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Calm in a sentence | calm example sentences

  1. It was a good calm.
  2. By now he was calm.
  3. Odd how calm I was.
  4. He tried to be calm.
  5. He had to calm down.

  6. I have to calm down.
  7. I have to stay calm.
  8. She had a calm and.
  9. I tried to look calm.
  10. He needs to be calm.
  11. He was calm again now.
  12. He tried to calm him.
  13. We need to stay calm.
  14. Now my soul was calm.
  15. Star One is very calm.

  16. He felt very calm now.
  17. He tried to calm down.
  18. Be calm, he will fall.
  19. I could not calm down.
  20. It was quiet and calm.
  21. She had to appear calm.
  22. In a wise and calm soul.
  23. You need to calm down.
  24. Try to calm her down.
  25. I had to calm her down.

  26. He tried to calm him:.
  27. All was calm and still.
  28. He was cool, calm and.
  29. It can relax and calm.
  30. He’d have to stay calm.
  31. She had to calm herself.
  32. We would calm down and.
  33. It was a moment of calm.
  34. As you exert, stay calm.
  35. Her voice was too calm.
  36. A calm sense of waiting.
  37. It was a calm, sunny day.
  38. Keep calm, I will call.
  39. He tried to calm himself.
  40. This one is a calm lake.
  41. The sea was fairly calm.
  42. Inside was cool and calm.
  43. Calm grew over him now.
  44. Stay calm, we tell them.
  45. Alice tried to stay calm.
  46. The waters here are calm.
  47. But I was also very calm.
  48. He spoke in a calm voice.
  49. The calm could never last.
  50. That seemed to calm him.
  51. I kept calm though, and.
  52. Or was it just the calm.
  53. Try To Be Calm and Happy.
  54. The calm after the storm.
  55. And yet she remained calm.
  56. From the flowing calm of.
  57. Greta tried to remain calm.
  58. No, no, calm down, Brad.
  59. Newport to calm his nerves.
  60. The ocean was a flat calm.
  61. I had to keep my calm but.
  62. The reply was calm but firm.
  63. Kurt tried to calm him down.
  64. Wiggam and I remained calm.
  65. You're so calm and proper.
  66. Don't tell me to calm down.
  67. Finally, a measure of calm.
  68. I want her completely calm.
  69. I tried to calm myself by.
  70. Stay calm, he told himself.
  71. He looks peaceful and calm.
  72. I felt very peace and calm.
  73. I thought it would calm me.
  74. Jack was tentative but calm.
  75. You are calm and confident.
  76. Or the calm, late night air.
  77. It helps to calm fear and.
  78. He did his best to calm me.
  79. Let us be calm, young 'uns.
  80. Rendall could not keep calm.
  81. T breath to calm his nerves.
  82. Stay calm and don’t panic.
  83. Of this calm yet otherwise.
  84. I had to calm Cynthia down.
  85. Keep calm, she told herself.
  86. Pease, try to remain calm.
  88. Learn how to calm your mind.
  89. Shi Chen heart began to calm.
  90. She remains calm and seated.
  91. Be calm then, my dear care!.
  92. Calm down lady, calm down.
  93. But she started to calm down.
  94. Stay calm, she told herself.
  95. He knew he had to keep calm.
  96. It made them calm and happy.
  97. He was very calm, collected.
  98. The man moved, slow and calm.
  99. Ben replied in a calm manner.
  100. And makes the spirit calm,.
  1. Yaf held up a calming hand.
  2. This is me calming down.
  3. Phase 4: The Calming Storm.
  5. Coombs took in a calming breath.
  6. Calming himself he reached for.
  7. The silence is quite calming.
  8. Adam said, It’s calming down.
  9. The Scandinavian look was calming.
  10. Jason drove, calming himself with.
  11. The color blue has a calming effect.
  12. It’s calming and you smell of mint.
  13. The calming effects of this extract.
  14. Kyle? he asked, calming his voice.
  15. But then he drew a long, calming breath.
  16. The cigarette seemed to be calming his.
  17. Greg’s hand kept up its calming caress.
  18. The calming lullaby sung by her Grandmother.
  19. It lit at once, its glow steady and calming.
  20. They might have better luck calming her down.
  21. I could always count on his calming presence.
  22. It was not mocking, not wondering, not calming.
  23. Then slightly calming down: "What happened?".
  24. Sebastian placed a calming hand on her shoulder.
  25. He took a calming breath and lifted the receiver.
  26. Then Carl Sagan’s calming voice-over continued.
  27. One aroma that has a calming effect is lavender.
  28. It causes the brain to release calming hormones.
  29. A calming and a disconcerting experience it was.
  30. It has a soothing and calming effect on the mind.
  31. Hemlock has a calming effect – and works very.
  32. The cold water lapped over her feet, calming her.
  33. He grunted, but you could tell he was calming down.
  34. There, however, was Chesterton,--checking, calming.
  35. It is kind of a calming thing he does for himself.
  36. There is something so calming and earthy about it.
  37. The act of phoning had a calming effect, and when.
  38. Her expression was one of relief, a calming smile.
  39. Apparently the drug contained a calming ingredient.
  40. Rub 1-2 drops of Peace & Calming oil on the bottom.
  41. What will I do then? Sometimes it can be calming to.
  42. Ishan smiled and put a calming hand on his shoulder.
  43. Then he stilled, his face calming, his body relaxing.
  44. Yes, please, now, said Reuben, calming slightly.
  45. You have to see this, she said, calming quickly.
  46. This was Babbage's best effort at calming things down.
  47. She seemed to settle down at my calming touch on her.
  48. So I blew out a calming breath and thanked him instead.
  49. Her eyes closed as a calming presence began to fill her.
  50. Stop who? his voice was a soft and calming cadence.
  51. It had a very calming affect on me, and it gave me the.
  52. It was as if mere movement had a calming effect on them.
  53. The horse gradually started calming down, reducing its.
  54. Music has a very calming and soothing effect on the brain.
  55. Picard almost had the same calming affect that Guinan had.
  56. After an hour of calming Cynthia down, I told her that it.
  57. It has a calming, soothing effect on the digestive system.
  58. Is that all you have to say? she asked, calming down.
  59. The flurry of activity had a calming effect on Samson Duff.
  60. The admiral nodded, raising both hands in a calming gesture.
  61. The movement of the car had a hypnotic, calming effect on.
  62. True, the tea did in fact have a wonderful, calming effect.
  63. I guess that makes sense, Donovan said, calming slightly.
  64. Is associated with love and romance, it has a calming affect.
  65. Ethan’s voice took on an authoritative yet calming tone:.
  66. Don't do that! she reminded him, calming her breathing.
  67. They have a calming effect when the tablets aren’t working.
  68. At this point, focus on your breathing and calming your mind.
  69. I could feel myself calming down have I looked up at his face.
  70. Finding the keys her calming walked over to a small white van.
  71. Leave him with some water which you can add some calming herbs.
  72. A few minutes passed, his heart finally calming to a slow roll.
  73. He headed back to the beach, the sound of the ocean calming him.
  74. Do you ever think about your parents? he stated calming down.
  75. This tea is made with the most palatable of the calming herbs.
  76. Back at Ingleside Rosemary had succeeded in calming the children.
  77. He lowers his head and stares once again into the calming water.
  78. Now calming, Roger asked him, How d’you think that went?
  79. With the blue sky as a backdrop, the vista was vivid, yet calming.
  80. Watching the money tick away like a taxi meter isn't very calming.
  81. Many of the refugees found the two preteens calming and reassuring.
  82. He gagged rainbow-colored candy out the window before calming down.
  83. A lot of my time was spent calming Chuck down or seeking solace in.
  84. Calming herbs can be a huge relief to dogs with separation anxiety.
  85. Tranquilizers are drugs used to produce a soothing or calming effect.
  86. The Twilek girl took a calming breath and Rhal could feel her fear.
  87. It has a calming influence especially on nervously excited children.
  88. But, the cool, misty month has a calming effect on the city dwellers.
  89. She understood this and was calming and apologetic when she answered.
  90. You call that calming?! I grabbed the Professor by the shoulder.
  91. Each of these 12 steps add to reader’s emotions while calming their.
  92. Mike brought the tea over and, after a few sips and some more calming.
  93. Now, children, Alex said in a calming tone, then continued with.
  94. The day was calming down and the light was growing amber on the ground.
  95. I looked ahead and down the aisle and sucked in a quick calming breath.
  96. Nancy, still calming down, looked severely around the crowd facing her.
  97. He was a calming presence in every crisis, the deciding vote in every.
  98. Yet far from calming the old woman this comment seemed to provoke a new.
  99. When I opened my eyes, only a blanket of soft, calming blue surrounded me.
  100. You have probably heard the advice about calming yourself by counting to.
  1. Ben calmed down a bit.
  2. The music calmed the air.
  3. Her own urges calmed as.
  4. Hurd calmed down a little.
  5. That calmed me down a bit.
  6. Eventual y they calmed down.
  7. When she calmed down, she.
  8. She calmed down, she smiled.
  9. This rapid drive calmed him.
  10. His reply calmed me a little.
  11. Touching the stone calmed me.
  12. Her eyes calmed him a little.
  13. We need to get you calmed down.
  14. Susan seems to have calmed down.
  15. It immediately calmed him down.
  16. This calmed my conscience down.
  17. Not until you've calmed down.
  18. Gradually she calmed down and.
  19. As he calmed, so did the music.
  20. Finally the colossus calmed down.
  21. Nidon calmed down and continued.
  22. Tony hugged her and calmed her.
  23. This thought calmed him somewhat.
  24. He calmed and did not cry as much.
  25. The banana fever had calmed down.
  26. After I calmed down, I chose to.
  27. After a moment she calmed a little.
  28. Thankfully, Bobby calmed down some.
  29. Yaf calmed her by patting her hand.
  30. Carrie calmed down and joined him.
  31. In time I calmed down and the man.
  32. And then things calmed down a bit.
  33. She still hasn’t calmed down yet.
  34. Yaf calmed down by breathing deeply.
  35. This information calmed the Capataz.
  36. Oh, I would have calmed his frenzy.
  37. As such, I waited until she calmed.
  38. He calmed down and planned the kill.
  39. With a deep intake he calmed himself.
  40. When I got back they had calmed down.
  41. Kevin reached up and calmed his sister.
  42. Later when things calmed down, I was.
  43. Priest Zi Bo calmed down and continued.
  44. She has calmed down, she told me.
  45. A bit more calmed, I went back to sleep.
  46. He pushed down on her tummy and calmed.
  47. His stomach briefly calmed, he passed.
  48. Torrian calmed his crying to a whimper.
  49. After a while, she calmed down and left.
  50. The next day he had calmed down somewhat.
  51. The idea calmed me somewhat: I lay down.
  52. She calmed, and I came out of my stupor.
  53. I took a deep breath and calmed myself.
  54. Nevertheless, his answer calmed me down.
  55. Lezura took deep breaths and calmed down.
  56. I calmed down, and said that I am just.
  57. Surprise calmed Captain Mitchell's fury.
  58. Her voice had calmed but her eyes hadn't.
  59. He took a breath and calmed himself a bit.
  60. My breath calmed, and my muscles relaxed.
  61. He quickly calmed down when he saw that.
  62. Lov took a deep breath and calmed himself.
  63. I slowly calmed down, as he held me close.
  64. The child calmed down and began listening.
  65. She made me laugh and I calmed her nerves.
  66. God, but her words comforted and calmed him.
  67. He was calmed and quieted by his own words.
  68. And when the weather calmed down a few 31.
  69. The rattling of his bones calmed slightly.
  70. He had a very soothing voice that calmed me.
  71. Noelene would have calmed the animal by now.
  72. Surfman spoke to her and finally calmed her.
  73. When they calmed down, they made a decision.
  74. Al Lansing waited until they had calmed down.
  75. She calmed the mare down and then saw what.
  76. Finally, Blade calmed his shaman with a hand.
  77. Surprisingly, Joey seemed to have calmed down.
  78. Mom and I were at it but things calmed down.
  79. When he had calmed down a little, he begged.
  80. The sight of it calmed me the rest of the way.
  81. Your guardian just calmed my nerves, you know.
  82. He calmed a bit and sat in the car looking up.
  83. The ride was invigorating and calmed her mind.
  84. He calmed her down with stories of the exotic.
  85. It had usually calmed his stomach before, and.
  86. The man directly calmed and went to his duties.
  87. But when she took the decision she calmed down.
  88. Steve then ranted a few more moments and calmed.
  89. Kate had calmed down a bit when she came to bed.
  90. When she finally calmed, her eyes found Orphenn.
  91. Then Marius calmed her: He is absent, I think.
  92. We will have it all, in time, Elfi calmed.
  93. I took a drink of water and calmed myself down.
  94. Finn finally calmed some, I did tell him that.
  95. That storm seems to have calmed down a little.
  96. That was too much for them, and they calmed down.
  97. He sobered himself up later, after he calmed down.
  98. L calmed the crowd and then hurried through his.
  99. Then he calmed, and curled his lips into a smile.
  100. Peter could say nothing until she had calmed down.
  1. He calms down when she nods.
  2. This calms critics down and.
  3. Age calms us all, as does loss.
  4. It’s pretty, and it calms me.
  5. Oh, I really hope it calms down.
  6. He slowly calms himself and speaks.
  7. It calms the soul and quietens the.
  8. Maxx calms down and clears his throat.
  9. Robinson rubs his head and calms down.
  10. Breathe in a way that calms and comforts.
  11. Slowly, she calms down and follows Adamant.
  12. He stops fighting, which calms Phillip down.
  13. Such beauty always calms and rests the mind.
  14. Nothing calms the mind like a fixed purpose.
  15. Would to God these blessed calms would last.
  16. I stroke his coat, and this calms both of us.
  17. Calms the brain and helps relieve mild depression.
  18. Your presence calms the wild waves of my seashore;.
  19. We’ll question her some more when she calms down.
  20. He’s light unto the blind, He calms the troubled mind.
  21. Hands of the Man who calms the waters (remember that song?).
  22. Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression.
  23. The September that year was one of ripe days and glowing calms.
  24. Calms the brain and helps alleviate stress and mild depression.
  25. Stretching calms down the nervous system and helps reduce stress.
  26. I’m not to happy about this, but he calms down and gets our coats.
  27. The same with vibration: just being watched, it calms down — the.
  28. The storm finally calms down but Ulysses is again faced with total.
  29. And truth be told, he centers her and calms her; it’s a good match.
  30. It is despite their faith that Jesus calms the storms and settles the sea.
  31. This active version of Bridge Pose calms the brain and rejuvenates tired.
  32. The oars were for use in tacking out of creeks and bays, and during calms.
  33. This active version of Bridge Pose calms the brain and rejuvenates tired legs.
  34. Possibly, there is a Socialution that calms the battle and enables everyone to win.
  35. Well, I have been having a bit of issues of my own, she calms down and stammers.
  36. This formula clears heat from the Pericardium and thereby calms the Heart’s spirit.
  37. Seth calms his tone and steps to me, as not to cause a scene, That's where you're wrong, Oriah.
  38. When he calms down, he fills my father in on what has happened while he was gone, including my training.
  39. There is a thing in haircutting that assuages the blood and calms the heart and makes the nerves serene.
  40. If you practice regularly, you already know how it calms the mind and brings you a sense of peace and tranquility.
  41. It affects and stimulates the Nervous System the Head and the Brain then Calms it down it also Sharpens the Memory.
  42. But the mingled, mingling threads of life are woven by warp and woof: calms crossed by storms, a storm for every calm.
  43. And, yes David, we will sign the agreements on the bombers and after some of this calms down you should be getting them.
  44. But as the sky grows clear and the sea calms all are much more wild and ecstatic with exultation than they were before the fear.
  45. Diane D calms a little as her head lays on the second doctor’s shoulder with her eyes closed and face red and sweaty as Mary and the second doctor continue to hold tightly onto her.
  46. Long seasoned and weather-stained in the typhoons and calms of all four oceans, her old hull's complexion was darkened like a French grenadier's, who has alike fought in Egypt and Siberia.
  47. The first part of the month with us is generally bustling and busy, a great clatter and hustling while the shrieking winter is got away out of sight over the hills, a sweeping of the world clear for the marsh-marigolds and daffodils, a diligent making of room for the divine calms of May.
  48. He did not tell her she had become a sister; he merely rearranged his life on these new lines; and he did, as the doctor had predicted, throw himself into his work with more zeal than ever, and very soon was once again being pervaded by the blessed calms, the serenities, the unequalled harmonies that are the portion of him who diligently does what he is interested in.
  49. Dana's family is outrage! They try to file harassment charges back against Kathy for harassing Missy in the past, which caused Dana's assaults in the first place! The courts say that they had already charged Kathy before when Dana was sent to prison! The courts say that they had charged Kathy with harassment and had fined her! Dana's family is all still outraged! Dana continues to lose her cool as her family and her friends grab on to her, trying to calm her down! Kathy, Raymond and Julie look on nervously as Dana's family and friends all hold on to Dana very tightly, trying to comfort her and control her temper! Dana's family calms her down for a while.
  50. Or rather we lived together, Grandma, Agatha-Agamemnon-Abigail, Timothy, and I, Tom, and Father, and Grandma calling us to frolic in great fountains of Latin and Spanish and French, in great seaborne gouts of poetry like Moby Dick sprinkling the deeps with his Versailles jet somehow lost in calms and found in storms; Grandma a constant, a clock, a pendulum, a face to tell all time by at noon, or in the middle of sick nights when, raving with fever, we saw her forever by our beds, never gone, never away, always waiting, always speaking kind words, her cool hand icing our hot brows, the tappet of her uplifted forefinger unsprung to let a twine of cold mountain water touch our flannel tongues.
  51. In the beginning of the year Melkejel rises first and rules who is named Tam'eine and sun and all the days of his dominion while he bears rule are ninety one days; And these are the signs of the days which are to be seen on Earth in the days of his dominion: sweat and heat and calms; and all the trees bear fruit and leaves are produced on all the trees and the harvest of wheat and the rose-flowers and all the flowers which come out in the field but the trees of the winter season become withered; And these are the names of the leaders which are under them: Berka'el Zelebs'el and another who is added a head of a thousand called Helej'seph and the days of the dominion of this leader are at an end.
  52. In the beginning of the year Melkejel rises first and rules, who is named Tam'eine and sun, and all the days of his dominion while he bears rule are ninety one days; And these are the signs of the days which are to be seen on Earth in the days of his dominion: sweat, and heat, and calms; and all the trees bear fruit, and leaves are produced on all the trees, and the harvest of wheat, and the rose-flowers, and all the flowers which come out in the field, but the trees of the winter season become withered; And these are the names of the leaders which are under them: Berka'el, Zelebs'el, and another who is added a head of a thousand, called Helej'seph, and the days of the dominion of this leader are at an end.
  53. Enjoyers of calms of seas and storms of seas,.

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