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Fit in a sentence

It was how it fit.
It was fit for a.
It was a cold fit.
It was a tight fit.
We wil see fit to.
It fit like a glove.
As it does not fit.

Ma threw a fit and.
You know, to fit in.
It was a perfect fit.
He was armed and fit.
I did as I saw fit.
I fit my mouth to his.
Len had a coughing fit.
It was a very good fit.
You can fit around it.
But he ought to be fit.
Sylvia was having a fit.
I was as fit as I had.
I’m not fit to serve.
He just doesn't fit in.
Stay Fit With Wii Fit.
Where do these fit in?
I did not fit in there.
It all fit together now.
They will not fit yours.
The line fit in snugly.
It was a tight fit and.
It will not fit the case.
Blond and tanned and fit.
It fit in the water tank.
You two will fit in well.
He can do as he sees fit.
The old witch threw a fit.
Fit means to such an end.
Fit the cover plate and.
Change the fit of the lid.
The black eye fit, anyway.
You will fit in just fine.
The mothers fit for thee?
It was kind of fitting.
But is it a fitting end.
Where is the fitting room?
Presently he got a fitting.
What could be more fitting?
I think it’s quite fitting.
Fitting into society is his job.
I never was afraid of fitting in.
Thought it would be fitting for.
It is only fitting that I do this.
It was so fitting; it was perfect.
And it’s such a fitting metaphor.
I thought this was more fitting.
Fitting that this would be my last.
He supposed it was fitting in a way.
It was a fitting climax to the meal.
Hath she a fitting phrase selected?
Surely that was a fitting punishment.
To show where lies the fitting remedy.
I thought it fitting I should be here.
Pure beauty… A fitting name indeed.
Fitting in like a puzzle in his embrace.
And then they complain about the fitting.
He considered this a fitting opportunity.
That’s a very Swiss concern: fitting in.
It seemed a fitting quote to end the night.
Thought it would be fitting for the guests.
Would it not be more fitting to promulgate.
Somehow I guessed that was fitting in a way.
The Elf admitted, Fitting, truly fitting.
It was a fitting avenue to a land of wonders.
How is she fitting in to all of this?
Where you will repeat the fitting of another.
Emily was surprised to have the fitting in a.
The suit fitting took the best part of an hour.
It was a tight fitting dress and pretty short.
This was just enough, this was fitting for us.
I think it will become rather fitting for you.
Wind in the alkathene adaptor fitting a couple.
Their nickname is Castrate, and it’s fitting.
And well fitted for her.
Each hole is fitted with a.
He was dressed in fitted tu x.
Shadow stil fitted the riddle.
Got a non-return valve fitted.
It just fitted you like a glove.
A huge jigsaw, fitted in pieces.
The stovepipe was fitted with a.
She soon only fitted into skirts.
The boots fitted Karen perfectly.
Around his neck they fitted the noose.
It had remained fitted with its old.
It fitted perfectly on the ring finger.
She fitted her glasses and continued:.
Poles were produced and fitted together.
When it’s fitted, you’ll never see.
Belfast where the Titanic was fitted out.
If there is paper fitted under the roof.
In fact they fitted perfectly well, but.
Ernest, however, fitted right in with the.
Fitted her like a glove, shoulders and hips.
Deviations from the fitted line in Figure 2.
He made up his mind to have one fitted to.
Although the home was fitted with an upto.
She giggled at seeing her name fitted into.
Perhaps a modern electric siren was fitted.
Each chip lit up as it fitted into the slot.
There is not one word apt, one player fitted.
In an instant a fork is fitted into her hand.
This, of course, fitted in well enough with.
My new suit fitted perfectly and looked classy.
Insects, colour of, fitted for their stations.
It fitted with his tall, aristocratic bearing.
The notched key fitted at once and unlocked it.
And it must not have a shut off valve fitted on.
Its abiding place was in all things fitted to it.
His mouth fitted over hers very gently and easily.
It fitted him perfectly, not a seam out of place.
She then tried his left hand and, it just fitted.
These mouths are fitted with heavy doors of iron.
And it fits the bill!.
Hey, if the heart fits.
How it fits into my work.
The Bible fits into itself.
It fits like a second skin.
The ―one size fits all‖.
It all fits, Doug agreed.
It certainly fits the profile.
And it fits into that broach.
Legends fits in between the two.
Fits with the message on the flag.
All the best, all that really fits.
If the shoe fits, he answered.
We both burst into fits of giggles.
It fits with another theory I have.
Information Marketing fits the bill.
It fits me so perfectly I could cry.
And fits of coughing racked her chest.
It also fits in all the right places.
With each goal, set a reward that fits.
It kind of fits you with that hair.
With every step she fits herself into.
But it really fits the situation!.
That fits with my theory, Sci said.
It is very much a ‘one size fits all.
Now Melody collapsed in fits of laughter.
The town’s sheriff sure fits that bill.
He was given to irrational fits of anger.
That fits with what Sergeant Hill said.
But, you know, it fits in a way, and so.
Look for the one that fits you just right.
Sleep finally came, but in miserable fits.
It fits with the rest of the house nicely.
It hardly fits with Jock's external persona.
I don’t like the word surreal but it fits.
I’ve checked that my dress still fits too.
My latest motto fits in wel at this point:.
If it fits, try only those that look like it.
Still others move forward in fits and starts.
It fits much of what the Listeners are about.

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