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Fire in a sentence

My body was on fire.
Of the ring of fire.
Could be a fire risk.
The heat of the fire.
The fire died a little.
Then he saw a fire pit.
But the fire, the fire.

I opened fire on the.
The gun failed to fire.
Maureen had lit a fire.
To play with that fire.
The house was on fire!.
His larynx was on fire.
Fire burns in the land.
Fire of love that burns.
Piss on the fire stuff.
Sort of like fire opals.
The flames of the fire.
The fire is put out now.
There is no fire at all.
Zia’s fire ebbed to a.
He hears the engine fire.
Soon it is water and fire.
A river of fire fell on.
It will put out the fire.
A slow roast in the fire.
It's red and like fire.
He fell into the fire.
The fire had been put out.
This is a kingdom of fire.
We haven't had a fire yet.
Two pots stood by the fire.
Fire needs oxygen to live.
That shine with fire power.
As fire on candles, as shy.
This is fuel on the fire.
The two people opened fire.
He was sitting by the fire.
Fire was coming their way.
The fire started in Greece.
Someone was firing at us.
Men firing without a care.
At last the firing stopped.
This firing drives out the.
There was no firing anywhere.
Lord Godalming is firing up.
The sounds of firing died out.
They believe that by firing.
For firing that guy I think.
As I didn’t hear any firing.
Glain, bloody and firing a gun.
Joey risked firing the Gunkshot.
Where are they firing from?
I went on firing deadly bullets.
The gunners were firing at them.
He was executed by firing squad.
The heavy firing finally ceased.
I chambered it and started firing.
And again he was firing questions.
The firing grew louder and louder.
When the firing finally abated I.
Some of the men began firing back.
They’ve stopped firing on us.
Two of the T-90s are firing at me.
Firing the weapons in a good cause.
But there were no sounds of firing.
I really like the rear firing tubes.
Surrendered without firing a shot.
Thrusts with the sword and firing, M.
That would be by firing squad though.
Greg did not believe in firing first.
He pulled out his gun and began firing.
Their actions warranted firing squads.
Not in the sound of the bullet firing.
Besides, he suddenly realized, firing.
That's why he was so keen on me firing.
They’ll be in firing range in ten.
At least they weren’t firing at us.
There was no case to eject after firing.
They were firing from all directions now.
I fired but I missed.
It fired up and raged.
He fired a third time.
He fired a gaze at J.
The gun had been fired.
I too have been fired.
The ship fired a 188.
He took aim and fired.
The ruling fired up Mr.
And I fired the pistol.
He fired and missed me.
I fired into his chest.
He fired up the ignition.
It could be fired again.
The gun fired twice more.
My grey matter fired up.
I fired again, and again.
He fired up the computer.
Her eyes fired back open.
He fired two shots that.
I fired her this morning.
I was fired, I said.
Garcia fired up the engine.
Ryodan may have fired her.
If he fired his pistol, M.
There was a shot fired.
He fired a few more times.
We all fired when Zem did.
He raised the gun and fired.
Matt fired, right on target.
She fired her last missile.
He fired once into his leg.
He fired up the first joint.
I had never fired a cannon.
Not a single shot was fired.
Ben fired a shot at the cave.
President Polk had fired him.
I fired again into his face.
I would not have fired back.
He would have fired his gun.
It fires a place up!.
The fires were so high.
Fires burn night and day.
Fires off a single shot.
It fires semi auto only.
He had escaped the fires.
If I bring the fires of.
Once these fires were to.
He lifts his gun and fires.
Amy fires the pepper spray.
There are a number of fires.
There were fires all around.
The fires are out of control.
Ticking of fires as they cool.
When the fires were lit and.
I’ve had enough of fires.
Fires confirmed in med bay.
Fires in theatres are common.
A squeeze fires off at 8:30 a.
There's a lot about the fires.
Justice animates, it fires up.
In the names of the Four Fires.
Fires of several homes burning.
Drums rolled and fires leaped up.
Had sought their household fires.
Fires were visible on all sides.
It fires a 22 caliber long rifle.
They have fires and warm clothes.
Small fires flickered under each.
Chapter Seven: The fires of chaos.
And there were some bad fires too.
Fires began to break out and the.
Most of the fires are out and the.
Zoey fires her dual SMGs in the air.
Test fires continued from 2010-2024.
Fires burned in front of the tents.
It fires semi auto, burst, or auto.
It fires auto, burst, or semi auto.
The source of the fires were wagons.
The red fires shone between it and.

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