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Picket in a sentence

He was lean as a picket.
There was a white, picket.
Mostly, the big picket line was a bust.
You run your fingers along a picket fence.
We leaned nonchalantly on the picket fence.
One time he got that jaw broke in a picket line.
Half of the picket ships would need to be replaced.

Two picket ship tenders were damaged beyond repair.
The white picket fence at the next mansion was charred.
Anyhow, Frank escorted me to his white picket fence then.
We had a beautiful white picket fence on the peripheral.
The battle subsided into a desultory picket fire at sunset.
The only sound on the air came from the trailing picket pin.
He believes his men killed or captured the entire picket.
Although there was a white picket fence on the periphery of.
Rachel regrouped her squadron close to the picket mother ship.
Both Joe and his friend Liam Brosnan were on the picket lines.
They had picked up four picket ships with their pilots at New St.
I did join fraternities, picket, pass petitions, take it to court.
Ah, that’s the way to talk French, said the picket soldiers.
And evidence suggests there were 2 shooters behind the picket fence.
Small picket ships were stationed in a textbook pattern around the system.
It can be fired from any of our P I and picket ships without modification.
And if they close the plant what can you do? Picket an empty factory?
What were you feeling when you attacked the patrol picket mother ship?
It had a high mansard roof with a picket fence on top and a tower made them.
They enter through the white picket gate as Rico asks, Who lives here?
The two dozen picket ships that guarded them were no match for the destroyers.
Each had its own little yard, surrounded and separated by white picket fences.
What would you have done if the picket ship had come within missile range?
Robinson, I notice that you live in a yard with a white picket fence around it.
There was but one sharp post in the picket fence, and it was higher than the rest.
As they reach the picket gate, Cass tells him, I have a proposition to offer you.
It was Scargill who devised the strike-winning strategy of the Flying Picket.
The man strode purposefully to the low picket fence that separated their properties.
There are no flower boxes hanging on windows, or flower gardens behind picket fences.
The invaders would soon reach the picket line bordering their region with Mystic Down.
Wed live in a white mansion with a white picket fence enclosing a large manicured lawn.
Rachel’s sensors detected the picket ships moving closer to take positions behind her.
I followed Ben through the gate in the white picket fence and admired his childhood home.

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