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  1. When the mutation had taken.
  2. This type of mutation (from Lat.
  3. Nothing was known of mutation in.
  4. In this case: radioactive mutation.
  5. A benign ghost and an awful mutation.

  6. An example of mutation is that Helium.
  7. This mutation belongs to the blue series.
  8. She had spoken of it to him as a mutation.
  9. I don’t have the mutation, said Tom.
  10. This mutation can be bred into any body color.
  11. Mutation only occurs once in a 100 million times.
  12. This type of mutation is much more common than a.
  13. If a mutation occurs, the babe is cast out of.
  14. But now a new mutation is in its preparatory phase.
  15. Has Mona mentioned the mutation? The lost child?

  16. This involves a chain reaction and some mutation in.
  17. The mutation of a species emerges which happens to be.
  18. But she had never explained the nature of that mutation.
  19. The presence of a certain mutation each step of the way.
  20. EGCG found in green tea may block the mutation of cel s.
  21. About 5% of diseases are a direct result of gene mutation.
  22. Just possibly it was a different mutation of the same gene.
  23. It occurs because of a point mutation of the Beta globin chain.
  24. His main concern was trying to solve the problem of the mutation.
  25. It may have happened as a side result of the mutation for memory.

  26. Anna, if you have the mutation, it’s the same for your children.
  27. Using the mutation rate within the mitochondrial control region as a.
  28. Labs indicate a hematocrit level of 63% and a positive JAK2 mutation.
  29. Let’s say we wanted to locate and mark all mutation abnormalities.
  30. The SNP mutation M95 that defines Subclade O2a is currently thought to have.
  31. Not even one mutation has been observed that adds a little information to the.
  32. In the case of the considered phenomenon, mutation indicates pathological changes.
  33. Because ginger contains some compounds that cause chromosomal mutation in the test.
  34. Finally, they sequenced his genome, found an unusual mutation in the result in 150.
  35. This is a sex-linked mutation said to be of the green color series (yellow is present).
  36. But there was something strange about these cacti, like a possible mutation of some sort.
  37. This, also, is not what broke the family; it's just another mutation of its fragmentation.
  38. That was a mutation, however, that Roy had had, and one that he had passed down to his sons.
  39. Why do they need all this information; just for it to be ever of any practical use? Mutation.
  40. This is a sex-linked mutation that is said to belong to the blue color series (yellow absent).
  41. It only affected about twenty-five percent of the population, who possessed a specific genetic mutation.
  42. Violet is an interesting mutation rarely seen, in which a gene intensifies the blue coloration to a deep violet shade.
  43. Instead of treating our unique traits as a disease or unfavorable mutation, they were revered, preserved, and propagated.
  44. So many farmed fish were raised in such close quarters they were more prone to disease, mutation, and a host of other ailments.
  45. The mutation in Alice’s presenilin-1 secretase rendered it insensitive to proper regulation, and it produced too much amyloid-beta.
  46. Olive skin with dark eyes and thick, black shiny hair; yet he couldn’t be the victim of some nuclear mutation, he looked so healthy.
  47. Sometime, around the time when the professor had realised about the mutation in the probe, the probes themselves had started to act alone.
  48. Their cultural legacy was a cancerous mutation between the pre-historic culture of Squatters, and the pre-historic culture if the walkers.
  49. Something that might cause a big cat to avoid a water source, might just cause a full-blown genetic mutation in a bunch of salamander eggs.
  50. Each of your children has a fifty percent chance of inheriting this mutation, which has a one hundred percent chance of causing the disease.
  51. Hütter transplanted stem cells from a donor who had the CCR5 mutation, which makes cells immune to HIV, and Brown stopped his regular medication.
  52. For a budgie breeder, however, a mutation is almost exclusively one that changes the nature of the cells that produce the colors of a wild budgie.
  53. Thus Concord grapes resulted from a single random, once in a lifetime, genetic mutation that could have come and gone unnoticed unless a man such as Mr.
  54. This condition is diagnosed when the hematocrit level (% of red blood cells in the blood) is greater than 60% and the patient has a JAK2 mutation present.
  55. THE ODDS OF THEM BOTH being negative for the mutation descended from unlikely to remote when they still weren’t home an hour after Alice had anticipated their arrival.
  56. If the defect is not serious, the embryos will live and carry the mutation; when the animals mature, their off spring will have the ability to inherit the mutation as well.
  57. Studies of a mutation in the neurotransmitter metabolizing enzyme monoamine oxidize A (MAO-A) have been shown to cause a syndrome that includes violence and impulsivity in humans.
  58. A Massachusetts General Hospital study has connected a well known mutation found in certain families with the wave of electrical activity in the brain that happens during a migraine.
  59. She thought about ways that she could help him and she wondered if there was any chance that his dad may have been a telepathic traveller or whether maybe Zeke was just an ultra rare natural mutation.
  60. The belief that species were immutable productions was almost unavoidable as long as the history of the world was thought to be of short duration; and now that we have acquired some idea of the lapse of time, we are too apt to assume, without proof, that the geological record is so perfect that it would have afforded us plain evidence of the mutation of species, if they had undergone mutation.
  61. On this doctrine of the extermination of an infinitude of connecting links, between the living and extinct inhabitants of the world, and at each successive period between the extinct and still older species, why is not every geological formation charged with such links? Why does not every collection of fossil remains afford plain evidence of the gradation and mutation of the forms of life? Although geological research has undoubtedly revealed the former existence of many links, bringing numerous forms of life much closer together, it does not yield the infinitely many fine gradations between past and present species required on the theory, and this is the most obvious of the many objections which may be urged against it.

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