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Numeric in a sentence

1. It automatically has a numeric value.
2. We will have to verify that it is numeric.
3. Therefore, the variable returned is numeric.
4. When two numeric values are compared using.
5. They all return a numeric value as the result.
6. By contrast with GAAP, other numeric reports (e.
7. That leads us back to our topic of numeric symbolism.

8. Convert the tested field (say invoice number) to numeric.
9. This means that fields that are defined as numeric, whether.
10. All informats used with dates, times, and datetimes are numeric.
11. This can include the use of numbers and numeric symbolism as well.
12. The newspaper rated the food, service, and atmosphere with a numeric score.
13. This is one reason that triangles and three are pivotal numeric symbols for.
14. Note that the numeric date variable, which has been formatted using the DATE.
15. The numeric symbolism and astrological math incorporated in The Apocalypse, the.
16. Though numbers are associated with numeric symbolism, the number must refer to a.
17. C: -- it demonstrating similar numeric design as that found in the surface text and.
18. Without specific reference to a numeric cost of capital, our conclusions are merely.
19. We did not attach any numeric guidelines, as should be done, for check boxes 2 and 3.
20. Similarly, if you are formatting a numeric value, the format must be a numeric format.
21. Some of this proof is in the form of redundant numeric symbolism that appears in a wide.
22. As you’ve already seen in this first chapter, numeric symbolism is a vital aspect of The.
23. Therefore, the error arises when you try to use a numeric format with a character variable.
24. Is there any doubt that the numeric symbolism of 1440 is directly related to 360-year cycles, the.
25. Consequently, it directly refers to those two pivotal numeric symbols while referencing angels and.
26. I watched Mack enter the same code on a numeric panel next to the door, on the inside of the basin.
27. The first clue is that the first mention of this numeric symbol comes between the unsealing of the.
28. As I describe in more detail in the balance of this chapter, numeric symbolism serves to prove the.
29. Some companies with an exemplary record of shutting their own gates are Longleaf, Numeric, Oakmark, T.
30. He noted that in each case there was an amazing numeric relationship hidden in the structure of the text.
31. Instead he flipped open a panel beside it to reveal a numeric keypad and punched in a long code from memory.
32. The MDY function will let you supply a numeric month, day, and year, and it will calculate the SAS date value.
33. ERROR: A character operand was found in the %EVAL function or %IF condition where a numeric operand is required.
34. In general, when you are dealing with SAS dates, times, and datetimes, you should be working with numeric variables.
35. Sing-song numeric tones blared out of the receiver— beepBeepBEEPbeepbeepbupBEEP—and before it even rang, Diane hung up.
36. If a variable was supposed to be numeric you might easily discover that it had spaces in it and that was the cause of the abend.
37. The INPUT() function is the parallel to the PUT() function, and it stores a numeric or character value as a numeric or character variable.
38. The sum of these Numeric Values is 7,931 and can also be expressed as (721x11), while the sum of the factors of 7, 11, and 103 is 121 (11x11).
39. These would include order number, numeric value, place value, number of occurrences, syllables, letters, writers, books, number of forms etc.
40. C: -- Firstly, in the methodology of structuring the text and analysing any numeric or chronologic structures that may exist in the original text.
41. We can put each message into an array, with the messages, date not numeric corresponding to 1, the message, day out of range corresponding to 2 and so forth.
42. The INPUT() function translated the date in the character variable datestr into its equivalent SAS date value, 19677, and stored it in the numeric variable sasdate.
43. This is one reason that triangles and three are pivotal numeric symbols for the primary secret cabals to which many religious, political, and monetary leaders belong.
44. The names of the books and their numeric values conform to specific design specifications that become evident in the number 11 that forms the foundation for its design.
45. If the field is numeric, the program should never accept any other type of data into this field nor should it ever write out this field to the file if it is not numeric.
46. If you rely on an automated method of conversion from Excel to SAS, there is the possibility that a column with historical dates might be translated as a numeric column.
47. A date such as 11/24/05, or 24-05-2002 contains non-numeric characters, so they would have to be read as character values, which is quite a distance from numeric SAS date values.
48. None of them contained any codes that were outside statistically expected probabilities and none had any numeric underlying structure to them, similar to what is found in the Bible.
49. Bitcoin doesn’t use floating-point operations but rather purely integer-based operations, so assumptions need to be made about how to compare these two types of numeric calculation.
50. If you are wondering about the necessity of the numeric part, it is included to allow us to pass arguments such as 3 degrees at the command increase -> boiler temperature -> 3 degrees.
51. Panin found more than 30 different numeric features in this one verse alone, showing the number 7 once again forming the foundation of the design that is used in just this one sentence.
52. All the ISO 8601 formats are left-justified, as opposed to the majority of standard SAS date, time, and datetime formats, which are right-justified because they represent numeric values.
53. The value of 11 would no longer be valid for looking at the numerical structure, with which the placement of books in the Bible and numeric values, with regards to the authors, was designed.
54. The picture description begins with text, and the date is represented by the full month name (%B), followed by the numeric day (%d without a leading zero), a comma, and the four-digit year (%Y).
55. Not only did Panin have to focus on the words of the original Greek texts, but also on their arrangements, positions, numeric values, the syllables they contained and the letters that they consisted of.
56. A numeric example of differential pricing for LBO markets compared with pricing in OPMI markets demonstrates that large amounts of real values tend to be missed by those who look to market-based research.
57. This is just another example of numeric structure found in the Bible, but it is a level higher than the actual compositional structure of the text, but it is nevertheless fully integrated and fully dependent on the structural composition.
58. The process I used to hide the code in a sentence is aimed at achieving one design goal (to create an ELS), and does not at all comply to any underlying numeric design or higher levels of design that may also exist in the sentence, as we find existing in the Bible.
59. Because GAAP imposes relatively rigid sets of rules and are overseen and reviewed by independent professionals who render opinions (public accountants), audited financial statements are often the only numeric reports available to security analysts that give them reliable, objective information prepared in a disciplined setting.
60. The formats and informats we just discussed will work on character values, but what if you have SAS date or datetime values, which of course are stored in numeric variables, and you want to use those to build your ISO durations and intervals? The CALL IS8601_CONVERT routine performs this conversion in both directions, so it will create your ISO durations and intervals from those SAS date and datetime values.

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