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Nail in a sentence | nail example sentences

  1. Where is full of nail.
  2. The nail was too thin.
  3. The concept of Nail as.
  4. Set down on the nail keg.
  5. Hit the nail on the head.
  6. After which, I nail her up.
  7. He felt as if a nail were.
  8. Must nail that ad of Keyes's.
  9. Pa inspected his scraped nail.
  10. She fought me tooth and nail.
  11. Jes picks nervously at a nail.
  12. Let me nail down the rules!.
  13. You hit the nail on the head.
  14. Six is Vau whose meaning is Nail.
  15. Let me nail down the rules!’.
  16. A large nail had a hold of you.
  18. There it was, the metal nail file.
  19. General Nail was no longer drunk.
  20. Sera, was our new nail technician.
  21. With this nail I stab your heart.
  22. He tore his pants on a rusty nail.
  23. As a final nail in the coffin, 802.
  24. The final nail in the coffin lid.
  25. However, I had to nail the flasher.
  26. And he tore the charge from the nail.
  27. No, Go said, chewing on a nail.
  28. Theresa was deader than a door nail.
  29. His nail was somewhere on the floor.
  30. She put the first nail in his coffin.
  31. They seem to always nail the culprit.
  32. It was piercing my skin with her nail.
  33. There’s not a nail in this bridge.
  34. He is trying to nail that box shut and.
  35. Most of the nail was in the man’s body.
  36. Hit the nail on the head as usual!.
  37. It was smaller than my pinkie nail, tiny.
  38. We have to nail him in the act, she said.
  39. General Nail looked thoughtful for a moment.
  40. With her trusty nail file she scraped out.
  41. His nail torn hands caress us with His care.
  42. He used his nail and pried a small bit out.
  43. Her red nail polish was the same colour as.
  44. His father set another nail and drove it in.
  45. It is in that hall that I nail up the coffin.
  46. He hoped that this time they would nail them.
  47. Ma lighted the lantern and hung it on a nail.
  48. He set a nail and his hammer thundered it in.
  49. The nail was very long; it took her two tries.
  50. I didn’t even care that I broke a third nail.
  51. And trace their cobwebbed patterns with my nail.
  52. There’s a torch hanging on a nail by the door.
  53. Christ he’d like to nail that pair of faggots.
  54. I just want to nail Red Beard, I answered.
  55. Eve raked a long, sharp nail down his naked chest.
  56. I’ve never seen a nail that color, I said.
  57. That’d be another nail in his coffin come trial.
  58. He hit the nail on the head and made me feel very.
  59. By the nail that is steeled and the hardened tooth.
  60. It's usually pretty easy to nail down one of the.
  61. We're still researching to nail down this song-type.
  62. Well, only the letter I is in ice and nail.
  63. Someone will trip up, and then you’ll nail him.
  64. General Nail found the report from the blast furnace.
  65. She has been working with her sister at the nail shop.
  66. He secures the line to an old rusty nail on the boat.
  67. If they’s one nail in the county, we run over it.
  68. And now you come home and nail 'French' on the walls.
  69. You hit the nail on the head with that, he said.
  70. I was wheeled in—in pain, without lovely nail polish.
  71. I saw it as the final nail in the coffin of my ideals.
  72. She traces the contours of his arm with a finger nail.
  73. Fungal nail infections can be treated using tea tree oil.
  74. Al pointed to a big nail protruding from the flat casing.
  75. The Gestapo tactics of the IRS put a death nail in our.
  76. My Dad would take the nail gun after me if he found out.
  77. The hollowing of that pitiless nail could be felt there.
  78. Each page has a girl in overalls holding a nail gun or.
  79. And as soon as we nail a murder on you you’ll get life.
  80. You can come and nail me up in the coffin at two o'clock.
  81. Massie picked at her nail polish for a moment, "did she?".
  82. Let’s concentrate on the one we can nail the bastard for.
  83. He had tried to nail him to the wall but failed every time.
  84. Emelian was busy around, knocking a nail in here and there.
  85. He stood up suddenly and knocked his nail keg over backward.
  86. The Doctor looked as if he had just hammered the final nail.
  87. He got out of the coffin, and helped Fauchelevent to nail on.
  88. She cursed him for the nail she’d chipped from punching him.
  89. And that was the final nail in the coffin of the Indian economy.
  90. I’m letting one toe nail grow just to see how long it will get.
  91. Jesus is the nail punch to hammer you into the surface of Heaven.
  92. We’ll just have to put some plywood over it and nail it shut.
  93. The ball then falls down a level where it encounters another nail.
  94. Altgeld had no buglers and as far as General Nail knew, no bugles.
  95. If all goes well we should nail him within the week, I said.
  96. He had his work tools in the trunk—guns, a butcher saw, a nail gun.
  97. General Nail was sitting in his tent, writing the after-action report.
  98. This was of no concern to Sheila, who was an expert with a nail file.
  99. Yeah… she cut her wrist on a nail and asked that they drain her.
  100. Davis had manipulated him, and she was going to nail him to the wall.
  1. He was intent on nailing me.
  2. The planes kept coming, nailing them.
  3. Nailing me was at the top of his list.
  4. Romans included the nailing of the arms at wrists and the.
  6. Some were busy nailing wooden planks along the doors and windows.
  7. Nailing ears is unthinkable for us, for we are, after all, Europeans.
  8. I told Claire that nailing this bastard gave me the will to fight on.
  9. There's something very satisfying about nailing an overpriced security.
  10. I didn’t duck, but returned two bursts for two, nailing his left side.
  11. And the point is that we don’t get graded for nailing this to the penny.
  12. Nailing this guy was the one clear thing that gave me the strength to go on.
  13. He would never think of nailing people by the ears, even if he were able to do it.
  14. After nailing yesterday’s deadline, she still didn’t know how to write this story.
  15. Self knowledge and what you think role are the preconditions before nailing the person.
  16. Old Tom Joad stood in the truck bed and he was nailing on the top rails of the truck sides.
  17. The ground once again shook, this time from the power of his blast, nailing it on his first attempt.
  18. Didn’t you end up nailing Mitch with the water hose? Miranda slipped into the chair beside her.
  19. From this place they could see Priscilla's cottage, and Robin was nailing up its creepers in the sight of all Symford.
  20. The process repeated itself: Harry holding up a plank, George lifting it into place or nailing on the spot it was held.
  21. These flexible sheets of cedar also allowed Pocock to do away with the endless nailing of planks to the boat’s ribs.
  22. It was put up in wuld times by the relations of a malefactor who was tortured there by nailing his hand to a post and afterwards hung.
  23. The first phase had gone as planned with great success, nailing the enemy tactical aviation on the ground at a comparatively ludicrous price.
  24. A great man who almost single-handedly started the Protestant Reformation with the nailing of his ninety-five theses on the door of the church at Wurtemberg.
  25. He framed the picture and hung it in our hallway, nailing it right next to the old black-and-white of himself in his thin necktie shaking hands with King Zahir Shah.
  26. A number of carpenters from Toulouse were busy building more stables to be connected to the existing one, banging their hammers and nailing together wood beams and planks.
  27. I can’t believe that little weasel is back at the campsite nailing Monsieur’s wife, Bernie whispered to Brian as they scanned the water for signs of rainbow trout.
  28. As long as the stock stays in a sideways trading range, which is where it was for most of the time covered by this chart, Stochastic keeps nailing down short-term tops and bottoms.
  29. In the middle of the night she stared into the darkness and saw Ralph with her knife in his mouth, the hilt sticking out between his brown teeth, and Sam’s sword nailing him to the wall.
  30. At the same time Katsuya was yelling his objection, he fired a highly concentrated shot of sonic waves from his arm cannon nailing The Host, sending him into some of the machines on the wall.
  31. Most crucifixions are never watched or seen by the humans who went to all this trouble of nailing them to a wooden cross and erecting it upright unnaturally with a nailed human body fixed to the cross.
  32. It's too far off the main road, it's too far out of a town, it's not a big enough town, the furniture was all wrong, She’d have to refurnish with the cheap stuff or find a way of nailing everything down Etc, Etc.
  33. He was as proud of his seductive blinking ability as he was of his sexual prowess—especially when homing in on a receptive female Photinus, nailing her to the leaf in his vigorous display of sexual ardor—A happy bug!.
  34. The bubbles grew larger and were rapidly carried through his blood-stream, the tingling sensation spreading through his body, bouncing against the inside of his skin, burning its way downwards and nailing his feet to the floor.
  35. Just as there is a difference between how a house is made by nailing dead pieces of lumber together: and how a living ecosystem is made by mixing the energies of the sun, earth, air, water, trees, plants, and living organisms together.
  36. Over the years, they had tuned the walk, prising up an A board and nailing it here, lifting up an F board and pounding it back down there until the walk was as near onto being melodious as weather and two entrepreneurs could fashion it.
  37. A carpenter, occupied in nailing boards to a fence around the ground on which a house was in process of construction, in the Rue de Reuilly found on that plot the torn fragment of a letter on which were still legible the following lines:—.
  38. That he hath spoiled principalities and powers, and made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in his cross, and hath blotted out the hand-writing of ordinances which was against us, which was contrary to us, taking it out of the way by nailing it to his cross.
  39. For one or all of these reasons, anything Nicky said automatically carried weight with Sewer Girl, and he took a pretty hard line that the hippies’ quasi-Kantian imperative to do and be good without nailing down any definition thereof led to a kind of moral paralysis.
  40. Some bastards in a department called Protection of Strategic Technologies had prevented Needham from nailing the hacker who had got into his system, just because they didn’t want to be exposed with their pants round their ankles, and that infuriated him, he said.
  41. The next invasion brought even more insane examples of Romans hiding in outhouses, up to their knees in their own feces trying to escape their killers as they found them while pissing into their faces… and then nailing the hole shut so they died a horrible, humiliating death.
  42. The night before the trip, after nailing up the boxes and putting his clothing into the same suitcase that he had brought when he first came, he narrowed his clam eyes, pointed with a kind of impudent benediction at the stacks of books with which he had endured during his exile, and said to his friends:-.
  43. What kind of Stalin, or Hitler would publicly strip one of his own generals naked, nail his wrists and ankles to a wooden cross, and crucify that general for disagreeing with him? Imagine Hitler or Stalin nailing one of his generals to a wooden cross and watching him die slowly… in front of the entire army.
  44. Only the mentality of a bird could conceive of it… only the mentality of a bird would freeze the only two important parts of a birds body: its feet, and its wings into a frozen position of a bird flying… unable to flap its wings or take off from the tree it is on… nailing its dead claws and wings to a tree: as a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter.
  45. And you, being dead through your trespasses and the un-circumcision of your flesh, you, I say, did he make alive together with him, having forgiven us all our trespasses; having blotted out the bond written in ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us: and He has taken it out of the way, nailing it to the cross; having despoiled the principalities and the powers, he made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it.
  46. But as the last whelmings intermixingly poured themselves over the sunken head of the Indian at the mainmast, leaving a few inches of the erect spar yet visible, together with long streaming yards of the flag, which calmly undulated, with ironical coincidings, over the destroying billows they almost touched;—at that instant, a red arm and a hammer hovered backwardly uplifted in the open air, in the act of nailing the flag faster and yet faster to the subsiding spar.
  1. I nailed him in the head.
  2. Yes! My brother nailed it.
  3. The coffin was nailed shut.
  4. It nailed Alicia in the face.
  5. He’d nailed it on the head.
  6. But it was Angie who nailed it.
  7. It was neither nailed nor locked.
  8. A gold cross was nailed to the door.
  9. It was as if it was nailed into place.
  10. The side of the crate was nailed shut.
  11. Lastly his feet are nailed to the post.
  12. Mary swung and nailed him in the crotch.
  13. I nailed another Glaive, and then another.
  14. He threw a mean curve, but Joey nailed it.
  15. The windows of the room had been nailed.
  16. She came in from behind me and nailed me.
  17. And the sooner they nailed him the better.
  18. His hands and feet nailed to a wooden cross.
  19. Then they stretched out His arms and nailed.
  20. The window had a board nailed across the frame.
  21. Him nailed to the cross, Jesus cried out with.
  22. She was nailed to the spot by a tidal wave of.
  23. I came back in and nailed her up in the bedroom.
  24. If the coffin is empty, why is it nailed?
  25. Keiko had nailed it with a well-manicured finger.
  26. Patterson posters and they nailed a couple to my.
  27. Even I don't know why in hell I nailed them there.
  28. So we nailed the doors and burned it to the ground.
  29. He had her nailed on the spot with dark green eyes.
  30. They nailed Diondra at a money-order dive in Amarillo.
  31. They started at the joint where the wood was nailed.
  32. Donovan laughed as though she’d nailed her punch line.
  33. A slip of hard wood had been nailed to the tree in such a.
  34. His hand found a rung Will had nailed away among the leaves.
  35. All of Rattigan's former selves nailed, ready to be nabbed.
  36. Then, all of a sudden, within two minutes I was nailed twice.
  37. The Law of Moses was nailed to the cross [Colossians 2:4-16].
  38. Over the door there was a board nailed flat against the wall.
  39. One of the thieves that was nailed on the cross beside Jesus.
  40. And you only nailed it there so that the devil himself —.
  41. They constructed them out of anything that was not nailed down.
  42. Suspended on a hook nailed to the wooden door was a heavy object.
  43. And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross.
  44. The man who had tormented her for so long was nailed to the wall.
  45. So they just flowed into worship and honestly man, they got nailed.
  46. Jesus promised him salvation although he was nailed to the cross of.
  47. What was the thing that nailed our suspicion on Jenks? I asked.
  48. There is always hope even for the ones that are nailed to crosses of.
  49. In fact, it’s the hide of the same old bitch whose head is nailed.
  50. It was taken out of the way and nailed to the cross (Colossians 2:14).
  51. Then, all of a sudden, within two minutes I was nailed twice.
  52. At a hundred yards I would have nailed my target ten times out of ten.
  53. Splat! He nailed it with his rolled-up Wilmington Star-News newspaper.
  54. The victim did not need to be bound or restrained, or nailed in place.
  55. He did when nailed to the cross, and says, I love you this much!.
  56. He was nailed to a crude wooden cross, his limbs contorted grotesquely.
  57. He was nailed against the wooden wall by a terrifying machine gun volley.
  58. There are just a couple deeper spots where the glass must have nailed you.
  59. I couldn’t read the signs nailed to the fronts but I knew it was Valesch.
  60. Reese!!! I throw everything that isn’t nailed down across the room.
  61. When Jesus was so brutally nailed to the Cross, the law was nailed with Him.
  62. Well done young Lamb you nailed the bloody bastard right through the head.
  63. Skinner’s eyes could have easily nailed him to the wall directly behind him.
  64. No, man, I just told her about it, and about how you nailed the little bitch.
  65. She figured she'd nailed the gig as the unofficial Official Dom of National GOP.
  66. Freud would have nailed you in a minute with all this sexual imagery; snakes and.
  67. I know that you stole chickens for her, and the Japs nailed you up and beat you.
  68. The actor Chaos Terrain had hired to portray the admiral totally nailed the part.
  69. We even nailed up the doors to the rooms that had the windows that were boarded up.
  70. Mike left after picking up his javelins too he had nailed into trees here and there.
  71. Her palms bled when Jesus was nailed to the cross? Olin asked for confirmation.
  72. Besides, it was nailed and then painted shut, so nobody could open it from the inside.
  73. Greg, however, was so concerned with being nailed that he didn’t pay much attention.
  74. It had come from the corner step of the staircase, which, as usual, was loosely nailed.
  75. The carpet seemed continuous and firmly nailed, so I dismissed the idea of a trap-door.
  76. One side of the ladder had an iron band or ribbon twisted and nailed round it spirally.
  77. My arrows nailed the fast approaching zarlons to the ground and soon they were all down.
  78. Damn! You nailed him hard, even after you promised not to reveal his past to the court.
  79. The old pine was mostly rotted, but in some places it held where it had been nailed shut.
  80. The brass had me nailed to the wall, then let me outta the cage with no further questions.
  81. Red Hawk’s quite a character, eh? He nailed two women with tribal truths in one night.
  82. Now that he pointed them out, Caris could see the flat metal strips nailed across the cracks.
  83. In the end, he was nailed to a cross and died there; he gave his life for the sins of the world.
  84. She followed its direction, and saw that it was fixed on a crucifix which was nailed to the wall.
  85. The burly Troll Paladin stomped one foot on the nailed beholder, making a gross, crunching sound.
  86. Only after the horse has nailed this down inside the lane you can practice this in a more open area.
  87. I could see it! And then I blinked and the boards were once again in stacks, not nailed to the beams.
  88. I poked around a little more, saw that the sheet of plywood at the door wasn’t nailed to the frame.
  89. Two copies, inexplicably, had been nailed to Principal Klieglight’s office door while he was outside.
  90. He took great delight in that and nailed his syncopations and let his effects hand loose in his own way.
  91. He says that I’ve got Herman nailed on the evidence, and that he has total faith in me, said Yuki.
  92. Yet in the morning, one of the heretics’ broadsheets had been nailed to the inside of the church doors.
  93. The city is infested with shantytowns, favellas—cheap boards nailed up for villages of makeshift houses.
  94. A serving man brought the gold at sunrise, not long after the master of the games nailed up the pairings.
  95. The first ladder dropped swiftly to the position, to be nailed in place by the fastest man the Tray-Spot had.
  96. This was then scribbled on with charcoal and nailed above my head so I couldn’t see what they had written.
  97. Other than this room was roomier than the coffin; it was really not much of a different from a nailed coffin.
  98. She nailed the method for applying mindfulness in acute situations, albeit with a somewhat dopey acronym: RAIN.
  99. For their final test, each of the fourteen-year-olds is forced to climb a ladder haphazardly nailed to a wall.
  100. He couldn’t understand how it was that Brian Walston had been nailed for a crime he, himself, had committed.
  1. My nails are a lost cause.
  2. It is used to drive nails.
  3. She’s as tough as nails.
  4. I have to paint her nails.
  5. The nails sing, then groan.
  6. My boys are tough as nails.
  7. And leave my nails out of this.
  8. He dug his nails into his scalp.
  9. Avoid using your nails as tools.
  10. The holes act like reverse nails.
  11. His finger nails were clean and.
  12. The nails, too, were turning blue.
  13. Her nails bit into her pink palms.
  14. Hard as nails despite his giggles.
  15. She's eighty one and tough as nails.
  16. Bling looked at her nails and sighed.
  17. Nails in the timbers shriek and sigh.
  18. Both for the nails and for the tushes.
  19. And the other one? Iron nails ran in.
  20. She glanced at her long pointed nails.
  21. She dug her growing nails into his arm.
  22. Kristie tapped her nails on the counter.
  23. It was fixed to the wood by four nails.
  24. Hammered nails screamed as his weight.
  25. It was KAMRAN who put the nails in His.
  26. It’s been weeks since I did my nails.
  27. Davis nails the shot without calculation.
  28. What was she thinking; Save the nails?
  29. She grimaced as his nails cut into her.
  30. Look, you haven't got your nails clean.
  31. The nails and crimson polish were intact.
  32. One by one the aged, rusting nails that.
  33. Let’s see your nails! Hmmm, pretty good.
  34. Fysto examined his nails and looked bored.
  35. Christian Louboutin Bow spiked lady nails.
  36. I believe they clip the nails and the hair.
  37. But that my nails can reach unto thine eyes.
  38. She bore her nails into her palms to resist.
  39. She cringed as his nails dug into her wrists.
  40. Iron deficiency may cause spoon-shaped nails.
  41. He’s afraid of getting dirt under his nails.
  42. He was a little bird, but had a beak and nails.
  43. Her hands were dirty, with earth under the nails.
  44. She reached towards him, with her nails pointed.
  45. She always looked very good, and her nails were.
  46. After my nails had set, Brooke started on my hair.
  47. The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails.
  48. Pa cleaned his thick nails with his pocket knife.
  49. The birds are pulling the nails out of my house.
  50. The captain stopped picking his nails and shrugged.
  51. Her nails came closer and closer to the chalkboard.
  52. And now there was a vast screaming of yanked nails.
  53. His fingerless gloves revealed dirty, broken nails.
  54. Her voice shook, and she dug her nails into my hand.
  55. It was big and stout, studded with great iron nails.
  56. I cut him off by pretending to examine my nails again.
  57. Old shoes, but newly shod—old shoes, but new nails.
  58. The nails held; nothing in there was going to get out.
  59. His heart was now burning as though a thousand nails.
  60. And she finished it off with and save the nails.
  61. His nails poked me as he frisked me from top to bottom.
  62. Distractedly, he began unconsciously chewing his nails.
  63. Then he felt pain, nails clawing at his face and neck.
  64. Turning his hand over he saw the finger nails lifting.
  65. Killer, he stuck on paw out nails extended and the dog.
  66. And save the nails!? This lady was a hundred years old.
  67. Her two-inch nails were painted the shade of blood red.
  68. Her nails were red from clawing at the wall behind her.
  69. But, then, they were both as hard as nails, physically.
  70. A thrill rides all the way into the nails of her fingers.
  71. Now your old Nokias, you could knock nails in with them.
  72. She gouged her nails into her thighs to brush them away.
  73. Lily, I noticed, had bitten away nearly all of her nails.
  74. They were small and trim and the nails painted a dark red.
  75. Blood leaked onto my fingers staining my nails a deep red.
  76. Makeup isn't my style, nor are the glittery painted nails.
  77. Her nails were bitten, her teeth even and vigorously white.
  78. Make use of a very feminine color to paint your nails with.
  79. Then she was hard as nails as she stared at the female Arch.
  80. The nails on his fingers sprouted outwards making him wince.
  81. Black, and just filed her nails and stared out of the window.
  82. Ester had that rare quality – tough as nails, but feminine.
  83. I still have scars on my leg where his nails gouged the skin.
  84. Then he selected the necessary screws and nails from the bag.
  85. Nutrition can affect the health of nails in a variety of ways.
  86. His hair was immaculate and his nails were lovingly manicured.
  87. She bit her nails savagely, her knees huddled up to her chest.
  88. She hurried past the secretary who was now polishing his nails.
  89. The Bag of Nails pub was a five minute walk from Dave’s flat.
  90. Dug her nails into him like a wildcat; tore his flesh open.
  91. I cleaned beneath my nails with a scrub brush until they bled.
  92. As they had no ladders, the French scaled it with their nails.
  93. Moments later the wife returned with wood, nails, and a hammer.
  94. When the nails were through His hands, blood seeped around them.
  95. Dantes strove to do this with his nails, but they were too weak.
  96. She scratched the back of one hand with the nails of the other.
  97. Her voice grated on my nerves worse than nails on a chalkboard.
  98. Sosha then tapped her nails on the dashboard before continuing.
  99. His nails grew to form claws and he dug them in the ground as.
  100. But when it came time to cut her nails, welcome to my nightmare.

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