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Onslaught in a sentence | onslaught example sentences

  1. The retreat became an onslaught.
  2. The onslaught was so sudden and so.
  3. The onslaught of the foeman to repel.
  4. The onslaught of your Lord is severe.
  5. Army to fight the onslaught of the undead.

  6. The Modi onslaught forced Priyanka to react.
  7. She took a step backwards at his onslaught.
  8. The onslaught against coyotes hasn’t ended.
  9. It wasn’t in preparation for the onslaught.
  10. As he predicted, the onslaught did not cease.
  11. Azura dodged the onslaught of his dark powers.
  12. The onslaught of the corsairs and criminals’.
  13. They were met with a furious onslaught of gunfire.
  14. Penn was stunned by the unexpected onslaught, and.
  15. The Dark Water Horror was furious at this onslaught.

  16. The devastating onslaught shattered the bones in Mr.
  17. Tom stood still, rather flustered by this onslaught.
  18. Which are tired by the unceasing onslaught of fate.
  19. At first, nothing could resist its rushing onslaught.
  20. A second command put an end to the murderous onslaught.
  21. We smashed into the enemy camp and the onslaught began.
  22. But even that couldn’t protect the next onslaught to.
  23. That shouldn’t crumble under the onslaught of zombies.
  24. With that, he was beset by a fresh onslaught of questions.
  25. Under this renewed onslaught, the pack lost their momentum.

  26. And he realized now there was no breaking of that onslaught.
  27. I braced myself but couldnt withstand the cunning onslaught.
  28. She had her hands over her face trying to block his onslaught.
  29. Such an onslaught would have proved disastrous to our advance.
  30. His mouth covered mine again, and I wriggled under the onslaught.
  31. Banks was ready for onslaught, as he’d expected them to try to.
  32. The cave echoed with the clamor of our onslaught against each other.
  33. She met his onslaught with one contemptuous sweep of her capable paw.
  34. The constant onslaught of outside values and beliefs was amplified by.
  35. Sebastian wondered how long they could hold out against the onslaught.
  36. It’s all crazy, said Betty, trying to withstand the onslaught.
  37. He stood up and slit his eyes against the ferocious onslaught of the gale.
  38. During another onslaught from nowhere Jerry receives a hit below his knee.
  39. The dragon was moving forward, dodging the onslaught of the vampires sword.
  40. Teagan made a strangled sound and her whole body tensed under the onslaught.
  41. Ready for the onslaught of aggressor and physical layabouts of non-existent.
  42. Either way, Nem closed his eyes to end the onslaught inside his aching head.
  43. But the Darangi team resisted the onslaught, at first without even retaliating.
  45. Eyeing the onslaught, he took flight and soared over the battlefield, evidently.
  46. Instead of bowing before the onslaught of armed white authority, the Warriors, for.
  47. Some students who could no longer withstand his onslaught have had to change schools.
  48. Raven yelped with agony and pulled his leg back to protect it from further onslaught.
  49. The group at the gate prepared to receive his onslaught, but Conan did not charge them.
  50. Her feet literally inches from the floor, she could do nothing but endure his onslaught.
  51. The remaining Badgers dug pits, holes and tunnels to prepare for the oncoming onslaught.
  52. As we approach the year 2000, we find Greece unprepared to face the onslaught of Europe.
  53. About 3 days ago, a group of survivors were fleeing an onslaught of Zombies on the road.
  54. Through an onslaught of tears, Mitchell eventually sunk into his mother's strong embrace.
  55. At sword point, officers drove their men to form outposts to check the expected onslaught.
  56. This time, Simon turns to run, the onslaught of stones beating, cutting, wounding his flesh.
  57. Her hands gripped his hair, pulling at it almost painfully while he continued his onslaught.
  58. But she could almost feel the blood simmering beneath her skin, and she continued her onslaught.
  59. The shields absorbed and diverted much of the onslaught, but even still, some of the energy from.
  60. Once the onslaught begins, confusion will reign on their part as we chew up their forward brigades.
  61. A projected message to the occupants of the compound to leave or face the onslaught of their weapons.
  62. Caliban, scarcely human, writhing under the onslaught of Prospero's curses earned spontaneous applause.
  63. Are you troubled by the onslaught of tribulations and temptations? Beseech the Lord to calm the storm.
  64. She shook her head, those cold, distant eyes fixated on him, ignoring the onslaught of bustling students.
  65. A roar of frustration filled the tunnel as the earthen shield absorbed the latest onslaught with a crash.
  66. Clutching the edge of the chariot, Loki tries to clear his head as they rock under the Valkyrie onslaught.
  67. Soft and unbound, he filled his hands with her sweater-clad breasts while his lips continued their onslaught.
  68. Gates leading into the next compound could be seen in cardinal positions, making any onslaught a difficult feat.
  69. The original surface of this planet is but a forgotten core miles beneath the ancient onslaught of undesirables.
  70. I have failed at the first step of abandoning myself, with no strength of thought to attempt a second onslaught.
  71. He had hoped for the best, but he couldn’t see how that stupid shepherd could have survived such an onslaught.
  72. Besides, what Alberuni saw around the time of Mahmud’s onslaught on India corroborates Thapar’s account of it.
  73. She sat in the back of the boat and looked up, unmoved, while her face met the onslaught of the rain without fear.
  74. James first set about enhancing security in his home having already experienced one onslaught by the Hu Lyang camp.
  75. Penelope was certain that he could not handle another onslaught, and prayed that they would find a clear path out.
  76. Millions of the Vallians died in the onslaught of the Orlandian’s advance within but days of the surprise attack.
  77. At that time the American troops realised the inability of their line to withstand combined onslaught of the enemy.
  78. Statistics, however, disagree, German output continued to defy the aerial onslaught until the last months of the war.
  79. Mark set himself determinedly, his fists and jaws clenched as he endured the onslaught of information and sensations.
  80. They told us of the onslaught that had befallen the Eastern cities and the great disaster that had befallen Lancosa.
  81. The German infantry, snug in their holes, must wonder if they faced a fresh onslaught, yet another in a long series.
  82. Nothing of the castle's former authority, these talkative trespassers surmised, had withstood the dambuhala onslaught.
  83. Mitch was a bit protective at first, insisting that Stephanie get some rest before the onslaught of well-wishing friends.
  84. Perhaps you will be able to hide from and survive the onslaught that is beyond that wall, eager to be unleashed upon you.
  85. A proper film, acted so marvellously that it’s premiere will cause an onslaught of Oscar and Bafta nominations galore.
  86. Their bodies were slashed with open cracks that formed under the corrosive onslaught of sun, salt, wind, and fuel residue.
  87. I could only watch as the wolf contorted in pain, his huge black body twisting against the onslaught of Padraigan’s power.
  88. It is not difficult to imagine the onslaught of degradation one would receive upon slipping into a pair of Octavia's slippers.
  89. Esther’s defence grew more and more desperate and eventually she buckled under the onslaught, her spear knocked to the floor.
  90. All three fell before the intolerant onslaught of the bubble crowd during the brief period from November 1999 through May 2000.
  91. Sergius was giving back; only his superlative skill had saved him thus far from the blinding speed of the Cimmerian's onslaught.
  92. Grasping the sword by the hilt, he maneuvered his trapped guard around to block another onslaught, but he knew that this impasse.
  93. Unlike the previous attempt, the shield for now was holding against the onslaught of megagravitons, emanating from a single point.
  94. Unable to defeat the Mongols in direct confrontation, the Vietnamese evacuated their cities and retreated in the face of onslaught.
  95. I saw her grit her teeth and she fairly sprung away from the wall slashing, as she came at me and I backed away from her onslaught.
  96. As this dual onslaught advanced it became apparent that the two insurgencies were relying upon similar emotions, ideals, and tactics.
  97. Indeed, it had been harrowing to stand amidst the onslaught of bears, something that would give them all nightmares for years to come.
  98. Low crops wilted under the onslaught and trees swayed in the wind, smaller branches cracking, tearing loose and spearing to the ground.
  99. She wasn’t feeling sociable but she had to hide from the onslaught of questions that would be accompanied if her true mood was shown.
  100. The survivors gave ground, sliding back down away from the arrowed onslaught, struggling mightily to keep shields up in front of faces.

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