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Oppress in a sentence

How can he oppress them after all that?!.
Grecians did oppress Israel with servitude.
They love their leaders who legally oppress them.
They owe obedience to laws that oppress them legally.
Laws are passed to protect the rich and oppress the poor.
A special form of misery had begun to oppress him of late.
The oppressors, though they may see it, cannot cease to oppress.

The wicked will always dominate the good, and will always oppress them.
Who had no land, no master, and no church to care for them or oppress them.
The silence began to oppress the princess and she tried to catch someone’s eye.
It should be clear that widespread greed and selfishness helps them to oppress.
We belong to the laws which we have made for our protection, and which oppress us.
He shall learn what it is to do as he pleases under me, and to oppress my people.
Viewing her in these lights, a regret for his hasty judgement began to oppress him.
We belong to the laws which we have called into life to protect us, but which oppress us.
The things that oppress and control you: are the things that you consider to be most normal.
They undertook great efforts to steal the knowledge of others and then oppress them, which.
All that would result, would be that the bad would oppress and outrage the good with impunity.
If you continue to oppress the Martian people, though, then you can expect no mercy on our part.
But in Europe a reaction occurred and the sovereigns once again all began to oppress their subjects.
She was afraid to become a burden to her husband and even more to oppress her children with her illness.
It would serve only to provide the vicious and unprincipled with an opportunity to oppress the innocent.
Any government that uses this force to harry, cajole, intimidate and oppress individuals is a force for pure evil.
It is incorrect to think that such a crisis can cure us of the political and economical calamities which oppress us.
And suddenly there is no rage-filled God of a Master to oppress you and order you around and tell you what to do….
These are in turn replaced by new oppressors, less despotic than the former, but rougher than those whom they oppress.
From now on know that all your oppression with which you oppress is written down every day till the day of your judgement.
The Khanate does not oppress or tax heavily and they give us all peace, safety, and even protection from natural disasters.
And it is as unnatural for the farming interest to oppress the commercial, as it is for the parent to abandon its offspring.
Every class of minority Elite in the World understands itself better as a class than the majority class of people they oppress.
From from now on know that all your oppression with which you oppress is written down every day till the day of your judgement.
Men are not to be frightened by being told that the wicked will oppress the good, because that is the natural course, and will never change.
They allowed foreign conquerors to come in, and invade them and oppress them without lifting one finger against them for one thousand years.
They argued that they needed a queen and the countries around them needed to see that they had a queen in order not to try and oppress them.
No one is attacking our country; and there are more among the governors who destroy social order, than there are among those whom they oppress.
The sovereign himself can never have either interest or inclination to pervert the order of justice, or to oppress the great body of the people.
Just so they could amass enough power and wealth to oppress and tyrannize the States and citizens, and never be threatened by a citizen uprising again.
It is really a shame to think how little is needed for all men to be freed from all those calamities which now oppress them; they need only stop lying.
Once the masses realize these scum will to stay in power: then they openly become exposed as the mortal enemies of all the millions they are trying to oppress.
Stop serving darkness and traveling its twisted paths and walk in the clear light of the Creator’s word and He shall set you free from all who would oppress you.
To the oppressing city.
He was not the one oppressing the Serbs.
Police, law: the justice-killing oppressing machine.
We have surrendered to you, but now the Nogays are oppressing us.
The oppressors cannot stop oppressing, even if they should wish to do so.
They serve the greedy that have been oppressing, enslaving and exploiting.
The sky was dark with dreary clouds hung low with an oppressing feeling about them.
All the revolutions in history are only examples of the more wicked seizing power and oppressing the good.
Babylon, and him who handles the sickle in the time of harvest, for fear of the oppressing sword they shall turn everyone to his.
People in the industrialised West liked to accuse other cultures of oppressing their womenfolk, but Western society could be just as oppressive.
The Roamin’ Romans who began the insane idea of not only raiding another tribe’s territory… but also oppressing them as absentee landlords.
Besides: by that time: these castle killers spoke a completely different dialect from the poor they had been robbing and oppressing for centuries.
All in order to hoodwink the masses into loving them… even as they kept on oppressing them and starving them and destroying them by the millions.
He was faced with the choice to either launch full-scale rebellion and war against the oppressing state, or to give himself as a martyr to the people.
The more oppressing patterns you keep in your mind and the more suffering you hold in your heart, the lower will be the integrity of your consciousness.
He was gasping for breath, however; he felt so oppressed — so oppressed; he felt that all those eyes fastened upon him were oppressing and dominating him.
Yet they and all the rest of the human species: still obey their masters, and obey the laws that keep the powerful and the rich oppressing us in their real lives….
Insensitive people of the higher, the oppressing classes, and those who have drowned their consciences, if they do not suffer from their consciences, suffer from fear and hatred.
Pursuing your negative policies based on injustices and denied to equality and by oppressing these people you have dragged them to such pitch that that they have caught you from collar.
They are still backwards, raped peasant societies: with powerful robber barons oppressing them, robbing them, and killing them: still aping and copying the tactics of Alexander the Great.
Yet at the same time everyone sees all round him the division of men into two castes—the one, laboring, oppressed, poor, and suffering, the other idle, oppressing, luxurious, and profligate.
I’m sorry to disclose that the old books report little more than wave after successive wave of malevolent forces who marauded the Regions of Gaea, oppressing and destroying with rampant abandon.
I repeat that a man who has money may buy up and monopolise all the corn and kill others by starvation, completely oppressing them, as it has frequently happened before our own eyes on a very large scale.
The conditions which depended on Great Britain, he knew, never would be yielded, and that which depended on ourselves was nothing short of war with England or our own citizens, by oppressing them with a perpetual embargo.
It seemed to me that nobody would take care of her like me and that without me she would simply fade away from her bad thoughts and the oppressing atmosphere of the ward where all her neighbors just spoke about their diseases.
The oppressing sight, and especially the stifling atmosphere, quelled even his energy, and he went from cell to cell, saying nothing but All right to the inspector’s remarks about what prisoners there were in each cell.
Why? Because upsetting any authority whatsoever, no matter how sick, or evil or insane, or oppressing that authority may be: if it is successfully challenged and toppled: then every other authority in the world is threatened also.
She felt her eyes opening wider and wider, her fingers and toes twitching nervously, something within oppressing her breathing, while all shapes and sounds seemed in the uncertain half-light to strike her with unaccustomed vividness.
How, then, can the necessity of painful, oppressing work be advantageous for men? If the question were only for the advantage of some men without any consideration of the welfare of all, then it might be most advantageous for some men to eat others.
And just as in a dream, his position becoming more and more painful, at last reaches such a pitch of intensity that he begins sometimes to doubt the reality of what is passing and makes a moral effort to shake off the nightmare which is oppressing him.
All those in authority affirm that their office is required in order that the unprincipled may be hindered from oppressing the innocent, implying thereby that they themselves, being virtuous, are protecting other virtuous men from the malice of the evil-doer.
In such a situation, he would have no occasion to give himself any concern about them, further than to keep the peace among them, in the same manner as among the rest of his subjects, that is, to hinder them from persecuting, abusing, or oppressing one another.
He also talked to Hilderich about how him and Olom united their efforts with the same purpose of liberating the people first from ignorance and then from the dogmatic yoke of the oppressing Ruling Council, relaying to him how bright and hopeful those times had seemed.
I used to have black dog days, they'd go on for days, but they're actually a spirit of heaviness oppressing me, that I just thought was me - until the day I realised it wasn't me, and began to contend to have dominion over it, so I could live in the presence of the spirit of God.
If you are a bad, negative fellow, if a material nature predominates in you, if you try to obtain material goods for yourself at the expense of oppressing others, that is, by harming them, and at the same time you don’t try to change yourself, then you will be in trouble there.
In order to convert uncivilized nations who do us no harm, whom we have no motive for oppressing, we ought, above all, to leave them in peace, and act upon them only by our showing them an example of the Christian virtues of patience, meekness, temperance, purity, and brotherly love.
Whoever I may be, whether I belong to the well-to-do—the oppressing class—or to the oppressed laboring class, in either case the disadvantages of non-submission are less numerous than the disadvantages of submission, and the advantages of non-submission greater than those of submission.
The list goes on and on… from Mexico, to Japan, to the Philippines, to Brazil, to Korea: as banks try desperately to stabilize economies that are run by criminals who are oppressing and impoverishing the poor, ignorant powerless masses who can barely manage to make enough money to get by.
Franz Ferdinand was also culpable: instead of calling into question the right of imperial monarchs to rule as literal gods, the archduke chose to turn the corrupt chance of becoming emperor into a show of power, a military show of force to the Serbs that he was oppressing and taxing into starvation, into a private family reunion with his wife and children.
These little settlements, too, were under the government of an exclusive company, which had the sole right, both of purchasing the surplus produce of the colonies, and of supplying them with such goods of other countries as they wanted, and which, therefore, both in its purchases and sales, had not only the power of oppressing them, but the greatest temptation to do so.
To the oppressed on earth.
He should not be oppressed.
The oppressed had no hope of.
He was oppressed in everything.
They were oppressed and dispossessed.
She empowers women and the oppressed.
I see it in the eyes of the oppressed.
The bitter resentment of the oppressed.
His chest, too, was oppressed by asthma.
I said I have come to free the oppressed.
Their life-styles should not be oppressed.
He felt a little oppressed, but cheerful.
Rehaboam oppressed the people with high taxes.
Grow weary and oppressed! In vain the wizards.
He saw that people who were oppressed by the.
It has given hope to many an oppressed citizen.
And the oppressed think that it's long overdue.
His room was cold, but he was oppressed by heat.
It says Paul being grieved, or feeling oppressed.
As he heard it his heart was oppressed with grief.
Its advantage for the oppressed is only that he is.
You have come with peace, and we have oppressed you.
I was only insufferably oppressed by her being here.
Its advantages for the oppressed is only that he is.
With those words the people were even more oppressed.
I must freely admit that his blackness oppressed me.
The sense of loss oppressed me even before Alex left.
He saved those oppressed from those who had aggressed.
I care not of what party a man be, that is oppressed.
Suspect instead claimed solidarity with the oppressed.
They help the oppressed whenever and wherever they can.
He keenly sympathizedwith the oppressed, and felt that.
It was the deacon, still oppressed by a feeling of guilt.
He talked with fishermen, poor, ill and oppressed people.
We were on a mission to save a people who were oppressed.
One feels oneself oppressed by a terrible discouragement.
The people of the heart are crushed, exploited, oppressed.
They are better organized than the masses of oppressed poor.
It is controlled and suppressed and repressed and oppressed.
He who oppresses the poor.
But instead, he oppresses them.
The poor man who oppresses the.
That’s why a bad thought oppresses.
Nothing oppresses the heart like symmetry.
You know that capital oppresses the laborer.
It neither favours the great, nor oppresses the smaller dealer.
This is why the current world system so flagrantly oppresses Africans, Arabs, and other non-.
Be gracious to me, O God, for man has trampled upon me; fighting all day long he oppresses me (Psalm 56:1).
Bombarding people with incessant whines for help and complaints of lack oppresses them with fear, impotence and panic.
In short: every authority figure, every evil elite class that oppresses the masses, and stands as an icon of unquestioned respectability.
And these lines occur at the end of a passage in which the king laments the "ceremony" that oppresses him and confesses that but for it he would be "but a man.
The difference between the genius of the British constitution, which protects and governs North America, and that of the mercantile company which oppresses and domineers in.
When a landed nation on the contrary, oppresses, either by high duties or by prohibitions, the trade of foreign nations, it necessarily hurts its own interest in two different ways.
Here are all men free, and none oppresses the others or keeps them in slavery; but money appears in society and immediately an iron law exists, in consequence of which rent increases and wages diminish to the minimum.
The gentleman told you, in speaking of the Maryland elections, that the film is removed from the eyes of the people, and that in discerning their true interests, they saw it was the embargo, and not the Orders in Council, which oppresses them.
Every human who is rich: and oppresses and terrorizes those beneath them into states of abject fear and paranoia and servitude: have something to hide: and are all guilty of committing crimes against humans less powerful and poorer than they are.
Where can the necessary supply of cotton be procured? For, thank God! while we are making a sacrifice of that article, it goes to the injury of Great Britain who oppresses us, and whose present importation is not equal to one-half her ordinary consumption.
He oppresses the weak who are under his leadership (his brothers, his students, or his workers), and inclines to harm all of the animals, especially cats, just to oppose God’s messenger’s direction (cpth): Be kind and generous with the cat (the male and the female).
To live as do the rich, idle people, especially the women, far from nature and from animals, in artificial conditions, with muscles atrophied or misdeveloped by gymnastics, and with enfeebled vital energy, would be impossible were it not for what is called art—for this occupation and amusement which hides from them the meaninglessness of their lives, and saves them from the dullness that oppresses them.
As long as poor people do not realize they are a class… then this nominal success of the exception: the one-in-a-hundred long shot, this belief in random, blind, meaningless luck rather than hard work, this addiction to lotteries, and gambling… this belief in struggling within a system which oppresses them… without tearing down that system to its roots… will keep the billions of poor: Poor forever.
And so this man, without the least compunction, and without any misgivings as to his being believed, arranges an agricultural exhibition, or a temperance society, or through his wife and children sends jackets and soup to three old women, and in his family, in drawing-rooms, committees, the press, boldly preaches the Gospel or humane love of one's neighbour in general, and of that working agricultural class in particular which he constantly torments and oppresses.
What will result from the circumstance that I, and another, and a third, and a tenth man, do not despise physical labour, but consider it necessary for our happiness, for the calming of our consciences, and for our safety? This will result from it,—that one, two, three, ten men, coming into conflict with no one, without violence either of government or of revolution, will solve for themselves the problem which is before all the world, and which has appeared unsolvable; and they will solve it in such a way that life will become for them a good thing: their consciences will be calm, and the evil which oppresses them will cease to be dreadful to them.
According to the bearings and variations of those lights, should the statesmen of such a country adjust their policy—always bearing in mind two assurances, as fundamental principles of action, which the nature of things teaches, that, although temporary circumstances—party spirit, local rivalries, personal jealousies, suggestions of subordinate interests—may weaken, or even destroy, for a time, the influence of the leading and permanent interests of any great section of the country, yet those interests must ultimately and necessarily predominate, and swallow up all these local, and temporary, and personal, and subordinate considerations; in other words, the minor interests will soon begin to realize the essential connection which exists between their prosperity and the prosperity of those great interests which, in such sections of the country, nature has made predominant; and that no political connection among free States can be lasting, or ought to be, which systematically oppresses, or systematically refuses to protect, the vital interests of any of the sovereignties which compose it.

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