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  1. And Pi is the famous.
  2. We also know that pi (3.
  3. Of the math formula Pi.
  4. In its Pi numbers form.
  5. C for classical) Pi math.
  6. With Pi being the fabled.
  7. You see, Pi approximates to 3.
  8. Pi times the radius squared.
  9. Clo se En coun ters of Em pi re.
  10. Sea at a place called Pi Hahiroth.
  11. Where the rounding Pi curving lines.
  12. He could calculate pi in his head, but.
  13. It showed Pi Mensae with lines that Erin.
  14. As a teen, Kim had built models of PI ships.
  15. He turned back around to face the two PI ships.
  16. They are the last two sentient PI ships in existence.
  17. Pi is earned iff the job is completed by its deadline.
  18. At that point the size of the universe would be pi x 1 or 3.
  19. Several of the Mu Theta Pi brothers were among the mugshots.
  20. We are only a battleship, two PI ships and a convoy escort.
  21. Kim’s family sent her a PI ship for a wedding present.
  22. The two PI ships disappeared as they jumped into hyper drive.
  23. The four teens and their PI ships returned to the cargo ship.
  24. However the mathematic constants such a pi or E are always the.
  25. The PI ships turned tail on the 210 and appeared to try to escape.
  26. To properly describe this curving one would have to use pi in the.
  27. I’d rather be the pasty PI than the pansy PI in the eyes of SDPD.
  28. They all wore Greek-party T-shirts: Pi Phi Tie-Dye and Fiji Island.
  29. Varsity and Freshmen Defeat California Crews, PI, April 14, 1934.
  30. In this case we have the only outcome (N=1) with probability pi = 1.
  31. Prices of Investment Banker have multiplied by pi in the last few hours.
  32. Varsity Boat Wins by 3 Lengths, PI, April 19, 1936; George Varnell, U.
  33. You can attach your PI ships to it and tether the Class Five to make the run.
  34. Soon, information from Johnny’s PI began to trickle in about John and Gladys.
  35. Pi to be especially true, even though I hadn’t missed a meal in about two years.
  36. Wren’s sixteen PI ships hyper jumped to planned coordinates ringing the planet.
  37. PI ships are designed for battles in space and not for working inside an atmosphere.
  38. A few pirates wandered by, but after being greeted by the PI ships did not stay long.
  39. As difficult as it might be, he needed to find used PI ships to fill out his squadron.
  40. Anyways, my PI contacted me and told me that Santiago was in New York and was keeping.
  41. If you used 1-12 as your root: the value of Pi automatically becomes a simple fraction.
  42. This is why the value of Pi is an endlessly repeated decimal fraction of a vicious cycle.
  43. The PI ships were now well inside the perimeter guarded by the system’s interceptors and.
  44. The PI ships, without human crews, under Tracker’s leadership, maintained defensive patrol.
  45. Their reactors detonated and the sky was empty except for two PI ships and four scared teens.
  46. The two PI ships that had been sent home for repair had been repaired and assigned escort duty.
  47. PI ships, convoy escorts and a few destroyers were the only ships capable of a short hyper jump.
  48. The move Greg called for required navigation so accurate that only the PI could accomplish the task.
  49. At the rendezvous point, the PI ships were dismounted from the tender and the Glass-ruptors attached.
  50. Up to this point the PI ships had been up against small nimble lightly armed ships with limited armor.
  51. When the ships were at the ideal point, one missile launched from each of the PI ships’ rear tubes.
  52. In order to understand physics applying in cosmology I had to start by dissecting the set-up forming pi.
  53. That and our love were as constant and unchanging as the mathematical pi and as infinite as its decimals.
  54. C, ST, July 6, 1936; and Royal Brougham, Huskies Win Olympic Tryouts in Record Time, PI, July 6, 1936.
  55. The missiles performed flawlessly and there was nothing left to laser after the PI ships completed their loop.
  56. When Elizabeth left port she carried eight PI ships and three hundred people, half of whom were medical staff.
  57. With the six little ships half an hour away from missile range, the two PI ships opened fire with their lasers.
  58. For more about Royal Brougham, see Dan Raley, The Life and Times of Royal Brougham, PI, October 29, 2003.
  59. There wasn’t a character in the whole of The Pi Root of Oedipus who wouldn’t have made the observation ward.
  60. I’m sure all of this stuff is somewhere in cyber space, but it sure looked like they hired a PI to check me out.
  61. I understand that a PI ship can take control of another ship and run it as if the bigger ship functioned normally.
  62. Crews Win All Three Races: California Crushed, PI (an undated clipping in John White’s collection of materials).
  63. The heat shields on the bottom of the PI ships were designed to take the impact of a laser or small missile without damage.
  64. One group continued toward the convoy and one turned back around to face the two PI ships that had attacked them from behind.
  65. In about a month’s time, Johnny Hyde’s PI came back with the news: John Eley was a bigamist—he had another wife in Idaho.
  66. The PI consultants worked closely with the IT Governance Board - making bi-weekly progress reports, and asking advice as needed.
  67. Ulbrickson’s experimentations with different boatings are chronicled in his logbook as well as in coverage by the ST and PI.
  68. Since Greg first set foot in a PI ship, no member of the extended Solomon family has ever been killed in battle, Matilda said.
  69. I had heard Saturn Industries was shutting down the last production line of the PI in favor of in-system interceptors, Wren said.
  70. If the item was supposed to last 10 years then (Pi + 10 Pu)/10 would be the expected pollution per item used in the Best calculation.
  71. These mining, processing, manufacturing pollutions could be added up per item to yield a Pi, a constant number or total pollution per item in fabrication.
  72. While using a two-handed grip, I executed a series of spin moves, deep knee bends and rolls that I had practiced a few dozen times during my first year as a PI.
  73. Since the PI ships could operate in space and take off or land from a normal runway, they made the most sense to be included in the planet’s defense network.
  74. PI ships are immune to Disruptor missiles and the remainder of the ships in the mass of swirling warships were designed to absorb significant amounts of laser damage.
  75. Colony service requested and Stellar agreed that four of the PI ships should stay on station with their crews to defend against pirates or further Swordsman activity.
  76. A major element of the reinvestigation was the PI and it was often the best, single source for information regarding the personal history of an applicant or incumbent.
  77. They sent the tender with the two most heavily damaged PI ships and such personnel as wanted to go to the nearest Stellar depot with as much frozen food as they could carry.
  78. The proposal by PI suggested initial development of process maps (using PI's Language of Work Model) for the various (As Is) existing IT functions throughout the organization.
  79. Instead of filling in a binomial tree with the underlying prices Si, j at each node, we can instead fill in the tree with option values, either Ci, j for calls or Pi, j for puts.
  80. I did notice that I got the largest slice of pie for dessert, and this fact was not wasted on Hal, as I saw him doing the mental math, conceding me the larger arc of pie; or was it pi?
  81. Ulbrickson’s equivocations over who should row as varsity against California are documented in a series of articles in the ST, PI, and NYT throughout April 1935, all cited in my online notes.
  82. The three of us focused on one frame at a time as the dozen digital shots PI Joseph Podesta had taken of a blond woman in profile, sitting with a possible hit man in his SUV, came up on the screen.
  83. Royal Brougham’s firsthand account of the race was never published because of the news writers’ strike in Seattle; however, he hearkened back to it in That Day Recalled, PI, July 24, 1976.
  84. Are you aware that Reality has its own network and you are the cast it votes thumbs up or down on? A Urit in a guillotine appeared before a panel that had amongst its member judges Pi, Azure, and Gravity.
  85. They could barely make out the remains of the corrals where they had kept their horses, but the deep ruts left by the PI ships, Buddy and Daisy, could still plainly be seen where they had rolled in from the lake.
  86. Using the PI ships and small picket ships as glorified tow trucks, forty of the laser armed containers were flung into position around the small moons that held the smallest of the outlying Swordsman defensive bases.
  87. When the Queen Elizabeth departed for the long straight shot for Eretz she carried four PI ships and a couple score of people including Kim and Wren’s four children all of whom had been born on the Queen Elizabeth.
  88. Since virtually no one else used short hyper jumps with ships other than PI ships and there were not a lot of PI ships still in service and no one else used them in a fleet, there was only one force that could be attacking this planet.
  89. Having determined the locations of the weapons satellites from the first pass by the glass recon drones, after verifying that the communications satellites were dead, the PI ships attacked the weapons satellites with Disruptor missiles.
  90. What I see is my husband spending a greater amount of time at work than he ever has, an analytical way of going through the motions in bed, and a gorgeous, well-proportioned colleague that could seduce pi into switching to a rational number.
  91. After considerable discussion, aware of who might still be alive on the surface of the planet, Rachel agreed with Suwanee’s suggestion that Suwannee and Dustin should go first with one of the med ships under cover of the PI ships and the armed drones.
  92. He keeps a tab of the Santa Clauses and Jesuses… or is it ‘Jesi?’ No matter, he will show the ratio is fast approaching e to the power of pi with every year… and when it passes that number the demons will overrun the earth! Numbers don’t lie!.
  93. In this condensed version, I use the following abbreviations: ST (Seattle Times), PI (Seattle Post-Intelligencer), WD (University of Washington Daily), NYT (New York Times), DH (New York Daily Herald), HT (New York Herald Tribune), and NYP (New York Post).
  94. The convoy escorts jumped to another close-in interceptor base, but where the first base had been thrown off by their drive to engage the PI ships, this second base was further away and had launched its ships by the time the escorts arrived, but the ships were still close to the base.
  95. I have reassembled Ulbrickson’s remarks based on the press coverage in Clarence Dirks, “Husky Mentor Sees New Era for Oarsmen: Crews Adopt ‘On to Olympics’ Program as They Launch 1935 Campaign,” PI, January 15, 1935, and “Husky Crew Can Be Best Husky Oarsmen,” WD, January 15, 1935.

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  1. Pied Piper of Hamlin, n.
  3. Dryva had told me that he was called the Pied Piper.
  4. Harold and I followed like she was the pied piper and we.
  5. The new economy bubble of 1994-2000 had its own pied pipers.
  6. This is what makes them seductive tunes for the pied piper’s pipe.
  7. The moment she stepped out to address rallies, she became the Pied Piper of Amethi.
  8. Heron has described how a pied peacock was eminently attractive to all his hen birds.
  9. One interesting aspect of the bubble was that many of the pied pipers were actual people.
  10. The pied pipers of the financial world are the early advocates of these investment themes.
  11. I liken the rationalizations that emerge in these situations to the Pied Piper of Hamelin.
  12. Angular planets are puppet masters, or Pied Pipers, who have everyone dancing to their tune.
  13. They went to Les Halles in the small hours of the morning and had onion soup at Pied de Cochon.
  14. The mother gives me a weird look like perhaps she’s jealous or she thinks I’m the pied piper.
  15. Tiens, quel petit pied! Staunch friend, a brother soul: Wilde's love that dare not speak its name.
  16. Here were three pied pipers that enabled the bullish crude oil crowd to grow to enormous size by mid-2008.
  17. During the big move in crude oil prices from $40 in 2004 to $140 in 2008, the pied piper of peak oil played a very seductive tune.
  18. The bear crowd of 2001-2002 had its own pied pipers, but they were not as plainly visible as the ones that had enabled the preceding bubble.
  19. The crowd searches for scapegoats, and those it finds become inverted pied pipers, repelling listeners with the dissonant music of their pipes.
  20. I followed him as if in a trance, like a child being led by the Pied Piper, running, sprinting behind him unable to close the gap between us no matter how hard I tried.
  21. The philosophers of collective repression, comfortable and tenured, puffing on their pied pipes of illusion, may never intend to go out and do anything themselves to effect their barbaric theories.
  22. Investors’ human aversion to ambiguity and uncertainty, coupled with their limited capacity for scientific thinking, leaves them vulnerable to pied piper explanations for the run-up or the drop in prices.
  23. If green woodpeckers alone had existed, and we did not know that there were many black and pied kinds, I dare say that we should have thought that the green colour was a beautiful adaptation to conceal this tree-frequenting bird from its enemies; and consequently that it was a character of importance, and had been acquired through natural selection; as it is, the colour is probably in chief part due to sexual selection.
  24. The cycle of birth and death • cosmological analogy • business competitors and value investors eventually cause the death of the crowd • once the crowd disintegrates, a new crowd often starts to form in response to the extended movement of prices • crowd formation causes (and in turn is caused by) excessive price volatility • bearish crowds are different from bullish ones • the 1994-2000 stock market bubble • stock market valuation and Tobin’s q ratio • it’s different this time • the new information economy • shattered dreams • the bear crowd of 2000-2002 • the quest for certainty • the conflict between science and certainty • every opinion has its rationale • instinctual belief • the need for affirmation • pied pipers lead the crowd • mental unity of crowds • intolerance of contrary views • examples from the 1994-2000 bubble • Julian Robertson, Stanley Druckenmiller, and Gail Dudack • Allan Sloan and America Online (AOL) • social and financial pressure on unbelievers • price volatility and homogeneous thinking in crowds • price volatility is one sign that a crowd is mature.
  1. She laid the pies on.
  2. And I've et worse pies.
  3. Why Lemon Pies Become Watery.
  4. Cold joints galore and mince pies.
  5. Someone was selling meat pies nearby.
  6. And sees I've baked those pumpkin pies.
  7. Also, please give us two pies, I said.
  8. On the menu were possum and venison pies.
  9. This makes one very large to two small pies.
  10. We would have eaten pies from your fresh meat.
  11. But I was disguised with shaving foam pies.
  12. Remove pies from oven and cover with topping.
  13. And that was when the cow pies really hit the fan.
  14. Working mathematical equations is like baking pies.
  15. American tarts and pies are in a class of their own.
  16. Please try to eat something other than orgot pies.
  17. Developing the Income, Revenue, and Expenditure Pies.
  18. No pies, cakes, no hard liquor, not even too much sex.
  19. And pies in wire cages and oranges in pyramids of four.
  20. LP and Ingrid didn't stay long after finishing their pies.
  21. Hope you enjoy the finest minced orgot pies in Iathera!�.
  22. The pies shrank, shrank some more, then disappeared entirely.
  23. It does no good to learn pie recipes years before baking pies.
  24. John had to admit, though, that the pies were incredibly tasty.
  25. I’m mad at everyone who never told me about House of Pies.
  26. It appeared that there were no pies left, nor even any chicken.
  27. The aroma of strawberry and apple pies drifted from the chimney.
  28. I bake pies and treat him as if he were alive, and then it hurts.
  29. Don't take your eyes off the pies while they're under the broiler.
  30. The pies are served and coffee is poured and Luke is still not back.
  31. Only once at Christmas she sent them all presents of pies and rolls.
  32. Bake the pies on the bottom shelf of the oven for about one hour, or.
  33. Well, actually, the imps were just breaking vases and stealing pies.
  34. Why laugh when clowns are hit by pies? We taste custard, we taste life.
  35. I’ll even treat you to a Carlisle crust, one of the fi nest meat pies in.
  36. While pies are baking, crumble topping ingredients into a bowl and mix with.
  37. She might as well have eaten pies and chocolate and not moved off the couch.
  38. Staring at the platter of minced orgot pies, Rheus looked nothing but confused.
  39. Three of Marge’s steak and ale pies, Smith said, and two more pints.
  40. Desserts can include pies, cakes, doughnuts, cookies, pastries, brownies, etc.
  41. LP didn't want to say that they were destined for the next batch of possum pies.
  42. She bet a dozen of her delicious strawberry pies that he was with Allison Carter.
  43. His pals at the convenience store raided a fresh box of moon pies for the sendoff.
  44. Gillstoups, porter bottles, and penny pies flew like balls and bomb-shells in battle.
  45. Why does that not surprise me? But we were blocking the pies, so I sidled a few feet away.
  46. We not only had fruits, but poultry, vegetables, cakes, pies, candies, raisins, and music.
  47. The last time Cass has smelled this delicious odor was when momma baked her pies and cakes.
  48. The moral of this discourse is that, "The child is father of the man," and men dote on pies.
  49. My arthritis is acting up, she snorted back while starting to assemble the pies with.
  50. If you don’t dance, he said, I’ll tell Fillegal about them pies you was eatin.
  51. Marge’s steak and ale pies were the closest thing Smith had come to his Gran’s cooking.
  52. Young men with bare chests carried trays of tiny party pies and prawn balls amongst the guests.
  53. Luke mentioned the store had pies already prepared, but quickly shut up at the look on my face.
  54. Again he wondered if it was scrambled but couldn't come up with anything better than SAY DIE PIES.
  55. These pies will not harm children, and are very inexpensive, as compared to those made of mincemeat.
  56. And I hope there'll be a celestial substitute for pies and doughnuts--something that has to be MADE.
  57. I signed my book for mouth-breathing kids who asked me jarring questions, like did my mom cook pies.
  58. The bakery across the lane had pies in the window, and a fragrant smoke rose from the chimney stack.
  59. Thanks Whitton, he said, can I get you a drink? It’s the least I can do, the pies on me too.
  60. Shortly after they were joined by Matt, who looked like he had been pelted with about fifty cream pies.
  61. Representing the millions of pies they ate in their greed; when the first Dutch lowlanders became rich.
  62. Mother's most memorable pies were strawberry, coconut, chocolate, caramel, and Daddy's favorite, pecan.
  63. There’s a million ice cream cones up ahead and ten billion apple pies and hundreds of summer vacations.
  64. I stopped by Ann’s house — you know my friend who sells those mouth-watering pies to café’s?
  65. The aroma of baked chicken, ham, turkey, apple pies, buttered corn and breaded pork chops filled the house.
  66. Stir the mixture well, put it into clean jars, and tie down with parchment covers until needed for mince pies.
  67. The days would feature plenty of barbeque, steaks, chickens, ribs, sausage, cakes, pies and homemade ice cream.
  68. She made great pies and because I loved lemon meringue pie, that’s what I got for my birthday instead of cake.
  69. After receiving a tray of the small round pies from Quinn, Rheus said, �As usual, send the bill to the institute.
  70. Yet the children still doted on these tempting tarts, pies and turnovers, for were they not trotted in babyhood on a.
  71. Pies were his favorite and my mother had baking pie crusts with just the right amount of shortening, honed to a fine art.
  72. After Rheus had departed with his pies, Venarya turned to John and said, �Come, I�ll show you your room for the night.
  73. Laughing as he replaced the cover, he wondered how the man could eat so many of the darned pies and not get sick of them.
  74. You will as well, said Spock, knowing his friend, and how he always told his mum small Porky pies, lies, about gifts.
  75. London staples with a New York twist, certainly bacon sandwiches, pies, fish and chips, but also some new, radical thinking.
  76. While I might well be tucking into mince pies, I’m usually also at my trading desk watching for opportunities to make money.
  77. The wait in the dark hall amidst vaporous reek of smoldering cow pies may have only been a few minutes, but it seemed an eternity.
  78. The smells of grilling hamburgers and hotdogs, fresh popped popcorn, cooling pumpkin pies, and warm funnel cakes flavored the air.
  79. INVESTMENT OF THE HEART takes place in the Hill Country of Texas where barbecue is a meal staple and pies are a basic accompaniment.
  80. Now that Rene was home, he drove an old wagon to the Yankee camp every day and sold cakes and pies and beaten biscuits to the soldiers.
  81. And I thought of the pies so that it became impossible to think of anything else; and I held out my hair to the woman, who smiled wider.
  82. The gentleman next to them, who was selling pies, noticed the three of them rushing around, clearly doing jobs that didn’t need doing.
  83. An hour and a half limped heavily away in the thief-and-rascal crowded passages below, even though assisted off with mutton pies and ale.
  84. His long, splinter-like limbs never appeared to develop any meat on them, despite the dizzying number of pies and pastries that he consumed.
  85. At dinner they dished up fifteen hundred pounds of red meat (except on Sunday, when they served twelve hundred pounds of chicken) and 330 pies.
  86. This day had produced two pies and several hard thought-provoking discussions which felt like they had taken years off her already tumultuous life.
  87. Having finished her pies, she moved towards the clothes-horse, and said, Come here and tell me the story I told you on Wednesday, about Cincinnatus.
  88. People used to tell, laughing at Mitya, how he had given champagne to grimy-handed peasants, and feasted the village women and girls on sweets and Strasburg pies.
  89. He would buy them so that Judy could bake pies for sale in the store, sell some to other women and girls for their baking needs and cook and preserve the remainder.
  90. Had it been luck or had the magician had a hand in this as well? It appeared to Corvus that this Tamar fellow seemed to have his finger in too many pies for his liking.
  91. She went about her cooking and baking apricot pies and left foods carelessly here and there about the house on mousetrap plates for wigglenosed girls to sniff and snitch.
  92. I explained that Gladys had her fingers in all sorts of pies, so I had no idea whether the deposit was expected or not, and couldn’t ask her because of her mental state.
  93. Rodger and Kiki joined Minister Lyle, Vera and me in the small restaurant at the station, their steak and kidney pies were scrumptious but perhaps not at five in the morning.
  94. And again you saw her baking pies for God knows who in her empty house and setting them to cool in windowsills so men on the far side of the street crossed over, noses lifted, passing.
  95. Merriwether and Maybelle had made ends meet by baking pies Yankees standing in the back yard of the Merriwether home, waiting for the baking to be and selling them to the Yankee soldiers.
  96. Stay, listen; tell them to put in cheese, Strasburg pies, smoked fish, ham, caviare, and everything, everything they've got, up to a hundred roubles, or a hundred and twenty as before.
  97. She hadn’t considered the sheer number of these pies, or the volume of paper that went along with each: earnings reports, public utterances, letters of interest, memoranda of understanding.
  98. Casselli maintains that he is a retired businessman, but he is rumored to have a finger in the pies of a dozen Italian industries, and his name appears on many building sites around the country.
  99. Is it strange that, with this ancestral nursery training, the cry against the use of pastry goes unheeded, when as children, we, too, have sung to us, over and over, the songs of tarts and pies?
  100. And beside them, the nickel phonograph with records piled up like pies, ready to swing out to the turntable and play dance music, “Ti-pi-ti-pi-tin,” “Thanks for the Memory,” Bing Crosby, Benny Goodman.

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