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Cop in a sentence | cop example sentences

  1. But he was a cop.
  2. He was a good cop.
  3. Also, he was a cop.
  4. The guy was a cop.
  5. The woman was a cop.

  6. She was still a cop.
  7. He was a retired cop.
  8. I know the cop who.
  9. I turned back to Cop.
  10. He loved being a cop.
  11. Pulled over by a cop.
  12. The cop, Jillian and M.
  13. Its an old cop trick.
  14. It was dirty cop time.
  15. He’s not even a cop.

  16. With a cop at the door.
  17. The cop grinned at them.
  18. The Cockney and the Cop.
  19. The cop held up her hand.
  20. Neither cop said a thing.
  21. I gave it to the cop.
  22. You really are a cop.
  23. Yeah, hes a good cop.
  24. It was like the cop was.
  25. Maybe that cop had been.

  26. A cop is following me.
  27. You were a damn good cop.
  28. The cop didn't budge but.
  29. Even the one cop who had.
  30. The cop hadn’t come over.
  31. That cop at the diner was.
  32. But I’m not a cop tonight.
  33. An injured cop not so much.
  34. I used to be a cop!.
  35. And the day I became a cop.
  36. A good cop believes nothing.
  37. She had to stop being a cop.
  38. I love a cop who is thorough.
  39. You’re a cop, he said.
  40. He bumped right into the cop.
  41. The cop had tried to shoot me.
  42. The retired looking cop was.
  43. You know…good cop, bad cop.
  44. He could be a cop, I say.
  45. My eyes flashed toward the cop.
  46. The cop was quite clearly dead.
  47. A cop car was up there earlier.
  48. I’m not a cop, she said.
  49. She was a cop, Lloyd said.
  50. The commander turned to the cop.
  51. That’s the cop, Alex Cross.
  52. Miss Nguyen? the cop said.
  53. Hey, don’t cop an attitude.
  54. In the meantime, the cop took.
  55. Now Bob used to be a Joburg cop.
  56. The cop was woozily getting up.
  57. The first laconic cop removed.
  58. The cop didn’t park behind her.
  59. The cop got out of the squad car.
  60. But Keith made the cop as a cop.
  61. Horan told the cop that if the.
  62. I was a cop for twenty years.
  63. The cop took two out of the pack.
  64. So the cop is cute, huh?
  65. Cant help ya, said the cop.
  66. So you’re the good cop?
  67. Find a hospital, a doctor or cop.
  68. He wondered if the cop had ever.
  69. The young lady cop was impressed.
  70. OOR, babe!! But yes, same cop.
  71. The wiry cop pointed to the two.
  72. Another cop stepped into the room.
  73. But it was a good day to be a cop.
  74. Molly didn't want to kill the cop.
  75. What is it? the cop asked.
  76. He ain’t a friend, he’s a cop.
  77. I was picturing the face of a cop.
  78. The cop ignored the motorist and.
  79. However, after he hugged his cop.
  80. He was a good man and a great cop.
  81. The cop looked back over at Vinny.
  82. You’ve got to help me out Cop.
  83. He was a cop and a special agent.
  84. Hey, let him go, said the cop.
  85. This cop who shot you, I said.
  86. He wondered if his cop friend 333.
  87. Where’s Susan? the cop asks.
  88. Stu was a hell of a cop in his day.
  89. He said staring directly at the cop.
  90. Figured he came here to cop a buzz.
  91. She pulled back, That's a cop out.
  92. And on a girl! Even if she is a cop.
  93. He’d been a cop as long as Clayton.
  94. I can't make every bad cop disappear.
  95. Fire, ambulance, and yes; cop sirens.
  96. You remember this second cop?
  97. When she goes inside she sees a cop.
  98. Estelle Chipman was married to a cop.
  99. The cop glanced at Grindel and sighed.
  100. Bad cop, bad guy, real bad inmate.
  1. He saw his mother copping abuse and felt.
  2. Then he scrubs me down and washes my hair without copping one feel.
  3. Besides the Church of the Hanging Christ copping a broadside, pressure is.
  4. Glaze stepped in front of MacFife, copping the bullet in his shoulder, but managed to drop Scumble - in self-defence.
  5. We were all aware that under the surface, the longer it goes on the more chance there is of me copping a stray blade.
  6. God, it had been so long since she felt male hands on her that weren’t attached to some old businessman copping a feel on some late-night flight.
  7. It was sweet, just to lie back on a real mattress for a change, copping a buzz, with no worries about lights-out or who might be stealing your shit in the middle of the night.
  8. Maybe it’s not always possible to prevent our feet copping a fair amount of abuse in the bush, but with care and regular maintenance they’ll provide many years of trouble-free service.
  9. Hide away the possibility of action, and you could be guilty without ever having been responsible, or responsible without ever having been free, or free only in the sense of not copping to your own guilt.
  1. I copped a plea.
  2. I attracted male attention and copped a few.
  3. Land him in chokeechokee if the harman beck copped the game.
  4. That’s why I copped it so much when I auditioned for the dance troupe.
  5. Pushed against her chest with my head and copped a feel with my horsey lips.
  6. When the church in the Boulevard copped it, you could see the smoke and flames from the quarry quite clearly.
  7. Wills and testaments again came into focus with a lead question of,’ ‘Who copped for all the gold?’ There would be plenty of it.
  8. I may have made the odd stealth visit home on special occasions but I pretty much copped the ban on the chin and stayed out of Berra until late 2007.
  9. Thinking the old man was literally barking mad and the terrier was too frightened to move I bounded up, copped a drenching from a wave, and carried the startled hound back to its master.
  1. No cops can get in.
  2. He can call the cops.
  3. One of the cops was.
  4. He turned to the cops.
  5. I didn't care for cops.
  6. Step 7: Ignore the cops.
  7. I tossed the cops a wad.
  8. The cops had been there.
  9. The cops went to work.
  10. The cops wanted to rap.
  11. They also know the cops.
  12. It couldn't be the cops.
  13. The cops found him there.
  14. The cops are after us.
  15. Even the black cops are.
  16. The cops were on my tail.
  17. They stepped over the cops.
  18. I gave the cops a suspect.
  19. A few of the cops in the.
  20. I’ll just call the cops.
  21. The cops had been notified.
  22. Two cops in hot pursuit.
  23. A string of municipal cops.
  24. Me and thirty other cops.
  25. That’s why they were cops.
  26. We’ll tell the cops that.
  27. I understood that the cops.
  28. Didn’t he trust the cops?
  29. With other cops as witnesses.
  30. He has this thing about cops.
  31. Cops are fanatics for detail.
  32. The cops, I mean, when they.
  33. Give my regards to the cops.
  34. So you had the cops waiting.
  35. Turns out, they’re not cops.
  36. The cops were a long way away.
  37. The cops were here in numbers.
  38. And then the cops fired at him.
  39. The cops have them in custody.
  40. The cops rolled out of sight.
  41. Call the cops, she said.
  42. Cops were running up the stoop.
  43. Cops, FBI, and the military.
  44. Let the cops go after the car.
  45. Cops, investigators from the D.
  46. Instead of cops, it was Griffin.
  47. Thats what the cops told me.
  48. Corleone's never called the cops.
  49. Cops and robbers in the ’hood.
  50. The cops didn’t find anything.
  51. Have you called the cops?
  52. That's what the cops always say.
  53. Good cops often have that skill.
  54. One of the cops swallows audibly.
  55. Nguyen for not calling the cops.
  56. The cops were at my house today.
  57. The cops would piece it together.
  58. We’re running from the cops.
  59. Honest cops were not apt to use.
  60. He’s not talking to the cops.
  61. The cops showed up minutes later.
  62. The cops came in and arrested me.
  63. Cops love when stuff doesnt gel.
  64. Cops should have been here by now.
  65. Always it’s the same, us cops.
  66. And some cops can count that high.
  67. Two cops murdered the little girl.
  68. The cops wouldn’t let him drive.
  69. No cops and we'll settle up there.
  70. The cops think Louk was killed.
  71. She's the one who called the cops.
  72. There are cops on the scene now.
  73. Cops did that Wicker House deal.
  74. I guess the cops have arrested him.
  75. They’ll bring the cops with them.
  76. The word is that cops are doing it.
  77. Not security or the cops or these.
  78. The cops were right in stopping me.
  79. Oakland cops had picked up the 911.
  80. You never know when the cops will.
  81. I turned around and faced the cops.
  82. The cops should be here shortly.
  83. I’ll call the cops again!.
  84. The cops ran over to their cruiser.
  85. Cops! Small towns were truly amazing.
  86. Several of the cops have guns raised.
  87. I've even heard stories about cops.
  88. They might even call the cops again.
  89. We’re sorry but we are the cops.
  90. Got cops all over the foyer!.
  91. Two cops flew into a wall, another.
  92. Ill tell the cops I made a mistake.
  93. I’ll just tell the cops we had a.
  94. The cops think he was murdered!.
  95. Damn cops think they run the town.
  96. Phone the cops and get it over with.
  97. A place for cops to feel at home.
  98. Somewhere around there, the cops came.
  99. What are all those cops doing?
  100. The cops knew it, too, said Jim.

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