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  1. It was a cold fit.
  2. It was how it fit.
  3. It was fit for a.
  4. It was a tight fit.
  5. We wil see fit to.

  6. As it does not fit.
  7. You know, to fit in.
  8. Ma threw a fit and.
  9. It fit like a glove.
  10. It was a perfect fit.
  11. I did as I saw fit.
  12. I fit my mouth to his.
  13. He was armed and fit.
  14. Len had a coughing fit.
  15. It was a very good fit.

  16. You can fit around it.
  17. I did not fit in there.
  18. I was as fit as I had.
  19. But he ought to be fit.
  20. Stay Fit With Wii Fit.
  21. Sylvia was having a fit.
  22. I’m not fit to serve.
  23. He just doesn't fit in.
  24. Where do these fit in?
  25. It all fit together now.

  26. It was a tight fit and.
  27. They will not fit yours.
  28. The line fit in snugly.
  29. The old witch threw a fit.
  30. Blond and tanned and fit.
  31. It will not fit the case.
  32. You two will fit in well.
  33. He can do as he sees fit.
  34. Fit the cover plate and.
  35. It fit in the water tank.
  36. Fit means to such an end.
  37. He’ll do as he sees fit.
  38. I heard her throwing a fit.
  39. Change the fit of the lid.
  40. The black eye fit, anyway.
  41. You will fit in just fine.
  42. Probably in a fit of rage.
  43. The mothers fit for thee?
  44. He fit the key in the door.
  45. No wonder he looked so fit.
  46. Inshallah, it will fit you.
  47. Fit, he probably felt, is.
  48. Choose them as you see fit.
  49. They all fit him perfectly.
  50. It had fit when he was an.
  51. She looked fit as a fiddle.
  52. Fever accruing with a fit.
  53. The second one fit tighter.
  54. I don’t think I fit that.
  55. She fit his profile to a T.
  56. Fit in mind, body and spirit.
  57. Hammered on it fit to burst.
  58. The torch was a perfect fit.
  59. That and the boots fit well.
  60. The body with soul kept fit.
  61. A few years back he was fit.
  62. Somehow Thomas fit in with.
  63. You aren't fit to walk any.
  64. Poor Karam nearly had a fit.
  65. Fit for a Supreme Commander.
  66. That’s when he threw a fit.
  67. It was fit for a baby walrus.
  68. Ironically, the fit was the.
  69. It doesn’t fit in her purse.
  70. Where do I fit into history?
  71. This was to prepare and fit.
  72. The do not fit my idea of a.
  73. I am not fit for confidences.
  74. Choose clothes that fit well.
  75. She was fit and enthusiastic.
  76. Early peas fit for the table.
  77. We could fit you with a wire.
  78. I am not going to have a fit.
  79. Make a wedge to fit the notch.
  80. It just didn’t fit with Ava.
  81. I worried he was having a fit.
  82. She had a fit, almost to the.
  83. That could make the pieces fit.
  84. More fruit would fit this way.
  85. None of them fit the evidence.
  86. Expectedly, Rhonda threw a fit.
  87. You both look tough, fit, and.
  88. Gravy's rather good fit for a.
  89. It doesn‘t fit the dress.
  90. It was a perfect fit for today.
  91. It helped to be physically fit.
  92. Most of the time it is fit for.
  93. He fit every criteria applied.
  94. He had just about had a fit.
  95. Ralph is just trying to fit in.
  96. It was a palace fit for a king.
  97. That done, he had a fainting fit.
  98. I feel I am going to have a fit.
  99. They would not fit in the locks.
  100. The fit young men were not happy.
  1. It was kind of fitting.
  2. But is it a fitting end.
  3. Where is the fitting room?
  4. Presently he got a fitting.
  5. What could be more fitting?
  6. I think it’s quite fitting.
  7. Fitting into society is his job.
  8. I never was afraid of fitting in.
  9. Thought it would be fitting for.
  10. It was so fitting; it was perfect.
  11. It is only fitting that I do this.
  12. Fitting that this would be my last.
  13. And it’s such a fitting metaphor.
  14. I thought this was more fitting.
  15. He supposed it was fitting in a way.
  16. It was a fitting climax to the meal.
  17. Hath she a fitting phrase selected?
  18. Surely that was a fitting punishment.
  19. I thought it fitting I should be here.
  20. To show where lies the fitting remedy.
  21. Pure beauty… A fitting name indeed.
  22. Fitting in like a puzzle in his embrace.
  23. And then they complain about the fitting.
  24. He considered this a fitting opportunity.
  25. It seemed a fitting quote to end the night.
  26. That’s a very Swiss concern: fitting in.
  27. Would it not be more fitting to promulgate.
  28. Thought it would be fitting for the guests.
  29. Somehow I guessed that was fitting in a way.
  30. The Elf admitted, Fitting, truly fitting.
  31. It was a fitting avenue to a land of wonders.
  32. How is she fitting in to all of this?
  33. Where you will repeat the fitting of another.
  34. This was just enough, this was fitting for us.
  35. I think it will become rather fitting for you.
  36. The suit fitting took the best part of an hour.
  37. It was a tight fitting dress and pretty short.
  38. Emily was surprised to have the fitting in a.
  39. Wind in the alkathene adaptor fitting a couple.
  40. My fingers fitting into the grooves of the grip.
  41. My ballgown was ready for a fitting on Thursday.
  42. Their nickname is Castrate, and it’s fitting.
  43. Even when I was, but now it just seemed fitting.
  44. It would have been a fitting punishment for Bob.
  45. Best practice is to buy the best fitting pan and.
  46. So it was only fitting that I should land in.
  47. That’s a fitting crown to the rest of the story.
  48. It’s only fitting, isn’t it? Mahood said.
  49. It was fitting, because her baby – perfect and.
  50. Much more fitting, I believe, than derogatorial.
  51. The pieces aren’t fitting together, he said.
  52. Then he began fitting together the pieces of steel.
  53. It was a fitting backdrop for how I felt right now.
  54. I suppose it’s fitting the company got him killed.
  55. It was fitting because blacksmiths were used to fire.
  56. It is not fitting for the Most Merciful to have a son.
  57. It seems a more fitting punishment than death, anyway.
  58. This is a fitting badge of honour for the ancient Irish.
  59. It would have been a fitting end to my time in Aruba:.
  60. Seems fitting to put her out there protecting the city.
  61. It was most fitting that his twin brother should have it.
  62. It was slightly loose fitting and hung down to her hips.
  63. Bev was wearing a slightly loose fitting shirt that was.
  64. Given the tragedy in her life we saw this song as fitting.
  65. It was fitting that I should be absent from your marriage.
  66. He pulled the strand, fitting it around the ball of light.
  67. Is was fitting that his faith should be such that his test.
  68. Cover with a tight fitting lid; reduce heat and simmer 45.
  69. I, The Amazing Tigerboy, was having a hard time fitting in.
  70. It is so fitting that Clare consider a Salesian community.
  71. Became him: Suited or fitting for him; was appropriate to him.
  72. He gets shooed away when it's time for her final veil fitting.
  73. In the cavern the five Palestinians had been fitting lifting.
  74. So the floor fitting for the portable gas fire is out?
  75. It is not fitting that I come before the shrine clad in silk.
  76. It seems fitting that someone with so much blood on his hands.
  77. You mentioned the fog, Rhone said fitting his saddle to.
  78. The spirit had appeared, somehow fitting himself in the huddle.
  79. The panel had a screw down, submarine-type fitting and with a.
  80. She wore a long flowered skirt with a loose fitting pink blouse.
  81. The bank of the river was a fitting ground for such a ceremony.
  82. It was proper and fitting punishment, exactly what they deserved.
  83. It was a fitting epitaph recognised by the award of five VC’s.
  84. Besides, it was somehow fitting, and they had indeed been lucky.
  85. It seems fitting that the blow would leave a mark on both of us.
  86. It would have been more fitting had I been dressed in all black.
  87. She thought it was only fitting to send them a blind copy of it.
  88. Some other time would be more fitting for the history of smoking.
  89. Their appearance was fitting for what they had just been through.
  90. You got me there! Only fitting, I suppose, to go out as I came in.
  91. It is only fitting that you are here when I received by knighthood.
  92. If gloves are worn they should be loose fitting and easily removed.
  93. What a fitting birthday present this will be, don‘t you think?‖.
  94. John draws the dragon’s description fitting with the Chinese model.
  95. I was, throughout the journey, fitting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
  96. I conceave it most fitting that ye Canada Company should answere my Lo.
  97. Perhaps Falstaff could locate her family and provide a fitting burial.
  98. Developing wholesome attitudes and fitting thought patterns is the key.
  99. Her red gloves matched her thigh high red boots and a fitting red vest.
  100. She put up a fitting smiling sweet mask for him but he was not that easy.
  1. And well fitted for her.
  2. Each hole is fitted with a.
  3. He was dressed in fitted tu x.
  4. Shadow stil fitted the riddle.
  5. A huge jigsaw, fitted in pieces.
  6. Got a non-return valve fitted.
  7. It just fitted you like a glove.
  8. The stovepipe was fitted with a.
  9. She soon only fitted into skirts.
  10. The boots fitted Karen perfectly.
  11. It had remained fitted with its old.
  12. Around his neck they fitted the noose.
  13. It fitted perfectly on the ring finger.
  14. She fitted her glasses and continued:.
  15. When it’s fitted, you’ll never see.
  16. Belfast where the Titanic was fitted out.
  17. Poles were produced and fitted together.
  18. If there is paper fitted under the roof.
  19. In fact they fitted perfectly well, but.
  20. Ernest, however, fitted right in with the.
  21. Fitted her like a glove, shoulders and hips.
  22. Deviations from the fitted line in Figure 2.
  23. Although the home was fitted with an upto.
  24. He made up his mind to have one fitted to.
  25. She giggled at seeing her name fitted into.
  26. Each chip lit up as it fitted into the slot.
  27. There is not one word apt, one player fitted.
  28. Perhaps a modern electric siren was fitted.
  29. This, of course, fitted in well enough with.
  30. In an instant a fork is fitted into her hand.
  31. Insects, colour of, fitted for their stations.
  32. It fitted with his tall, aristocratic bearing.
  33. My new suit fitted perfectly and looked classy.
  34. The notched key fitted at once and unlocked it.
  35. And it must not have a shut off valve fitted on.
  36. Its abiding place was in all things fitted to it.
  37. It fitted him perfectly, not a seam out of place.
  38. His mouth fitted over hers very gently and easily.
  39. He tried the union onto the tank, it fitted but.
  40. These mouths are fitted with heavy doors of iron.
  41. She then tried his left hand and, it just fitted.
  42. Mary fitted a telescoping rod in these doors also.
  43. I want each of them fitted with satellite options.
  44. Your car has a tracker fitted - and we have company.
  45. He fitted it into the lock and threw open the door.
  46. Yakov fitted the skis across the front seat, then.
  47. There was also a strap that fitted under the jaws.
  48. Needless to say, it fitted Helez like a second skin.
  49. His mind became fitted with wife-tight compartments.
  50. It fitted into the sill and jambs as if molded there.
  51. Each container had been fitted out with a crude but.
  52. In my opinion, oligarchy is the fitted word for the.
  53. We fitted him up with an empty beef tin and he is off.
  54. He and other officers boarded her and fitted her out.
  55. Then he and Mitchum got the final pipe fitted in place.
  56. His head was fitted snugly with a white wig while his.
  57. Gnats fitted angrily about vinegar cruets and his ears.
  58. Back inside, the doctors had been fitted with gas masks.
  59. A fitted aquarium hood with limited escape points is a.
  60. The others nodded as the various points were fitted in.
  61. The yurts are snug, warm and fitted out with the essen-.
  62. Auxiliary fuel tanks were quickly fitted to the little.
  63. These menial tasks fitted in between the practical and.
  64. Alex was wearing a fitted blue mini dress like Massie's.
  65. Then they fitted the black helmet on PM Head with limit 2.
  66. If the grill or plate is not fitted with legs, bricks or.
  67. Rick told her to find a raincoat and gumboots that fitted.
  68. The rent fitted exactly, and the strip completed the coat.
  69. The cabin was fitted out with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.
  70. It feels like they fitted a speed restrictor or something.
  71. The clothing fitted perfectly and was extremely flattering.
  72. She tried it on her own head and found that it fitted her.
  73. Zolla enjoyed the tutorial role, it fitted him rather nicely.
  74. Two vessels were then acquired and fitted out as radio ships.
  75. Survival under a soul has to be fitted with whatever it takes.
  76. It perfectly fitted his life the day he left that region for.
  77. And indeed, there was a compartment fitted out for live cargo.
  78. I saw that the building was erected by stones fitted together.
  79. He fitted the film into the projector and switched on the lamp.
  80. The one man who fitted such narrow criteria was Torbin Lyndau.
  81. I’m glad that, in your case, the pieces fitted back together.
  82. My cousin, down the coast, fitted a reconditioned engine in it.
  83. But when an arrow was fitted and the vine stretched it snapped.
  84. Can I assume it’s fitted with thermal imaging equipment?’.
  85. The container had been fitted out as a self contained hide-away.
  86. He took off his jacket and fitted it on the backrest of a chair.
  87. Nisha was wearing a tight fitted black lace dress with red pumps.
  88. The rifles fitted nicely into our boxes which defied the rumour.
  89. It then fills in the missing values based on that fitted spline.
  90. He wants the kitchen tiling finished and the final units fitted.
  91. He took it out, fitted a heavy weight and threw it over the side.
  92. It seemed impossible that he had fitted in such a confined space.
  93. That was dead brave, Rob said as he fitted it back in place.
  94. Unfortunately for Abdul, he fitted all three categories perfectly.
  95. She twisted a Gold Coin, extracted the condom and fitted it on me.
  96. It was large and fitted with all the latest scientific equipment.
  97. Most are fitted out for functional operation in times of emergency.
  98. I can never understand how it all fitted in before, but won't now.
  99. He folded it the best he could and fitted it into the plastic bag.
  100. So, to the assembly field come the men and they are fitted together.
  1. And it fits the bill!.
  2. How it fits into my work.
  3. Hey, if the heart fits.
  4. The Bible fits into itself.
  5. It fits like a second skin.
  6. The ―one size fits all‖.
  7. It all fits, Doug agreed.
  8. It certainly fits the profile.
  9. And it fits into that broach.
  10. Legends fits in between the two.
  11. Fits with the message on the flag.
  12. All the best, all that really fits.
  13. Information Marketing fits the bill.
  14. If the shoe fits, he answered.
  15. It fits with another theory I have.
  16. We both burst into fits of giggles.
  17. It fits me so perfectly I could cry.
  18. It also fits in all the right places.
  19. And fits of coughing racked her chest.
  20. With each goal, set a reward that fits.
  21. With every step she fits herself into.
  22. It kind of fits you with that hair.
  23. But it really fits the situation!.
  24. Now Melody collapsed in fits of laughter.
  25. It is very much a ‘one size fits all.
  26. That fits with my theory, Sci said.
  27. That fits with what Sergeant Hill said.
  28. The town’s sheriff sure fits that bill.
  29. He was given to irrational fits of anger.
  30. But, you know, it fits in a way, and so.
  31. Sleep finally came, but in miserable fits.
  32. Look for the one that fits you just right.
  33. It fits with the rest of the house nicely.
  34. It hardly fits with Jock's external persona.
  35. I’ve checked that my dress still fits too.
  36. My latest motto fits in wel at this point:.
  37. I don’t like the word surreal but it fits.
  38. It fits much of what the Listeners are about.
  39. Where does she find this stuff? It fits the.
  40. I’m amazed at how wel it fits in with the.
  41. If a horse has a habit of throwing fits then.
  42. Still others move forward in fits and starts.
  43. If it fits, try only those that look like it.
  44. She’s a lovely girl and fits in with my two.
  45. Now, you wouldnt know anyone that fits that.
  46. It also fits into how the universe is made-up.
  47. The reel fits into the reel-seat, one 'foot'.
  48. Soon the whole troop disintegrated into fits.
  49. Time properly fits into this equation, as well.
  50. It fits the description, Stone replied.
  51. More often, were the golfers’ fits of anger!.
  52. He’ll give him the stone that fits the tablet.
  53. No wonder he fits in so well on this guest list.
  54. The key fits in the lock – click, that’s it.
  55. She suffered from fits and seizures since birth.
  56. It fits tightly around the protected character.
  57. The fits? Ah, the fits are a gift—an heirloom.
  58. Kept hearing their tiny coughing fits of laughter.
  59. You think your father fits into that category?
  60. God will always use evil for the good when it fits.
  61. At that time Andrey started having suffocation fits.
  62. The rock gives them fits too, he said and smiled.
  63. A 41 percent retracement fits within the parameters.
  64. But it fits in with what the masters teach at Oxford.
  65. Conklin said, This guy Jenkins fits the time frame.
  66. The girl abstained because of terrible coughing fits.
  67. It's a Mortal Trap, everything fits, Damon said.
  68. The timing fits with what we know, Manfred said.
  69. I imagine Summerton’s just as foolish, but it fits.
  70. Cheered, as I have said, he was: and yet but by fits.
  71. Well, your story fits with what the others told us.
  72. That big ship fits all of us, and you can sit with me.
  73. He remained the same, setting aside his fits of wrath.
  74. Circle the answer which best fits what you would do in.
  75. All of this fits together in one number called surplus.
  76. Choose the caterer that best fits your needs and budget.
  77. Carl took a deep breath, feeling too old for these fits.
  78. Black feathers attacked his eyes like fits of blindness.
  79. Look!… This dead segment fits this other dead segment.
  80. He is in love with you and I see the ring fits perfectly.
  81. It fits no other institution in history, except for the.
  82. But only you can tell me how it fits in your life - job.
  83. That is the only sort of key that fits that sort of door.
  84. I started getting panic fits and could not take my breath.
  85. No, but he normally fits me in somehow, replied Gary.
  86. He never said we were Travelers, but I guess the name fits.
  87. She had vomiting fits and threw up her breakfast and lunch.
  88. Lay out the letter so that it fits the paper appropriately.
  89. These fits were not often, but they caused a shadow in Mrs.
  90. This is where the second part of the puzzle fits into place.
  91. Thames as liquid history, a description that fits ri-.
  92. It’s a stretch, but this Hopi myth sort of fits that event.
  93. But with that we have something possible that fits the facts.
  94. I don’t begin to understand how all of this fits together.
  95. Further analysis showed that the sound, faint as it was, fits.
  96. That fits exactly with the celestial phenomenon in which the.
  97. In fact, fits of coughing interrupted Fantine at nearly every.
  98. And yes, I have options, but this fits my schedule, and if.
  99. Because you need a flight suit, and because it only fits two.
  100. The other explanation fits the facts far more aptly I think.

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