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Nurture in a sentence | nurture example sentences

  1. And all humans need nurture.
  2. Nurture and grow what you have.
  3. It’s about nature verses nurture.
  4. To nurture, to care, protect and to love.
  5. Motivate, educate, nurture and grow others.

  6. Anger: but bring them up in the nurture and.
  7. A woman was born to nurture, to bring forth.
  8. They did not nurture their own sense of love.
  9. They did not nurture their own sense of beauty.
  10. When most hear the word nurture they think mother.
  11. I think it’s the same with nurture versus nature.
  12. I will nurture my eternity by killing off the others.
  13. They did not nurture their own sense of Pure Wonder.
  14. He really wanted to have and nurture a strong family.
  15. Such fleshy parts are the product of careful nurture.

  16. It does not actively support and nurture living things.
  17. God will call prophets that come to nurture His garden.
  18. You must give a relationship attention to nurture it and.
  19. All the time a baby's growing, there's a nurture going on.
  20. He really wanted to have and nurture a strong family.
  21. Shared xperiences that will nourish and nurture your spirit.
  22. The endless debate about the two aspects of nature and nurture.
  23. You nurture phobias and cultivate fears, trying to stay alive.
  24. This allows you to nurture and grow trust in the relationship.
  25. She would protect me and support me and nurture me to a level.

  26. What fulfils me in nature and how could I nurture it long term?
  27. Whether this state of mind is ascribed to nature or nurture, the.
  28. There are a number of things an employer can do to nurture the bond.
  29. I wish to do everything I can to prove and nurture your love for me.
  30. The key is to nurture the seeds of conversation, not resolve the issue.
  31. As well as being on the lookout for new connections they must nurture.
  32. There are several ways to nurture the heart; Again, one of these ways.
  33. It is here that you can start to nurture relationships with people that.
  34. Spreading honey on the affected skin area will soften and nurture the skin.
  35. It had been his task to find and nurture the Right Hand of the Father’s.
  36. Nurture your mind with great thoughts; to believe in the heroic makes heroes.
  37. All people need nurture and that’s way more important than toys or wealth.
  38. His parents spared no efforts to stimulate and nurture Pauls innate curiosity.
  39. And nurture and encourage fifty different addictions to develop in that living person.
  40. Out of nurture, we refrain from discussing racial comparisons that will hurt somebody.
  41. Therefore, in hitting the mark, one would nurture their mind so that it can contribute.
  42. You just will not have the time to nurture and sustain lots of buddy-pal relationships.
  43. Camping trips nurture more than just self-sufficiency, flexibility, and improvisation.
  44. Come, come and live here, right here within my embrace, where I can love and nurture you.
  45. We have a duty to each of them to protect and nurture them for the times they are with us.
  46. Children are gifts for us to train, nurture, and educate as to the things of righteousness.
  47. We tend to nurture pretension and there is little more pretentious than sprouting the bard.
  48. She on the other hand had made her choice a life choice; to bear fruit, to nurture, to care.
  49. You can prepare an effective mixture of oils to nurture your scalp and strengthen your hairs.
  50. Nurture requires attention; compassion germinates from observation; healing is hand watering.
  51. Why? Because all have got a tongue called to build, nurture, encourage, develop relationships.
  52. Practice would not only nurture your inner potential but would help it grow into its full bloom.
  53. If you cannot nurture the Pure Wonder in children, then you are a destroyer of their Pure Wonder.
  54. But it is freedom of a very different sort than American society was created to nurture and enjoy.
  55. Then, if women are to have the same duties as men, they must have the same nurture and education?
  56. Sometimes it bothers me that I can only protect and nurture these kids for the time they are with me.
  57. Then, when motivation accepts your attention, you then nurture and guide this energy with inspiration.
  58. In this model the lines between nature and nurture, or training and environment are hopelessly blurred.
  59. Starting your own ‘weblog’, is one of the very best ways to develop and nurture online relationships.
  60. Nurture and caring of the sick and hurt, no matter what the species, had become an essential part of her.
  61. She wished that she could nurture them longer, that she could keep them close, but she quashed the feeling.
  62. We're called to represent God and in representing Him we can nurture and build and encourage relationships.
  63. But there still are meaningful questions concerning nurture and nature that can be answered scientifically.
  64. Let us nurture the Eartheart emerging, and not Frankenstitute that monster hiding not in science, but profit.
  65. This is what I’ve learned, with Grandpa by my side, showing me how to nurture and provide for his chickens.
  66. This is one of the many ways you teach me, nurture me, entwine me in the endless lessons of love's diverse acts.
  67. After the discussions you and I had together about nurture versus nature, I think it makes more sense to me now.
  68. With that milk, and with its mother's full telepathic nurture, the baby reaches its full height within that hour.
  69. But if someone were to nurture her and make her feel wanted again… Evan’s cigarette drops from his slack mouth.
  70. Eartheart needs humanity to interfere, to compassionately use technology to nurture nature and midwife her 836.
  71. Eph 6:4 And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
  72. Subsistence is provided with food, clothing, shelter, medical; but nurture is priceless in upholding the human spirit within.
  73. Humans nurture thongas by preying on their predators and let the thongas grow as thick as they can without stripping the prairie.
  74. Look to those under you, care for them, nurture them, let them express themselves, let them grow, let the vision grow within them.
  75. Instead of creating and nurturing more life: this species has and is continuing to nurture and create more death and destruction.
  76. He had destroyed the one thing he had started to nurture, something very close that he hadn’t experienced for a long time, Love.
  77. It is full of vitamins and minerals that aid healing and nurture the skin to make it more protected from future outbreaks of dandruff.
  78. Children – Your job is to nurture them and in all matters except where he is in the wrong defer to your husband because he knows best.
  79. The seed of this faith is already latent in you but you have to realize and nurture it, you have to develop it and give strength to it.
  80. I’ve learned from them, and through the act of raising chickens, how valuable it is to nurture and provide for the people that you love.
  81. She saw grief-stricken children in desperate need, and every instinct within her impelled her to sweep them into her arms and nurture them.
  82. No matter what facet of smartness they choose to nurture, there exists activities and games to keep them succeeding in both school and life.
  83. Nurture is important in determining the path we take, but nature is what defines us, and defines exactly how we will traverse that path….
  84. The goal of education is to nurture the perpetual learner that the human mind by propensity and nature, by culture and in spite of it, ever is.
  85. Honey and olive oil nurture the skin while cinnamon has an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect that allows it to act as a natural cleanser.
  86. Thus I made the second discovery on that first occasion, that the nurture of the little Pockets consisted of alternately tumbling up and lying down.
  87. The first year of my newly self-conscious condition seemingly was filled with the alternate nurture and neglect that I could feel but would not remember.
  88. B2B companies use these events to generate leads, nurture prospects, build awareness, conduct training, or enhance relationships with existing customers.
  89. However, if you are in the separated-father situation, you need to be prepared to nurture your children through understanding of what they are dealing with.
  90. Rose arrived; his mission, instead of having the salutary tendency of removing the irritations excited, was eminently calculated to nurture and increase them.
  91. Well, I have an idea that I think can change the world, and knowing that I create my own reality I’m thinking I can create a reality that will nurture my idea.
  92. To nurture them to grow into fulfilling relationships, focus on the positive characteristics of the other person and that will expand, helping you to feel happy.
  93. I simply meant to cast off my regular mask, to create an honest, conversational atmosphere in which I could nurture a more direct relationship with you, vis-a-vis.
  94. Thought to be a sapling of the Great Tree itself, King’s Wood had always had such a power, though previously it had been a way to heal, and nurture the Great Tree.
  95. Therefore we need to change our values (and attitudes) and think in terms of nurture and self esteem; we need to stop running comparisons that may hurt other people.
  96. Because the ripple effect of their original seed of evil… the seeds of evil: which they plant and nurture, and help to grow inside every living reflective human soul….
  97. It will be tragic, when, in the last quarter of the twentieth century the forces of Mann and Peabody will merge to nurture a formidable beast called Political Correctness.
  98. Give us wisdom and grace to bring them up in thy fear, in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, with meekness and tenderness, and having them in subjection with all gravity.
  99. As far as social/interpersonal behavior is concerned, an individual is influenced most by their peers (50%) and then by environment (nurture 25%) and parents (genes/nature 25%).
  100. It might have been said that she wove during the day and unwove during the night, and not with any hope of defeating solitude in that way, but, quite the contrary, in order to nurture it.
  1. He felt ashamed of his nurturing.
  2. Here was a sacrament of nurturing.
  3. We believe in nurturing that precious.
  4. It is self- nurturing and self-love to.
  5. A nurturing environment must be provided.
  6. Self love involves nurturing your inner child.
  7. Through the faith and trust in nurturing hands.
  8. If we don’t refrain, we fail in our share of nurturing.
  9. He nodded assuredly with an even more nurturing expression.
  10. This filled him with resentment and he started nurturing.
  11. Other definitions include the rights to care and nurturing.
  12. Friendships that were not as supportive or nurturing as I.
  13. We know you will give them the love and nurturing they need.
  14. It is by nurturing the seed and giving it expression that is.
  15. This helps to be nurturing, calm, yet assertive for her safety.
  16. Nurturing it-with the smooth voice and sensation-of a butterfly.
  17. Finally, he turned the ignition off, nurturing a need as old as.
  18. I strive to foster a positive and nurturing learning environment.
  19. What is the nature of the Self nurturing which blessed souls get.
  20. She put her hand on my cheek, it felt soft and warm and nurturing.
  21. They were committed to nurturing intellect so that we could become.
  22. The home is to be a place of nurturing, teaching, and training for.
  23. Between nurturing and loving dead things, and loving living things.
  24. In the Empress card you see the Empress in all her nurturing glory.
  25. There is nothing wrong in nurturing the desire that one should live.
  26. The former is a spiritual orgasm; the latter a nurturing caregifting.
  27. Whose nurturing spirit will re-establish the economy and place leaders in.
  28. Marcus embraced my body and smoothed my hair, offering me nurturing warmth.
  29. This is why a loving, nurturing environment is so essential for all children.
  30. I could tell he was unique at first glance His nurturing and thoughtful ways.
  31. His concern about nurturing a child in the city resurfaced like an itchy rash.
  32. She was not an unattractive woman and she had both wit and a nurturing nature.
  33. Ed had learned to cook, to clean, and to sew and became a very nurturing person.
  34. You think, That’s almost 3 hours – three hours I could devote to nurturing my.
  35. Unarguably, we're all born from that nurturing mini-sea, a mother's water-filled womb.
  36. While painful, becoming suddenly conscious that part of the mind one is nurturing has.
  37. The earth is an unborn baby that needs our constant nurturing and love: so it can grow.
  38. Nurturing of faithful clients made for a loyal and lucrative foreign revenues and that.
  39. Lucifer shook his head once more before turning his back to Roth to continue nurturing.
  40. Campbell MacIntosh, childhood friend: Amy is just a nurturing, motherly type of woman.
  41. In the context of the creative process, in terms of nurturing the mind, some of the more.
  42. This highest love – nurturing others in their self-creation – is not within us naturally.
  43. His career made him happy, as he had been while nurturing his daughter for seven short years.
  44. Women, on the other hand, form horizontal networks and also believe in nurturing relationships.
  45. Planting and nurturing the seeds of your capital base will provide for you and your grandchildren.
  46. We believe each of us has nurturing abilities and each of us has more masculine forceful attitudes.
  47. There is a highly sophisticated automated system for maintaining and nurturing these growing humans.
  48. The mountains are regal, mysterious, even dangerous, but at the same time, nurturing and peaceful.
  49. I’ve seen the generosity; the caring, and nurturing character that my grandparents humbly projected.
  50. The atmosphere was so nurturing that it didnt surprise me when Jeff invited me to race him to orgasm.
  51. That is: to the singular creative and nurturing force behind all that exist in this 'galaxy'---the One.
  52. She had selected these women over time, helping them grow and nurturing their use of the power of magic.
  53. I felt confident in the nurturing role that lied ahead, but I too began thinking in their same direction.
  54. From this, the greater the love of one, nurturing their evolving emergence, grows the greater love of all.
  55. He loved watching things grow and nurturing them and would eagerly look forward to harvesting them in season.
  56. Positive thinking is only the foundation; it is caring for your mind, nurturing it, avoiding anxiety and worry.
  57. It's critical that we be absolutely intentional about nurturing hope in our lives and the lives of our children.
  58. As we learn how not to abuse, as we teach each other how to care for, as we discover all that needs nurturing.
  59. Pregnant women need to be safe, ease of stress, nourished and nurtures to create a safe and nurturing environment.
  60. Emma had started to cry as she was telling me about what happened and I put my hand on her arm as a nurturing gesture.
  61. The true nature of life is the creation of more life, and the nurturing and loving of all life and all living things.
  62. Thus, you can turn things around by creating a strong bond with your kids and provide a nurturing relationship with them.
  63. To her increased befuddlement, they both nodded and started casting nurturing spells of strength and protection on the Thorn.
  64. It was a full and demanding schedule but one that Ed relished as he took share of the nurturing and education of his children.
  65. Instead of creating and nurturing more life: this species has and is continuing to nurture and create more death and destruction.
  66. Inside the envelope was the bracelet and an explanation of why Desiree' was in desperate need of our constant love and nurturing.
  67. The bondage takes place when the ongoing presence and nurturing of one another is believed to be necessary for personal security.
  68. We believe in nurturing that precious individuality so that the child may fully express their own unique talents and inclinations.
  69. A deep sense of satisfaction is brought about by nesting and nurturing, concentrating and focusing on hidden secrets within yourself.
  70. But if you wish someone to listen – to invite you into their nurturing consideration – submerge yourself in the waters of language.
  71. I saw many black men not being faithful to their wives, and I thought I saw white men being faithful, kind and nurturing to their wives.
  72. Emotional intimacy – emotional sharing and nurturing – is very important in love, perhaps just as important as the physical aspects.
  73. The bases for such intellectual and emotional capabilities are built through caring, consistent nurturing and age-appropriate challenges.
  75. The addiction problem is due to a society defect that is based on our inability to provide a nurturing environment of truth to our children.
  76. Fathers need to ensure to instil masculine conditioning into sons and to feminine interests in nurturing and creative skills into daughters.
  77. There’s nothing wrong with dissent, but moderation is important as well as the creation of a healthy, nurturing environment filled with love.
  78. She was without the protective and nurturing qualities of a parent during her life except for the first five years when her father lived with her.
  79. What is required are healthy living environments that promote family, character, endurance, and (economic) opportunity allowing proper nurturing.
  80. In the US of All, your crisis of sharing is due to your inability to foster the art of nurturing emergence into transcendence rather than trauma.
  81. Leslie was in many respects a perfect complement to her best friend in the office – just as lively and irreverent, but also nurturing and thoughtful.
  82. You are a RECONCILED-FATHER, a father who loves his children, takes responsibility for his children and has an on-going nurturing relationship with them.
  83. And is acting and reacting blindly as a baby: because it has never been given the proper upraising and nurturing which it needs from both of its parents.
  84. If, at a young age, we are not introduced to the virtues of providing for, nurturing and loving something, then we are missing out on the foundation of life.
  85. Take it out and you will have a nurturing environment that gives more attention to the needs of the kids than with the stress of endless arguments and fights.
  86. Obedience to the commands of the Bible and nurturing a relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ form the foundation to completeness and mental well-being.
  87. Being around the babies did not make them want any of their own, but there was comfort to be found in handling their small bodies and nurturing their developing minds.
  88. Environmental and parental nurturing and responses can also have an effect on conditioning and reprogramming of a person’s thought patterns, emotions and behaviours.
  89. They were lovely in their meaning, about nurturing the earth and blessings given to family and friends that I thought that this was the meaning I had been missing in my life.
  90. In fact, an author could not ask for a better and more nurturing environment than the one I have been so fortunate to have at Grand Central for the last ten years of my career.
  91. This strange race exasperates the tendency of each one of us to live in his own world, different and separate from that of our peers, nurturing our dreams but also our nightmares.
  92. Starting from nonduality and noticing what is, I could say that the elective relationship between neighbor and self has an appearance of love in the form of nurturing and growth.
  93. In his love for the three women, who had showered him with nurturing affection, he had continued the Contessa’s search for her long lost daughter using the resources available to him.
  94. One has to realize that women evolved as child bearing and home defender- hence nurturing, loving and caring while men evolved as hunter (chaser!), protector, provider and problem solver.
  95. That this venture was ordained to set the captured creature within free, to bring about a nurturing into the spirit of each apostles, to purge us from accepting this life on earth as final.
  96. Not enough time, resources, caring, nurturing, or love is ever spent on raising our young, because civilization's values do not place the needs of the powerless above those of the powerful.
  97. I bet you do! I bet you ache to share your loving and nurturing spirit with children of your own so that you can give them the love, attention, and security that you never had as a child.
  98. A wise culture perceives the maintenance of the social system and institutions as nurturing labor: all participate in the nurturing of the society, which allows for society to nurture all.
  99. When you focus on building relationships and actively nurturing those relationships, what you are doing is laying strong foundations for converting your followers into customers and brand loyalists.
  100. A study found that females of many species, including humans, respond to stressful situations by protecting and nurturing their young and by seeking social contact and support from others, particularly females.
  1. She nurtured them with love.
  2. Nurtured only by my fears and.
  3. She felt nurtured beneath his.
  4. Children should be nurtured and cared for.
  5. How would an American nurtured in the hills.
  6. I am quite crazy to suggest that a nurtured.
  7. This nurtured a new source of faith in myself.
  8. The warm, fertile regions that nurtured ice-age.
  9. Nurtured with hate and wrath and pain and revenge.
  10. Can a subconscious fleeting thought be nurtured as.
  11. In the face of such danger, I nurtured my brutality.
  12. There is no way to deny that my mom nurtured me and.
  13. Friendships have to be nurtured, but this is overkill.
  14. A story in which we were nurtured by a conscious and.
  15. Each aspect of ourselves needs to be lovingly nurtured.
  16. But they ought to be followed, and nurtured and edified.
  17. He had nurtured his mind from a very early age and, by the.
  18. These may grow when nurtured and bring destruction to our souls.
  19. Because while it’s true that they were nurtured by their mothers.
  20. They loved you, nurtured you and cared for you, more than that 73.
  21. And maybe that’s what it takes, is trust, nurtured by hope, before.
  22. To say I nurtured a medieval atmosphere in a modern, incredulous world.
  23. It was a very cautiously and deliberately nurtured relationship of trust.
  24. You will get a smoother and more nurtured and protected skin with green tea.
  25. Keeping the baby-fetus egg of the earth safe, warm, and protected and nurtured.
  26. So, in a flash, the business that we had so carefully crafted and nurtured in the.
  27. Her family has nurtured and financed more operations than any of you could imagine.
  28. The Hebrews had long been nurtured on traditions of miracles and legends of wonders.
  29. Each nugget of chewy wonder was nurtured into a gift from a woman with the magic touch.
  30. No prayer can hope for an answer unless it is born of the spirit and nurtured by faith.
  31. They are sheltered, nurtured, flattered, pampered, and offered a ritual diet of nubile.
  32. And because both are being nurtured it is hard to say where self stops and neighbor begins.
  33. Thought it be an error, they would not call a long nurtured theory in question in fear of.
  34. A loud voice has a lost cause nurtured by a soul speaking towards a godwho is foul and brute.
  35. A sevenmonths' child, he had been carefully brought up and nurtured by an aged bedridden parent.
  36. To dream that food is served to you on a tray represents your need to be nurtured and cared for.
  37. To see life continue, and nurtured towards goodness, that was both men’s sole reason for existing.
  38. I can't see why a large number of possibilities are not possible with the plot that you have nurtured.
  39. He was nurtured and raised as my younger brother, and so it was fitting that he should become my First.
  40. He says, ‘It’s as if you planted a tree and nurtured it – you have the right to sit in its shade.
  41. Thus he had only one superior grapevine and he nurtured that one plant into vineyards of Concord grapes.
  42. If the babe born January 1st, 1863, is nurtured aright, God alone can measure the benefits to the nation.
  43. There would be nothing left of Alice’s well nurtured fortune when the legal battles had run their course.
  44. Still I nurtured them with a festering indignation, something that I tended to exacerbate from time to time.
  45. He impressed me as a man gently nurtured, who had adopted a profession for which he was not originally intended.
  46. Though it be an error, they would not call a long nurtured theory in question in fear of combating scholarship.
  47. I might have been born with drive or ambition or whatever you want to call it, but they definitely nurtured it.
  48. Nurse, in her goodness, had taken him in and nurtured and taught the boy the basic survival skills of the street.
  49. The tradition of the frontier cattleman is as tenderly nurtured in Texas as is the hint of Norman blood in England.
  50. His callous disregard for all that has nurtured and sustained his very life is nothing less horrific than matricide.
  51. His imagination of it, which was nurtured by his grandfather, is totally different from the scene he was seeing now.
  52. You could get better satisfaction as you serve these varieties nurtured with your own hands to all your beloved pals.
  53. And that was David, a young boy, but one that could be nurtured by God and was not polluted by the traditions of man.
  54. Not all plants are nurtured and grown by nurseries, so you may be interested in growing uncommon herbs and other plants.
  55. Advani believed in mentoring young people, and an entire generation of BJP leaders has been nurtured under his tutelage.
  56. He created the illusion of having a hidden fatal flaw, something that first needed to be detected and then to be nurtured.
  57. She was happy, the nuns reported, and was adeptly cared for and nurtured by the sisters, who became her substitute family.
  58. When kids get involved in the gardening process they are going to be thrilled to eat what their little hands have nurtured.
  59. Only a socially nurtured ethic of shared cohabitation can create a sustainable integration of the Human-Eartheart emergence.
  60. And how will Joshua grow up? Statistics say it is hard for a child to be nurtured and grow without both a father and a mother.
  61. Gone was the golden tan I'd nurtured over the summer with tanning cream and hours sunbathing by the pool with one of my cousins.
  62. When we contemplate what we actually do is enter into calmness and allow ourselves to be nourished and nurtured by Truth itself.
  63. Their problem, as complicated as it seemed to the adults who once nurtured them, was simple to those six boys and those six girls.
  64. If man does not choose to survive, then does the surviving Adjuster conserve those realities born of love and nurtured in service.
  65. Thus, gentlemen, though an inlander, Steelkilt was wild-ocean born, and wild-ocean nurtured; as much of an audacious mariner as any.
  66. But I love that I have nurtured it into a destination where people from all over the world come to experience joy, romance, and adventure.
  67. I love you as a grown and independent woman, I loved Tdeshi as a child, a child who needed to be protected and nurtured, Leand’s daughter.
  68. Was that animal taken from its mother’s womb as this one was? Was it nurtured and loved within the family unit, as this one will be?
  69. The light within each of us should be nurtured, lighted and remain in a glowing mode to serve as light to others and make life easier for all.
  70. That which was dominant in the parents, which lived and was nurtured, which thought and spoke, is precisely what they have given to their sons.
  71. He had monitored, cultivated and nurtured this, using his proficient lifelong talent as a swindler and when he saw them kiss, he yelled aloud.
  72. It was an idea that was nurtured by the Irish Society in the town for some time and finally their dream of having their own club came to fruition.
  73. She based most of her interpersonal philosophies on a mistrust that she had nurtured ever since her stepfather kicked her out when she was sixteen.
  74. Deserting the die-hard Musalmans of Medina at that stage would have amounted to jeopardizing the future of Islam which he so painstakingly nurtured.
  75. In this world, no matter what type of martial skills, no matter what type of arrays if they are not tested in blood, they will never be nurtured and grow.
  76. So, I took the little moon virus, changed a few lines here and there, nurtured it, helped it to grow, and released it into the local Vulcan computer network.
  77. They said that if I nurtured these qualities, I would achieve or even exceed my extraordinary potential, and this wasn’t just a good thing, but a great thing.
  78. From the times long-forgotten, when women were in charge and they nurtured life, rather than inventing ways to destroy it, as man has done ever since he took over.
  79. The myth that India was always made up of small states was created, nurtured, and included in all text books as part of the British policy of ‘divide and rule’.
  80. My great aunt reportedly ate her pecans immediately, but my grandmother planted her pecans in the backyard, and then nurtured the seedlings until they became trees.
  81. What he cannot understand is how others have been nurtured in such environments; how can they go their entire lives living as they do, in poverty, pain, and hunger?
  82. It didn’t escape his notice that her nose wrinkled at the mere mention of them, In Valhara, and even in Qualsax, for that matter, children are nurtured and cared for.
  83. They are citizens of Georgia; people nurtured by this tender parent into a state of manhood, and unwilling to participate longer in the tender cares of the State of Georgia.
  84. They published newspapers and literary magazines in their own language, produced plays and nurtured their poets and novelists, who in many cases achieved international renown.
  85. Here, our ancestors become living memories for generations to not simply reflect upon, but also be shaded by and nurtured from what our loved ones have most recently become.
  86. Just as the caterpillar devours the plant it will return as a butterfly to pollenate, the Livingsons utilized and nurtured the forest, the mountains, the meadows and the waters.
  87. It had served them well, it had nurtured the Territories from infancy to maturity, and he hoped the house would not innovate on the system, but for the most substantial reasons.
  88. In Ephesians 4:15, speaking the truth in love - so we have to protect relationships by speaking the truth and confronting, so relationships are shaped, framed, nurtured by words.
  89. The will to kill was used too kill the will to think, it was used to make them stupid, it was nurtured inside the soul of every German who had any negative thoughts and feelings.
  90. But Ulysses is guilty of all the hatred that he has carried inside himself against his mother since prenatal life, hatred that he has nurtured against her for her wanting to dominate him.
  91. As Karyl surely knew it would, if the army he had so carefully grown and nurtured with the care of an actual master gardener tried to fight the battle the town lords wanted to lead it into.
  92. Rather than the nation should be made to take this yoke, if so superlative a curse can be in store for us, may the hand of Heaven first annihilate that which cannot be nurtured into honor.
  93. The weakest sickest genetic lines are nurtured preserved and perpetuated while the healthiest, the best genetic ones are killed off so they cannot give birth to healthier, better offspring.
  94. When the servant is tested and proved, then may the lord of the house set such a servant over his household and safely trust this faithful steward to see that his children are fed and nurtured.
  95. In one word, Queequeg, said I, rather digressively; hell is an idea first born on an undigested apple-dumpling; and since then perpetuated through the hereditary dyspepsias nurtured by Ramadans.
  96. But the wound still burned, longingly and bitterly Siddhartha thought of his son, nurtured his love and tenderness in his heart, allowed the pain to gnaw at him, committed all foolish acts of love.
  97. But even more than this I was missing Helen because my love had grown for her it was no longer an adolescent thing but a truly deep enduring love that had seen and nurtured me through hell and back.
  98. Our church hadn’t been too brimstoney, but the preacher had certainly nurtured the idea: The Devil, goat-eyed and bloody, could take over your heart just as easily as Jesus, if you weren’t careful.
  99. Since the public believed more than half the helmets were secret, this invited every crack pot in the Highlands to create a diversion for her, a diversion they nurtured with their ‘testing’ program.
  100. He was none other than the ex-director of a renowned TV station; who had a major say in arranging concerts in top sabhas in Chennai; who had nurtured top talents; and who still takes pride in spotting right talents.
  1. Keep that which nurtures you.
  2. MY love sees you and nurtures you.
  3. A wolf’s bitch cares and nurtures her pups.
  4. Excellence and esteem are the nurtures of your soul.
  5. The Universe nurtures and supports me at al times, and in al places.
  6. Like Jayalalithaa, she nurtures dreams of occupying 7, Race Course Road one day.
  7. Thank you for giving me my daily bread that nurtures and sustains in every given situation.
  8. She nurtures that, her secret strength, but displays a lone wolf meanness to those who'd ask.
  9. Pregnant women need to be safe, ease of stress, nourished and nurtures to create a safe and nurturing environment.
  10. This is the kind of selective hypocritical pyramidal focus civilization creates, preserves, nurtures, and perpetuates.
  11. Yes the mother carries them for nine months, gives birth to them and nurtures them but at the end of the day they belong to him.
  12. Of a truth, God is surely organized, but not in the way man thinks, we see through a glass that is darkened, and He nurtures those that are led as the Holy Spirit cultivates His people thru the trials and temptations of life.
  13. One of them personified all those men, nurtured by the labours of the masses, who later use these masses as food for cannon; and Prokófi personified to me that food for cannon, which nurtures and makes secure the men who dispose of it.
  14. Warm like the peoples it nurtures on its shores, vivid blue in colour with the characteristic large, foamy-white Alexandrian waves lapping energetically the sand, sending us a humid, cool breeze that made me go into the room for a jumper.
  15. In a world that is striving to create its ideal, to work four hours a day, four days a week in any capacity towards that goal nurtures the individual with the highest purpose – the instantiation of utopia – and with the greatest meaning – sharing love.
  16. I furthermore believe that God nurtures us with a Love of attraction that invites us to be like little children and run to Him for a pick me up, a smile, and a hug and a kiss, like we did with our mothers when love was first imprinted on us as infants and toddlers.
  17. Encourage children to write out their feelings or any story ideas at the conclusion of every day, which allows them to become more in touch with themselves, open up floodgates of creativity, nurtures improved communication skills, and provides a boost their mental health.
  18. This compassion nurtures and stimulates acceptance, and from that acceptance, high expectations become a statement of belief in the other, in the learner, and an offer of unconditional support in her/his learning no matter how it happens, how fast it happens, or even where it leads.
  19. By not training and teaching our children hardship and self-sacrifice, by only teaching them the ethic of self-gratification: modern consumer culture has doomed billions to shallow, unhappy lives; poisoned by greed, selfishness, egoism, arrogance, smugness, cowardice, dishonesty, and all the other vices that modern civilization nurtures and promotes.
  20. These ‘Holy Scriptures’ have been written with their contextual stories, laws and rules that provide the foundational impetus for the intellectual, behavioural and emotional climate of a believing people that can fertilise the seeds of innate spiritual desires and needs, and the attitudinal climate that incubates and nurtures the ongoing culture, theology and philosophy of a people.

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