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    1. They all walked inside, Nancy bringing up the rear of the group and still looking for any traces of Silence

    2. Peppy sat down on his rear, though it seemed to Violet like a war horse rearing his legs in the air

    3. driver climbed out and walked round the rear of the car, where he opened one of the

    4. the rear door but did not help the old Marchese out

    5. knocked a double garage door in the rear wall so we could bring the odd car under

    6. He needed the load balanced front and rear and no closer to the ground than it had to be

    7. a distance the rear of the old farmhouse did not look too bad but now that Johnny had

    8. Ricci glances into the rear view mirror at his captives

    9. automotive empire splashed disconsolately towards the rear of the vehicle, depressed

    10. to the rear parcel shelf

    11. slowly emerged again from the rear of the car

    12. One of them was sitting back in his chair at the rear entrance to the building, with a hole the size of a human fist through his throat

    13. If supervisor McManus hadn’t been asleep in the locker room for the whole of that night, resting his bum leg, he would have seen the upright corpse seated at the Boston Monitor rear entrance

    14. Rampone grabbed hold of a 10m Staas container with the mighty claw-foot in the rear and gave a burst of gas to grasp another of the belt-iron steel containers and bring it in contact with the first

    15. Alice, who is a really good dancer, still remains at the rear places of the circle -just like I do, of course

    16. I can hardly stand at the rear of the circle now, as the others are clearly unwilling to hold my hands

    17. I have already admired it – a shade of wool to match her name … there are a few grey hairs showing round the back of his ears, I think to myself then I suddenly realise that he’s watching me in the rear view mirror with a faint smile on his face and blush violently … the smile becomes a wicked grin as he replies to something Wally is saying

    18. After each halt the truck then began its ponderous attempts at acceleration, jerking through the gears, sliding me slowly towards the rear of the box where my head would hit hard metal

    19. The driver of this last example of a long since fallen British automotive empire splashed disconsolately towards the rear of the vehicle, depressed the already sticking boot release with the heel of his right hand, and heaved at the tailgate with his left

    20. To finish the demonic effect, a stuffed raven mounted on a piece of polished mahogany was nailed to the rear parcel shelf

    21. “You!” he shrieked, pointing at the unkempt little accountant as the man slowly emerged again from the rear of the car

    22. Minutes seemed to pass before the rear end of the ship began to come around and the vast raft began to rotate counter clockwise

    23. There was an opening at the rear of the cave and I squeezed into it with all my might

    24. intimidating, headlights in the rear window,

    25. ” Poopsie pointed back towards the rear door

    26. crawled under the bar towards the rear rooms

    27. She closed the rear door of the car, went to the warehouse door and put her fingers in her mouth and blasted the silence with a shrill whistle that made him jump

    28. They got back to the car and loaded everything in the rear

    29. They were locked in the rear workshop

    30. They then lead the Shethorse away to the rear workshop at the

    31. in the rear blacksmith workshop

    32. The eggs we seek are all towards the left rear of the chamber

    33. To the rear of the chamber he heard movement

    34. He heard her in the rear of the chamber

    35. With only a moment’s hesitation, Berndt selects our route and we set off; Berndt leading, me in the middle and Joris bringing up the rear

    36. Berndt brings up the rear – I spend a fair bit of my time checking he is still there; a fact which does not escape his notice

    37. Most of the passengers were herded onto an old bus whereas my bit of the queue, and by that I mean myself and an older man carrying a huge cabbage, was cramped inside the rear of a much abused and dented van which was to be our very own shuttle up the mountain to Sophia

    38. As we grew closer to the top, he grew more calm and even entertained us with some humming and fine wailing whilst looking through the rear windows

    39. Rah, Lady Jennie, and Daowyn and Lady Elzbeth would bring up the rear

    40. Rah led the third squad, his group brought up the rear guard

    41. Jake knew that the rest were being kept in the rear and would be used to attack the Camp and his Queen

    42. The businessman stopped his car, told the fisherman to wait and with the help of the two suited gentlemen, he put the screaming woman’s suitcases in the boot and opened one of the rear passenger doors for her so that she could get in

    43. Then she moved forward slicing and cutting her way towards the warriors, (all the while keeping her attention on her rear)

    44. After the women left the Hold, Tarak took Duncan down a long hallway towards the rear of the Hold

    45. arrived the old woman climbed into the rear seat with a weary sigh

    46. He kisses me very firmly before releasing me and, with a gentle tap on my rear, tells me to go home before he gets carried away

    47. horror one of the rear doors swung open violently and the young

    48. The girl near the rear of the bull barked another and the bull began backing up with his head lowered

    49. woman’s suitcases in the boot and opened one of the rear passenger

    50. Brent looked over the area and judged quickly that if he removed the metal at the rear he

    1. Jake and Lady Jennie reared their heads up and back and roared their approval as flames shot into the air

    2. Of course I am! He reared up and bent and laid his head at her feet

    3. He reared up and laid his head at her feet

    4. The monstrous thing growled and reared up; the ‘twins’ attacked in unison, momentarily throwing it off guard

    5. As it should be My Lady! He rose to his full height spread his massive wings and reared back his head and came forward laying it at her feet

    6. Jackson stepped further into the room and she reared up and threw her head back and slowly came forward and laid her massive head at his feet

    7. The White reared back and let loose with a blast of flame in unison with a shot from the Staff of Light at the exact same time

    8. Jake reared his head back and chuckled, then came forward

    9. Valotin reared back to his full height and spread out his wings

    10. 6 I made myself pools of water, to water from it the forest where trees were reared

    11. He reared and kicked at the barriers of his prison, and in the process crushed in the chest and skull of the faithful liveryman pinned to the railing by the mare

    12. The horses reared and bolted, taking their helpless driver and passengers careening into the fencing

    13. Bobby reared back and punched Joe in the face so hard it knocked the

    14. building as it reared above the open area called The

    15. Roman reared back and punched him in the face

    16. But it must be considered, that the price of any instrument of husbandry, such as a labouring horse, is itself made up of the same time parts ; the rent of the land upon which he is reared, the labour of tending and rearing him, and the profits of the farmer, who advances both the rent of this land, and the wages of this labour

    17. The cattle bred upon the most uncultivated moors, when brought to the same market, are, in proportion to their weight or goodness, sold at the same price as those which are reared upon the most improved land

    18. Stark cliffs reared on all

    19. Every step he took was a battle; roots reared up to smash him, vines to grab him, and branches to tear him apart

    20. But the whole quantity of poultry which the farm in this manner produces without expense, must always be much smaller than the whole quantity of butcher's meat which is reared upon it; and in times of wealth and luxury, what is rare, with only nearly equal merit, is always preferred to what is common

    21. As long as the number of such animals, which can thus be reared at little or no expense, is fully sufficient to supply the demand, this sort of butcher's meat comes to market at a much lower price than any other

    22. In countries where the price of cattle is very low, the calves, which are not intended to be reared in order to keep up the stock, are generally killed very young, as was the case in Scotland twenty or thirty years ago

    23. The children, reared in stress,

    24. he reared up, and came down on her back

    25. The first horse she approached reared up and neighed angrily at her, and she wisely decided to let it be

    26. Their horses whinnied anxiously and reared up partway, clearly not desirous to keep going forward

    27. As they reared up and spat, she managed to move backward in reflex

    28. A moment later, the leader sensed the attack and reared up on its hind legs snarling frantically

    29. Hadn't it been her Grandmother's and her father's until he abandoned it and moved to the city? If he had stayed, Rosemary would have probably been reared here, too

    30. She had been reared in the city

    31. Were you reared in the city?'

    32. Some of them were reared on the streets themselves

    33. A searing heat reared up before Raven, and a wave of hot air hit his face

    34. ” Thoughts of Wholt and his dead men reared in her mind

    35. Carolyn had just turned the pony around to ride back, when it unexpectedly reared up into the air, throwing Carolyn to the ground

    36. The next instant it reared up above the bonnet which is seven feet of the ground and out of the way to strike against the big side windows where my knee would have been if the windows did not break the snake's teeth

    37. The dog reared up, wary now that it had been hurt

    38. Darkburst knew that pine martens sometimes reared their young in discarded crow's nests, so it was probable that this female was on her way to feed her kittens

    39. Thesa saw some kind of mark had been dug into the wall and reared up on his hind legs to take a closer look

    40. No matter how much I appreciate and value that literary prize, it does not compare with the honor that it represents and the gratitude that stirs up in me the homage that Ponferrada rendered me, at the request of the governing Council of Fuentesnuevas, for naming a street after me in the neighborhood of that locality where I grew up and was reared in my youth

    41. The creature reared up over him and Fin cringed as its tongue flicked in and out of its mouth - like a miniature arm, covered with row upon row of chitinous teeth

    42. forward, then reared back again and teetered on the edge, arms

    43. ” He suddenly reared up and

    44. The frightened horse reared upwards, blocking the ideal shot

    45. The children that I have reared

    46. He then moved in on one agitated, snapping male mud crab, which reared up, snapping its two giant claws

    47. Thomas"s charger reared up and flashed out

    48. The great black stallion reared, striking out with steel shod shoes taking several spiders in mid-flight

    49. Vanil reared, screaming in terror, and Enilia let herself slide to the ground without taking her eyes off the karawians

    50. Vanil reared again in fear

    1. Peppy sat down on his rear, though it seemed to Violet like a war horse rearing his legs in the air

    2. She had no problem in handling six children; in true dragon fashion, she palmed out the rearing of the children to her brothers and sisters

    3. But it must be considered, that the price of any instrument of husbandry, such as a labouring horse, is itself made up of the same time parts ; the rent of the land upon which he is reared, the labour of tending and rearing him, and the profits of the farmer, who advances both the rent of this land, and the wages of this labour

    4. But poverty, though it does not prevent the generation, is extremely unfavourable to the rearing of children

    5. A great part of the cultivated lands must be employed in rearing and fattening cattle ; of which the price, therefore, must be sufficient to pay, not only the labour necessary for tending them, but the rent which the landlord, and the profit which the farmer, could have drawn from such land employed in tillage

    6. The cattle necessarily kept upon the farm produce more milk than either the rearing of their own young, or the consumption of the farmer's family requires ; and they produce most at one particular season

    7. The money from their sale had aided me in rearing my children

    8. “You worthless, fat lump of shit!” the gunny roared, rearing up again with

    9. Sespian’s stomach lurched at the assassin’s name, old fear rearing to the front of his mind

    10. There was a dull roar; a complete section about a foot wide was blown away as cleanly as if cut, and the mighty trunk rearing its lofty branches over 150 feet in the air, poised itself for a second, and fell to the earth with a thunder and force that shook the ground, crushing down large trees and part of the sacred grove in its fall, and badly injuring some natives who had gone too close after they had been warned

    11. A miserable silence was over everything; and around, as far as the eye could reach, stretched the dreary mangrove swamps, dark brownish green foliage above, and a mass of twisted roots rearing their pale stems above the mud and water below

    12. However well intentioned, this misguided approach to child rearing is characteristic of modern attitudes where level playing fields often encounter parents behaving (or reacting) like friends rather than parents

    13. Then rearing up on his hind legs, he reiterated his accusation

    14. " Rearing up he threw back his head and bellowed at the dark clouds

    15. Behold, I shall make My words in the mouths of My prophet’s fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them! For they liken My prophets to predators, and speak of My messengers as though they were brute beasts risen up from the past, as snakes rearing their heads across the ages

    16. The flow of the crowd kept pushing them ever closer to the dais, a huge construction rearing up in tiers of steps and landings, with several railed balconies at multiple levels

    17. helicopter rapidly advancing on the tower, its nose rearing back

    18. singing songs of thanksgiving to the Lord for the rearing up of the house of the Lord

    19. increase the more powerfully by reason of this simultaneous rearing, and by daily intercourse, and by other education, and exercise in

    20. Rearing our children is a really tough job

    21. rearing earns 98 percent of what a man earns in a comparable posi-

    22. Rearing F flat ugly animosity

    23. of this money directly supported the rearing of bulls for blood fiestas, but the farm

    24. 62 And all the people sounded trumpets and shouted with a loud voice singing songs of thanksgiving to the Lord for the rearing up of the house of the Lord

    25. 20 In which these brothers having remained an equal time and having been formed for the same period and been increased by the same blood and having been perfected through the same principle of life 21 and having been brought out at equal intervals and having sucked milk from the same fountains hence their brotherly souls are reared up lovingly together; 22 and increase the more powerfully by reason of this simultaneous rearing and by daily intercourse and by other education and exercise in the law of God

    26. 8 Vainly for your sakes O sons have I endured many pangs and the more difficult anxieties of rearing

    27. Simon followed in silence along the narrow strip of pebbles, with the voice of the salt-waters murmuring always to his right, and black cliffs, stained here and there with moss, rearing skywards at his left

    28. The Ultra bore down on him, rearing back its fist

    29. What if I was crazy? This question seemed to keep rearing its ugly head as well

    30. The warhorses responded to the charge by rearing back on their hind legs and striking at the wolf-creatures with their hooves

    31. Following the most enlightened ideas on child rearing Desolé had rewarded ‗good‘ behaviour and ignored bad

    32. There was a long history of breeding and rearing greyhounds in the O’Connor family

    33. Rearing up a second time, he struck yet another shelf and upended a new avalanche of foodstuffs over himself

    34. 7 By the end of this year he had just about made up his mind that he would, after rearing his family and seeing them married, enter publicly upon his work as a teacher of truth and as a revealer of the heavenly Father to the world

    35. He became convinced that he was to be a part of Jesus' life mission, but he saw that Jesus was to occupy many years with the rearing of his family; so he was much more content to return to his home and settle down to the care of their little farm and to minister to the needs of his mother

    36. He made it clear that his first and paramount duty was the rearing of his father's family, that he could not consider marriage until that was accomplished; and then he added: "If I am a son of destiny, I must not assume obligations of lifelong duration until such a time as my destiny shall be made manifest

    37. Your wife has engaged to go through life with you, to help you fight its battles, and to assume the far greater share of the burden of bearing and rearing your children; and in return for this special service it is only fair that she receive from you that special protection which man can give to woman as the partner who must carry, bear, and nurture the children

    38. problem of rearing her children would cease to be a problem

    39. In the swirling red chaos a terrible apparition suddenly appeared before Conan's rearing steed

    40. It was a great dark green wall, with towers rearing beyond the battlements

    41. Just then, I saw the glimmer of red and spotted Jasra on a rearing red horse at the very edge of the field next to the tree line

    42. As Valeria plunged into the leafy screen a backward glance showed her the titan rearing up fearsomely on his massive hind-legs, even as Conan had predicted

    43. In colonial times in the United States, child rearing was mainly the job of the father

    44. child rearing and fathers too little

    45. In swift-moving scenes the pageant of his life passed fleetingly before his mental eye—a panorama wherein moved shadowy figures which were himself, in many guises and conditions—a skin-clad barbarian; a mercenary swordsman in horned helmet and scale-mail corselet; a corsair in a dragon-prowed galley that trailed a crimson wake of blood and pillage along southern coasts; a captain of hosts in burnished steel, on a rearing black charger; a king on a golden throne with the lion banner flowing above, and throngs of gay-hued courtiers and ladies on their knees

    46. The hands that grasped the reins, pulling the rearing horses back on their haunches, were white but strong

    47. Conan burst out into the wide white road without warning, and saw the stallion plunging and rearing in the moonlight, his ears laid back, his eyes and teeth flashing wickedly

    48. Many would meet over at Melissa's place on the base during the next few months, and often a group would be organized to learn about specific baby rearing skills that they might have learned from their own mothers if they had remained in their home towns

    49. All family members must be involved in the Xolo’s rearing and

    50. does most of the rearing

    1. The thought of marrying Simon rears its head again

    2. The procrastinating monster rears its ugly head in between the dark

    3. rears, I sink, sink, am over, from where the green

    4. the memories of those heady days rears its head and reminds us of what

    5. women with their rears

    6. dependent to God, sin rears its ugly head

    7. Ah, the good old Paretto Principle rears its 44

    8. Before Sloth can think about preparing himself for whatever might come next, the animal rears up on its hind legs and presses its grey front paws down on his shoulders

    9. Before Sloth can object, the wolf rears up on its hind legs once more and the two of them are flung into another breathless journey through the air

    10. you should stay here to cover our rears

    11. his baby sister, though it’s only a matter of time before sibling rivalry rears its ugly head

    12. She rears back, and again comes down

    13. Through the lens of your amateur telescope the snake looming on the horizon rears back and poises for another strike as hot gases and electric arcs pour out its head, making it fly about like an unattended garden hose at full blast

    14. 1 On this Wednesday afternoon, in the course of his address, Jesus first told his followers the story of the white lily which rears its pure and snowy head high into the sunshine while its roots are grounded in the slime and muck of the darkened soil beneath

    15. You can use this same advice when failure rears its ugly head in your endeavors

    16. The steed pulling Tom Haskell’s milk-cart rears as a wild bullet embeds into its leg joint

    17. rears it’s ugly face then strakes across the sky salivating greatly for everyone to see

    18. patience – although, that rears its ugly little head every once in a while

    19. Authoritarianism constantly rears its

    20. Then her rears back and throws it at her, hitting her in the arm and causing her to squeak

    21. massive wall of water that rears up and smashes against the coast,

    22. They are walking towards the lake, and all we can see are their rears

    23. that rears at all times, and walks on its hind legs

    24. From a bulge of window curtains a gramophone rears a battered brazen trunk

    25. How dare she? How dare she pick on a vulnerable adolescent? Is she still doing it? Why did they stop? Various scenarios filter through my mind: he had had enough, then why is he still friends with her? Ditto her – is she married? Divorced? Jeez – does she have children of her own? Does she have Christian’s children? My subconscious rears her ugly head, leering, and I’m shocked and nauseous at the thought

    26. However, the crazy thing with OTM options rears its head if we increase IV significantly, in this case 15%

    27. It is not only with the losing trades that improper risk management rears its head

    28. And in order to accommodate me, he rears up like a bucking Stallion (whilst holding Polly’s Hips with one Hand so that his huge red Master-of-the-Ceremonies doth not lose its Mooring in her pretty Pudendum—and, with the other, pushes my Head down upon her Breasts)

    29. Dominick releases the dead man and rears back slowly as a police car glides down alongside the fairway from the north

    30. When it tries to break out, the high-volume reversal off the peak of the right side of the POD rears its head yet again in this example and clocks the stock, knocking it straight down through its 20-day, 50-day, and 200-day moving averages in a matter of three days

    31. Shannon rears back in her seat as if she’s been slapped

    32. : The old urge rears its head! I wanted to add that I have been thinking often of the following lines, from Eliot’s Quartets

    33. "Well, this man is going to the galleys; it is true, but what the deuce! he has stolen! There is no use in my saying that he has not been guilty of theft, for he has! I remain here; I go on: in ten years I shall have made ten millions; I scatter them over the country; I have nothing of my own; what is that to me? It is not for myself that I am doing it; the prosperity of all goes on augmenting; industries are aroused and animated; factories and shops are multiplied; families, a hundred families, a thousand families, are happy; the district becomes populated; villages spring up where there were only farms before; farms rise where there was nothing; wretchedness disappears, and with wretchedness debauchery, prostitution, theft, murder; all vices disappear, all crimes: and this poor mother rears her child; and behold a whole country rich and honest! Ah! I was a fool! I was absurd! what was that I was saying about denouncing myself? I really must pay attention and not be precipitate about anything

    34. It no longer walks, it hobbles; it limps on the crutch of the Court of Miracles, a crutch metamorphosable into a club; it is called vagrancy; every sort of spectre, its dressers, have painted its face, it crawls and rears, the double gait of the reptile

    35. At the present time every act of our lives is under the supervision of the State, and in accordance with its dictates a man marries and is divorced, rears his children, and in some countries accepts the religion it prescribes

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    Synonyms for "rear"

    back rear arse ass backside behind bottom bum buns butt buttocks can derriere fanny fundament hind end hindquarters keister nates posterior prat rear end rump seat stern tail tail end tooshie tush back end erect put up raise set up rise up bring up nurture parent lift rise rearward nurse background lift up hold up loft build up construct

    "rear" definitions

    the back of a military formation or procession

    the side of an object that is opposite its front

    the part of something that is furthest from the normal viewer

    the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on

    the side that goes last or is not normally seen

    stand up on the hind legs, of quadrupeds

    look after a child until it is an adult

    rise up

    cause to rise up

    construct, build, or erect

    located in or toward the back or rear