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Nab in a sentence | nab example sentences

  1. Wanted to nab us huh?
  2. Thats how the police were able to nab the killer kitty.
  3. By the time you nab that password, Neptune's child wil have.
  4. Stephanie had indeed called the police and whomever else to nab.
  5. She’ll appreciate it when she hears about it after I make the nab.

  6. The ruffin cly the nab of Stephen Hand as give me the jady coppaleen.
  7. After dinner, we headed in to Keystone to nab some Wi-Fi, and update the journal.
  8. Lov looked up in time to see an enormous bird swoop down and nab him with its Talons.
  9. Without his head the scarecrow would be helpless, and she could nab the Key before anyone knew what had happened.
  10. I knew that we had to be careful as the Germans would sometimes send out patrols to nab stretcher bearers as they picked up the wounded.
  11. All's I know is: when I got there the nigger had shot one of em and so I was able to nab him before he could stuff his carbine full of powder again.
  12. This was to let the Hun know that we were still here and that we meant business and if we could nab a prisoner or two at the same time then all the better.
  13. His eyes were enlarged as he stood staring at the large boy; his voice trembled, he now looked back and forth across the deck looking for an invisible Captain that he expected to nab him.
  14. It were hard to gie up my awn hearthstun, but I thowt I could do that! But, nab, shoo's taan my garden fro' me, and by th' heart, maister, I cannot stand it! Yah may bend to th' yoak, and ye will---I noan used to 't, and an old man doesn't sooin get used to new barthens.
  15. Between Jack and Nick, and their crews, this creep won’t be able to get within a mile of you, Kathy! They will nab him so fast his head will spin! And they will nail him for you, Kath, you can count on it! Henri added with unwavering conviction and authority in her voice, her words and tone unknowingly echoing Joel’s earlier comments on the same subject.

  1. They came near nabbing me at the half-circle.
  2. Nephi police were notorious for nabbing speeders.
  3. Rabble nabbing was a nasty game that had been forcibly introduced to me by the brigands.
  4. Jane, nabbing the four young people as she goes, efficiently takes it away to chop up and the guests start milling around the room.
  1. They said they'd had all their wares nabbed.
  2. Cross and the NYPD had nabbed Shareef Thomas.
  3. All of Rattigan's former selves nailed, ready to be nabbed.
  4. Too easy to get nabbed by the button boys to bother with it.
  5. Probably had gotten nabbed while out getting himself a new bottle.
  6. He's a recent recruit, nabbed him on Praxis, but we had considerable leverage.
  7. Crystal was nowhere to be found, but Diondra was nabbed, although it took four cops to get her in the car.
  8. While keeping an eye on a home that had reported a prowler, he’d been nabbed by two of the Bureau’s best.
  9. As punctuation a springkett nabbed one of those tightplumes and inchbounded up a wild frond to consume its meal.
  10. In Virginia, a bank robber was nabbed because he made the classic mistake of returning to the scene of the crime.
  11. Marty, who once nabbed three perps with the same set of handcuffs… Marty Boxer, who stopped off to lay a bet with the suspect still in the car.
  12. While it is sad for these children to endure life (not just Christmas) without their parents, it must be remembered that these inmates were not nabbed off the street as part of some cruel, extended Candid Camera prank.
  1. The guy that nabs THE IDENTITY CHECK.
  2. Eileen nabs it from her hand, looks at it and utters a gasp.
  3. Then he imitated Farrington, saying, "And here was my nabs, as cool as you please," while Farrington looked at the company out of his heavy dirty eyes, smiling and at times drawing forth stray drops of liquor from his moustache with the aid of his lower lip.

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