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  1. One example is a business that enjoys a strong financial position only because it fails to make needed expenditures to modernize, expand, or replace outdated facilities.
  2. Of course it was her efforts to revive and modernize the group which had annoyed them, and then her decision to appoint David Goldman to the board, the son of Rabbi Viktor Goldman.
  3. The MOSKVA, like its sister ships, was already well over forty years old and had been due for an extensive refit to modernize its sensors suite and computers, on top of rebuilding its engines.
  4. In other words, modernize travel that has seemingly regressed to the horse and buggy era while investing in transportational and environmental technologies designed to hasten travel and promote cleaner air.
  5. Maybe, the Sangh Parivar’s nationalist lament over a lost Akhand Bharat, patriotic though, is misplaced for with one Musalman for every two Hindus in it; Islam would have erected enough roadblocks for the undivided India to modernize itself.

  6. Major department stores enjoyed their heyday for over 50 years with an ancient sales force and a loyal clientele, but they failed to update their marketing programs and modernize their stores; and now higher overhead and advertising rates put a dent in their cash flow.
  1. The Augustan is modernizing himself and his home.
  2. We are changing, we are modernizing, we are foolish ourselves.
  3. Austria, like Prussia, was modernizing with new roads, bridges, canals, and railroads.
  4. While their modernizing cities explode with more filth, and more poverty and more millions of poor.
  5. Repairing and modernizing nearly 600,000 bridges across the United States will not occur overnight and will take years upon years to finish.
  1. Unfortunately, because of the modernized world, our bod-.
  2. I had been in one lighthouse before, and it was modernized.
  3. Therefore, the interior space of the American home needs to be modernized.
  4. We’ve modernized the house through the years and made it what it is now.
  5. It did not match the corridors or the castle; instead, it appeared much more modernized.
  6. Under his tenure, he brought in hundreds of new scientists and modernized Merck’s labs.
  7. They arrived at Wuxi, modernized metropolis of more than three thousand years history and four and a half million.
  8. According to the AASHTO, if all the bridges in America were fixed as well as modernized, it would carry a price tag of $140 billion.
  9. He was a living modernized recreation of the rulers of Angkor who began with ritual human sacrifice and descended into madness and self-destruction.
  10. The town of Cairns has lately been modernized to improve its reflection and offer a comforting place for travelers and Cairns homes to gather together and have enjoyment.
  11. The Japanese modeled their modernized navy after, and received training assistance from the British Royal Navy; with the majority of their primary warships built in Britain and France.
  12. The more developed and modernized section, for the middle and lower classes were neither educated nor rich enough to provide the poise needed, nor considered the profession respectable.
  13. It is in a dilemma because it always needs to be modernized with high technologies to be competitive with that it causes the unemployment and it removes the workers’ income, because these are its customers.
  14. The most devastating blow came in the sixties and seventies when huge modernized shopping malls were constructed, allowing their customers greater convenience, more leisure time and additional savings on costly travel expenses.
  15. Since when is this kind of society Capitalism? All the West thinks China is becoming modernized: when it is sinking back into an even older level of corruption that goes back to before the white foreign devils invaded their lands.
  16. Oh how she had loved this movie, the complex sexiness of the eastern European features of the modernized dracula; she remembered the first time she saw it before George entered her life; how different it appeared then, before it had value of as a cue to a memory of a creature which now existed vivid in reality constantly nagging at her mind.
  17. Why be a missionary for greed… when the TV culture of consumerism does a better job of it without any personal risk? What is modern culture but a modernized process of converting the ignorant to a more corrupt set of destructive greed-consumer-self-gratification values? What is today’s civilization but a process of turning people into believers in the sanctity of greed? What is modern civilization but the desperate attempt to commercialize everything? Not one living civilized person can or even wants to defend this value, rationalize it, or justify it.

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