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Figure in a sentence

1. As shown in Figure 4.
2. He had a thin figure.
3. The Dot (Figure 73 A).
4. I could not figure out.
5. Help me figure this out.
6. I figure worth a shot.
7. She will figure it out.

8. A figure of less than.
9. Berndt gave her a figure.
10. You can figure that out.
11. I never did figure out.
12. The Cross (Figure 73 B).
13. The result is a figure.
14. They will try to figure.
15. The feed below (Figure 3.
16. How did you figure this.
17. The figure looked at Norm.
18. Trying to figure you out.
19. We have to figure it out.
20. By 1988 that figure had.
21. Her figure was full also.
22. There a figure in the bed.
23. I never could figure out.
24. I could not figure it out.
25. As it is shown in Figure 4.
26. I just had to figure out.
27. I couldn’t figure it out.
28. As the figure jumped into.
29. She had to figure this out.
30. Please refer figure on the.
31. As it is shown on Figure 4.
32. Now, I figure, so will you.
33. He would figure it out on.
34. The masked figure walked in.
35. Aafre was an imposing figure.
36. It was a figure of speech.
37. I couldn’t figure out why.
38. One figure turned at their.
39. Here is how to figure it out.
40. That time figure would put.
1. There was no figuring it out.
2. Figuring that it would kill.
3. Rakesh smiled figuring her out.
4. There was no figuring dogs out.
5. Stop figuring out what happened.
6. They’re figuring it all out.
7. High Counsel, figuring it was a bluff.
8. He’s always figuring something out.
9. Figuring that he was only kidding, the.
10. Figuring out where a trapped emotion is.
11. Figuring out how to invest through indexes.
12. Simply a case of figuring the exact period.
13. Figuring that forwards was less risky, he.
14. Figuring that the road was impassable, she.
15. I stopped at the top of a hill figuring the.
16. She was obviously busy figuring out the code.
17. I’ve been figuring that out, Emma said.
18. So, figuring the remote possibility that this.
19. Figuring? What’s Candy figuring about?
20. Alex grinned at me, figuring out what I had done.
21. I always have trouble figuring out which is which.
22. Finally figuring it out? It took you quite a while.
23. That's the final factor figuring in our selectivity.
24. But I am figuring out that the difference between.
25. The trick is figuring out where your interests are.
26. It can consider any cut width when figuring radial.
27. Oh, Lennie! You in here? 1 been figuring some more.
28. But figuring out who the ax is, of course is not easy.
29. The B-girls shrugged off the incident, figuring they.
30. Figuring that the road used to be tarmac, I hired a.
31. This is the process of figuring where you went astray.
32. I bailed out later, figuring that I was likely to die.
33. The difficult part is figuring out if you have a pair.
34. Oh, Lennie! You in here? I been figuring some more.
35. But Bella had no problem figuring out the secret codes.
36. They were all equally having trouble figuring out how.
37. Not figuring out what they were, stuck in his ‘craw’.
38. Figuring he had wasted enough time he stepped out of the.
39. Max didn’t press, figuring Mitch was screwing with him.
40. Figuring you can invest that at the historical http://www.
1. I figured I had a.
2. I figured it would be.
3. There, I figured it out.
4. I figured she was lying.
5. I figured as much, Hani.
6. Figured that was the one.
7. Not too late, I figured.
8. I figured he only had a.
9. He figured the heku had.
10. I figured there were no.
11. So, you figured it out.
12. I figured I could get a.
13. Hmm, I figured as much.
14. I kind of figured that.
15. I figured you were out.
16. Now that you have figured.
17. I think I figured out 71.
18. He figured that if there.
19. Because I figured as such.
20. He figured he could wait.
21. I always figured, he was.
22. I figured that maybe the.
23. He figured with all of Mrs.
24. In - I somehow figured that.
25. I figured it was illegal.
26. I figured the hell with it.
27. We figured it out long ago.
28. I figured it would come up.
29. She’d figured it all out.
30. We have never figured out.
31. We figured that there was.
32. I figured things were bad.
33. I figured it would be the.
34. I figured they took her to.
35. He has it figured out, John.
36. I suppose Sue figured that.
37. Haven't figured out how yet.
38. I figured hed been drugged.
39. It figured that all of the.
40. He figured last time, when.
1. She figures he's a 3.
2. Two of the figures halted.
3. The figures for Mr Sutton.
4. The man that figures out.
5. All these figures are of.
6. Waves 2 and 4 in Figures 7.
7. There were figures on the.
8. Types of figures - Income:.
9. You can see that Figures 28.
10. He had balanced the figures.
11. When she put these figures.
12. Figures stood there at its.
13. The figures were 5, 6, 8 1/2.
14. Figures of Water Spouts, 173.
15. The figures began to dissolve.
16. The figures do not add up.
17. I scribble down the figures.
18. The clothes of the figures in.
19. No figures could express them.
20. Key figures to watch are the U.
21. The figures had been re-worked.
22. If the bar charts in Figures 25.
23. Figures of Tortoises, 286, 287.
24. It's only letters for figures.
25. Trillian punched up the figures.
26. He figures to himself all the.
27. Which I figures Sue would like.
28. They're not just figures, Kate.
29. Notes about Mr Sutton's figures.
30. I recognized some tarot figures.
31. King and numerous other figures.
32. Dark figures covered the heavens.
33. These figures may be significant.
34. It is safer that way, he figures.
35. Rounded to 3 significant figures.
36. They checked the figures together.
37. The remainders are tragic figures.
38. These figures speak for themselves.
39. This is illustrated in Figures 14.
40. The results presented in Figures 7.

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