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Amount in a sentence

This is the amount of.
Power is the amount of.
Thus, it is the amount.
They let the amount of.
That amount again was $1.
After a small amount of.

He read the amount again.
That is a large amount.
Amount will change to £8.
MBA and a large amount of.
The amount used in these.
Add the proper amount of.
Amount will change to £20.
That amount is the amount.
A staggering amount of gold.
No amount of makeup could.
As there is no such amount.
However the full amount is.
The amount of times I have.
That would amount to about 7.
The untold amount of money.
Again an immense amount of.
No amount of probing could.
The amount of zinc used was.
Their entire assets amount to.
This plan details the amount.
It is the amount owed by the.
A larger amount of debt will.
A meager amount of the wealth.
Carl put a good amount of it.
Give only the amount of food.
Lastly, the amount of shares.
In their short amount of time.
I could charge them any amount.
Always pay the total amount due.
It requires a great amount of.
Despite the limited amount of.
That was it, excitement, almost amounting to gaiety.
Of the $39 million gross proceeds from the offering, 6 percent (amounting to $1.
Dantes drew back, and gazed on the abbe with a sensation almost amounting to terror.
At times he was a prey to agonies of morbid uneasiness, amounting sometimes to panic.
The name he pronounced, in a voice of tenderness, amounting almost to love, was that of Haidee.
Thus the four hundred schools will demand an expenditure in salaries amounting to 8,250 roubles.
Their oblique eyes seemed to have a 180 degree view amounting to encompass the entire perimeter.
He avoided his mother and her constant nagging about him never amounting to anything at the firm.
The partners went ahead with the acquisition, amounting in dollars to about one-fifth of their fund.
What they did was like our traditional jirgas – the Americans paid ‘blood money’ amounting to $2.
Oil lands are leased on a standard basis for a royalty amounting usually to one-eighth of the production.
Are you coming home, Ptitsin? Hippolyte listened to this in amazement, almost amounting to stupefaction.
In the ten years 1929–1938 this company reported a net loss in the aggregate amounting to $309,000, or $1.
Basic, amounting to a few cents for each of the million machines onto which Apple subsequently installed the program.
But actually the average earnings for 1934–1939 have been quite disappointing (amounting to no more than 14 cents per share).
Webster, as it turned out, didn’t much care for work of any kind, and he bounced around from job to job, never amounting to much.
Beginning with 1937 the company made regular depreciation charges, amounting to $5,702,000 in that year and to $6,085,000 in 1938.
She had lost all the money which, earlier in the day, I had got for her paper securities—a sum amounting to about ten thousand roubles.
The Venus had a cargo of rum, sugar, fruit, and preserves, which produced $17,637 68, and was charged with duties amounting to $8,287 63.
Emptying with resignation his purse on the table, he looked sadly at the few small coins that fell out, all of it amounting to less than one Livre.
Those two who have left the room are the only objects which retain a distinct material appearance to me; and that appearance causes me pain, amounting to.
One thing he could not pluck out of his heart, though he never ceased struggling with it, was the regret, amounting to despair, that he had lost her forever.
Jamie sent off a bank draft amounting to twenty thousand pounds to his parents, bought the finest carriage and team he could find and headed back to Klipdrift.
But the shrinkages of ELTRA and Emhart were quite moderate in the poor year 1970, amounting to only 8% each by our measurement, against 7% for the DJIA.
The tax was established in the form of a general poll-tax, amounting to one pound for every man, and to four shillings for every woman, throughout the islands.
Those two who have left the room are the only objects which retain a distinct material appearance to me; and that appearance causes me pain, amounting to agony.
I sold the products of my garden to my grandma, and she paid me in money, amounting to a dollar and a half, with which I cheerfully send to you for the freedmen.
With the collapse of the American steel industry in the 1980s, Pittsburgh lost more than 120,000 jobs, amounting to more than half of its manufacturing positions.
The analyst, however, could not fail to be impressed by the balance sheet, which showed net current assets available for the stock amounting to close to $20 per share.
American Zinc preferred stock was created in 1916 as a stock dividend on the common, the transaction thus amounting to a split-up of old common into preferred and new common.
No, I have for the end of the month these bills which have been assigned to us by the house of Pascal, and the house of Wild & Turner of Marseilles, amounting to nearly 55,000.
Hardly in any sphere of philosophic science can we find such divergent methods of investigation and exposition, amounting even to self-contradiction, as in the sphere of æsthetics.
They defended Madras, took Pondicherry, recovered Calcutta, and acquired the revenues of a rich and extensive territory, amounting, it was then said, to upwards of three millions a-year.
The inclusion of this special profit in income was particularly objectionable because in the very same year the company had charged to surplus extraordinary losses amounting to $544,000.
In the greater part of the silver mines of Peru, the tax of the king of Spain, amounting to a tenth of the gross produce, eats up, it has already been observed, the whole rent of the land.
The presence of certain of those in the room surprised the prince vastly, but the guest whose advent filled him with the greatest wonder—almost amounting to alarm—was Evgenie Pavlovitch.
Nor is it less so, that penal enactments should be provided for cases of corrupt and perfidious intercourse with the enemy, not amounting to treason, nor yet embraced by any statutory provisions.
To arbitrarily interpret the meaning of these verses in a literal context is negligent and erroneous amounting to the reception of potentially dangerous, abject and destructive information for Self and others.
American Founders reported net earnings for common stock in 1927 amounting to $1,316,488, most of which was created by its own stockholders through their purchase of shares of the subsidiary as indicated above.
The last Russian reserves had already gone into action, while on the side of the French neither the Old Guard nor the Young, nor any of their cavalry, amounting to over 20,000 men, had taken any part in the battle.
It amounted to seventy francs.
All men that have amounted to.
These offers amounted to half.
They amounted to little enough.
It almost amounted to treachery.
The size of his fleet now amounted.
In most cases, this amounted to zero.
In June the profit amounted to 900,000.
The bank fund at this time amounted to.
In 1717, it amounted to £523,454:7:7½.
The total staked amounted to 160 gulden.
The bills amounted to only $400 or $500.
He said it amounted to a positive scandal.
For the passers-by now amounted to a crowd.
Or the body that amounted to the same thing.
On average, the states component amounted to.
He drew breath in what nearly amounted to a sigh.
It amounted to just over 13 million Swiss Francs.
But in the end, her sacrifice amounted to nothing.
It hadn’t amounted to much in the way of results.
Its value amounted to twenty-eight million dollars.
This expansion of the Stock Market amounted to an.
All his room amounted to was a little box with windows.
The debts amounted to double the value of the property.
The party's response to the news amounted to an ovation.
Bounties and drawbacks together amounted to £2,324,600.
Apparently, three weeks amounted to ages in child speak.
Really a deficiency of imagination amounted to stupidity.
My property amounted to about six hundred thousand rubles.
The sum amounted to a little over twelve thousand dollars.
In addition, the long-term debt amounted to $1,237 million.
His financial possessions amounted to about seven hundred.
This amounted to about four hundred dollars, which was the.
The bounty paid for this amounted to £ 1,514,962:17:4 1/2.
I've always thought that what I said happened to me amounted.
These amounted to nothing more than grains of sand on a beach.
He wouldn‘t say it, but that‘s what their plan amounted to.
The total cost amounted to twenty-five million dollars in gold.
Practically every sexual encounter they’d had had amounted to.
The Gold in the vaults of the bank amounted to 2,186 metric tons.
It amounts to about $3.
It typically amounts to 0.
Then it amounts to this, Mr.
It starts with small amounts.
Massive amounts of money were.
In small amounts it represents.
Releasing great amounts of energy.
Most times, the loss amounts to.
Offer them in only small amounts.
This sent large amounts of water.
That amounts to worship of Mary.
In other words, extra amounts of.
Storing Large Amounts of Bitcoins.
All amounts in millions of dollars.
Very rich, so eat in small amounts.
Note: Dollar amounts are in millions.
It frees up amazing amounts of time.
The amounts sent alarm bells ringing.
In the same relative amounts of time.
It's believed that increased amounts.
Top with equal amounts of sliced beef.
To extract massive amounts of material.
The need to consume huge amounts of gas.
Later, small amounts of thick green or.
The effect of lower amounts of vitamin.
Note: Amounts are in millions of dollars.
This amounts to savings of twenty five U.
And even when the wrongdoing amounts to.
The rot-skins fell in innumerable amounts.
But the absolute amounts are more modest.
Avoid eating foods with large amounts of.
It contains high amounts of vitamins and.
When in the end, it all amounts to nothing.
The price paid by Prince Henry amounts to 3d.
Huge amounts or he will relapse and succumb.
Place equal amounts on two plates and serve.
The amounts advanced to those countries was.
Drop dough in 1/2 t amounts on an ungreased.
Having copious amounts of live rock in your.
Hardship (Equal amounts of ease and hardship).

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