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    1. Obscene payrolls in professional sports have occasioned a generation of boorish athletes whose churlish behavior has rendered many unfit to manage, in a mature and appropriate manner, the requirements of popular acclaim

    2. For these reasons many athletes are given free passes to showcase their (baser) impulses, (reflecting their own true nature, perhaps,) by flaunting such boorish attitudes that seeks to provide ―entertainment‖ value to the lowest elements of our society while enthusiastically dancing to the beat of their own drums without regard to proper style and form

    3. ‘I am sorry to have dragged all the boorish officer class along with me; I quite understand your feelings

    4. The Count died in 1936, and the Countess, disgusted by the Nazis’ boorish manners as much as anything, deserted Berlin for the villa, where she had remained ever since

    5. Then, he was going to enjoy the rest of his days, alone, with no boorish cave mates for company

    6. Viewed through Mayan eyes, our behavior seems boorish, crass, and profane – utterly lacking in culture and manners

    7. That has always seemed a rather boorish portion of the contest, wouldn’t you say---with the players darting to and fro while attempting to redirect the attention of a noisome pack of rackety, obstreperous curs?” He purred coyly

    8. From his opponents rabid readiness, a grim chuckle shovels red fuel into the hot-wheel, as suddenly with a horned-hippo leap, he climbs into his opponent, the restless vendetta between the two, a feel good hatred, a hurricane, a black coat of insult, a boorish stammer

    9. The Yanguesans, seeing themselves assaulted by only two men while they were so many, betook themselves to their stakes, and driving the two into the middle they began to lay on with great zeal and energy; in fact, at the second blow they brought Sancho to the ground, and Don Quixote fared the same way, all his skill and high mettle availing him nothing, and fate willed it that he should fall at the feet of Rocinante, who had not yet risen; whereby it may be seen how furiously stakes can pound in angry boorish hands

    10. To this I would reply that the same end would be, beyond all comparison, better attained by means of good plays than by those that are not so; for after listening to an artistic and properly constructed play, the hearer will come away enlivened by the jests, instructed by the serious parts, full of admiration at the incidents, his wits sharpened by the arguments, warned by the tricks, all the wiser for the examples, inflamed against vice, and in love with virtue; for in all these ways a good play will stimulate the mind of the hearer be he ever so boorish or dull; and of all impossibilities the greatest is that a play endowed with all these qualities will not entertain, satisfy, and please much more than one wanting in them, like the greater number of those which are commonly acted now-a-days

    11. Don Quixote laughed at Sancho's boorish eulogies and thought that, saving his lady Dulcinea del Toboso, he had never seen a more beautiful woman

    12. However, he said they might give the shirt to Sancho; and shutting himself in with him in a room where there was a sumptuous bed, he undressed and put on the shirt; and then, finding himself alone with Sancho, he said to him, "Tell me, thou new-fledged buffoon and old booby, dost thou think it right to offend and insult a duenna so deserving of reverence and respect as that one just now? Was that a time to bethink thee of thy Dapple, or are these noble personages likely to let the beasts fare badly when they treat their owners in such elegant style? For God's sake, Sancho, restrain thyself, and don't show the thread so as to let them see what a coarse, boorish texture thou art of

    13. The moment he said this the governor started to his feet, and seizing the chair he had been sitting on exclaimed, "By all that's good, you ill-bred, boorish Don Bumpkin, if you don't get out of this at once and hide yourself from my sight, I'll lay your head open with this chair

    14. And the inharmonious is cowardly and boorish?

    15. These, after exhausting other modes of amusement, now thronged about Hester Prynne with rude and boorish intrusiveness

    16. By the second set, people had quit pretending to ignore us, but just as the place began to liven up, some boorish, drunken English bloke forced himself into the center of the crowd, his hands roaming uninvited over a girl who was pressed up against the front of the stage

    17. She is repulsed by Bo’s boorish behavior and crude attempts to woo her, only making him more determined

    18. True, the familiarity of this address almost approximated to rudeness, yet even the boorish exterior of the speaker could not conceal a constant endeavour never to hurt another one’s feelings

    19. There was not a rude word or a boorish action

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    Synonyms for "boorish"

    boorish loutish neandertal neanderthal oafish swinish bold blunt brief abrupt impatient precipitous curt

    "boorish" definitions

    ill-mannered and coarse and contemptible in behavior or appearance