
Onion or raw potato rubbed on the inside of the screen will stop it misting up.
That’s the problem, Dorro, plead the portrait painter, his eyes misting up with tears.
Humphrey’s spectacles were continually misting over yet he had picked out a detail like that.
A light misting will help to fry and sauté foods, prevent foods from sticking and help to brown foods nicely.
When the time is right, I will go to him, Anon said, his wide eyes misting over as he watched him depart.
The misting ring, the use of humidistat, and the fogging systems are best employed for efficient greenhouse misting.
It was a gray and rainy day when they left, the chill of early winter not quite enough to turn the misting rain into snow.
That same evening he came to give the plants their nightly misting but the ones closet to the strange plant looked decidedly sick.
Rhett was Twilight had fallen when the train pulled into Atlanta and a light misting rain obscured waiting for her at the depot with the carriage.
Was there something out there? Was that a deeper shadow moving around out by the shed? Damn, she couldn’t see properly, her breath was misting the glass.
The way it gently quaked told the Breton that the man may well have been on the verge of tears - that if he had looked at the man’s eyes in those moments, they would have been misting.
The Kid and the others, Matthew and Mark as I have come to call them as the misting of memory reduces them in my mind’s eye, the ones who spoke about their God and their belief, they all tried to impress on me the truth of love and vengeance.
I’d love to write a Book of Buccaneers, Horatio said, his Eyes misting o’er with the Dream of Lit’ry Fame (from which e’en clever he was not immune), for in a Book, a Man is judged not by the Colour of his Skin, but by the Colour of the Page, White as ’tis.
Greenhouse Misting System - There are different variations of the misting system, The most common is the hand-held mist sprayer often though, this does not suffice not only due to the limitation of areas that could be sprayed at a given moment but the scope and duration that misting will oftentimes be needed especially in larger greenhouses.
WE WERE RIDING ALONG as roughly as you please, the English Drizzle misting the entire Countryside (in spite of what the Ballad Singers may say about fine June Weather), when, in a trice, there comes a Stampede of Hoofbeats beside us, and a Pearl-handl’d Pistol is thrust in at the Window next to my Nose, and Shouts are heard from the Postilion and Coachman (who presently come flying past the Window and roll Head o’er Heels into a Ditch by the side of the Road), whereupon the Coach begins to move at such a Pace that we are all rattl’d like Apples in a rolling Barrel, and Mrs.
His eyes misted.
Eli misted Forrest’s face.
Mister Wu’s eyes misted over.
Blondie’s eyes misted a little.
Then she looked up at me with misted eyes.
The old man nodded, his eyes misted with tears.
Her eyes misted at the finality of this goodbye.
I tried to think but my mind was dark and misted over.
My eyes misted over as my thoughts flew 20 years from.
Anger rose, misted with relief, and flushed his cheeks.
The seeds are then covered with fine soil and misted over.
Dad’s eyes misted as he picked up the cat and held him to his face.
Even on the clearest of nights it was misted, glowing, luminous, and old.
She looked down the street she loved so well and her eyes misted a little.
Her eyes misted, and she said, It is a good gift to take to my brother.
His eyes misted and the print became blurred then, before coming more clear.
There was so much blood, he couldn't help it when his eyes misted over into black.
He looked down at Willie, who was making shapes with his finger on the misted window.
They misted over when they talked about the ruins of the house they had grown up in.
He grins at me for a moment and then his eyes misted, looking past me into a time gone by.
His high beam had highlighted the angular shape of a wheel chair through the misted rear window.
Before long the seemingly ubiquitous Jingle Bell Rock came on, and she misted up for some reason.
Through the heads of trees, street lamps send shafts of light, sharp and smooth on the misted breeze.
He parted his lips slightly and drew closer as if to kiss her, but instead, a noxious black vapor misted from.
So even here in this magical sea, even as warm wine misted down from heaven, she couldn’t talk to Andrastus of a future together.
Forsyth almost felt sorry for the man across the table, who remained silent, studying the pictures intently through misted spectacles.
Her eyelids lowered as the spray from the water misted over her face, cooling her skin, which heated when she thought of what happened.
Outside the castle they advanced through a watery space, a tarn that was not a tarn, which misted before them like the stuff of nightmares.
The valley was narrow and the mountains rose steeply, so that he had to hunch down and strain to see the misted peaks through the porthole.
As she turns a corner and enters a dimly lit street, her gaze lifts to the shattered streetlamp, then down to lightly misted cobblestones and back up again.
He sensed Flint nod his head even though he was still staring at the amber fluid before him, watching the misted glass turn into trickles of water on the outside base.
Now, I would fain describe the Hours of Travail that follow’d but a curious Fog hath misted ’em, like Clouds snagg’d upon a Mountaintop; and try as I may, I have only the haziest Recollection.
Also, the windows inside had misted up, so, when the two detectives finally opened their doors and got out of the vehicle they were surprised to see the front door of the cottage open and Constable Pugh standing in its frame waiting for them.
And when the state of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, or Montana vanished into cloud seas, and, doubly, when the United States shrank to a misted island and the entire planet Earth became a muddy baseball tossed away, then you were alone, wandering in the meadows of space, on your way to a place you couldn’t imagine.
WHEN everything was still and dark and misted, nearing dawn, with guards patrolling the lands and night-horsemen out and down the roads and through the trees, I lifted my head to the sound of a barking fox…out there, out into the trees…somewhere out there…it barked again, then again further away, that high unearthly cry of a fox that gave me shivers, and I stood up; looked back towards the picket lines.
Art thou real, my ideal? it was called by Louis J Walsh, Magherafelt, and after there was something about twilight, wilt thou ever? and ofttimes the beauty of poetry, so sad in its transient loveliness, had misted her eyes with silent tears for she felt that the years were slipping by for her, one by one, and but for that one shortcoming she knew she need fear no competition and that was an accident coming down Dalkey hill and she always tried to conceal it.
All the mists were gone.
Thy mists, that roll and rise!.
Its history lost in the mists of.
The mists speak to all of us of changing times.
Suddenly, the mists parted, and a shape appeared.
It disappeared, leaving only the mists and lights.
Pines and sharp stones trailed off into the mists.
Lower and lower crawled the mists, shrinking, fading.
It was not unlike the dewy mists of the fledgling day.
Rhone took a few warm-up chops at the mists over the.
The rays of the burning sun forced the mists to retreat.
The morning mists surrounded us, but they soon broke up.
Furious, Ned tried to see through the mists on the horizon.
Mists roll off of the sea here like the thick, heavy gasses.
What are the mountains call'd that rise so high in the mists?
Through the mists of agony and fear he looked back at the dragon.
The mists that had shrouded everything in her soul parted suddenly.
The sun was now climbing, and the mists in the vale below had been.
Another tiny clear thought emerged from the swirling mists: 'log in'.
Moon rode slowly above the mists of Anduin and flickered through the.
A score materialized out of the mists, each male as perfect as he was.
An army had appeared outside the castle, rising from the morning mists.
That's a gray sort of beauty; the beauty of mists, and rains, and tears.
The mists, arising from the watery sphere, serve to distort the wondrous.
Misting systems comes attached with timers for automatic engagement of mists.
As mists vanish before a strong wind, the cobwebs vanished from Conan's brain.
But now in the evening the rain had ceased and the mists had blown out to sea.
Instead of plunging deep into the swirling mists as she anticipated, the notes.
An hour later, a man, marching amid trees and mists, was rapidly departing from M.
Of course, the day was so long ago as to be swallowed by the mists of time.
I hope you’ve not misplaced your skill for war there in the mists of your mind.
Consider out of the mists of your deepest thoughts a bright idea comes from nowhere.
As he returned, the dewy mists were rising from the ground and enveloped the village.
It was twilight: the cold dawn was at hand again, and chill grey mists were about them.
The skies were threatening, but land lay inside those dense mists, and we had to escape.
Thanks to certain heavy mists, we couldn't see from one end of the platform to the other.
The sound came nearer and nearer; the thick mists were dimly parted by a huge, vague form.
A last ray shot through the region of clouds and mists, and died away like a faint memory.
The harbour and the gulf and the low-lying shore fields had been dim with pearl-gray mists.
Tea of the mountain mists, grown in the foothills of the Himalayas at elevations over 5000.

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