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    1. Could he outwit this? Any doubts would immediately be detected, then projected back on to him and amplified in the process

    2. He barked a short laugh, recalling Grindel's past attempts at trying to outwit him

    3. Think about how awesome it will be to outwit all your competition and wipe the floor with their carcasses as you

    4. the games has always been, Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

    5. struggle to outwit Mother Nature

    6. If she could outwit a band of criminals in the desert, she would surely have no difficulty in getting away from a man that was acting apparently by himself

    7. outwit, or outmanoeuvre a new set of trackers, who would

    8. Among “those-in-the-know”, he had a discreet reputation for being able to legally outwit the Revenue Services Forensic Accountants who were able to track-down so-called “money-laundering” on the Internet – his adroit, discreet use of “Worms” would spread computer viruses wrecking whatever “unfair” evidence that had been built up

    9. have up his sleeve would not be able to outwit them all

    10. C’mon, David, outwit these fools

    11. She was well aware of her ability to control information, to outwit the media, electronic snoops and even the US government, but her direct and immediate over this man's powerful body left her with a heady feeling that her mastery of information technology lacked

    12. It wil bring us the power to outwit our

    13. thought he could outwit the tol keeper

    14. They think they can outwit the System

    15. They think they can outwit Govicide

    16. ‘What? No plan of action to outwit them? That doesn’t sound very organised

    17. To labor a lifetime to pay perpetual interest is the freedumb to outwit Satan's accountant

    18. It seems inconceivable that this villain might continue to outwit the high commander of the Turkish army despite the impressive resources at his disposal

    19. All five tried to outwit, out

    20. Once you know about it, you can work out a way to outwit them

    21. Instead he had tried to outwit, or at least impress, the killer with his own powers of reasoning with the result that now the chance was gone

    22. David watched her outwit men with much greater experience

    23. When I was trying to outwit my shrink early on in my therapy, I once read an entire psychology textbook during our session

    24. I managed to outwit him and trip him over

    25. Be patient Elm, wait for the time, place and the event, it will all come together, and your intelligence will have proved you can outwit Oak

    26. Detroit had been easy to play but he was worried that Detroit was not clever enough to outwit Rancor

    27. We finally got it! We managed to outwit it! We outfoxed those famous eyes! Our cunning plan worked! I touch the beautiful, curved horns with indescribable pleasure

    28. somehow she would outwit them

    29. He answered his father, “Do not think of trying to outwit me, because if you try, you will fail miserably, so don’t even think of it

    30. “But what does he get out of it? Trying to impress me that he can outwit Shap isn’t going to raise him in my

    31. I say, young gentleman, may Providence bless your undertaking, which is altogether for good; and, remember, that to outwit the knaves it is lawful to practise things that may not be naturally the gift of a white-skin

    32. had a solution to their problem, and eager to outwit Godwyn, but beyond that he could not read her mind

    33. She wondered whether she could outwit this shrewd young man

    34. another outwit the bailiff

    35. The cotton mills of England were standing idle and the workers were starving, and any blockader who could outwit the Yankee fleet could command his own price in Liverpool

    36. Whoever had killed my parents had been an “inside” person who was certain that he was smart enough to outwit all of us

    37. He had come, finally, to regard his God as a patient policeman whom one might possibly outwit

    38. “I think I may safely promise, however, that you will not outwit me again

    39. No out-of-date methods characterized the bank of which he was president, nor, on the other hand, did any up-to-date crook contrive to outwit the keen-eyed, white-haired, thin-lipped old gentleman, who held himself as erect ethically as he did physically

    1. and Jesus outwits them, just as he has the priests and scribes

    2. He reluctantly departs, but his wrongs weigh upon his spirit, and by-and-by when an opportunity comes to redress them, he outwits Mamma by a shrewd bargain

    1. He’d outwitted Stenarch, gaining even greater respect from the townspeople

    2. Is that what you might have expected me say? I expect you think you have outwitted the overseer?’

    3. He'd been outwitted at every turn by a very clever badger who, given the chance, would have no compunction in killing every last one of them

    4. Arrested, He was brought before the High Priest and before Pontius Pilate, where He could have so easily outwitted them all, providing all the right answers to their questions but in true leadership style, knowing that the success of His mission rested on His shoulders, He accepted His fate as Isaiah describes it

    5. Gideon with only three hundred men outwitted a Midianite army of thousands, deceiving them into thinking that he was much stronger than they

    6. with confidence, knowing that he’d outwitted me, that he’d won

    7. “He’s outwitted gods,

    8. `Because he knows that once before Cognoscenti had outwitted him and had his wife killed, he won't make the same mistake again

    9. She had already outwitted him once; with a little luck she could do the same again

    10. The old fool was a slippery bastard and had outwitted even him, so the natives did not stand a chance

    11. outwitted and survived, how shameful that Ditherer was to be the one to kill

    12. You don’t want to admit that you were outwitted by a woman in the business world

    13. occasions when he feels outwitted and depressed, but every such

    14. But this man has outwitted nature

    15. She had been outwitted

    16. Reluctantly he admitted he had been outwitted

    17. had outwitted the Teriz and fl ed into the woods

    18. By these means his enemies were outwitted and captured,

    19. Maybe they feel they have outwitted the taxidermist, as his work will go unpaid

    20. Arthur watched me and laughed, for the dog could not be fooled, and he said, “Foxes are dumb, outwitted by a bone-headed dog

    21. my elders, I regularly outwitted those around me

    22. These Iroquois are cunning, but they outwitted themselves when they placed their firearms out of reach; and had Uncas or his father been gifted with only their common Indian patience, we should have come in upon the knaves with three bullets instead of one, and that would have made a finish of the whole pack; yon loping varlet, as well as his commerades

    23. he made a fuss about her deception he would call attention to the fact that she had outwitted him

    24. If you’ve outwitted him, he ’ll never forgive you

    25. “Merthin and Caris outwitted you, didn’t they, Godwyn? Their mill at Wigleigh is entirely legitimate

    26. The truth was that in the end he had not outwitted Godwyn – rather the reverse

    27. Ky Ebright, it seemed, had somehow outwitted him again

    28. But she had outwitted him and for a moment she thought twice about giving the game away

    29. ’s systems, only to allow herself to be outwitted by the splenetic bulldog standing in front of him

    30. Outwitted by a boy of ten

    31. Coxtart she saw as her Enemy, not her Protector, but an Enemy to be wheedl’d, cajol’d, and outwitted, whilst the other Wenches she conceiv’d not as True Friends, but rather as Temporary Allies, to be woo’d when they could proffer Aid and Assistance, yet avoided like the very Plague when they could not

    32. He turned—with the sneer of someone who had totally outwitted me

    1. She enjoyed outwitting her opponents but in his case she never seemed to know what he was going to do next

    2. Faith was the laughter, but felt no humor, no playfulness, only a sensation of successfully outwitting another mind

    3. We’ve got a bit of outwitting and rescuing to do, haven’t we?”

    4. They never got more than about a tablespoon of rice per man, but the accomplishment of outwitting their slaveholders was nourishment enough

    5. An Englishman living in Moscow succeeded in outwitting the pillagers

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    beat circumvent outfox outsmart outwit overreach baffle trick bewilder deceive mislead take in best outmanoeuvre outreach undo

    "outwit" definitions

    beat through cleverness and wit