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Mitt in a sentence

Clap! went the catcher’s mitt.
The ball screamed into his mitt.
When you used to mimic his mitt.
If you miss the mitt, you‘re not playing for me.
I took off my mitt and touched my mother’s cheek.
I force my attention completely on the catcher’s mitt.
Sampson saw it, too, waved his mitt of a hand and said, No.
He popped the mitt well; it wasn’t just a fluke that day in January.
Johnny slammed the ball into Roman’s open mitt as he shook his head and.
Delbert stuck his mitt into the package and came out with about six cookies.
Johnny walked reluctantly off the mound, grabbed his first baseman’s mitt.
Governor Mitt Romney has had the state of Massachusetts pass a bill that has.
And on top of that somebody stole his catcher's mitt, it cost a dollar ninety-five.
I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands.
Mitt Romney, running for president in 2012, notoriously said, There are 47 percent.
They hissed past, spatted into the open mouth of the catcher’s mitt, were hurled back.
Lennox placed a brawny mitt on her shoulder with a kind smile that reached his grey eyes.
In Governor Mitt Romneys book No Apology, he relates that Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health.
He would say, ―When you‘re ready, throw that bal into the catcher‘s mitt without his glove having to move.
Baubles clanked as Vitale pawed through them, handed the necklace up to Conklin with his catcher’s mitt of a hand.
She was the only one, outside my family, that I ever showed Allie's baseball mitt to, with all the poems written on it.
He made Allie go get his baseball mitt and then he asked him who was the best war poet, Rupert Brooke or Emily Dickinson.
This was particularly bad for my father, who was in his first race since Palm Beach, facing Republican entrepreneur Mitt Romney.
That was the same week your brother in a strange seizure of love mixed with contempt gave you his old, but expensive, baseball-catcher’s mitt.
Obama care began as Romney care The program is Republican in origin, first passed in Massachusetts by Governor Mitt Romney, Obama's opponent in the 2012 elections.
Even Jezza’s pulling double plays now? Has this city gone mad? What about me? Since when is a filthy punk with a catcher’s mitt for a face not fuck material anymore?
In the far corner was another pile of Benjamin Corbett’s effects: football, basketball, catcher’s mitt, slide trombone, the boxer’s speed bag that once hung from a rafter in the attic.
My brother didn’t find out about his catcher’s mitt and the statue for two weeks, and when he did he ditched me when we hiked out in farm country and left me lost because I was such a sap.
People were encouraged to call each other 'friend' or 'comrade' (Khmer: mitt), and to avoid traditional signs of deference such as bowing or folding the hands in salutation, known as samphea.
A study by the Wesleyan Media Project discovered that the advertising for the two candidates in the presidential race, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama (both USA, pictured), far exceeded that of any previous political campaign.
And while he had used plain-Jane Wi-Fi that was basically open to anyone, his laptop was firing off scramblers of such strength that any punk with an electronic mitt trolling for credit card numbers and accompanying PINs would be left with something so garbled that it would look like a trillion-piece digital puzzle without a handy picture to go by.

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