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Numerical in a sentence

1. The undertow was always numerical.
2. Hebrew letters have numerical values.
3. Numerical faculties, theory of, vii, 285.
4. Here are some of the numerical questions:.
5. Numerical integration according to formula 2.
6. The Modi camp had their own numerical counter.
7. The numerical value of the ratio is computed as:.

8. This property is applicable to all numerical type.
9. In the numerical example, the price objective is 100.
10. Numerical superiority during any offensive is critical.
11. Zem said, They only have a numerical classification.
12. It can be found by adding the numerical values of your.
13. Infinity, in a numerical sense, does not boggle the mind.
14. The Germans were always faced with a numerical inferiority.
15. We reached her room and practised numerical for the next two hours.
16. Numerical Reasoning Correct Answers with Solutions and Explanations:.
17. Each value is weighted according to its numerical count within the field.
18. Adding 1 to some number will increase the numerical value of that number by 1.
19. But when you use VAL function then that 20 is converted as numerical 20.
20. The numerical balance of naval power in the Mediterranean was altered radically.
21. Furthermore, more recently, numerical computer simulations have suggested that.
22. The D&B PAYDEX Score is D&B's unique dollar-weighted numerical indicator of how a.
23. Odd numerical coincidence,—twenty-six battalions rode to meet twenty-six battalions.
24. It began with questions to test each respondent’s scientific and numerical literacy.
25. To put this in numerical terms requires a scale by which intelligence may be measured.
26. We can increase the numerical value of any number by simply adding another number to it.
27. It is a numerical method used to quantify the shape of a box used in equivolume charting.
28. Such ―concerns‖, from an (exclusively) numerical perspective, are legitimate, perhaps.
29. Butler, the numerical difference between our troops and those of the Yankees has never Dr.
30. From the very first, I was struck by the exhaustion and numerical weakness of the troops.
31. Each nagual is preceded by a numerical coefficient between 1 and 13 which modifies its meaning.
32. In most cases, references to a FAT drive without a numerical identifier refer to a FAT16 drive.
33. I read books on how waves are formed, how they spiral up and down in the same numerical patterns.
34. The numerical value of the letter ‘i’ is nine because it is the ninth letter in the alphabet.
35. All mathematics are based upon the idea that duplicated numerical values are absolutely identical.
36. She felt she was sweeping out all the numerical bits and pieces of Thomas Barton, cleaning him away.
37. Depending on his deployments when he came after us, he could have a substantial numerical advantage.
38. Ease of Movement is a numerical method used to quantify the shape of a box used in Equivolume charting.
39. But still … artistic and numerical talents do not usually present themselves together in these children.
40. GOOD the numerical underdog, every single one who chooses that side is required to give nothing less than all.
41. This series of functions will create SAS date, time, and datetime values from numerical variables or constants.
42. Like numerical arrays the strings can also be initialized when they are declared which is referred as compile.
43. While we are winning right now, our forces are still in a state of numerical inferiority compared to the enemy.
44. The ratio of areas of these two figures stands for numerical expression of the criterion effectiveness indicator.
45. Simple numerical point-by-point integration (100 points were used in this calculation) gives the following values:.
46. At first he smiled, but when we reached the numerical computations and correspondences, he trembled, and turned pale.
47. The poor quality of your troops and the enemy numerical superiority put you at a severe disadvantage right from the start.
48. The reply messages generated by the receiver-SMTP consist of a three-digit numerical value plus an explanatory text string.
49. You showed remarkable feats of courage and resolve in the face of an enemy that enjoyed overwhelming numerical superiority.
50. I clicked on it, and a webpage opened up, with a scanned number of pages that looked like a diary listed in numerical order.
51. Alexander judged that the Germans had recovered from the Italian surrender and now held a numerical advantage in ground troops.
52. After being valuated by criteria, every combination receives a numerical characteristic reflecting its investment attractiveness.
53. Second, it had been painfully clear the Army of God would require a heavy numerical superiority to defeat Green Valley’s troops.
54. In all booths, caste-based clusters were created based on the numerical strength of each caste, and volunteers chosen accordingly.
55. However, final victory was not in doubt: his fleet still crushed the Humans with a numerical advantage of more than fifteen to one.
56. To carry out such a test, we have to establish a set of numerical characteristics that would reflect the performance of a criterion.
57. On the other hand, the numerical value of ARHS OBRIMOS (Ares Obrimos, Mighty Ares) is 801, which reduces to 1-0+8 = 9 in the Hendecad.
58. This small group, cunning and united, seeks to obtain an ally whose population would give the small group the numerical clout it lacks.
59. Continue with your numerical example, said Michelle, if you think that will help because I’m still having a little difficulty.
60. Be assured that I have a number of nasty surprises in store for the enemy, so don’t worry too much about any enemy numerical superiority.
61. These statistics are the numerical results that occur from the playing of the game, for example when a basketball player makes 4 of his 5.
62. The prefixes SHA and RIPEMD refer to the underlying algorithms, and the numerical suffixes 256 and 160 refer to the bit-length of the output.
63. Now, it would be down to very close range fighting, in which the heavy numerical superiority of the enemy could be exploited to the maximum.
64. A: -- The ELS is hidden within - and forms part of and are fully integrated with - the amazing numerical structure that is found in the Bible.
65. May easily understand numerical patterns, logical explanations, and problem analysis – this is more readily observable around 3 years of age.
66. To prevent this, the IP header contains a Time to Live (TTL) field that the source system gives a certain numerical value when a packet is created.
67. The bitcoinJ library uses the Java BigInteger class to encode Bitcoin balances, because this numerical type can handle very large integers precisely.
68. Fibonacci introduced an additive numerical series that has come to be called the Fibonacci sequence, which consists of following series of numbers:.
69. Their Commander may have been slain but with their numerical advantage their mere sight could still invoke a knee-wobble in even the sternest of men.
70. I have my clients write in exact numerical values for the anticipated outcomes—their best guesses, as these will be needed when determining sample size.
71. If all you do is look at the numerical value of the McClellan Oscillator, McClellan says, you're ignoring 99 percent of the most useful information.
72. Most software packages keep their dates in some sort of numerical form in much the same way that SAS does, while others have a special variable type for dates.
73. The argument of such function is the number of selected combinations (numerical value of the place occupied by the last selected combination in the ordering).
74. The numerical odds might have favored Sir Dahrand Rohsail and Caitahno Raisahndo overwhelmingly, but the actual combat power had been far more evenly balanced.
75. Furthermore, the numerical values of both indicators (determination coefficients) are so close that the two evaluating methods could be considered as identical.
76. However, the enemy’s numerical advantage was too great and, despite causing the Morgs huge losses, our fleets were either destroyed one by one or had to withdraw.
77. I recalled from advanced maths lessons that there was a method of replacing the graph with a numerical calculation which would be much more accurate and much faster.
78. The numerical structure is only one level of a number of interlocking levels of design, which are also incorporated within the same text, interdependent on each other.
79. To these may be added the numerical divisions in the parts of the flower, the position of the ovules, the shape of the seed, when not of any use for dissemination, etc.
80. Unlike USNs, which are a single numerical sequence maintained separately by each domain controller, there is only one property version number for each object attribute.
81. In each entry there are three numerical figures that specify the round-trip time to that router, in milliseconds, followed by the DNS name and IP address of the router.
82. There were hundreds of text files saved on the drive, along with dozens of video files, all with similar filenames: DearZack followed by a six-digit numerical date.
83. There are several software and Internet programs available that will help you come up with your numerical handicap, and even help you track your scores to establish your.
84. This apparent discrepancy in the first verse of the Gospel of John would later provide scientific proof of the numerical structure underlining the entire text of the scripture.
85. The only other option is that the entire structure of the New Testament was designed to conform to a numerical and chronological structure which is humanly impossible to achieve.
86. You can find programs that do all the calculations for you, offering up a spreadsheet with all your stats, or choose a simpler program that merely gives you a numerical handicap.
87. I have only touched on a few examples to demonstrate the intricate numerical structure contained in the text of the original languages that exist at different levels in the Bible.
88. The French alphabet, written out with the same numerical values as the Hebrew, in which the first nine letters denote units and the others tens, will have the following significance:.
89. It was like a plague of cockroaches that had gotten out of control long ago, leaving no remedy in the present to quell their ever-increasing numerical growth and geographic expansion.
90. Some of the questions in Math and Quantitative Numerical Reasoning tests involve with fractions because they are also related to decimals, percent, mixed numbers and algebraic expressions.
91. The value of 11 would no longer be valid for looking at the numerical structure, with which the placement of books in the Bible and numeric values, with regards to the authors, was designed.
92. Traditional Mayans still do special propitiatory rituals every twenty days when their birth nagual repeats; and especially every 260 days when the nagual and its numerical coefficient coincide.
93. One man could hold these positions against large numbers of the enemy as they cold only navigate these places one at a time making it impossible for them to have any kind of numerical advantage.
94. This may seem true at first, but this is considering only one aspect of the design in isolation – ignoring other aspects of design that are interconnected with the numerical structure of the Bible.
95. The way in which the letters are ordered form part of the structural design, which can be analysed by looking at the numerical, alphabetical, chronological and other qualities which form the foundation.
96. Their names would not only match the numerical structure, but in some cases even convey hidden messages and be part of other hidden messages that form part of ELS’s in remarkable complexity and detail.
97. This one looked like the numerical kind where sets of figures matched to the letters of the alphabet, but anyone with a basic knowledge of metadata can find a clue to any problem after an hour or two's work.
98. Though I hesitate to disagree with my companions, I would think that the future is still far too malleable to consider such numerical estimates of the probability of your ascension to be in any way reliable.
99. Even though they were winning through sheer numerical superiority, you can see there that they were far from unbeatable, and in fact lost battles a number of times when we could achieve rough parity in numbers.
100. It becomes immediately obvious that this underlying structure in the numerical qualities of the passage, when compared to the definitions of “design” and of “chaos”, would have to fall under that of being designed.

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