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Mutant in a sentence | mutant example sentences

  1. I am also a mutant.
  2. Other times we end up a mutant!.
  3. That’s NOT a mutant, said Jack.
  4. Want to hear my mutant theory?
  5. Is the character a knight, a mutant, a.

  6. Mutant flying monsters with screwed up DNA.
  7. We’re not some evil race of mutant aliens.
  8. The mutant had likely stopped him on his way.
  9. The giant mutant salamanders were on the move….
  10. The further he walked, the more mutant dandelions he.
  11. The giant mutant salamanders felt the heat of the sun….
  12. The big black bull had indeed made use of the mutant bears.
  13. His first movie was called Revenge of the Mutant Crocodiles.
  14. It was one of Ardara’s devices, used to suppress the mutant.
  15. What was I? A mutant jacker, with an extraordinarily hard head.

  16. That was the day he earned his lifelong nickname, ‘The Mutant.
  17. No, you’re some sort of mutant hybrid that needs an explanation.
  18. Carolyn and Charles watched in horror as the mutant mob of mannequins.
  19. The giant mutant salamanders felt the heat of the sun and began to move.
  20. They fought a mighty mutant bear that had been sent to destroy my eggs.
  21. Get lost, mutant, the guard said, when Garcia stopped at his post.
  22. NAc using viral-mediated overexpression of dominant negative mutant TrkB in-.
  23. It only remained to be seen what the giant mutant salamanders would do with it.
  24. The process, for giving human beings mutant powers, was invented in Nazi Germany.
  25. I do know my name, though I didn’t use it while I was a mutant stuck in the.

  26. The Mountain lion was a mutant that had lungs that had already adapted to the harsh.
  27. Oreo and the ‘twins’ kept a huge mutant bear from entering the hatching grounds.
  28. On public television video, they showed a mutant zombie captured and was then put into.
  29. A human with a dead soul, or using the scientific term—a mutant, is a product of.
  30. I briefly considered bludgeoning him and leaving his body here to feed the mutant goldfish.
  31. A woodpecker, maybe, or some mutant jay? Its head must have been tucked underneath its body.
  32. That I’d rather not be a mutant? I tried to say it with a smile, but it came out sour.
  33. It is like looking at a mutant elephant, tuskless and radioactive sounding from trunks on end.
  34. Hevel had never got over the fact that most of his fellow Gaiyans considered him a rogue mutant.
  35. She killed one more mutant bear on its way up; then she came below here and destroyed the rest of them.
  36. They both inherited my drive while this one takes after his father, or maybe he is just some kind of mutant.
  37. The author of Blood Magic, she now lives in Kansas with her partner, two cats, and a mutant mutt named Grendel.
  38. The cat ensured his good fortune when he hopped over to my husband using only his back legs, looking like a mutant kangaroo.
  39. I only had two robusta trees growing in the same conditions as the mutant tree, but I think it’s safe to say it grows faster.
  40. About Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? This all felt very strange? What would they discuss at a meeting? It couldn’t be all TMNT.
  41. Steve had suggested a ring of explosives be placed around the camp in case the Insane Ones tried to use the mutant bears against the camp.
  42. The manufacturer had connections with various foreign rebels and so was able, through McAdams, to develop and sell the mutant anthrax to them.
  43. Whether the Hot Dog bandit was killed by a giant mutant ninja salamander, as the media was now calling them; was unclear and in Bru’s mind irrelevant.
  44. She listened intently for a couple of minutes, and so did Bru, because she didn’t know he had especially acute hearing, what with being a mutant and all.
  45. Of course not your real one, studying polymer electrolyte materials for rechargeable batteries, but the research you do out of love: Growing your mutant coffee plant.
  46. This condition is due to a dominant mutant gene which, as the Xolo is an ancient breed, probably originated several thousand years ago and may have helped it hunt in hot climates.
  47. Suspicion, paranoia, and doubt often developed as a result of prolonged periods of such solitude and mind-boggling emptiness, which ate away at the nerves and the psyche like a mutant cancer.
  48. WHAT?? YOU MEAN YOU DIDN’T PUT THE CANS IN THE SAFE LAST NIGHT, YOU MINDLESS MUTANT? Her screech rose above the murmur of a thousand voices to echo the length and breadth of the cavernous terminal.
  49. Paul played the mutant machine on My Brave Face, but after we had the backing track down, I asked if he might consider throwing in a few octave bass fills that had always been such a distinctive part of his style.
  50. Instead of scavenging through the remains of buildings for food from their prior life or eating the mutant vegetation that had grown in abundance, they’d been able to bring back many comforts that they had once had, plus a more free and joyous life.
  51. Small amounts of mercury are okay though, because that means a person can have some really cool looking mutant retarded kids to sell to a sideshow or, if the person doesn’t need the money, he or she can just lock the kids in the cellar and bring them out at parties.
  52. Just like we luv to eradicate the diseased from our populations, so likewise we are passionately compelled to scrub disease carriers from all aspects of our existence, from the mutant monster criminal to the computer virus to the ordinary bacteria that just happens to be on everything.

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