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Opportunity in a sentence

Now it was an opportunity.
The opportunity came at Mr.
Do not miss the opportunity.
I never got the opportunity.
The ad for this opportunity.
She was a missed opportunity.
Just such an opportunity arose.

Now may be the opportunity.
This was a life opportunity!.
It gave him an opportunity to.
You have an opportunity to be.
However, an opportunity to be.
This is the opportunity Faizan.
We have a rare opportunity here.
We have an opportunity for you.
Donna jumped at the opportunity.
He had not had the opportunity.
This is an opportunity for the.
The opportunity to be a manager.
So I waited for the opportunity.
I would wait for the opportunity.
What opportunity? I had no idea.
The opportunity to use the 1031.
I seek opportunity, not security.
This created an opportunity for.
This provided him an opportunity.
This too could be an opportunity.
This stability is your opportunity.
You will have the opportunity to.
Secrets of the Opportunity Market.
He gave Jason the opportunity to.
Ali took the opportunity to shower.
Once an opportunity arose and.
This is a huge traffic opportunity.
I lose no opportunity, you see, and.
Batistuta took the opportunity to.
There was a great opportunity for.
And Moses seized this opportunity.
Thus, an opportunity cost implies.
This is a great career opportunity.

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