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Picket in a sentence

the picket mother ship.
He was lean as a picket.
There was a white, picket.
white picket fences of their home.
Mostly, the big picket line was a bust.
from the world by a white picket fence.
You run your fingers along a picket fence.

We leaned nonchalantly on the picket fence.
village, down to roses around the picket gate.
white picket fence, along with two lovely cats.
wire instead of a white picket fence around it.
One time he got that jaw broke in a picket line.
beautiful trees and occasional white picket fences.
Half of the picket ships would need to be replaced.
Two picket ship tenders were damaged beyond repair.
picket jewelry stores that sell wedding bands to Gays.
The white picket fence at the next mansion was charred.
Anyhow, Frank escorted me to his white picket fence then.
We had a beautiful white picket fence on the peripheral.
The battle subsided into a desultory picket fire at sunset.
beautiful home, with a beautiful white picket fence on its.
He believes his men killed or captured the entire picket.
Although there was a white picket fence on the periphery of.
Rachel regrouped her squadron close to the picket mother ship.
Both Joe and his friend Liam Brosnan were on the picket lines.
large lawn, bordered by a white picket fence and all the other.
They had picked up four picket ships with their pilots at New St.
in their dream home; a mansion with a white picket fence, said.
I did join fraternities, picket, pass petitions, take it to court.

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Synonyms for picket

picket piquet pale lookout scout sentinel sentry spotter watch