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    1. precious – the bond between a parent and child is the only example

    2. rounded adult – surely that should be the aim of every parent today

    3. this, and if you are a parent, I hope you are doing this too

    4. As a parent, I’m looking at who my kids are

    5. If you are a parent I know that you would give your life for your children

    6. I’m here for you, and it isn’t always easy for me to be a good parent, there’s a lot I still have to learn, but I’ll do my best

    7. He looked at me with burning teenage intensity, the bane of every parent

    8. Every parent wants to protect their kids, init

    9. What did that say about me as a parent?

    10. once, and in so doing, in the raising of the child, the parent was doomed

    11. willing to follow the lead of the shepherds but too often the problem has been that there was nothing (no one) to follow except maybe the man in the pulpit or some godly parent or

    12. Each generation could breed only once, and in so doing, in the raising of the child, the parent was doomed

    13. Each child, when they reached puberty, took their first drink of life from the parent, a fatal drink, laced with power and death for ever more

    14. for another separation from their only available parent

    15. early loss of a parent

    16. Not ever knowing either parent, I have to say I didn't miss them and then my aunt and uncle used to come to Cornwall for my holidays

    17. I think that every parent believes in a reflection of themselves through their child, but this wasn't the best mirror image, although no one could be blamed directly

    18. You may prefer the parent of the kid/s to disclose the dating scene to the kids

    19. your partner (their parent) makes you happy and that's what you'd like to share with

    20. I sit silent as Karen and Alastair talk it through, concluding that it’s sensible for Alastair to continue using the house for work … it would also enable him to continue his role of parent much as he does at the moment

    21. Continuing my job as the parent of my friends, I had to try and answer every

    22. But in truth she was afraid to leave her, she loved her as any child loved its parent

    23. of their parent or guardian!

    24. parent is testing a child, they should be sure to obtain

    25. neighbours, and passing on the remnants from parent to child until it

    26. That victim will, as in the rest of the examples from the animal kingdom, be the one perceived to be weakest or most vulnerable; a child instead of the parent, a pet instead the family for example

    27. Maybe his parent or parents weren’t home from

    28. then looked at Johnny who was shaking his head like a disappointed parent

    29. ” He continued, “You see Kaitlyn, my own training was the result of my heritage, a legacy of devotion and knowledge passed from parent to child in an unbroken trust, generation to generation

    30. No one need know he was as concerned for these two ladies' well-being as any parent, somehow the two gentlemen intuited the truth of it on their own

    31. ” Jorma had to face the painful arguments, even one in public at Heinrarg’s tap, about losing her by trying too hard to act like a parent

    32. He remembered the curse still, ‘she went to you as a gesture of compromise,’ Leand had yelled, ‘and you acted more like a parent than I did’

    33. her a look of disgust—one that a parent would normally aim at her misbehaved

    34. " That was what she meant to say, it made sense the blood of each parent would be mixed in a child

    35. Every parent must be aware of the possibility that their child may be taken

    36. Often the parent will withhold affection and communication

    37. often been the case that a parent is seen to have the absolute authority and control over

    38. No parent would expect his or her child to walk

    39. No parent would expect

    40. a physical or spiritual parent, but it is part of the plan

    41. theories, but it is clear that any parent will try to

    42. As any good parent, Lady Nature wants you to grow in strength, intelligence, and wisdom; however, remember the essential: this teacher of yours will never ask for more than you can give

    43. tickets, and I told him to cancel my parent one and book for the

    44. Huh, hadn’t I lucked out? Three parents and none of them stepped up to the plate to be a real parent!

    45. The rest of the journal, was even more shocking than the realization that I had an angel for a parent

    46. They stared at me in horror, when I told them about my absentee parent, and couldn’t believe that there was more

    47. A parent in conversation

    48. But there was no other man with them there who could possibly pass as her parent

    49. Parent and Family Support

    50. The latter glanced back and forth nervously, wondering if he could manage to talk his parent into finally leaving the establishment to return home and sleep off the ale

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    Synonyms for "parent"

    parent bring up nurture raise rear

    "parent" definitions

    a father or mother; one who begets or one who gives birth to or nurtures and raises a child; a relative who plays the role of guardian

    an organism (plant or animal) from which younger ones are obtained

    look after a child until it is an adult