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Hap in a sentence

Hap knew the.
A d then I hap.
It’s only Hap.
Yes, Hap, I do.
Hap paused long.
Judge, this is Hap.
It is, Hap replied.

That was great, Hap.
Not even Hap Dunnavant.
returned his eyes on Hap.
as Hap moved to one side.
What’s up? Hap said.
Hap and his small group.
Hap felt what Homer was.
Hap slowly read the memo.
are not alone in this, Hap.
Hap Dunnavant sat on the.
breather with Hap Dunnavant.
Is that all, Hap said.
as he tried to reassure Hap.
Hap looked at his watch.
just as Hap entered the room.
ordered by Hap at the podium.
Trust me, Hap said as he.
have made up on Hap Dunnavant.
You’re right, Hap said.
If there is trouble, Hap,.
Nothing is there, Hap said.
Yes it is! Hap shot back.
Don’t worry about this, Hap.
Hap Dunnavant but Bill denied it.

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Synonyms for hap

hap happen occur pass