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    1. The outer shell of this iron asteroid was only fourteen feet thick in spots, serving as shielding from the relativistic barrage of interstellar flight

    2. The smallest came right up to Daniel and Kate attacking them with a barrage of questions

    3. Suddenly there was a barrage of arrows from above; they had indeed trained well

    4. At a flick of Kai’s hand a barrage returned the gesture, but with deadlier accuracy

    5. Unfortunately for them, they were spotted by Sonia’s vigilant forces and were met by a barrage of arrows from men from all the Holds

    6. !” Boras screamed incoherently as he raised his crossbow and shot out a barrage at Naria

    7. ” Harry sorted through the little barrage of questions, “I was; I finished earlier than expected; No there were two other candidates and that seemed enough for the event

    8. A child can feel devastated by a barrage of words that feel like an assault, even

    9. A session grant and then no more barrage of unanswerable reads

    10. But with the help of the constant barrage of mage-flare and occasional lightning strikes, even Brodin could see that the latest army was far more powerful than anything they faced before

    11. Spinning this way and that, her blades constantly clashing with a barrage of the demons' steel

    12. The mental barrage he sent into Anon’s mind would have instantly killed an Elder God

    13. He blasted out, one barrage of flames after another, obliterating large chunks of the giant

    14. Even if Adros could reach the staff through the barrage of acidic blood, it would be impossible to wield

    15. The enemy tried to shred him with a fresh barrage

    16. The sounds kept their promise as a barrage of men, not

    17. He held up his hand to stop the barrage of questions before he answered

    18. And it took the burst of fresh adrenaline for Penelope and Mercer to dodge the barrage

    19. Our nervous systems are constantly reacting to a barrage of texts , facebooks , e mails, frenzied traffic and numbing schedules

    20. However it seemed that the barrage was lessening as the gun barrels must have been getting red hot and the shrapnel blizzard became more of a flurry

    21. “One barrage two what does it matter at the end of the day the Turks will be manning their fucking trenches when we go over the top and they will hardly have been touched

    22. ” We had also been told that when the first barrage finished at 11:20am then the whole of our front line should cheer and this would draw the surviving Turkish troops out onto their fire steps just in time for the second barrage at 11:30am to slaughter them

    23. The barrage looked spectacular which they always did but it always ended up the same with little or no damage being done which just goes to show that not all plans are good plans

    24. “I wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of that little lot”, and he was right for this was the best barrage we had seen so far

    25. And back at our lines our reserve trenches were also chocked with dead and wounded from the Turkish artillery barrage

    26. “We invaded at 4:30am so it was concluded that a barrage wasn’t necessary because any Turks we encountered would only be guard units

    27. A barrage had been going on for about three days and it had smashed most of the wire inn front of the Turkish trenches

    28. He wanted his friends to understand that, what they were about to hear, was the best, man, so he kept up a barrage of explanations about the lads, so that they would understand all the nuances, all the traits, of each of the band members

    29. “In about an hour’s time the artillery will put a barrage on concentrating on the German wire it won’t be anything big just enough to get them to send a wiring party out

    30. An hour later the guns opened up with their barrage and I watched it falling on the German wire and parapet through the trench periscope

    31. ” We could now hear more comments being shouted from all along the line and now a barrage of fire opened up from one of our ‘Stokes Mortars’ and now a machine gun opened up shredding the banner and causing the Huns to beat a hasty retreat to the safety of the bottom of their trench

    32. ” After the briefing was finished we got once more to attack the mocked up trenches but this time we had men with flags simulating the creeping artillery barrage whilst we walked in a line behind it and wondered to ourselves what this would be like with more than seventy pounds of equipment on your person

    33. But it wasn’t that much quieter in the reserve trenches especially when the German artillery sent a barrage over and plastered them

    34. We had returned to the front line when the barrage lifted onto the rear areas of the German positions this at least made it a little quieter and you could at least now shout a conversation at each other as the guns thundered on and the rain came down

    35. “A whirlwind barrage will be directed at the German front line trenches and this will last for ten minutes

    36. CSM Domby was stood behind us smoking his pipe and as relaxed as ever the barrage from our side had intensified since 6:00hrs the CSM said

    37. “Don’t forget that we will go over the top at 7:20hrs and wait for the final ten minutes of the barrage to finish in ‘No Man’s Land’ then at 7:30hrs we will move forward as the attack begins

    38. Moving into ‘No Man’s Land’ going about one hundred yds we looked for the white tapes that marked the start point but they had been blown away by the artillery barrage

    39. As we watched the whirlwind barrage crashed down onto the German front line throwing earth, chalk and flames into the air

    40. I went to ground in a shell hole and watched as the Germans poured back into their trenches the barrage hardly seemed to have touched them and this went for the wire as well which was still intact

    41. I tried to make him understand over the artillery barrage that I would try to help him as best I could because despite his terrible injuries he was still alive

    42. Once again the barrage ceased and all you could hear was the screams and groaning of the wounded as they suffered in agony then you would hear the sound as the German machine guns opened up spraying bullets at each sound

    43. “It was all the kit we were carrying and the no running order and the fucking barrage the wire wasn’t even touched butchers that what them lot are fucking butchers”, and his voice trailed off

    44. A New Vistas representative, amidst a barrage of questions on a national broadcast, was forced to explain all but every last detail of the blueprint for an immersion unit

    45. to it: They would come out of the transit point behind a barrage of antimatter torpedoes, which

    46. They were less than five minutes from the moment of phase-shift when the barrage of

    47. A barrage of shouts and catcalls erupted as we boarded the plane

    48. ” He hung up abruptly, leaving her shouting a barrage of curses into a dead receiver

    49. Then answer a barrage of questions while a penlight was flashed in his eyes

    50. would start to ground me in this reality and the constant barrage

    1. Despite my laughing Tim marched over to the gate and passed the guys the package which took him a while as they barraged him with questions

    2. These reporters must get barraged with useless tips and false scoops

    3. They are barraged with hundreds of

    4. In that moment I felt that I was alone with just him in the room, as the dark prophets around us barraged us with their dark words

    1. countless barrages of Smartbombs? All hell, probably

    2. We ended up digging narrow trenches for cover, watching and wondering when the barrages would stop

    3. Disabling a P I ship generally took multiple missile strikes or concentrated barrages of laser fire

    4. � The air defence gunners did not shoot down more than a few aircraft, but their concentrated barrages damaged dozens of bombers and played havoc with the precision of the German bombing

    5. They were at their most vulnerable and feared that the British would be waiting to sink them with massive air and sea attacks and coastal gun barrages

    6. Harris was guilty of the same error as the First World War generals who had been so awed by the effects of their own barrages that they found it inconceivable that the enemy could have survived them

    7. A succession of rapid knocks barrages my door and Glacia shoves through before I’m able to open it all the way

    8. The Botanical gardens, the Zoo, the Barrages which were the first large dams of the Nile built by Mohammed Ali, the tombs and step

    9. Every inch of the rain-sodden landscape seemed to be heaving beneath the combined barrages of the opposing forces

    1. As things were, the approaching hordes of Hell weren’t as relentless as I would have hoped in their pursuit of overrunning our position; instead of simply barraging us with hellfire, storming the impromptu trenches and cover positions of what few defenders remained with their halberds, axes, scything claws and gaping maws, they were content to keep our heads down by taking occasional shots, keeping everyone busy by assaulting a position with enough force as to give ground

    2. needs to center around females, concentrating on her lifestyle and personality without barraging

    3. Destroy all interest in history by barraging the masses with trivia so their brains are permanently scrambled and they have no interest in the past and what actually happened

    4. He was raging at the uproar and after several seconds of his mother’s barraging, enough to hear the facts, he swivelled the sheet in his hand and took the blond boy by the ear, lifting him up before he threw him to the ground

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    Synonyms for "barrage"

    barrage barrage fire battery bombardment shelling onslaught outpouring bombard bomb strafe torpedo shoot blitz shell

    "barrage" definitions

    the rapid and continuous delivery of linguistic communication (spoken or written)

    the heavy fire of artillery to saturate an area rather than hit a specific target

    address with continuously or persistently, as if with a barrage