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Neanderthal in a sentence | neanderthal example sentences

  2. Neanderthal still found to be in Europe.
  3. He is merely the Neanderthal protector.
  4. He’s supposed to represent a Neanderthal.
  5. A Neanderthal flute found in a Slovenian Cave.

  6. Neanderthal bones has been used to impregnate a.
  7. Dehydration, explained the first Neanderthal.
  8. The big Neanderthal held out a paw for him to shake.
  9. So they could pass off a dead human as a dead Neanderthal.
  10. Neanderthal but real y … my woman?’ On the receiving end.
  11. Why is the word spelt two ways? Neandertal, and neanderthal?
  12. Darci had to pick up the one psychopathic Neanderthal in town.
  13. Continuing onward, we have the emergence of the Neanderthal around.
  14. We continued our preparations and the Neanderthal stayed out of the way.
  15. I’ve been trying to tell you that the whole time, you Neanderthal.

  16. So any human coming home with a Neanderthal head was bringing home a prize.
  17. And, to continue the parallel, right under the nose of this Neanderthal is an.
  18. He had to pull his gaze away from the big screen and back to Darci and her Neanderthal.
  19. If the Neanderthal attacks with a hand weapon: the Cro-Magnon is faster: he can run away.
  20. Keep in mind the Neanderthal, not Homo sapiens, seems to have been on earth from around 516,000.
  21. Both now speak Neo-English, English and French, plus of course their native Neanderthal dialect.
  22. No one has ever found a linkup between Homo erectus, Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, and or Modern Humans.
  23. None of the research has ever found pieces of a Cro-Magnon, or Neanderthal in middle or lower Africa.
  24. Look, isn't it that the Neanderthal man, the one who hung spoons on himself? Do you remember?!.
  25. Both women, who had heard about the arrival of the two Neanderthal children, smiled in welcome to Sylvie.

  26. Cuff him and get him down to the station while I have a word with that other Neanderthal that lives here.
  27. Still kneeling besides the Neanderthal woman, Sylvie cried silently over her, gently caressing her dead face.
  28. The Neanderthal carried only one, or no spears at all… Why? Because they were more intelligent than humans.
  29. Because a grisly rotting dead Neanderthal decapitated head looks almost exactly like a human decapitated head.
  30. All eyes stayed on the two Neanderthal children as Sylvie took place behind the lectern and spoke in the microphone.
  31. There are many theories, but it is generally accepted that the Neanderthal brain size was appropriate for the body size.
  32. The Neanderthal man on watch duty was now clearly suspecting something and had gotten up on his feet to go look outside the cave.
  33. Findings in Spanish Cave of Shells with holes indicates Neanderthal had ornaments, and other shells indicate he used paint or cosmetics.
  34. She had a hard time calming him down, her Neanderthal vocabulary being too limited to be able to explain to him what had just happened.
  35. She could not read, but had taken rather a shine to the reconstruction of the pre-historic Neanderthal face which graced the front cover.
  36. The Neanderthal woman’s eyes were however already becoming unfocused as Sylvie was starting to apply a garrote around the stump of her left arm.
  37. He paused to let it sink in, Murray showed his surprise, Mr Crow was, as far as they could tell equally surprised, he snarled in his Neanderthal way.
  38. At the time of the Cataclysm, a band of savages, whose development was not much above that of the Neanderthal, fled to the north to escape destruction.
  39. Without a written Neanderthal language, this incident will be quickly forgotten in history, even if some survivor would have escaped and then seen you.
  40. Tenderness showed on Farah’s face when she saw the two Neanderthal children come out of the scoutship with the mission crew, holding hands with Sylvie Comeau.
  41. The number of kernel of corn in existence; today equals all of the accumulated human and Neanderthal heads that were ever decapitated and killed by all of our ancestors.
  42. And Neanderthal man, 800,000 years ago, appears to have buried his dead in a particular way that implied a purposeful component suggesting hope for some kind of continuation.
  43. The American teenager, carrying two picks and two shovels, plus a spare winter coat, entered the cave slowly and fully standing, trying not to scare the two Neanderthal children.
  44. Once the Neanderthal has thrown his only spear? ulp… Then the Cro-Magnon could come closer to throw his other spears … Then he could throw his spear at almost point-blank range.
  45. Len, a bald giant teenager from the now erased 34th Century’s Imperium ‘B’, eyed sadly the five Neanderthal bodies now on the cave’s floor, then the two Neanderthal children.
  46. One look at the body was enough to make Karen turn her head away: the powerful jaws of the cave hyenas had literally ripped to pieces the Neanderthal man, apart from disemboweling it.
  47. And even if a Cro-Magnon met a Neanderthal who was hunting and carrying a single spear… All he had to do; was to anger the Neanderthal enough to throw his spear, by throwing one of theirs first.
  48. Why this semantic boggle? Because the human subconscious still cannot tell the difference between a dead carcass of a dead human with its head missing, and a Neanderthal carcass with its head missing.
  49. Sylvie Comeau, who had been missing terribly her native 1941 Montreal, had already used Nancy’s Boucherville condo once with her two adopted Neanderthal children, Kin and Ani, to discreetly tour modern Montreal with them.
  50. The actual advantage of the bone-spear Cro-Magnons used over the Neanderthal flint spears; was that they were lighter… and were used in conjunction with a spear-thrower… or: atlatl: a mechanical device, which could double the throwing distance of a spear.
  51. The scoutship had been following and studying discreetly for four months via remote-controlled spy probes a small group of Neanderthal humans as it traveled around the forested, snow covered hills and valleys of the Dordogne region, following the herds of reindeers and buffalos that constituted its main source of food.
  52. Neanderthal too would have taken the instruction to the computer in his hands,.

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