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Swinish in a sentence | swinish example sentences

  1. That's a swinish invention, and there was nothing of the sort.
  2. I doubted that I had been born in Illinois and had a drunken father and swinish mother.
  3. There is a certain swinish comfort in being with a woman who loves you utterly and respects you for being a fine gentleman—even if she is an illiterate whore.
  4. I longed to play her the nastiest swinish cad's trick: to look at her with a sneer, and on the spot where she stood before me to stun her with a tone of voice that only a shopman could use.
  5. It was apparent that Samson Duff‘s sexuality had not yet plumbed its depths as thoughts of Elise Jones and her scent welled into his consciousness, stimulated by the swinish saturnalia just witnessed.

  6. And as to truth, I said, is not a soul equally to be deemed halt and lame which hates voluntary falsehood and is extremely indignant at herself and others when they tell lies, but is patient of involuntary falsehood, and does not mind wallowing like a swinish beast in the mire of ignorance, and has no shame at being detected?

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