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    1. power of God, that means the rest of our journey with

    2. chapter to the rest of this book

    3. "What about the rest of these papers in the lock-box," he asked

    4. “And I suppose you’re going to spend the rest of the night fantasizing about it, then?”

    5. In case of hoarseness, rest the throat without misuse till hoarseness passes

    6. The rest of the evening was taken up watching the rest of the room become merry on vintage wines and brandy

    7. Women face unique health issues beginning at age 50 and throughout the rest of their lives

    8. All the Rest

    9. Looking forward to the rest of your payment

    10. Apart from situations of repeated non-compliance or serious misconduct of the patient and when essential but unpleasant activity is required to be performed, rest of the time consultants should be soft spoken as talking is the main ingredient of patient-doctor relationship

    11. “I think it’s time to introduce you to the rest of the team

    12. "The first quarter inch, I put the rest of it away

    13. desires or require from us, to walk with Him, and the rest

    14. Exod: 33:14: And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest

    15. Different people require different amounts of sleep, but seven or eight hours is considered the average amount of time necessary for rest and regeneration

    16. Wait until you meet the rest of the team,” Ackers said ominously

    17. The rest of the team was crazy, Nancy concluded instantly

    18. The rest were on top of him

    19. There is a mass grave – a surplus of irons that have done their job and gone to rest

    20. That they have much more experience than the rest of the population makes them senior

    21. More likely than not, Onidas and the few other survivors here would spend the rest of their lives caged in servitude beneath the earth

    22. Never lecture him on his behavior or dictate how he should spend the rest of his life

    23. “We better get out of here,” Nancy said as the guards continued their fight with Big Petey and the rest of the team

    24. It’s weird but I feel like I should remember more about my dad but it’s only some small things that stay vivid in my head while the rest kind of fades away

    25. She flew off, over its head, smacking her knee on the hard shell of its big middle eye and then tumbling thru yards of splintery brush before coming to rest

    26. "They got food and rest while we had Noonsleep

    27. They had been weeks in the boat driving around the week, but she had never been more than twenty hours without rest during those weeks

    28. Perhaps we should view the rest of

    29. Her hands and her head rest upon his bare chest

    30. He could not rest yet, however

    31. the rest of your lives together, enough for you not to struggle, but not too much so that

    32. For the rest of the evening they picked at their food, constantly

    33. Dave grabs the seat and the arm rest on the door to steady himself

    34. The rest of the details are in my wallet, also in the jacket hanging

    35. We hadn’t had the sixties and the rest of it to twist things

    36. Slowly, the rest of the stars and the moon fade until the sky is pitch dark, the waves stop

    37. He cuts the rest of the raw meat of the fish into thin strips, hands a piece to John, puts some in his mouth

    38. A frog braver than the rest putting his head above the

    39. true treasure of the rest of your new life will be a close relationship

    40. but his faith in the highest power does the rest

    41. That is why we rest and dwell in the

    42. months, because the infection will kill the rest of kidney tissue

    43. John grips the arm rest on the door

    44. A dingy back room in Dublin was a bucket of cold water for most people and a cloak of invisibility for the rest

    45. ‘There’s a staircase down the side of the garage there so you can come and go as you please, although there is also a connecting door inside which links to the rest of the house

    46. As it was he limped the rest of the week

    47. The rest of the students, laugh, shout, clap, point, etc

    48. ‘So what’s the rest of the house like?’ she asked

    49. Find a rest in God only, my soul!

    50. Okay, so we’ll have to move them all out of the way to do that corner, but at least we can get on with the rest of it now

    1. Oh it's not like your spaceship boat down there," she said with awe and pointed with her chin where it rested on the clear water, "but we have fun with that," she pointed at the lake sprite in the cove below

    2. The Super Chip rested on the top of the box, plugged in and boosting the technological power that The Operator was using

    3. While the fuel was being delivered they had a nice duskmeal and rested at a quiet dock for a few hours

    4. He rested one hand

    5. She rested the

    6. When I was able to fall asleep, my soul rested a

    7. So Asa rested with his fathers; he died in

    8. The jaw descended til it rested on the fore deck, crushing the rail to splinters, and there it paused before beginning the mayhem of their destruction

    9. The others rested on their laurel boughs,

    10. Ten minutes later he came down the stairs looking neat and well rested

    11. “That would probably be best; we’ll all be well rested and ready

    12. or at the counting of damage, and so rested

    13. Every time they rested they heard that sound after a little while and it got them going again

    14. They weren't rested yet when Luray sat up and said, "We built up quite a lead, but it's still coming

    15. Put them up higher than your head for in this position your legs are not subject to the downward pull of gravity and are therefore being rested

    16. "It's late evening where I'm from, but as soon as I get rested, I hope we can pick up close to where we left off

    17. James woke feeling truly rested; he reached for Elizabeth and found that she was already up

    18. Sitting on the floor by the door a lyra player, lost in music, rested his head against the wall

    19. Filth and grime littered the clothes and colourless face, the face that once rested on my pillow

    20. If they held the two fore fingers entwined, it meant they were mates; if the lady’s hand was inside a full palm, it meant they were involved; and if the lady’s hand rested on top of the extended hand, then she was free and merely being escorted

    21. “Good Morning Lady Rayne,” he called, “you look well and rested this morning

    22. I rested on my elbow but

    23. " Kelvin could imagine it felt good to have someone else carry some of the weight that rested on his forearms, her clothing wasn’t helping

    24. I approached her and rested my hands on her shoulders

    25. Cordra joined us, and she rested her hands on Suzanne’s shoulders

    26. He took a rifle from his trunk, rested it across his shoulder and walked south along the tracks

    27. hour they stopped and rested

    28. He was rested, but he and Ava hadn’t grown closer since they left the Chardovia area

    29. Livingson—THE world-renowned master rod-maker!” He rested his case, as it were

    30. rested and renewed his strength

    31. I rested the side of my face on my right hand for so

    32. ” As he demonstrated the full motion, he moved the wagon a few feet, where it rested

    33. When it became apparent that there was no convincing her that they would all be cyborg-slaves on Planet Fnord by sundown, Sunil bitterly tossed his apple away, and it flowed down the stream until it rested on a small road by the embankment, and was swiftly run over by a passing horse carriage

    34. Finally, assuring himself with the satisfaction that all things would eventually be known, which were at present simply unknown and not in the realm of the unknowable, he rested

    35. She could see this was earlier than she really wanted to be up, but she was rested and hungry

    36. With the table clear Jim rose and walks into the living room and right to the mantle where he rested his arm and expressed his disbelief

    37. stomach rested in his throat

    38. times, touched the end of it to the outside part of the plate, then rested it just above

    39. Her escape had been successful, she returned rested and full of a renewed energy

    40. He know rested his firm hand, on her shoulder, but she didn't look up

    41. ‘So what will you do?’ Henri sat forward and rested

    42. arms wrapped around her waist, and his chin rested on her shoulder

    43. Jim rested against the fence; she’d helped erect before the opening

    44. " Todd rested his hand on Jim's shoulder to calm him

    45. I finally got a few days off are my Election job and am fully rested and recovered

    46. With that, she stumbled back to the truck and rested against the hood, he followed a few minutes later

    47. and rested his head between his knees, his arms draped

    48. "Warmer?" he asked snuggling down so the back of her head rested against his chest, and he was able to completely wrap his arm around her waist

    49. It rested in Otto’s palm

    50. " Jim rested his hand on her shoulder

    1. She was going to shower and comb out her hair, but he had been out in the lake and resting down at the beach for over an hour

    2. He follows me through and, while I fuss around putting food on a plate for him, he sits at the table, resting his chin on his hands

    3. Ackers held the Super Chip up, looking at it resting gently in his palm

    4. John lies on his back resting with his eyes open, the sheets covering his body up to his waist

    5. Clarisse is next to him, her long raven hair spilling over her pillow and John’s arm on which she is resting

    6. I was at home resting between

    7. He spots Hassan, one of the layabouts, sitting with a cigarette dropping form his lips, a bare foot resting on a coffee table pitted with cigarette burns

    8. Inside, the goon was seated, resting his fat elbows on the counter and preparing to sink his teeth into a sloppy breakfast roll

    9. - She attached the best rendering of the wagon that was headed across the sand toward the shuttlecraft's old resting site

    10. If supervisor McManus hadn’t been asleep in the locker room for the whole of that night, resting his bum leg, he would have seen the upright corpse seated at the Boston Monitor rear entrance

    11. With one hand resting lightly on my waist, he points out where The Laurels lies – oh yes, I can just see the roof of the hall from here

    12. I nodded, resting my head on Menachem’s shoulder

    13. The Man sat on the floor in the middle of the room, resting his chin on his knees

    14. ‘You mean, she was foreign?’ JJ asked, clearly this was unexpected; he leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees, his chin in his cupped hands, apparently intrigued at the thought

    15. Well this time the dockmaster was mesmerized as Vatreel aimed the rack toward the shoremen's idle ones, then lifted the whole rack as they glided by and stepped with it, matching his walk along the deck to the drift of the river, til the whole row of bales rolled across and lay resting on their rack while the docksman's chins dropped and he walked half the edge of the deck

    16. It was now so close that a herd of thongas resting in the trees that lined the shore were getting restless, especially with two more humans wading ashore in the dark

    17. the sinking of knees, the resting of elbows on hard,

    18. I doze again, my face resting on the now sodden head rest

    19. still warm in the throat beneath his resting hand,

    20. in which I bury my head, resting, flowing into you,

    21. Alan stood at the bank gasping, resting his arms on the bank like it was the side of a pool, too spent to haul himself out

    22. the cheap seats, the last resting place of badgers

    23. He leans forward, resting his forearms on his knees, and stares at the deck for a moment hunting for words

    24. Though a certain degree of slowing down of activity on the first two days of a period is advisable, there need not be any undue resting

    25. ‘When will we know if it has made a difference?’ I asked, my hand resting on the pouch in my belt as though seeking reassurance of what lies within

    26. Your friend is still feeding, and resting James

    27. ' We stood silently, respectfully, our minds resting in the comfort of that moment

    28. ‘Have you any idea where we are?’ I asked, resting my elbows on the table, terminally sleepy now I have hot food inside me

    29. This is very sensitive, as it is usually resting in either extreme in each person

    30. He finishes his coffee and, resting his hand on my shoulder for a moment as he passes behind my chair, goes off to pack an overnight bag

    31. Like many young men Tom felt the excitement inherent in the imminent promise of resting his head in the arms and on the bosom of an older and more experienced woman

    32. Sam’s lying on the rug by my chair, her head resting on my feet

    33. He sits there, hands resting on his desk, smiling as I try to formulate my thoughts

    34. Tarak cleared his throat, “Please excuse this late call, I just stopped by to inform you that Lord Duncan is resting

    35. Lord Tarak approached with Lady Rayne, her hand resting on top of his

    36. Understanding his frustration, I put my arms around him, resting my head on his shoulder and gradually I feel the rigidity of his body soften; his arms go around me

    37. expelled it - and with good reason and it was resting, clean in the corner of his bed

    38. He’s got his arm round the back of my seat, just resting it on my shoulder; it feels very comfortable

    39. ’ I said, going over to him and resting my hands on his shoulders

    40. imminent promise of resting his head in the arms and on the bosom

    41. Where does it all lead to? There is no final resting

    42. I’m lying with my head resting on his chest, one arm flung round him, my eyes closed

    43. ‘What time are we supposed to be at your sister’s?’ I asked sleepily, lying in my favourite place, snuggled in the crook of Dave’s arm, my head resting on his shoulder

    44. I roll over in bed and get up on my elbows, resting my chin in my hands staring at the pattern on the headboard

    45. She is sitting on the floor, resting her head on his knee as he selects records and tracks, and cues them up on the turntable

    46. I stare at my hands … my fingers resting on the keyboard, is it really possible that he doesn't want to see me

    47. Resting from its work, the bird sat on a branch and chattered to her, its head on one side as though trying to work something out – she found herself smiling at it

    48. and ashen faced, his head resting against the horse’s

    49. Breathing heavily, she laboured to lift the stone, swivelling it on one corner and, leaving it balanced precariously resting against a smaller rock, she bent to retrieve the broken corpse of the bird

    50. He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees with his chin in his cupped hands, and starts to count the scuff marks on the floor

    1. He claps me on the shoulder and rests it there

    2. “And what did you do in the Militia?” Becca rests her chin in her palm

    3. Betty shrugs, rests her chin on her hands on the counter

    4. Jed smiles, leans forward, rests his arms on his

    5. This is possibly the most crucial doctrine of the faith because upon it rests every word and the definition of those words

    6. He rests his back against a steel frame

    7. Wood rests against fallen masonry, white and smooth,

    8. and rests his brush from oil pools of primer

    9. and a cross-span of wood rests in unattended care

    10. Besides the advanced fiber-optics that lit it, the stand that bore it was finely detailed Kimotran Bale-leaf, deep in lacquer with an ornate row of book rests fronting it, plenty of toe space and conveniently placed wand-racks

    11. Of course, there are moments when affection does, in fact, take over and the passion rests on a choice to

    12. Alastair is sitting in one of the arm chairs and without thinking, I go and sit at his feet; he rests his hand on my shoulder

    13. I stand in front of him and put my arms around him as he rests his head on my stomach

    14. She looks down at the blanket, down at where it rests between her thighs

    15. He rests his head in his hands

    16. 9 Don’t be hasty in your spirit to be angry, for anger rests in the bosom

    17. He takes his daughter’s hand in his and rests his forehead on her wrist

    18. She already rests beneath Ursilla’s hand

    19. Jock sits forward in the chair and rests his head in his hands

    20. He manages to edge the car onto the hard packed ruts of a field entrance and, bending forward, he rests his head on the soft plastic of the steering wheel

    21. If so, the fate of the Seventh World now rests within the walls of Shattered Rock

    22. were forced to take what rests they could behind stone

    23. And that he now rests with the Maker

    24. Of eternity, and when he set in order the heaven, He made this image eternal but moving according To number, while eternity itself rests in unity, And this image we call time

    25. She rests her forehead in her hand with a heavy sigh

    26. Rests her hand on the receiver a beat

    27. to fix it while she rests in a new home

    28. ” said James, “It’s probably better that she rests

    29. “Under the floor where the tub rests, is a hot air chamber which keeps the water hot for baths

    30. It all rests with Captain Sergov now

    31. Zardino assured him that he simply needed to vector the helmet display towards his destination, using what were essentially small stick controls on arm rests

    32. “I still have your present and I never take it off it rests on my breasts a reminder and symbol of our love

    33. " This writer rests his case

    34. “Except that the future of the Empire rests squarely on their shoulders, sir

    35. “This must be what it rests on

    36. It wasn’t an actual path but the soft chalk accommodated them with foot rests and handholds

    37. For your heart rests securely in the hands of your Carpenter

    38. For punishment of the wicked rests solely upon My shoulders,

    39. Ultimately a man’s fate rests in his own hands

    40. I say she rests here then

    41. The rest of the night passed without incident and the morning found the companions rests and almost

    42. The Judeo-Christian understanding in common is that God is the wellspring of all creation, the “Axiom of Existence” upon which all reality rests

    43. Department of the Interior have stopped normal logging and prevented the clearing of fo rests which has

    44. I sat on the left side of the bed on top of the covers with the special green pillow with arm rests on it

    45. ultimately rests upon the shoulders of the leadership

    46. The one rests its case upon the unchangeability of their understanding of their truths, the other seems wired into the continuing changeability of circumstance

    47. The muscles in his arms are relaxed; his hand rests on the back of his neck

    48. As I pass him, he rests his hand on the top of my back to usher me out, his palm pressing between my shoulder blades

    49. He rests his knee on the mattress and leans over me, slipping the ice pack under my head

    50. broad, for without in the wall of the house he made narrowed rests round about, that the beams should not be fastened

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    Synonyms for "rest"

    ease relaxation repose rest balance remainder residual residue residuum eternal rest eternal sleep quietus sleep relief respite rest period remain stay breathe catch one's breath take a breather pillow perch roost reside lie quietude calm stillness lull remains surplus remnant relax recuperate drowse nod snooze lie down

    "rest" definitions

    something left after other parts have been taken away

    freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility)

    a pause for relaxation

    a state of inaction

    euphemisms for death (based on an analogy between lying in a bed and in a tomb)

    a support on which things can be put

    a musical notation indicating a silence of a specified duration

    not move; be in a resting position

    take a short break from one's activities in order to relax

    give a rest to

    have a place in relation to something else

    be at rest

    stay the same; remain in a certain state

    be inherent or innate in

    put something in a resting position, as for support or steadying

    sit, as on a branch

    rest on or as if on a pillow

    be inactive, refrain from acting