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Hand in a sentence

Your hand is.
I took his hand.
held in my hand.
He lifted a hand.
wave of his hand.
He took her hand.
on the one hand.

hand in both his.
She took my hand.
He held my hand.
with gun in hand.
quip of the hand.
On one hand, we.
walk hand in hand.
His hand lifted.
It forced my hand.
I'm a hired hand.
and took her hand.
hand on the latch.
time with my hand.
ear with his hand.
I patted his hand.
She took his hand.
his hand once more.
I slapped his hand.
Her hand extended.
Greece out of hand.
Son cut the hand.
A hand grasped his.
I had my hand on.
Hand that had the.
handing it to me.
handing it to him.
handing me the cane.
and handing it to him.
handing over some cash.
handing her the ticket.
coins, handing us a few.
handing Chevalier a bag.
about handing you over?.
After handing it to me.
We'd be handing you over.
Aiden said handing his.
handing the former to Tifa.
bum, handing him the check.
window and handing him a CD.
table, handing a mug to Mary.
handing the money to Morinda.
handing her the pain killers.
he said, handing her the cup.
half before handing it to him.
handing the driver an address.
’ He said, handing me my mug.
Handing it over Thomas was a.
’ I said, handing her a plate.
’ I said, handing him his mug.
’ I said, handing her the mug.
clerk for not handing it to him.
Owen handing the paper to Holkey.
to prosperity, handing the keys.
Terry said handing me my pack.
handing the delicate object to Ms.
He handed it.
As he handed.
Handed me one.
handed it to me.
She handed it.
He handed him.
He handed the.
handed it to her.
She handed the.
handed it to him.
up it, one handed.
handed it to Ashi.
He handed it back.
to be handed down.
He handed her a.
handed him the key.
handed them to Sam.
He handed it to me.
handed it to Harry.
I handed him the.
Jack handed to her.
She handed it to.
I handed it to her.
I was left handed.
We held hands.
10 The hands.
Her soft hands.
His hands and.
No hands touch.
you to his hands.
He hands me one.
His hands were.
hands on her lap.
We kept hands off.
is in their hands.
safe in His hands.
A touch of hands.
head in his hands.
I took my hands.
In his hands he.
I had shaky hands.
He had his hands.
My hands shake.
palms of his hands.
hands of the Cetra.
Both hands almost.
She took his hands.
Hands it to Harry.
He claps his hands.
your hands be slack.
His hands came free.
His hands trembled.
I scowl at my hands.
We shook hands again.
My hands are sweaty.

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