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Fortune in a sentence | fortune example sentences

  1. The key to her fortune.
  2. Save a Fortune on Food.
  3. Good fortune to you all.
  4. I will tell her fortune.
  5. But fortune smiled on him.

  6. Five pounds was a fortune.
  7. There is good fortune here.
  8. Samual spent a fortune on.
  9. Fortune the poet had repaid.
  10. Son of fortune, he sure was.
  11. It must have cost a fortune.
  12. Kerry of the Heinz fortune.
  13. The Explorer made a fortune.
  14. This was good fortune indeed.
  15. Time to test his good fortune.

  16. We spend a fortune on candles.
  17. Fortune has been your friend.
  18. It cost me a fortune Mikhail.
  19. He wonders at his good fortune.
  20. You will bring me good fortune.
  21. Get a picture, make a fortune.
  22. All eyes focused on the fortune.
  23. He soon amassed a small fortune.
  24. He has lost a fortune in England.
  25. Leila gasped This is a fortune.

  26. I could save a fortune with this.
  27. The fortune teller shook her head.
  28. To earn a fortune overall, I mean.
  29. I have the fortune of seeing her.
  30. A great fortune is a great slavery.
  31. They were young people of fortune.
  32. It would cost a fortune to repair.
  33. It was my good fortune to have Mr.
  34. One was Fortune Telling with Cards.
  35. For a long time fortune favored him.
  36. So Cosette's fortune is really hers.
  37. Job seekers still have good fortune.
  38. I could have made a fortune tonight.
  39. Why, it's gotta be worth a fortune.
  40. My father inherited the fortune.
  41. With which blind Fortune oft betrays.
  42. Fortune is frankly a courtesan, Rapp.
  43. We have had the good fortune in the.
  44. What is the amount of his fortune?
  45. His own fortune is intact, I believe.
  46. It costs a fortune to commute to work.
  47. My personal fortune is nearly gone.
  48. But seven pounds was a fortune to Davey.
  49. At least I hoped that was good fortune.
  50. Rockefeller made his fortune in oil, J.
  51. In my opinion, there's a fortune in 'em.
  52. It must have cost him a small fortune!.
  53. I think that fortune is very kind to us.
  54. A short repose as fortune would have it.
  55. And hitherto doth love on fortune tend;.
  56. All freedom and good fortune would then.
  57. At first fortune seemed to smile upon him.
  58. It’s a fortune, whispered Bonkers.
  59. That to the Roman fortune check he gave:.
  60. This gave Bella instant fame and fortune.
  61. The instant any American made his fortune.
  62. Secrets of Fortune Telling which was also.
  63. He had no way to process his good fortune.
  64. Maybe the fortune cookie speaks the truth.
  65. Most of Harrys fortune was already there.
  66. The Fortune story was of a different sort.
  67. What is the fortune of no fortune? Freedom.
  68. I would have remembered such good fortune.
  69. This is an unfortunate reversal of fortune.
  70. She received her fortune cookie in no time.
  71. Nunes smiled to himself on his good fortune.
  72. He wished me best fortune for the IAS exams.
  73. But I have the fortune to know a friend.
  74. For years, Fortune 500 Companies have used.
  75. Job seekers have good fortune this month.
  76. Fortune favours the brave; curiosity killed.
  77. Thanked be fortune, it hath been otherwise.
  78. They say Fortune is a woman and capricious.
  79. I’m making my fortune out of the wreckage.
  80. This can be the power of the Fortune Cookie.
  81. I smiled as I thought about my good fortune.
  82. I assume you went to have your fortune read.
  83. It must have cost your firm a small fortune.
  84. Now she's begun trying her fortune on cards.
  85. Job seekers have good fortune on the 28th.
  86. There is no fortune which has not its court.
  87. Job seekers have good fortune after the 20th.
  88. But, as ever, fortune seemed to be at my back.
  89. The knight could not believe his bad fortune.
  90. There is a fortune for you in this paragraph.
  91. Beautiful ring, must have costs him a fortune.
  92. That must have cost a small fortune, Mr.
  93. He has used up his fortune in defending mine.
  94. Nerissa could hardly believe her good fortune.
  95. They would be bringing a small fortune with.
  97. They left the man smiling at his good fortune.
  98. A burglar could’ve made a fortune stealing.
  99. He had died suddenly after losing his fortune.
  100. He was beginning to tire from his bad fortune.

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  1. But he had overmuch drunkenand the best word he could have of him was that he would ever dishonest a woman whoso she were or wife or maid or leman if it so fortuned him to be.
  1. The blessed island of fortunes.
  2. Most sought their fortunes elsewhere.
  3. Then we’ll have our fortunes read.
  4. My life’s fortunes had turned around.
  5. Industries, fortunes, even empires have.
  6. The decline of his fortunes, then?
  7. Even when their own fortunes had been in.
  8. Now fortunes changed and the rations shrank.
  9. Their fortunes were always their first worry.
  10. Monte Carlo to celebrate his improved fortunes.
  11. Which is of course where fortunes are to be made.
  12. Many of my friends have made their fortunes there.
  13. That even our loves should with our fortunes change;.
  14. Their fortunes were watched by eyes intent and lovely.
  15. Farmers go bankrupt, while sports stars make fortunes.
  16. It seems that our fortunes have reversed, he said.
  17. But after Eva died, Peron’s fortunes began to crumble.
  18. Fortunes are made and lost in times of great uncertainty.
  19. But Pickens’s fortunes (and fortune) were always shifting.
  20. As good fortunes would have it, I can easily avoid him by.
  21. I’ve got a feeling our fortunes are about to turn around.
  22. I am rich, for you have one of the first fortunes in France.
  23. We had ancestors who made their fortunes, young one, back.
  24. I shall follow the example of men who have made their fortunes.
  25. The tendency of her fate and fortunes had been to set her free.
  26. First, this recovery in our fortunes is not because of trading.
  27. Inheritance, family fortunes, a family home bought and paid for.
  28. An avalanche ensued, both making and breaking fortunes as it went.
  29. Fortunes could be made by those who didn’t care how they did it.
  30. Large fortunes have been lost because of the refusal to pay taxes.
  31. He attached himself to the fortunes of Count Cabarrús, andwhen that.
  32. However, could we say that a nation’s or a country’s fortunes are.
  33. No fortunes are needed when I have the company of lavender, my friend.
  34. To build up the family fortunes, and correctly use the family resources!.
  35. And We tested them with fortunes and misfortunes, so that they may return.
  36. In a period of hyperinflation, Forge’s fortunes would become meaningless.
  37. Cyclicals are companies whose fortunes rise and fall along with the economy.
  38. I do not wish to utilize the fortunes of war to humiliate an honored monarch.
  39. Of my own fortunes, interested though I was in the affair, I took no account.
  40. Western banks, from which he carved their joint fortunes, were unaware at the.
  41. The world has the crowning of kings, emperors and fortunes in different forms.
  42. A hidden, anonymous class whose identity and fortunes are constantly changing.
  43. It appears not: I fancy neither she nor her sister have very large fortunes.
  44. Rio shrugged his shoulders, They spend fortunes on this little break to Natal.
  45. Even those who stood to lose fortunes felt that her whirlwind rush deserved to win.
  46. Once, a couple of years back, Sinead and Lizzie had gone to get their fortunes told.
  47. Nor did he consider it dishonest to rob his wife and sister-in-law of their fortunes.
  48. I tried to give back the good fortunes that had been bestowed upon me, but I was also.
  49. In the sixteenth century great fortunes were madeby Spaniards who exploited the mines.
  50. Fortunes are told when the client shuffles the Tarot deck, then hands the cards to John.
  51. And that experience of wasting lives and fortunes in an unpopular war was indeed shared.
  52. Lady Luck hadn’t only abandoned me; she’d left everyone else’s bad fortunes behind.
  53. You must know our William is, or was, heir to one of the largest fortunes in the city.
  54. While that's created great fortunes like Google's, it's also wiping out whole businesses.
  55. The city was populated by thousands of weavers, but it was the merchants who made fortunes.
  56. We believed in the grace of God, and His fortunes couldn’t be locked away within metals.
  57. In conjunction with Germany’s mounting losses and fading fortunes in the east, Allied air.
  58. Silver, gold’s slightly shy sister, is also in hot demand when gold’s fortunes are rising.
  59. Would not this, sir, and a forest of feathers-- if the rest of my fortunes turn Turk with me-.
  60. Fortunes had been made by people who seized an opportunity before others got to hear about it.
  61. Even proprietors of seminaries might make fortunes in stocks, with the aid of owners of mines.
  62. Fortunes have been made on one idea, cleverly marketed, produced, and delivered to the customer.
  63. Sometimes the fortunes are fun and appropriately on target, but the timing was poor on this one.
  64. Nobody could fail to understand that he carried the hopes and the fortunes of a great multitude.
  65. Once back in Africa, Hannibal’s fortunes were reversed and he was defeated by Scipio: costing.
  66. In Victorian times, Nottinghamshire farmers had made their fortunes and losses on just this spot.
  67. Several legendary investors are rumored to have accumulated fortunes through astute short selling.
  68. She must be interviewed and told of the change which had taken place in the fortunes of her pupil.
  69. The family’s fortunes waned in the 1940’s, and Blake Hall was abandoned and become dilapidated.
  70. Whatever my fortunes might have been, I could scarcely have recalled my sister with much tenderness.
  71. Fortunes were lost and millions of investors lost their faith in the long-term potential of stocks.
  72. He stood transfixed, his mind wandering over the association between the tape and his good fortunes.
  73. As stingy and wretched as those beggars you hear about who leave fortunes behind them when they die.
  74. Since that time downtown activity has ebbed and flowed with the fortunes and misfortunes of the city.
  75. I shall leave the honorable gentleman from Delaware to mourn over the fortunes of the fallen Charles.
  76. They spend fortunes on chemicals to keep their houses as perfectly sterile and antiseptic as possible.
  77. Industrialists such as Andrew Mellon, Henry Clay Frick, and Andrew Carnegie built their fortunes there.
  78. Danglars, who never had possessed any patrimony, both laid the foundations of their different fortunes.
  79. There were families out there who would give half of their fortunes away to have a son-in-law like him.
  80. Had they known that taking out Quan would reap these kinds of fortunes, they’d have done it years ago.
  81. I supposed that in any stack of pre-printed fortunes put into the machine, there might be a blank or two.
  82. We're talking here about the secrets of the millionaires - the entrepreneurs who have made their fortunes.
  83. So companies make fortunes shipping expensive bottled water to all the industrialized cities in the world.
  84. He had given it twelve years of peace; and, absolute master of lives and fortunes as he was, he died poor.
  85. I should require but to put a check upon my nature for one hour, and my fortunes would be changed entirely.
  86. Great properties and fortunes are necessary, because they provide and organize work for the working classes.
  87. Work on the bridge will have to stop if the wool merchants of Kingsbridge can’t improve their fortunes.
  88. That the confiscation of personal property and private fortunes promotes wealth creation is a non sequitur!.
  89. I regret to see the Emperor of China holding such immense sway over the fortunes of millions of our species.
  90. Krista repeated the letters after him, scarcely able to believe how her fortunes had changed for the better.
  91. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
  92. So persons vainly reason when their minds are already made up and their fortunes irrevocably linked together.
  93. As factories closed, industrial metals prices dropped like a stone, wiping out fortunes and closing down mines.
  94. While rich people have genetically defective babies who are coddled and fortunes are spent keeping them alive.
  95. Emperors, kings, heroes and noblemen all went to the Oracle and paid handsomely to have their fortunes revealed.
  96. What could they do? They would not be allowed to take their fortunes with them when they left for their homeland.
  97. In Moscow their fortunes changed with the swiftness of lightning and the unexpectedness of an Arabian fairy-tale.
  98. Some of them have built up great fortunes out of the sweat and blood and tears of men and women and little children.
  99. And its not just alligators - crocodiles, monitor lizards and even snakes all experience an upturn in their fortunes.
  100. Now, he needed to desperately turn around the BJP’s fortunes in the state to achieve his prime ministerial ambition.

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