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Peacefulness in a sentence

She took a deep breath and let the peacefulness.
That’s what enchanted me, the absolute peacefulness.
They stood still for a moment and drank in its peacefulness.
The strange peacefulness of the church kept coming back to him.
Tom had grown to appreciate for their peacefulness the twin tasks of.
A place between the chaos known as life and the peacefulness of death.
The peacefulness of the place was the first thing that struck Margaret.

While this is gained, clear thinking, peacefulness, and happiness are lost.
I was so joyful! This palace radiated joy, and peacefulness at the same time.
The outward peacefulness of the scene was an illusion that would be short-lived.
A rush of peacefulness swept through his soul, and he felt the weight of his burden lifted.
She rode handsomely and she rode well, and in her, like a stone in a peach, was a peacefulness.
Kerala bathed in the still waters of the lake and basked in the peacefulness of the surrounding.
Then from a feeling of pure unburdened peacefulness to the realisation that this was only temporary.
I missed the home Joseph built for us and the bed we slept in and the peacefulness of our former lives.
You folks enjoy your visit here with us! Please try not to disturb the peacefulness of this place for others.
There was a peace and quiet there at a level which was missing even in the other Nordic countries, a peacefulness he.
The street was as quiet and peaceful as I remembered it from our last visit, when the peacefulness had been short-lived.
The sounds of the water ebbing to and fro gave them a feeling of tranquility and peacefulness for their advancing years.
Andrew thought he could sit down and, with the quietness and peacefulness, could concentrate on great ideas and plans for future outings.
Real spiritual progress is really and accurately measured by the peacefulness, serenity, and calmness that you manifest in waking state.
Everyone fought everyone else and no one was left to peacekeep, not that that endeavor ever achieved even a modicum of actual peacefulness anywhere.
Even so, there was a certain peacefulness about the place, perhaps because that field had the largest (or perhaps only) patch of grass within the city walls.
There was a certain peacefulness over the location, settled off the main highway in a rather secluded locale that was still convenient to the main business district.
The tender Spirit then not being accustomed to dwell with the wicked spirit nor with hardness withdraws from such a man and seeks to dwell with meekness and peacefulness.
All the colours he’d ever seen, in sky and earth and water, melting together in a continual fluid motion, but the colours always turning to the beauty and peacefulness of white.
Suddenly I awaken’d, puzzl’d in the extream by the Visions I had seen, and yet with a great Sense of Peacefulness such as Dreams at Times provide when we are sorely troubl’d.
Every one would acknowledge that there have been times when they were consoled and elevated by beautiful music or by the sublimity of architecture or by the peacefulness of nature.
After saying goodbye and also agreeing to going back one day soon, they left the peacefulness of the church and walked back the way that they had come, through the now sun drenched walkways.
On the contrary, it seemed, that mainly at Steelkilt's instigation, they had resolved to maintain the strictest peacefulness, obey all orders to the last, and, when the ship reached port, desert her in a body.
As she learned to soothe herself and communicate her needs more effectively, Rosemary settled into a comfortable routine, fostering a sense of happiness and peacefulness that had often eluded her as a younger woman.
Ever since moving here from a noisy part of the city, we'd revelled in the peacefulness of our quiet hillside home with its views far away on one side and on the other, virgin bush reaching down virtually to our windows.
A feeling of dreamy peacefulness stole over Jane as she sank down upon the grass where Tarzan had placed her, and as she looked up at his great figure towering above her, there was added a strange sense of perfect security.
He preferred the life of tranquillity and peacefulness; and to accomplish this, he retained the cooks, the musicians, and the servants who were in his employ during his rule, and he gave them the same salaries they had been accustomed to.
It was only later that I realized my murderous inclinations had not subsided because I genuinely forgave Rip and Wilx, but because Rip and Wilx had laced the fish with a powerful Potion of Peacefulness, a popular Lincran hallucinogenic sacrament also known as the God-Tranquilizer.
Hardly able to breathe, leaning on my elbow on the grass, I stared unconsciously before me at the surrounding slopes, streaked with cornfields, at the river that flowed twisting and winding far away, as far as the eye could see, between fresh hills and villages that gleamed like dots all over the sunlit distance—at the dark-blue, hardly visible forests, which seemed as though smoking at the edge of the burning sky, and a sweet stillness inspired by the triumphant peacefulness of the picture gradually brought calm to my troubled heart.
Just for this moment, she wanted to enjoy the peacefulness of lying under the pines,.

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