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Hap in a sentence

A d then I hap.
Hap felt what Homer was.
Hap slowly read the memo.
Hap and his small group.
Hap Dunnavant sat on the.
Is that all, Hap said.
Trust me, Hap said as he.

Yes it is! Hap shot back.
Don’t worry about this, Hap.
Nothing is there, Hap said.
Hap Dunnavant but Bill denied it.
That is in order, Hap said.
It sounded to Hap as if she was.
After Hap, Hugh, Bill, and Terri.
Hap Dunnavant and the convention.
Why did he do that? Hap said.
Convention is not real, Hap said.
Yes, in a way it is, Hap said.
Just look at the way Hap appeased.
It's the hap - happiest season to drink.
She lowered her head so Hap could not.
Hap remembered the clergyman’s answer.
Is there any opposition? Hap said.
Is there any discussion? Hap said.
But first, I want to hear what Hap.
President, Bill said, waving as Hap.
Hap said nothing as his shoulders drooped.
Hap turned to recognize the familiar voice.
You were also afraid Hap Dunnavant would.
That is just not true! Hap protested.
Thank you, Hap said and smiled at her.
Max remembered that earlier in the day Hap.
Hap Dunnavant had just gaveled the session.
What do you mean all laid out? Hap said.
The Admiral smiled and nodded slightly as Hap.
Thanks, Hap said, Where are we going?
Hap Dunnavant and the name of the Reverend Max.
Hap looked up from his hamburger, which he was.
I knew I could count on you, Hap said as he.
After a minute of waiting, and watching Hap, the.

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