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    1. You have to outsmart him

    2. He’d used base logic, inveigled his faithful AI with the certainty of it, and convinced himself he could outsmart the greatest machine ever created

    3. He couldn’t outrun them and he couldn’t outgun them either; all he could hope to do was outsmart them

    4. of us try to outsmart the other, we can make more money than we all could spend

    5. He laughed to himself at how easy they were to outsmart

    6. The Roadrunner was untouchable and could outsmart anyone

    7. And after his talk with Archer, he realized that he was going against an adversary that was trying to outsmart not only him but the whole law enforcement unit as a whole and laughing about it as dead bodies piled up beside him

    8. The good ones try to outsmart the bad ones,

    9. The police officer exited the patrol car but because the blaring lights were in my face I had no alternative but to outsmart the policeman

    10. Here was a very intelligent man that was on many companies boards with our security and financial organizations, and he thought be could outsmart everyone because of his arrogance

    11. a mechanical strategy, where you try to outsmart the search engines and stay ahead of

    12. ‘He’s too smart to outsmart both of us put together,’ said Sandhya with a smile of reminiscence

    13. They're always the first ones eaten by the troll; they're so slow and lazy they can never outsmart The Tax

    14. He, in a way, taught me to fight such situations; art of patience to prevail over tough time; pretend to be tough even if you are not; to outsmart media

    15. Well, Jamie thought, we're going to outsmart you

    16. You might even come to a point where you think you can outsmart the formula

    17. I never try to outsmart a local hunter

    18. They had to devise a plan that would outsmart everyone

    19. So know this about the ego: you shouldn"t underestimate it, you won"t outsmart it,

    20. way to outsmart him is to interact with the other

    21. They think they can outsmart the market

    22. For example you would have to pick, if that opponent is a beginner, or advance, or professional, or master, according to what you have practice, in the same, similar, or different method, if his a beginner, and you done your home work, properly you would have the book on him instantly, or if he does the same arts as you, and is steel a beginner, since you are not a beginner, supposinglly say, you would win, if he is advance up to say your level, and does the same style, then only if you are smarter, you would win, most likely, if he is professionally, and does the same style, you can not win, unless you run like hell, so as if he is a master, if he was to fight you, but fear not professional fighters, and especially masters, don't pick fight, now if he is a beginner, and does similar training, you should adjust to it, if he is advance and is about your grade, the above strategy works, by doing what you do to read the opponent, carefully, and the outsmart him, with what he doe's not know, if he is a professional, or master, you need not to worry, they can not reach that level, unless they learn not to fight, so they wont fight, unless they are attacked, if it is a completely deferent style, the same common sense applies, as mentioned

    23. My parameters are in place, and the only thing I’m going to do if I watch my position is try to outsmart it, which never works in the long run

    24. It is such fun to outsmart a smart guy

    1. We been outsmarted, fair and

    2. One ear looked surprised; he'd been outsmarted

    3. The Witch knew instantly; they'd been outsmarted

    4. You have outsmarted and outmaneuvered the Magi many times over the past few months while you have been down here

    5. The fact that she had outsmarted him, thus far anyway, would be

    6. Murphy and I could reach the very tops of the Sentinels where the air was too thin but even there, the creatures and their riders outsmarted me

    7. The energy vampires seemed to have made him really worried, probably because they had outsmarted him

    8. He also wondered who among the American senior commanders he could blame for all this: contrary to the dismal combat performance of the British and Dutch troops in other parts of the Pacific and Asia, the American forces in the Philippines had consistently outsmarted the Japanese forces, either guessing in advance the Japanese attack plans or countering Japanese attacks with new and unpredictable tactics

    9. However, I have a teenage girl that outsmarted in terms of tactics many senior officers that were vastly more experienced than her and also led magnificently in combat a squadron of pilots that were older than her

    10. Murray settled down on the back seat and studied the registration numbers of the vehicles as they came and went from the car park, it was just before noon when a Nissan Patrol with the registration Murray was looking for came rolling down the ramp and parked two bays away from the lift door, Mr Hawk stepped from the car and gave a casual glance around the car park, at least it would have looked like a casual glance to an onlooker but Murray knew better, Mr Hawk had scanned the whole car park looking for a threat, he had counted and evaluated every car in the car park, finding nothing untoward he then walked to the lift door and disappeared from Murray’s view, Murray stayed were he was without moving and sure enough two minutes later Mr Hawk stuck his head around the lift door and studied the car park again, checking that nothing had changed, he was behaving exactly as a professional should, as Murray would behave if the roles were reversed, although Mr Hawk would never recognise the fact he had placed himself at a slight mental disadvantage, Mr Hawk’s first impression of Mr Jay had been less than flattering, in fact he thought Mr Jay was a bit of a dork, a clever dork but never the less a dork, not a professional like himself just someone who played around with safe’s and lock’s, this was exactly the impression Murray had set out to promote, even though Murray had outsmarted him, Mr Hawk’s subconscious had still not discarded this first impression that Mr Jay was a gifted amateur, the prison sentence for receiving a measly amount of jewellery reinforced this opinion, this gave Murray a huge advantage

    11. I looked up but he had turned and before I could say anything, had climbed the pyramid steps and entered the temple, the whole thing seemed like some horrible dream, the child he had sent out from this temple was now a man, a man who intended to see this priest pay for his treachery, then every one was crowding around me clapping my back and congratulating me, then I saw Jodas and shouting above the clamour I asked him were Coatl had gone, he told me, with a long face that Gled had taken him and my bundles home to see my mother, so I grabbed his arm and calling to the Xocanti warriors we walked after Gled, this seemed to cheer Jodas up, he started to chatter like the monkeys in the tree-tops, I paid him little attention, I was wondering why the high priest should betray me to the Mixtec and show such hatred toward me, I had no indication of the depth or reason for the venom directed at my family, I had never liked him, none of my friends had either, the priest had never been known to laugh or show any warmth to anybody, so thankfully I very rarely came into contact with him, but for all his cunning he had been outsmarted and fallen into the Santaros trap laid by my mother, and I swore he would pay for that treachery and he would also pay for the threat he had just whispered in my ear, he would regret making an enemy of me, I was no longer the juvenile he thought I was

    12. In his most desperate hour, he will reveal how he outsmarted “those

    13. We would then know, somehow, we were outsmarted

    14. Andy outsmarted me by years

    15. How had he been outsmarted? He’d stayed up and still the subject evaded him

    16. Guo Yuxia smiled to herself and was proud to have outsmarted her with her

    17. outsmarted you and the media a long time ago, way back in 1946

    18. He had been outsmarted and his fellow Drongs knew it

    19. Usually it takes only 15 minutes and they realize their mistake, that’s when I open the door and they shoot into the open stall! It’s the funniest thing to see when a “hard to catch” horse is outsmarted

    20. The Germans masses grimly shouted themselves hoarse in approval because many of them knew from personal experience, from many painful personal dealings with Jews during the Great Depression; how they had been outsmarted and bilked and fooled by Jews and that was a good enough reason for them to become racists

    1. But it’s more than killing them—it’s outsmarting them that Bianca takes pride in

    2. Laura would have to try outsmarting the guards, perhaps pretending to be concerned with the psychological state of Ashley, requiring Laura’s awakening and interventions with the presumed sleeping girl

    3. So there are two ways you can get a positive expected return, by taking a risk you get paid for (roughly, “beta”), or by outsmarting someone else (“alpha”)

    4. Exposure to any of these three can generate a positive return for either of the first two reasons (rational compensation for risk, or outsmarting of others who are less than rational)

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    Synonyms for "outsmart"

    beat circumvent outfox outsmart outwit overreach outmaneuver outmanoeuvre deceive fool cheat

    "outsmart" definitions

    beat through cleverness and wit

    defeat by more skillful maneuvering