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Numeral in a sentence

1. Roman numeral ‗M‘ which represents 1,000.
2. The numeral four was of the design shown in Fig.
3. In fact, there is a well-known numeral system at.
4. A giant faded-blue numeral stamped above the threshold.
5. It contained two symbols in red, the Roman numeral II and a.
6. Computer graphics software was used to draw the numeral and affix a cropped image of an.
7. Knowing where to look, she found a tiny numeral three carved on the inside of the nightstand leg.

8. It was deemed the Liberty Nickel and on the reverse side it had a large Roman numeral V stamped on it.
9. The intensity of the situation drove him to the number 7, the numeral Chance indicated on his nearly illegible scrawling.
10. Typically, doctors will ask questions and observe a patient's physical demeanor to determine a numeral answer for all 14 questions.
11. Notice that eleven (11) presents the same image as the Roman numeral two (II), two pillars, and two candlesticks and is the sum of.
12. For example, you can add an octal formatter, a roman numeral formatter, or any other observer that uses your favorite representation.
13. Late yesterday, some child had chalked it out, immense and endlessly augmented, square upon square, line after line, numeral following numeral.
14. Informational Codes Informational codes are used only in responses with no message bodies and have the numeral 1 as their first digit, as shown here:.
15. Ruth staggered and nearly fell from the force of the push he gave her, and the man turned again to the table to watch the Semi-drunk, who was arranging six matches so as to form the numeral XII, and who said he could prove that this was equal to a thousand.
16. Of course, they expected him to carry this wristband everywhere – it looked like an antique wristwatch with its OLED text and numeral display; but he calculated that their level of reliance on him afforded a certain freedom from their preferred constraints.
17. He is credited with bringing the Hindu-Arabic numeral system (a fancy name for what we use today) to Europe, as well as a numerical sequence that is in itself important to technical analysis and is the building structure for other systems, the Fibonacci sequence.
18. When Lydgate was taking part in the conversation, she never looked towards him any more than if she had been a sculptured Psyche modelled to look another way: and when, after being called out for an hour or two, he re-entered the room, she seemed unconscious of the fact, which eighteen months before would have had the effect of a numeral before ciphers.

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