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Opportunity in a sentence | opportunity example sentences

  1. Now it was an opportunity.
  2. The opportunity came at Mr.
  3. I never got the opportunity.
  4. Do not miss the opportunity.
  5. She was a missed opportunity.

  6. The ad for this opportunity.
  7. Now may be the opportunity.
  8. Just such an opportunity arose.
  9. This was a life opportunity!.
  10. It gave him an opportunity to.
  11. We have an opportunity for you.
  12. Donna jumped at the opportunity.
  13. We have a rare opportunity here.
  14. This is the opportunity Faizan.
  15. You have an opportunity to be.

  16. However, an opportunity to be.
  17. He had not had the opportunity.
  18. The opportunity to be a manager.
  19. So I waited for the opportunity.
  20. What opportunity? I had no idea.
  21. I would wait for the opportunity.
  22. This is an opportunity for the.
  23. The opportunity to use the 1031.
  24. This created an opportunity for.
  25. I seek opportunity, not security.

  26. This too could be an opportunity.
  27. This provided him an opportunity.
  28. He gave Jason the opportunity to.
  29. This is a huge traffic opportunity.
  30. This stability is your opportunity.
  31. You will have the opportunity to.
  32. Ali took the opportunity to shower.
  33. Once an opportunity arose and.
  34. Secrets of the Opportunity Market.
  35. Batistuta took the opportunity to.
  36. I lose no opportunity, you see, and.
  37. And Moses seized this opportunity.
  38. There was a great opportunity for.
  39. No opportunity should ever be lost.
  40. Thus, an opportunity cost implies.
  41. This is a great career opportunity.
  42. He had blown his second opportunity.
  43. Just leave room for the opportunity.
  44. An opportunity to work at KUFM was.
  45. I saw an easy opportunity, but Ish.
  46. We may not have another opportunity.
  47. Gave them an opportunity for a chat.
  48. The missed opportunity tormented her.
  49. Take this opportunity to study her.
  50. Is There Any Opportunity Left Today?
  51. This is an opportunity of a lifetime.
  52. You need to use this opportunity to.
  53. As for that missed opportunity with.
  54. Let’s not waste the opportunity.
  55. There will be great opportunity for.
  56. You may not have another opportunity.
  57. David had an opportunity to kill Saul.
  58. Company took the opportunity to expand.
  59. He wasn’t giving us the opportunity.
  60. We strike when the opportunity arises.
  61. Master, this is a great opportunity.
  62. Adam couldn’t resist the opportunity.
  63. Another opportunity to spill her guts.
  64. They excite you about the opportunity.
  65. This was his opportunity to show them.
  66. I have had the opportunity to absorb.
  67. But it was a one-time-only opportunity.
  68. They may see the opportunity but that.
  69. It also brings a happy job opportunity.
  70. Tylin took advantage of the opportunity.
  71. Life has not given us the opportunity.
  72. Thanks for giving me this opportunity!.
  73. He praised the boy at every opportunity.
  74. This leaves opportunity for small fish.
  75. We simply didn’t get the opportunity.
  76. And in 1586, an opportunity arose for.
  77. Having had the opportunity to fellow-.
  78. The opportunity to remarry arrived soon.
  79. Batistuta quickly took the opportunity.
  80. He sized up the opportunity and target.
  81. What a marvelous opportunity to have a.
  82. They relish the opportunity to serve.
  83. You saw the opportunity and went for it.
  84. They had missed the opportunity (their.
  85. Which is to give us the opportunity to.
  86. If he hadn't taken the opportunity, he.
  87. Employee parties offer the opportunity.
  88. Casaubon should have an opportunity of.
  89. The opportunity came with the Boer War.
  90. We should not waste the opportunity to.
  91. There may not be another opportunity.
  92. This was a golden opportunity to begin.
  93. He wil simply pray at every opportunity.
  94. We’ve got a great opportunity here.
  95. Another opportunity may come in his way.
  96. But we have no opportunity for that now.
  97. This schedule presented an opportunity.
  98. And he promised, and sought opportunity.
  99. The author‘s given an opportunity to.
  100. There is an element of opportunity here.

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