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Outlay in a sentence

Our net outlay is just 1.
25, for a total outlay of $6.
That was his premium outlay amount.
50 spread, for a total outlay of $17.
00 each, for a total cash outlay of 500.
You are all for outlay with your farms.
Without a cash outlay, and with inherent.

I can't consider that a cost-effective outlay.
outlay of interest expense over and above the cost of equity.
The cost may be immediately apparent in the form of a cash outlay.
With this amount of outlay, the attacks should have been prevented.
That means a single strangle would require an outlay of over $7,300.
But - there may be no actual cash outlay on any of the components When an.
Often these 1 × 2 ratio call spreads can be constructed for zero cash outlay.
When starting out, I advise against using a full page, because the outlay can.
The cash outlay required to host it had come entirely from Merilee’s fortune.
However, the amount of past issues and retained earnings has no immediate cash outlay.
I would have thought a Strangle would perform better because of the lower initial outlay.
When a position requires an outlay of cash, a trader has bought, or is long, the position.
But you have little to no capital outlay because the short option pays for the long option.
I went to my door making sure it was locked, resting my forehead on the cool timber outlay.
The above can be the only designated outlay of the planet position according to the sun when applying.
By virtue of the July 23 agreement, Leasco had tied down this 14 percent interest without any cash outlay.
With only 8 percent of the capital outlay and nearly the same price performance, this is a 12:1 leverage.
After the initial outlay for the new equipment and its installation, the network has more bandwidth, forever.
More interesting about this was that he had paid in cash each time—it was quite an outlay of cash over the year.
These items differ from ordinary operating expenses in that they do not signify a current and corresponding outlay of cash.
Besides this preliminary outlay, he must be prepared to keep himself for some years, and to hire a presentable carriage and horse.
It may appear to cost more but it saves you from an initial outlay on shopping cart applications and expensive long time contracts.
outlaying farmers or used by the inmates for their own food.

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Moreover, greater capital outlays in the current year,.
outlays when it was increased while operating momentum and the leverage ratios were.
plausibility of each project because of the necessity of exceeding capital outlays with.
allocation; 2) capital outlays may be depressed if long-term debt to capital was increased.
You would therefore adjust your estimate of future cash flows downward to account for these potential future capital outlays.
find a large difference in the return on equity factors like sales and profit margin as well as substantially different capital outlays; 13.
anticipation of the second coming of the War on Poverty whose (inestimable) financial outlays will make the first edition pale by comparison.
If AMD had wanted to match Intel's spending, it would have had to more than double its outlays, which already represented 18 percent of its sales.
Thus, leverage constraints or leverage aversion can make investors reach for volatility to get the most bang for the buck that they can for their unlevered outlays.
Recently some observers have emphasized swaps’ off-balance-sheet nature, a factor that could justify swaps’ richness against government bonds that require capital outlays.
Examples: The Kraft Cheese Company for example, during some years prior to 1927 carried a substantial part of its advertising outlays as a deferred charge to be absorbed in the operations of subsequent years.
A good example is the conservatives’ continuation of big government departments including the huge financial outlays for federal education programs, which have produced only extensive mediocrity in the education of our children.
We need simply refer to the vast financial outlays (Corporate Welfare) being allocated for ―retraining‖ (reeducating!) purposes, as well as the dramatic rise in ―social costs‖ in order to appreciate the consequence(s) of our failing schools.
Can anyone justify to me why I should pay higher taxes or increase charitable outlays so that the offspring of such women, who barely deserve the honor of being called mothers to begin with, might be able to have a Nintendo set or Nike basketball shoes?.
Nothing was entered under outlays and expenses as he had included the ECN fees and commissions (if applicable) for purchasing in the adjusted cost base, and there was no fee for the in-kind transfer – if instead Alex had sold the funds and paid a commission, that could have been entered into outlays and expenses, or simply incorporated into the proceeds of disposition.

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disbursement outlay spending expenditure outgo