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  1. For one thing, they induce.
  2. Nothing will induce me to go.
  3. For example, they induce no lag.
  4. These in turn induce other cur-.
  5. However, I could induce an opening.

  6. Nothing would induce him to speak more.
  7. I tried for years and years to induce.
  8. But nothing could induce Marius to talk.
  9. Greenson in a plan to induce suicide.
  10. And nothing would induce him to come up.
  11. Nothing will induce her to abandon him.
  12. Does this induce pain I asked gravely.
  13. None of them could induce her to go to bed.
  14. It is perfect to induce drivers into rapid.
  15. This would induce death in about ten minutes.

  16. Behaviorism, scheduled responses that induce more.
  17. When I was conscious I tried to induce a state of.
  18. Nothing would induce her to tell her about the key.
  19. If he did this, it would induce self-strangulation.
  20. Nothing would induce him to give his old uncle away.
  21. Only 'sinister humans' could induce this behavior in.
  22. God shows them to us in order to induce us to reflect.
  23. Rush would actually give poison to induce this reaction.
  24. He imagines crimson and black, colours to induce terror.
  25. The women in the study were given a medication to induce a.

  26. The more it inhabits the body, the more it may induce the.
  27. NOTE: These plants will induce perspiration to break a fever.
  28. Concepts From The Edge - Learn how to induce an out of body.
  29. Nothing, though, would induce him to do anything about Manby.
  30. Never underestimate the power of music to induce mood change.
  31. It is almost impossible to induce the children to talk English.
  32. In many cases agents of this kind were used in order to induce al-.
  33. Then taking the baby from Ruth he began to try to induce it to eat.
  34. This will induce them to strive for His Grace and follow the path.
  35. Ah, Master Bass, I should say that your chair would induce sleep.
  36. Mentioning and asking questions about current reality to induce the.
  37. Speaking in metaphors, stories, using indirect methods to induce the.
  38. The gravest presumptions rest upon you, and may induce vital results.
  39. Oh, my dear, don’t worry, for that will induce you to feel worse.
  40. If she only knew what I am, nothing would induce her to receive me.
  41. So it seemed that Shuai Tianfan had used hypnosis to induce death to all.
  42. These in turn induce other currents that circle around the field, so that.
  43. There was just enough ceremony about the transaction to induce him to act.
  44. Additionally, these activities can induce a sense of fear which may bring.
  45. All the techniques that induce WILDs are described under WILD on this page.
  46. I hoped to induce you to grant me a boat with which I could pursue my enemy.
  47. A major class of drugs of abuse that initially induce pleasurable effects in.
  48. Such events often induce sharp changes in underlying asset prices or IV values.
  49. Reinstatement testing evaluates the ability of different factors to induce rein-.
  50. We have done the very thing which gentlemen say the note aimed to induce us to do.
  51. Still what should induce me to be the champion for suffering humanity?--Who ever.
  52. Astral Projection: I induce my astral body to get out, in the darkness of my bedroom.
  53. And I hope that this reason will induce gentlemen to permit the question to be taken.
  54. It also acts as laxative medicine, helping to induce bowel movements or to loosen the.
  55. As Imre reached the bridge, the horse backed, and no spurring could induce him to cross.
  56. I believe he possesses an attachment to his duty sufficient to induce him to perform it.
  57. Persinger, scientists are able to induce all the sensations of eating an apple pie in the.
  58. Social activities must be pleasant, non-taxing, and of the kind that induce a cheerful and.
  59. But, Rodya, nothing would induce me to leave you now! I will spend the night here, near you.
  60. Danton had already experienced a taste of the agony this tiny subdermal device could induce.
  61. But to get the proper amount of alcohol in the blood stream to induce this ideal state would.
  62. As Newton had said the gravity that the Sun and the comet mass induce pull the comet to the Sun.
  63. You keep going here and there to induce people as far as possible to formulate their accusations.
  64. In cases of suspected plant poisoning always induce vomiting by putting a finger down the throat.
  65. For several minutes we listened to snatches of the usual vapid chatter that dancing seems to induce.
  66. But, Rodya, nothing would induce me to leave you now! I will spend the night here, near you …’.
  67. What I meant is, there’s always a risk that intimacy will induce a psychic bond, Garcia said.
  68. The women in the study were given a medication to induce a temporary artificial menopause by halting.
  69. Many misrepresentations have been already made to induce the public to believe you are not in earnest.
  70. Use an infusion of the leaves for diarrhoea, as a digestive and heated to induce perspiration in fevers.
  71. Extreme pain can induce hallucinations; this was simply some way of coping with something so intolerable.
  72. She could not deny the truth of what she had told, though nothing could induce her to tell the story over.
  73. Respect for themselves should induce gentlemen not to act without official communication upon the subject.
  74. She loved to play this little game but it was seldom she could induce him to do this particular thing to her.
  75. To make it worse for women, affairs induce a feeling of guilt in them, pricking their conscience all the time.
  76. The attitudes that exit from them are ill-intent to the prayers that induce the development of spiritual fruit.
  77. If only I could induce him to have a drink or two now, won’t she find him swimming in ponds of liquor in time.
  78. If I were Charlotte nothing would induce me to stir from the side of a good-natured man who could make me laugh.
  79. Chamomile may also induce uterine contractions and foetal growth problems so should be avoided during pregnancy.
  80. On the contrary, the goal is to generate maximum pressure, or at least as much as is needed to induce compliance.
  81. The swaying movement of the caravan, which only moments before had been calming, was now starting to induce nausea.
  82. I, for my part, begged him personally most urgently and finally wrote him, but nothing would induce him to consent.
  83. Under such circumstances Imran had launched a campaign to induce special thoughts in the minds of Zulimistan people.
  84. No, I repeat again, that nothing shall induce me to renew attempts evidently at variance with the Almighty's pleasure.
  85. Considerable sums of money passed through his hands, but nothing could induce him to make any change whatever in his.
  86. It seemed to know where to part and where to curl and where to fall out of place to induce a charming flick of her hand.
  87. Many people swear it is the best natural way to induce labor without having to take medications in order to assist with it.
  88. He never wore underwear, though she had tried on several occasions to induce him to at least wear briefs, without success.
  89. The dance floor emptied and a quieter, calmer music was on to induce a serene mastication of food and assist the digestion.
  90. The size of his investment unit is more likely to induce the large investor to concentrate on the popular and active issues.
  91. The subliminal flickering of the strips could induce headaches in those susceptible to the effects of this kind of lighting.
  92. But Mitya would not consent, so the young man gave him ten roubles, protesting that nothing would induce him to take interest.
  93. These facts would induce the supposition, that the coal was deposited in a bed, near the centre of which Heth's pits were sunk.
  94. But no sooner had she arrived than Aunt Pitty and Melanie began a campaign to induce her to make her home permanently with them.
  95. Several times afterward the young man sought to induce Jesus further to express himself in regard to the relations of the sexes.
  96. An ambitious stripling has only to brandish his sword and shout a few magniloquent words to induce them to rush to certain death.
  97. It is noted that such a crime is "the intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value".
  98. He knows a billion ways to paralyze you! Absolutely rococo with the talent to induce stupor, deep slumber, or stoppage of the heart.
  99. There are many different ways to induce WILDs, but they all involve doing something to keep the mind awake as the body falls asleep.
  100. That is all I shall say about the murderer, except that he was never found out; and nothing shall induce me to dwell upon the murder.
  1. He’s still talking about inducing labour.
  2. Paranoia was inducing by the minute and I once.
  3. However, concerns over the possibility of inducing.
  4. Even cats know that inducing a dry heaving spell, and.
  5. How to presell which is the art of inducing anticipation.
  6. Instead, ask yourself positive feeling inducing questions.
  7. Questions) and using induction skills (see Inducing States) to set.
  8. At that, she made it square inducing tears of oneness in their eyes.
  9. Still, it was possible the extreme forces were inducing hallucinations.
  10. What would be an example of negative feeling inducing questions?
  11. What would be an example of positive feeling inducing questions?
  12. I was noticing a lot of things in life and it was inducing a heavy paranoia.
  13. The herb overpowered her senses, inducing her to lay her head back down against the.
  14. Relaxing a notch the big man followed the sign with his innate sense inducing caution.
  15. Ultimately, instead of inducing the spiritual elevation that comes from removing what.
  16. Anne began shaking her head, terror and horror mingling within her and inducing her to.
  17. Gautam lost no time in inducing the Surveyor to shop around a little at Connaught Circus.
  18. Inducing the chemical changes in the cells of a genius—one whose soul is pure of mortal sin.
  19. Greater good for the race is to be achieved by inducing them to cease impulsive and injurious giving.
  20. It would be the equivalent of inducing an especially nasty dissociative memory disorder in the patient.
  21. Oxytocin, best known for inducing labor and lactation in women, also operates in the brain (of both sexes).
  22. Whenever the boat was rocked in motion, she laced him in confusion, inducing him to cuddle her for her comfort.
  23. By their glow, Ingrid could see the words Inducing Lucid Dreams written across the top of the notebook's title page.
  24. Its exotic perfume pervaded her being, inducing a delicious, sensuous languor that was something more and less than sleep.
  25. And the meager fare at Mother Palmer’s boarding-house up on the bluff was proving downright starvation inducing this year.
  26. The acceptance and warmth I lavished on these special people went a long way in inducing them to lower their protective barriers.
  27. With their fathers’ ill-gotten wealth, he reasoned, these youth pandered to their egos by inducing the have-nots to be their hangers on.
  28. The objective of smoothing filters in trading is to get the highest degree of smoothing possible within the constraint of inducing the least amount of lag.
  29. You do not have to shout, Joey, Lezura said, her tone lightened when she said; I can produce a sleep inducing chemical from a gland beneath my tongue.
  30. The previous chapter gave account of an immense body or herd of Sperm Whales, and there was also then given the probable cause inducing those vast aggregations.
  31. In that he saw a literary conspiracy — inducing Indian writers in English into churning out self-deprecating stuff to cater to the prejudices of the Western readers.
  32. At work, Brandi sparkled with high spirits, full of cryptic hints as to her social life, deliberately inducing questions to which she refused to give a straight answer.
  33. From their absurd answers and silly laughter Pinocchio perceived that his companions had been making a fool of him, in inducing him to believe a tale with no truth in it.
  34. Unlike the Semitic religions that are steeped in the realms of belief, the Hindu swadharma is a ‘way of life’, that at once is habit forming as well as pride inducing.
  35. The farthest that certain brokerage houses have gone in that direction—and could have been expected to go—is to refrain from inducing or encouraging anyone to speculate.
  36. Bob’s hairs stood up on the back of his neck as he took in the sheer enormity of the shape as it sidled up to him in the most fear inducing and horrifically menacing way.
  37. In other research, sulforaphane from Kale has been shown to have a more direct effect on cancer prevention, especially in colon cancer, inducing cancer cells to destroy themselves.
  38. And this is the style in which we speak to Governments perfectly independent of us!—A very wise mean, to be sure, of inducing them to grant the pardon of these people as a favor to us.
  39. Very quietly kneeling besides the Taliban, Parmat then started cautiously a telepathic introspection of the young man’s mind, basically inducing him to dream about why he came to Quetta.
  40. So, was he ’over it‘? His wedding day, Kearney’s words brought it all back; it was as though he had bitten into one of Proust’s Madeleines that had the power of inducing instant recall.
  41. Adopting a slow walk, Ingrid concentrated on the driver, mentally inducing a blood clot in his head and killing him without the passenger noticing anything, being busy watching Ingrid approach.
  42. The cancer-protective compounds in kale have thus been the subject of intense research, particularly their role in blocking the growth of cancer cells and inducing cancer cell death (apoptosis).
  43. What if they ran out of fuel? Just then the plane began a gradual descent and the intercom announced they would be landing shortly, which ushered in a whole new array of panic inducing possibilities.
  44. Already overwhelmed by the maelstrom entailed in composing, peer-reviewing, and defending his thesis, what he managed to accomplish was to almost utterly derail himself by inducing a living nightmare.
  45. But soon, I had realized that it was success that began to rule our heads; hers to begin with, inducing us to acquire the trappings of wealth for the sake of those who looked up to us, so we thought.
  46. Having a sudden idea at the sight of the over one hundred young children playing in the vast playground of the market square, Guimond passed on purpose next to it while inducing his two puppies to bark.
  47. Our Sabbath-school is accustomed to make a specialty of inducing the children to learn the lesson in the Bible, believing that the Bible is the best Sabbath instruction with which we can store their minds.
  48. So, she gave orders to prevailed until she noticed that Melanie, who had never been strong since Beau was born, was inducing Pork to put only dabs of food on her plate and giving her share to the soldiers.
  49. Thy sauntered in the paddy fields and roamed about the mango groves until Sandhya became sore footed to go any farther, and ignoring her coy protests, he carried her in his arms, inducing her to cling on to him comfortably.
  50. However, this being the Kroonum system, and this being the planet Lincra… these events were barely the six thousandth, five hundredth and forty seventh most interesting/bizarre/outlandish/casualty inducing incidents of the hour.
  51. In this instance, the adverse change in the conversion basis not only meant a smaller potential profit for those who delayed conversion until after 1928 but also involved a risk of serious loss through inducing conversion at the wrong time.
  52. We retreat from the need of time intensive interpersonal relationships and escape into gaming diversions that desensitize us to others' emotional needs, which are more basic and existentially satisfying than mere triggered serotonin inducing behaviors.
  53. My fear of inducing a false security on the part of His Majesty's Government in their efficiency and eventual success, may have inclined me to refrain from doing them that justice in my former letters which I willingly take the present occasion to express.
  54. Deputations without and voices within had concurred in inducing that philanthropist to take a stronger measure than usual for the good of mankind; namely, to withdraw in favor of another candidate, to whom he left the advantages of his canvassing machinery.
  55. All this that I have now repeated I said to him, and much more which I cannot recollect; but it had no effect in inducing him to forego his purpose; he who has no intention of paying does not trouble himself about difficulties when he is striking the bargain.
  56. This, that first one man, then another, will drag; looking at them, a third will join; and so one by one the best men will join, until the business will be set a-going, and will move as of itself, inducing those also to join who do not yet understand why and wherefore it is being done.
  57. But lest his bare professions of love should not have the desired effect of inducing the Americans once more to place their property within his power, he directed his Minister to declare that the Berlin and Milan decrees were revoked, and should cease to have effect after the first of November.
  58. Devotion, to the Pharisee, was a means of inducing self-righteous inactivity and the assurance of false spiritual security; devotion, to the publican, was a means of stirring up his soul to the realization of the need for repentance, confession, and the acceptance, by faith, of merciful forgiveness.
  59. It occurred to the good-natured Marian that, as Tess was so tired, her discovery of her visitor's presence might have the bad effect of taking away her appetite; and Marian was thinking of inducing Tess to descend by a ladder on the further side of the stack when the gentleman came forward and looked up.
  60. People aren't afraid of zombies actually eating their selfhood, they are desensitizing themselves to the reality of what they are becoming – the Z Regeneration: zombies raised in a trance inducing culture who are willfully mindless about becoming the next carriers of Z to the world, living zombily ever after.
  61. Stimulant chemicals to replace the relaxants; short busts of high intensity electric shocks was normally the final attempt at resuscitation, but they tried as a desperate measure the method of inducing high frequency pulses directly into the limbic region in order to stimulate chemical uptake throughout the entire brain.
  62. Maso's project of inducing restricted immigration from the Canary Islands and northern Spain will solve the latter difficulty, if placed into effect; and to the former, while America financiers may still be cautious, English capitalists are winning contracts, obtaining options and making effective arrangements for aggressive investment.
  63. Here I may note in parenthesis what I only learnt long afterwards that Biiring had bluntly proposed to Katerina Niko-laevaa that they should take the old gentleman abroad, inducing him to go by some sort of strategy, letting people know privately meanwhile that he had gone out of his mind, and obtaining a doctor's certificate to that effect abroad.
  64. Moreover, under every government without exception everything is kept back that might emancipate and everything encouraged that tends to corrupt the people, such as literary works tending to keep them in the barbarism of religious and patriotic superstition, all kinds of sensual amusements, spectacles, circuses, theaters, and even the physical means of inducing stupefaction, as tobacco and alcohol, which form the principal source of revenue of states.
  65. This stupefaction and brutalization is accomplished by taking the men at that youthful age when they have not yet had time to form any firm convictions in regard to morality, and, having removed them from all natural conditions of human life, from home, family, native district, rational labour, locking them all up together in narrow barracks, dressing them up in peculiar garments, and making them, under the influence of shouts, drums, music, glittering objects, perform daily exercises specially invented for the purpose, and thus inducing such a state of hypnosis in them that they cease to be men, and become unthinking machines, which are obedient to the command of the hypnotizer.
  66. Last night’s Research was the most arduous, fear inducing,.
  1. Of the E induced mental.
  2. I was going to be induced.
  3. The F flat flaw induced twisted.
  4. Maria's guilt had induced Julia's folly.
  5. Human induced global warming of course.
  6. Still Tess could not be induced to remount.
  7. Leninism induced by the Soviets, and in no.
  8. Maria’s guilt had induced Julia’s folly.
  9. The new heart was induced to beat, and the.
  10. The services induced a kind of trance in him.
  11. I don't know what induced me to meddle again.
  12. The Shamen induced these states so that they.
  13. The fact that methylphenidate induced craving.
  14. That induced bercianos their duty to fulfill.
  15. The activity is electrically induced and could be.
  16. They could not be induced to come on to the hearth.
  17. He was induced to visit a psychiatrist who, after.
  18. She’s in an induced coma, just an inch from death.
  19. Corey hadn't completely recovered from the induced.
  20. She shivered, hoping it was only an alcohol induced.
  21. The dullness induced by the sedative washed over him.
  22. She and her whole family by propaganda were induced.
  23. Before the electricity induced water has a chance to.
  24. Nothing was said about the glow of beauty induced by.
  25. Darek was roused from his artificially induced slumber.
  26. At least Diamond in her dust induced state thought so.
  27. It was my wife’s birthday and she was being induced.
  28. I don’t know what induced him to do it, but he did.
  29. Raskolnikov meanwhile induced someone to run for a doctor.
  30. Everything I know is an electrified induced nightmare.
  31. He was induced to avoid these topics for several reasons.
  32. But what had induced the latter to receive him like that?
  33. I couldnt help it but that question induced a farting spree.
  34. Tramell's expression of interest induced the man to continue.
  35. Besides, nothing would have induced him to consent to leave me.
  36. Adam said 22 has him in an induced coma because of severe burns.
  37. You will have to go with him, and then he may be induced to go.
  38. But what had induced the latter to receive him like that? What.
  39. Perhaps he’d just hadn’t heard, in his alcohol induced sleep.
  40. The girls had somehow escaped from the induced dream state earlier.
  41. For, if it is an induced state, I shall have nothing to do with it.
  42. And then he induced Mamma Valerius to indulge a queer whim of his.
  43. It induced me to hope that Miss Havisham meant us for one another.
  44. He, therefore, had been induced to offer the following resolution:.
  45. In this way we can see that the evaluation of induced altered states.
  46. It is also worth mentioning that fetishes induced by the society, for.
  47. Something in the little dog's eye, or his action, had induced the rich.
  48. But the most ordinary juvenile student could not be induced to accept it.
  49. Something came into my head which induced me to run after him, as he was.
  50. I suppose you could say that, but his induced reality is every bit as.
  51. With hypnotism, the conscious mind is placed in abeyance through induced.
  52. That is to say, I have induced him to sign notes of hand in Albert's name.
  53. He did not want to be induced into sleep or whatever else she had in mind.
  54. Burkett told me my correct diagnosis was "seizure induced psychosis" and.
  55. The attention is induced by the beauty and attractive nature of the object.
  56. What I want to know is how he induced some compassionate soul to shoot him.
  57. Let me tell you that it is all sanctimonious, egoic, warped society induced.
  58. Curiosity, or perhaps a better feeling, induced him to approach the stranger.
  59. He was, by these considerations, induced to offer the following resolution:.
  60. Cause of death – congestive heart failure induced by an embolized thrombus.
  61. Later on, I figured that I must have got an LSD induced attack of the braves.
  62. Nothing would have induced me to look her straight in the face at that moment.
  63. Was there anything in your letter which might have unbalanced him or induced.
  64. He felt that she deliberately induced her pregnancy in an attempt to trap him.
  65. In his later years he was induced to adopt some of themetrical forms invented.
  66. You could have induced him either to go away in his steamer or even to join you.
  67. A real sleep, not the impaired sleep induced from exposure to Kelvan technology.
  68. Stressed induced asthma attack, Tammas said, guessing about the stress part.
  69. I don’t understand what could have induced him to do such an evil deed, but he.
  70. Indeed, traumatically induced OBEs may share the closest approximations to the NDE.
  71. And had I had an idea of it, nothing should have induced me to accept the necklace.
  72. Mary had said if he could only be induced to return to the church all would be well.
  73. He thought he knew at least one way in which the prisoner might be induced to speak.
  74. They think the present state of induced passion is sufficient to prevent arrangement.
  75. This is an image, which no orthodox preacher in modern times can be induced to employ.
  76. Pope) to have induced him to terminate his speech with an oration hostile to the press.
  77. He expressed his sense of the motive which had induced the gentleman from Tennessee (Mr.
  78. I went to the hospital in the hopes of an induced labour, but was told to at least wait.
  79. It was as well; otherwise it would’ve been a shame to have induced him to desert her.
  80. No amount of money could have induced him to carry this out for idle curiosity or vanity.
  81. The conclusion was induced by the phenomena, for nothing was farther from our expectations.
  82. A short-term capital outflow induced by a monetary shock creates a payments imbalance that.
  83. She holds a vial of something under his nose till he wakes from his apparent drug induced.
  84. However, profits generated by time decay are accompanied by losses induced by price changes.
  85. The enemy, we are told, has been induced to hold out under the idea that America will yield.
  86. When the hypnotic state is induced, it invariably produces a heightened action of the heart.
  87. She, witness, had often tried to reason with her mother and had induced her to join a League.
  88. Her head is suddenly very clear and her tongue has lost the rough edge induced by the brandy.
  89. Matthew always felt that the Hippie reference to Love was more induced by drugs than sentiment.
  90. Then, what induced you to take charge of such a little doll as that? (pointing to Adèle).
  91. I woke up from my induced unconsciousness and gradually came to an awareness of my surroundings.
  92. Lay up in the bed, Sandhya tried to fathom the persona of the man that induced love in her heart.
  93. His sleep induced haze cleared in milliseconds when he recognized who had broken into his house.
  94. Nothing in the world could have induced him to take a step towards "that rogue"; but he suffered.
  95. Just something that made women trust me, nay, more than that: that induced them to confide in me.
  96. I would not even attempt to understand the whim that induced Captain Nemo to take us into this gulf.
  97. Many of the symptoms suggest it might be transporter induced diabetis, coupled with an inner ear.
  98. This fraction of Muslims had induced colleagues to embrace Islam and a few responded in affirmative.
  99. Not once could they be induced to shudder at the thought, on great starry nights, of infinite space.
  100. LILD stands for “Lucid Induction of Lucid Dreams”, or sometimes, “Lucidly Induced Lucid Dream”.
  1. The colors and art induces desire.
  2. It induces great concentration of mind.
  3. This short-chain fat y acid also induces.
  4. Sin is an imagined state that induces guilt.
  5. A factor that induces bodily or mental tension.
  6. Chaos is the element that generally induces stress.
  7. Illiquidity induces appropriate, long-term behavior.
  8. M: His own being affects his mind and induces a response.
  9. The pressure in the nozzles induces torque in the rotor [14].
  10. The transmitter and the liquid that induces the simulation.
  11. Viral marketing works best when it induces websites or visitors to.
  12. The views that Li Hongzhi induces practitioners to despise and to be.
  13. A variety of dishes overworks the stomach, induces capricious appetite and.
  14. The birth of the child induces the spirit of goodwill within our words and deeds.
  15. What you have just said induces me to hope that you intend breakfasting with me.
  16. Cocaine induces constriction of coronary and cerebral vessels in both humans and in.
  17. Therefore, the reasons for migration can be articulated with the issue that induces.
  18. Repeated exposure to a branding message induces involuntary associations in the mind.
  19. The habitual, even moderate, use of alcohol (not even to the point of intoxication) induces.
  20. It would be intoxicating if it weren't for the visceral fear of mutilation and death it induces.
  21. Instead, with all the assurance that deductive reasoning from a wrong premise induces in one, Mr.
  22. At the same time the principle of portfolio diversification induces the opposite tendency—to increase this number.
  23. Further increase of the averaging period induces further growth of the effectiveness indicator but at a slower rate.
  24. Another experimenter administered a known mutagen—a substance that induces mutations, into the diet of a pregnant rat.
  25. Do not give to mares in foal (induces contractions) because it is oxytocic and do not use when gastric ulcers are present.
  26. Practice of Mantra induces that specific environment within you that is very essential for the seed of God to be sprouted in you.
  27. It induces a false sense of elation, it encourages a false sense of values, and it produces a false view of the world and of yourself.
  28. Later experimentation proved that adding thyroid extracts to the water induces or hastens metamorphosis of tank-kept Mexican salamanders.
  29. The dragon induces you in pyramid shape meditations; shaking meditation and iconic sights and urges you to have chats with psychics.
  30. And here I will observe, there is no attribute in my nature which induces me to take sides with those who contend for a choice of masters.
  31. Moreover, claims that Capitalism induces companies into gouging are also inaccurate because unrestrained market forces remedy gouging.
  32. The present Civil War induces Americans toward the same glowing image, a fresh icon of perfection ornamented in a more chic and alluring design.
  33. But its specialties please, and one can sit through this little entertainment without that sense of degradation that the brand sometimes induces.
  34. Providence at length loses patience and sends her lover's spirit, to all appearances as if in the flesh, who induces the unfortunate maiden to elope.
  35. Last, online editor of The Weekly Standard, sees Hibbs’ book as expressing a realization that rampant nihilism induces the flattening of man, a.
  36. Injected into a vein it induces a mental state similar to acute alcoholism within 60 seconds, explained the German enthusiastically, his eyes gleaming with pride.
  37. It is this hormone that, at the very beginning of a safely established love affair, induces the man’s sensations of elation, unexpected easiness, and the impetus to flirt.
  38. A spiritually fruitful person induces cohesion with one another by welcoming the spirit of love to bring acceptance, belonging, and intimacy through tolerance of varying lifestyles.
  39. It induces also—among intelligent security buyers at least—a more intensive examination of the corporate picture than would ordinarily be made in viewing a security from the investment angle.
  40. More facts courtesy of Ozzie Boone: The victim of rabies suffers intense thirst, but any attempt to drink induces violent, agonizing spasms of the throat, hence the word hydrophobia, fear of water.
  41. The one factor that frequently induces creditors to agree to voluntary exchanges is to show the creditors that there is a significant downside risk for them if they do not participate in the offer.
  42. The white magician reaches towards a state of mind in which nothing is important, whereas the black magician induces a state of mind in which one’s lower self is the most important thing in the universe.
  43. While he reached his flat with that reflection, once he hit the pillow, Sandhya reoccupied his mind, ‘Surely there’s something in her that induces a serene desire that’s conducive to peaceable love life.
  44. On the Internet, viral marketing is any marketing technique that induces websites or users to pass on a marketing message to other sites or users, creating a potentially exponential growth in the message's visibility and effect.
  45. A very little information held by a few individuals right at the start of the cascade induces a great number of individuals to abandon their own collectively more substantial information and instead imitate the early innovators.
  46. Barnes that induces in me a strange submissiveness, a strange acceptance of her ordering of our days, I am for the first time, not only in my own house, but in any house that I can remember where I have stayed, being entertained.
  47. Allow me, sir, to express my admiration at the more than Aristidean justice, which, in a question of territorial title between the United States and a foreign nation, induces certain gentlemen to espouse the pretensions of the foreign nation.
  48. Stock prices sink when investors have been disappointed, either by a recent event such as an earnings announcement below expectations, or by continued unsatisfactory performance that ultimately induces even patient investors to throw in the towel.
  49. Sex attraction induces to marriage and it takes the form of a promise, a hope, for happiness, which is supported by public opinion and literature; but marriage is not happiness, but always suffering, which man pays for the satisfaction of his sex desire.
  50. The result of his experiment had answered all the expectations of his policy; for the Hurons were in no degree exempt from that governing principle of nature, which induces man to value his gifts precisely in the degree that they are appreciated by others.
  51. It is noteworthy that for some pairs of criteria the increase in the number of layers induces a relatively moderate growth in the number of selected combinations, whereas for other criteria pairs addition of layers leads to a strong rise in the number of selected combinations.
  52. The change in the range of this parameter induces changes in the range of the second parameter, since it seems inappropriate to evaluate long-term options with the criterion calculated on the basis of volatility that has been estimated at the shorter period than the period of options life.
  53. It is not Fernand Mondego's treachery towards Ali Pasha which induces me so readily to excuse you, but the treachery of the fisherman Fernand towards you, and the almost unheard-of miseries which were its consequences; and I say, and proclaim it publicly, that you were justified in revenging yourself on my father, and I, his son, thank you for not using greater severity.
  54. The committee, however, have been furnished with a document, which induces the belief that Colonel Hamilton did not resign his commission until after the 28th day of October, 1783, which document is in these words: In pursuance of an act of Congress of the 30th day of September, 1783, Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton is to take rank as Colonel by Brevet, in the Armies of the United States of America.
  55. It was the feeling that induces a volunteer recruit to spend his last penny on drink, and a drunken man to smash mirrors or glasses for no apparent reason and knowing that it will cost him all the money he possesses: the feeling which causes a man to perform actions which from an ordinary point of view are insane, to test, as it were, his personal power and strength, affirming the existence of a higher, nonhuman criterion of life.
  56. But what influences the peasants, the soldiers, who stand on the lowest rung of the ladder and who derive no advantage from the existing system, who are in the most enslaved and degraded condition; what induces them to believe that the existing order, which serves to keep them in this inferior position, is the best, and one which should be maintained; and why are they willing, in order to promote this end, to violate their consciences by committing wicked deeds?
  57. During its inertial unpacking from TEC, this VVU-Information (UU-VVU-Forms) rezonationally induces, in certain parts of the VVU-Configurations of Formo-Creators and UU-VVU-copies, specific dynamics of the Creative Activity that is transformed in biological Forms into biochemical and psychomechanical reactions that simultaneously provide VVU-Configurations of these Formo-Creators and Formo-copies with a new Experience (new frequency), which is the main reason of their inertial refocusings into the next (among already existing ones in this skrruullerrt system!) VVU-Configuration of a slightly higher quality.

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