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Modernise in a sentence | modernise example sentences

  1. Rosita says its time to modernise the house.
  2. He opened Yugoslavia to Western tourism and even private industry: He wanted to modernise the country and rid it of the old ethnic hatred.
  3. Chinese students demonstrated against European colonialism on 4 May 1919, which started the May 4 Movement to modernise China and kick the foreigners out.
  4. He is convinced that his uniqueness is purposeful, that he is meant to lead, to chart new ways, to innovate, to modernise, to reform, to set precedents, or to create from scratch.
  5. In 1973 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was elected Pakistan’s first civilian prime minister, but even he depended on army support, and although he did much to modernise the country, he didn’t have widespread support.

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