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Passion in a sentence

1. My time is my passion.
2. And passion in the gods.
3. The ruling passion in Dr.
4. She was red with passion.
5. And it turns to passion.
6. The passion of an artist.
7. It was a passion, in fact.

8. Learning can be a passion.
9. This had been her passion.
10. I heard a moan of passion.
11. With the passion of a man.
12. I hated it with a passion.
13. You said that with passion.
14. In the passion Christ died.
15. Passion burns cold and hot.
16. Do they look with passion?
17. The passion, the joy, the.
18. The Love of God, of passion.
19. But the sea was her passion.
20. On the other hand, Passion.
21. Her passion for Onassis was.
22. But burning with the passion.
23. His voice husky with passion.
24. I despise him with a passion.
25. A gust of passion never tore.
26. Both were of passion satiate.
27. What use the flow of passion.
28. Race of passion and the storm.
29. It ended by being his passion.
30. I hate with a passion when a.
31. Film production is my passion.
32. The passion it would have took.
33. A man he hated with a passion.
34. For teaching me about passion.
35. Passion is stronger than Rage.
36. Passion has reason and design.
37. In the guise of primal passion.
38. Besides, I liked the passion.
39. The Instruments of the Passion.
40. The golf course was his passion.
41. Find your passion and follow it.
42. What is your current passion?
43. Rogers said, passion is the key.
44. Passion is an attracting emotion.
45. You will hate it with a passion.
46. To scholarship he added passion.
47. I hate you people with a passion.
48. Such passion could be dangerous.
49. If you don't have a passion to.
50. You will hate sin with a passion.
51. Meaning that the passion of God.
52. The truth now drained of passion.
53. Ingrained animal passion and or.
54. Research used up all his passion.
55. The familiar passion was ignited.
56. Red roses are for love and passion.
58. Something like a spark of passion.
59. I hate the English with a passion.
60. Passion motivates more than money.
61. He felt a passion about her that.
62. Speaking to me with passion about.
63. It cannot then be moved by passion.
64. Their passion of love is at height.
65. Even my passion for Polina is dead.
66. He got into a passion with himself.
67. She wished she’d been his passion.
68. Another new temporary passion was.
69. Passion and wrath are fatal to the.
70. Such words of passion till that day.
71. It was passion but it was also love.
72. Desire, of Passion, of Self-delusion.
73. What was the Source of His Passion?
74. Your passion for your business can.
75. The Pain and the Passion of Christ.
76. Hey, I was in the heat of passion.
77. They could be creatures of passion.
78. Still his passion, which increased.
79. Troubled by her lack of passion to.
80. States, hated cougars with a passion.
81. With hopeless passion: from her bed.
82. My passion is business and marketing.
83. Pierce had felt passion and emotion.
84. The people hated him with a passion.
85. Without that smile and that passion.
86. Sue gave me a look of loving passion.
87. The stains are hidden under passion.
88. Eternal passion of the human hearts.
89. The power of his awakening passion.
90. There was passion and love bubbling.
91. Have passion for your niche and the.
92. You won’t have the passion needed.
93. My eyes gleamed with passion, and I.
94. He was so firm and hard with passion.
95. That passion was clearly photography.
96. Sporting activities can be a passion.
97. It is the spark that ignites passion.
98. That was the beginning of the passion.
99. There’s that passion thing again .
100. Then ask logic of passion if you will.

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1. His kiss was filled with passioned longing and before I could stop him, he uttered the dreaded words I wanted to hear.
2. I tamped down the allure of her passioned offer to instead grasp her face with both of my hands tenderly, Patience.
3. His voice interrupted my passioned thoughts, I’ve stared at these bloody pictures for hours and I don’t see anything.
1. Passions are high at home.
2. We are craving to our passions.
3. And it arouses your passions too.
4. Literature is one of my passions.
5. Before passions unfold in the night.
6. Its passions and its modes of thought.
7. Passions are running high in the family.
8. Ah, it's one of the passions of my life.
9. The blood boiled and the passions strove.
10. But the passions of the yogi, the doer.
11. Tell that its sculptor well those passions.
12. He flies into diabolical passions sometimes.
13. This is the end of his passions and desires.
14. My father says the passions of men have de-.
15. If our passions keep us from taking our role in.
16. His blood is in us, and we share similar passions.
17. And there are other passions I have as well - but.
18. These two passions did not interfere with one another.
19. One of Henry’s other passions was acquiring property.
20. The Holy Grail could not have aroused greater passions.
21. Angry for coming on this trip, passions did not ignite.
22. His Passions were many, and contradictory in the extream.
23. At the sight of blood the passions of the mob broke loose.
24. Nothing prepares a young girl for passions like the convent.
25. He drew passions from her she thought were lost, and in a.
26. The spring festival aroused passions of the coarsest nature.
27. Prideful passions must be replaced by compassionate humility.
28. A canvas bereft of color for the myriad of passions it feeds.
29. He knew that passions burned nonetheless beneath the surface.
30. I should mention that one of the reasons we keep our passions.
31. All passions except those of the heart are dissipated by revery.
32. She now knew the smallness of the passions that art exaggerated.
33. Later, with their camp in order and their passions sated, Dono-.
34. Don’t start, it’s not as if Elfi’s passions are unknown.
35. The more we indulge our passions the more unbridled they become.
36. Love has its childishness, other passions have their pettinesses.
37. He would have to keep a tighter grip on his passions from now on.
38. Let him indulge his passions since it may be done without hazard.
39. What, to passions I witness around me to-day? was the sea risen?
40. This is where our emotional passions are stored as psychic energy.
41. Cooking was one of Monique's passions, meeting new people another.
42. Other towns seem to be completely driven mad with sexual passions.
43. Evil communications corrupt good manners through vices of passions.
44. She had always understood the conflicting passions that drove Caris.
45. In, in, always in, devouring the sweaty air, hungering the passions.
46. We stayed for some time there with the same passions and compassions.
47. The most innocent of passions will take the edge off one's judgment.
48. This is a sport that arouses the passions of kings and Arab princes.
49. But how quick is the shift of passions from one extreme to another!.
50. The streets of London have their map; but our passions are uncharted.
51. Rid of wicked and conflicting passions, the doers of virtuous action.
52. You can control the elements and be a master of passions and emotions.
53. It was a signal that awakened all the slumbering passions of the nation.
54. Freed from evil and conflicting passions, the doers of virtuous action.
55. To dominate my passions I don’t have to destroy the psyche; but I do.
56. Three passions have governed my life: The longings for love, the search.
57. Instead of listening to my passions for her I did then what I often did.
58. Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the.
59. The same frivolous passions, which influence their conduct, influence his.
60. It was where her and Ollie’s abiding passions for the sport was fostered.
61. Our instincts and passions simply can’t be understood as intellectually.
62. Passions were his servants, and came only as it were when he rang the bell.
63. Therefore a man who indulges his animal passions, who lives by violence.
64. It was not easy to throw away a life, which had its passions and happy days.
65. Finding something that fits your personality and passions will increase the.
66. Natalya kept pulling away, which only seemed to inflame Maiorescu's passions.
67. If passions of vengeance keep growing then God alone would save our homeland.
68. What moves you besides your job at the Chronicle? What are your passions?
69. I wanted to have long talks with you and love to you with high sweet passions.
70. George knew Alexandra's fears, her fantasies, her passions and aversions, and.
71. For this reason passions of opposition against government were being intensified.
72. Maybe if he thought my passions had cooled, he would not fall more for me either.
73. I suffer from an obsessive-compulsive disorder—I’m a prisoner to my passions.
74. Its passions were directed at Molly who was panting on the other side of the gate.
75. My wretched passions were acute, smarting, from my continual, sickly irritability.
76. The second night he was home, Delia felt the wild passions overcoming her again.
77. These prejudices and passions constitute the main pillar of the power of these men.
78. But the two great passions in Márya Ivánovna's present life were her two brothers.
79. But an infinity of passions may be contained in a minute, like a crowd in a small.
80. The corollary to following your passions is do whatever it takes to spend the least.
81. He hesitated, his own brain reeling with the fierce upsurging of his violent passions.
82. Maybe it didn’t have to all be blazing sunsets and grand passions and shooting stars.
83. Since when have you been a champion for passions other then lust? Margaret asked.
84. Ideas are the reasons for race and DNA in the potency of positive and negative passions.
85. But an infinity of passions may be contained in a minute, like a crowd in a small space.
86. Shame on the passions which belittle man! Honor to the one which makes a child of him!.
87. It is nothing but the subsidence of passions born of the movement of the inhalation and.
88. As far as I could tell, Brad had two passions away from his law practice: baseball cards.
89. Instead of trying to suppress those passions, Cecilia had found ways to make use of them.
90. That was his power-cranking up the passions so badly, they clouded your ability to think.
91. We rather added to the contrary to their bitter passions by means of our wrongful policies.
92. Poetry feeds and waters the passions and desires; she lets them rule instead of ruling them.
93. In fact a flood of hatred with revengeful passions will be seated in hearts of these victims.
94. Her heart beat with other passions: the new hospital, the tower, and the rebirth of the town.
95. He characterizes civilization as an elaborate invention… for abolishing fierce passions.
96. His kiss stirred the passions in my soul, and I melted into the strength of his body and love.
97. It is a tragic thing when one is not willing to crucify the flesh with its passions and desires.
98. Other people are one of the biggest problems when it comes to following your true passions in life.
99. A perfect type of the strongly masculine, unmarred by dissipation, or brutal or degrading passions.
100. For had the passions been superior to reasoning, I would have given them the witness of this mastery.

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