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Paw in a sentence

Bear with a sore paw.
Sometimes it was a paw.
I tied that paw for him.
I stomped my right paw on.
I couldnt put my paw on it.
He laid full length, one paw.
Thorns in the paw of the lion.

It was shaped like a large paw.
I felt the Beast paw at the door.
Soffen grabbed his paw excitedly.
He started licking his other paw.
Each step left a bloody paw print.
Even once having her paw stood on.
His bear paw totally engulfed my.
You found a monkey’s paw?
The animal put one paw on the ledge.
Wait until he tries to use his paw.
He stroked my hair with his big paw.
Reach down to take my creaturely paw.
The wolf rubbed his nose with his paw.
He clamped his thick paw over her hand.
Horses can learn to paw at people with.
I raised my paw and she raised her leg.
She raised her paw as if to shake hands.
He quickly stomped his paw and growled.
A large paw grabbed the collar of his.
He extended a paw, shaking with the male.
A tall officer put his paw round my neck.
Then Total pushed a paw up under my hand.
She slapped Katie in the face with a paw.
He retracted is paw and then frowned at me.
Everyone had to paw everybody and admit it.
She had been more excited by the monkey paw.
Paw was stand next to Maw with a stern look.
It is convenient that the man is a south paw.
It withdrew it and tried the other front paw.
Somewhere we let go of the hot gorilla's paw.
He stood crying, his fist lost in Lennie's paw.
Ty reached out with one paw and touched Liam's.
Ingwe groaned and buried her face beneath her paw.
Ingwe snarled, pawing at the reeds.
Her statement, accusing him of pawing.
The bull-man grunted, pawing the ground.
The steed benumbed still pawing stands.
After each pawing, I glanced over at the.
He was pawing Emma, like an animal in heat.
He bit at the glass and returned to pawing.
Patches is on the ground, pawing at his lap.
Davidson pawing at her breast and rubbing her thighs.
He wasn’t pawing at her and he didn’t have his 189.
Adele was jolted to the grass by a crowd of zombies pawing her.
I moved closer to it, pawing the stone until I found a divot on.
BLOOM: (Pawing the heather abjectly) O, I have been a perfect pig.
One of them stopped, pawing at his eyes, but the other kept coming.
Every movement uphill gained by the animal's rapidly pawing hooves also.
Douglas and Lambert were pawing along the floor, trying to reach their guns.
He reined in so suddenly the horse went back on its haunches, pawing the air.
Such a tiny thing, panting and pawing the glass at everyone who walked passed.
I love you she whispered I could see the love pawing out of her eyes to mine.
The cat rolled over onto its back, pawing at the side of the chair and Tam’s arm.
While I lay trembling under the blanket, Oz began flicking my earlobe and pawing at my face.
He played with the meat, pawing at it until it worked loose from the wire before swallowing it.
He ran to the entrance, pawing the boulders and vainly trying to move them or chip away at them.
We all scattered as if pawing through someone else’s stuff was the most fun we’d had in weeks.
He begins pawing, trying pathetically to kiss her, thrashing her forehead with his bushy eye brows.
There stood the most welcome sight in the world: his hunter, Griff, saddled and pawing the ground, with.
He nickered, pawing his hoof on the straw-covered, mud-packed floor below and moved his head to greet her.
Pawing a feather from his mouth, JY sat as a swearing Sam Duff broke through the thick fringe-growth of the flat.
But he continued to snap and snarl, pawing the air in front of him as he strained to break free from his tether.
The stallion reared, front legs violently pawing the air, and when it came down, Ravan decapitated one of the men.
He sat up with a groan, clutching and pawing at burning eyes while muttering sleepily, Damn sun's tryin' ta kill me.
Grouchie shook its head, pawing at its neck, knocking the dart free, but the anaesthetic had already begun to have an affect.
But Bilbo simply could not think of any question with that nasty wet cold thing sitting next to him, and pawing and poking him.
His horse was standing at the door, champing the bit, pawing the earth with his hoofs, and at every moment starting and rearing.
Carelessly holding in his stallion that was neighing and pawing the ground, eager to rejoin its fellows, he watched his squadron draw nearer.
As I sat in the nice warm car and I watched them argue at each other in the pawing rain, I couldn’t hear much because the rain was hitting the car so hard.
Then, very gradually, part by part, a pale dangling individual stepped out of the wreck, pawing tentatively at the ground with a large uncertain dancing shoe.
I wondered where on earth I was, but top priority was stopping the praver who was pawing me as if he expected to find weapons hidden in my thin t-shirt and shorts.
After pawing through socks, underwear and pantyhose, he stepped to the small walk-in closet and pulled the string to a single light bulb jutting from the ceiling.
Jordon and the dog raced across the cavern to the main exit on the opposite side where he wheeled about and, with the dog roaring and pawing the ground, he shouted.
He pawed at the air.
The bul pawed the floor.
He pawed through the contents.
In response, I pawed her face.
So, she gently pawed Cynthia's face.
Andrew stretched and pawed at the air.
My mother gently bit it then pawed it away.
Sparky came over to him and pawed at his leg.
He pawed up the hay until it partly covered her.
Again he pawed, and again the window inched down.
My mother gently pawed, and patted Cynthia's chin.
He pawed the ground several times and snorted again.
I gently pawed her face, then licked her face, then.
My mother gently pawed and patted Cynthia's face for.
The horses pawed nervously at the tension in the air.
The boar grunted and pawed the ground, ready to charge.
I pawed her face and gave her a light kiss on the chin.
I leaped onto Cynthia's chest then gently pawed her left.
I gently pawed his right cheek, drying his tears in the.
My mother pawed at the apartment door, over and over again.
As soon as my mother was free, she gently pawed the brown.
My mother gently pawed Cynthia's face then licked her chin.
My mother pawed Cynthia's face then she gently rubbed the.
I grinned at Vlad, gently pawed his face and then made it.
My mother gently pawed Cynthia's chin, then licked the back.
I crawled unto Vlad’s lap, gently pawed his face and then.
Instantly, Puppy Dog lowered his head and then pawed at his.
Relentless pawed at that the floor of his stall aggressively.
As soon as she returned, he pawed and meowed outside her door.
He examined the steep angle of the dune as he pawed at the soil.
One of the dogs raced to another door and pawed excitedly at it.
I nodded in the affirmative and then gently pawed Alejandros hands.
He pawed at the air as though trying to touch her image up so high.
She laughed when the cat caught a mouthful, and then pawed at the few.
We crept in under Jim's bed and into the cabin, and pawed around and.
He screamed with everything he had and pawed the air with bloody hands.
He distractedly pawed at his own crotch as Chaz hammered on the redhead.
I pawed through the small baggies of herbs she brought, sniffing each one.
It repeatedly reared on its hind legs and pawed its front legs in the air.
Buddy pawed at the cage door, and Bobby pounded his little fist on the floor.
Cats use paws as hands.
Now with his small paws.
My paws began to shiver.
He stood up on four paws.
As soon as his paws were.
Wings and paws were shaken.
His gouty paws plumped chords.
The kitty had dirt on his paws.
I had my paws full with my own.
Theakston stretched out his paws.
The bulky one with the paws spoke.
I gagged myself using both my paws.
Now Toad was very proud of his paws.
Dogs pant, and sweat from their paws.
Her stealthy paws tread the very hall.
Olson’s face with my paws and then.
His paws were bleeding more profusely.
His paws were on my chest and he was.
I felt minor vibrations beneath my paws.
She puts her little paws on my leg and.
The slap of paws on tile filled the air.
He lay on the floor with his pink paws.
The jackal's four paws suit some actions.
I cupped his face with my paws and then.
Clifford put his paws up on Than’s shins.
I instinctively covered my eyes with my paws.
He put his front paws on the edge of the bow.
It had a massive head, and super-sized paws.
Clods of decaying soil fell off Torry's paws.
He smiled at her, holding out his paws to her.
You run your paws across her belly, she purrs.
The squirrel was holding a walnut in its paws.
For a moment his great paws swung over my head.
It paws at her, trying to suckle at her breast.
Our hands have become half paws and half hands.
One of its paws fumbled around behind its hips.
I relaxed and the tension in my paws dissipated.
He buried his face in his paws, biting his lips.
A couple of papers rested beneath Trog’s paws.
No animal she had ever seen had paws that large.

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