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    1. Many religions and religious people still condemn, punish and ostracize homosexuals

    2. accordingly, coming together to ostracize the one who was not a team-player

    3. No, I'm straight, but I don't ostracize anyone for their sexual orientation

    4. Instead of a harmonious behavior, it provides its own acceptable behavior to discipline, persecute, ostracize those who will not or cannot conform

    5. Since language games are the most effective propagandizing tool of a democracy, to dictate, curtail, and penalize speech, democratic governments ostracize and occlude dissenting opinions, organizations, and ideals

    6. This was one obvious reason why the Germans did not protest when Hitler’s began to systematically humiliate and ostracize Jews from German society

    7. They ostracize them from adult society

    8. A vacation hotel? Being taken care of by the state? Free room and board? If you want to ostracize them, then find an island, and make them build their own prisons… oops: this will give them freedom to do as they wish: and then where is the social stigma of confinement? And if they create their own culture which is healthier and better than the society, they are excluded from? Then the stigma of being a criminal becomes something to be proud of, not ashamed of: like it happened in Australia

    1. „Disuniting America," for which he was of course ostracized by the majority of his liberal 140

    2. “So, have you been ostracized from your little crowd of devotees?”

    3. down, and he was ostracized from the scientific community—all because of his dream to

    4. found themselves being ostracized by the villagers they had once

    5. learn the pain of being ostracized, and hopefully cull that trait from

    6. Being ostracized from NMSU, I felt especially cut off

    7. they know (or at least fear) that they will be ostracized from their

    8. thinking results in negative consequences (like being ostracized

    9. I was ostracized from the community

    10. At least, they’d never have to be ashamed to be themselves, or ostracized for being different

    11. ostracized from a small group of acquaintances in the

    12. He became a renegade by whipping the shit out of certain champions when it wasn‘t scripted and was ostracized by the promoters, touring overseas and giving demonstrations to the growing number of believers

    13. He died of old age in solitude, without a moan, without a protest, without a single moment of betrayal, tormented by memories and by the yellow butterflies, who did not give him a moment’s peace, and ostracized as a chicken thief

    14. It would be disgraceful if they were not to show up after inviting guests to attend with them; that would simply not be tolerated in England, and the perpetrator would be ostracized from their peers and the privileges conferred upon them

    15. Alone and ostracized, nearly condemned for her gift, Elizabeth committed herself to using her talent to benefit those in need of help

    16. Years ago she would probably have been burned at the stake, but in today’s civilized society she’ll merely be ostracized with her bastard child!” His expression was bordering on the apoplectic—his eyes wide and bulging, his face crimson red, his facial muscles, especially those in his throat, strained to the breaking point

    17. “For the most part, I have always felt ostracized from the

    18. precepts of the faith – and, were roundly criticized and ostracized for their opinions, even

    19. Instead, they’d be ostracized, treated like the plague

    20. ostracized for attempting to do things that normal seagulls shouldn’t do

    21. In Richard Bach's story Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Jonathan is ostracized for attempting to do things that normal seagulls shouldn't do

    22. When Chandrika landed a week later, Janaki turned sentimental all again, ‘She brought it upon herself, this ostracized existence

    23. ‘Hasn’t the society ostracized them physically and suppressed them morally for centuries, thereby sinking their collective consciousness into a morass

    24. He’d embarrassed his family, his children, his best friend, his boss, and ostracized himself from his religious congregation–all in one fell swoop

    25. of life, with millions of True Individuals ostracized and victimized

    26. Let a member go away for a week? It becomes a stranger and is attacked and ostracized, or killed

    27. If anyone violates this unspoken taboo; they are severely punished, shamed, killed or ostracized

    28. How can you expect any civilized person to voluntarily undergo any kind of fundamental change that might threaten their own position? Let one person challenge any normality, tradition, custom, or any socially-publicly accepted custom: and they are laughed at, vilified, denigrated, jailed, tarred and feathered, burned, ostracized, exiled, crucified, burned at the stake, shot, hung … the enormous resistance to all new truths has never changed throughout civilized history

    29. If you do not want to be attacked, vilified, ostracized, hated, outlawed, judged, sentenced, jailed, imprisoned, shot, or hung; you obey its external laws

    30. Otherwise you are a nonbeliever and must be shot and hung and ostracized from American society as attacking a dearly beloved icon of such heroic, godlike, glorified proportions: that no American to this day is capable of looking clearly at what this man actually was, and what he actually did

    31. Let these ostracized suckers soften up the natives until they get used to the European presence on their land, and then the might of the British navy and army can roll in

    32. He simply ostracized him from his own ship

    33. And for that crime, he himself was ostracized from the entire British Empire, which at that time was nearly half of the civilized world

    34. They were beaten, starved, jailed, hung, tortured, ostracized for no reason except the enjoyment of pure sadistic cruelty of their masters

    35. The more intensely Germany was ostracized from the rest of the world, the more intensely it was discriminated against, the more unfair the discrimination: the more intense the backlash, the more intensely proud they were to be Germans the more patriotic they became

    36. And for that crime, he himself was ostracized from the entire British Empire, which at that time: was nearly half of the known civilized world

    37. So these ostracized sinners who were kicked out simply re-joined the rest of civilized society

    38. When it begs weepingly to be loved and held and cuddled, and not cast away and punished by being ostracized and isolated and alone at night

    39. Vilified behind their backs, cast aside, blackballed, ostracized, jailed, banished, killed, murdered, assassinated, crucified, and wiped out

    40. They would have found themselves ostracized by all other communities because they were too weird, too whacky

    41. You will become ostracized, alone, unhappy

    42. So they can feel better than him or her; who is burned at the stake or tortured or covered in tar and feathers, or hung, or shot, or jailed, or put into stocks, or ostracized

    43. Supplicants were punished, or ostracized for the temerity of even asking for such a sacred, exclusive privilege

    44. ostracized by the community

    45. This is why all families lastborn are nearly always the ones who are labeled as the black sheep of the family and blamed for all of the family’s evil corruptions and persecuted and attacked and poisoned and ostracized from society and not allowed to grow up and become successful in life and have children of their own

    46. The best of humanity, the most beautiful most loving, the most sensitive, the kindest, the most honest, the most courageous, the most intelligent people have always been systematically and selectively killed, starved to death, massacred, murdered, poisoned, assassinated, jailed, oppressed, terrorized, brainwashed, corrupted and ostracized from human society

    47. With a deep concern for belonging comes a tendency to defer to the group so as not to be ostracized

    48. Yes, I had slacked a bit in high school, playing the dumb blonde so I wouldn’t be socially ostracized because my family lived in a house with a honey bucket for a toilet and a woodstove for heat; and my stepfather had long hair and a big bushy beard and drove around in a demolished car that he’d made into a pickup truck by himself with a blowtorch, a chain saw, and a few two-by-fours; and my mother opted not to shave under her arms and to say things to the red-blooded gun-loving locals like Actually, I think hunting is murder

    49. At one time the ostracized inhabitants

    50. It’s also about the world of mental illness treatment and the world of addiction treatment—each of which grew from what felt like a specific form of being ostracized by society—working together much more effectively

    1. He doesn’t like to share, seems to demand approval from everyone, and when he doesn’t get it, he ostracizes those classmates

    1. Other than ostracizing my mom and claiming that they have

    2. Regretting having to send so ardent listeners away for the time and risking ostracizing himself from them for such a dismissal, he resolved to keep to that work for which he had invited the young Underwood here tonight, especially after hearing Lady Jane’s accounts of the dance

    3. both craving and ostracizing it

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    ostracise ostracize ban banish blackball cast out shun proscribe outlaw condemn interdict

    "ostracize" definitions

    expel from a community or group

    avoid speaking to or dealing with