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Sentry in a sentence | sentry example sentences

  1. Jacques was a willing sentry.
  2. He turned to another sentry.
  3. A sentry at the bridge ignored her.
  4. Their sentry ships will notice it.
  5. The sentry at the hole was Marjoram.

  6. A sentry appeared on the far side of.
  7. That white-trash asshole on sentry duty.
  8. The sentry on the landing presented arms.
  9. The Army base sentry finally stepped aside.
  10. The sentry confronted them and then smiled.
  11. Dilimon here will represent the Sentry Corps.
  12. The sentry did not notice him, and passed on.
  13. A lone sentry listening for the approach of.
  14. They climbed over the old crumbling sentry box.
  15. The noise could have been heard by the sentry.

  16. The lead vehicle stopped at the sentry station.
  17. The sentry on the ledge had not spotted him yet.
  18. At the gate, Ralph knew, was a sentry in a booth.
  19. Lieutenant Mahafee, he replied to the sentry.
  20. The sentry said belatedly: Who goes there?
  21. There will be at least one sentry on guard beyond.
  22. He thinks he’s better than all-night sentry duty.
  23. Between us and the sentry lies an open, exposed area.
  24. Stop, sir; here is the door where the sentry stands.
  25. Huck stood sentry and Tom felt his way into the alley.

  26. The regular duty guard speech was given by the sentry.
  27. It was made clear by Steve that the replacement sentry.
  28. A sentry ran up with his rie at carry and forgot the.
  29. It was getting on towards evening, when I saw the sentry.
  30. Melissa, and General Lee ordered his sentry to do the same.
  31. Carter made his way toward the door and winked at a sentry.
  32. Well yes, it is a matter of fact, confided the sentry.
  33. The replacement sentry was exiting the forest as soon as I.
  34. In a face to face battle, the sentry was no match for the P.
  35. And I’ve Translocated with Yalla’s Sentry squad before.
  36. In the hallway he hears a sentry running and shouting for help.
  37. Helez bowed when the sentry stopped her in front of the queen.
  38. The sentry stopped us at the gate and asked for our passports.
  39. As I reached the sentry, he just looked at me and waved me on.
  40. It’s none of your damn business anyway, said the sentry.
  41. Well, I don’t know, said the sentry, scratching his head.
  42. She was still strapping herself in when the sentry ship hailed her.
  43. The sentry disappeared, but came back seconds later with two others.
  44. It was the fastest way to gain welcome cover from the Castle sentry.
  45. Jumping on her feet, she ran towards where the sentry had been heard.
  46. The day before, the sentry said, ten men had been laid to rest there.
  47. The sentry was walking up and down on the other side of the courtyard.
  48. It was the Guardian leading the sentry duty and he didn’t look happy.
  49. Sulaco National Bank there, with the sentry boxes each side of the gate.
  50. Open up a channel to the sentry ship and set up rendezvous coordinates.
  51. Inside the small sentry box, Clarity heard the hoarse voice of a big dog.
  52. I’m setting all of the unmanned sentry guns to auto-fire, he said.
  53. Not knowing this, the sentry rushed over to him, yelling that he must stand.
  54. Josh glanced around from his sentry duty at the barn door when they came in.
  55. But the sentry -- unless he could kill him -- Bigwig tried to think clearly.
  56. He walked alongside the blast wall until he came to one of the sentry towers.
  57. Wally immediately dropped off, and the new sentry followed him within minutes.
  58. Orbital installations and sentry outposts appeared to be the most vulnerable.
  59. Over the wooden sentry box the sign said FORT MONMOUTH, UNITED STATES ARMY POST.
  60. Milo and I can hold them off a lot longer than the automated sentry systems.
  61. Two lounge chairs waited in silent sentry to the beautiful view of the backyard.
  62. When I passed the sentry at the Haymarket I felt inclined to go up and kiss him.
  63. He’d slashed the SUV’s tires before taking up his sentry post at the window.
  64. That sentry and another German standing along the parapet were next to disappear.
  65. Before the sentry knew what he was doing, he had obediently scurried back to the.
  66. Ariella could see the silhouettes of two Guardians behind the wall on sentry duty.
  67. Huge trees surrounded the outcrop and stood sentry over the area as they had for.
  68. The sentry, of course, did not trouble him so long as the authorities were satisfied.
  69. The sentry in the run outside should not really have let him in without asking first.
  70. Among the POWs, there was an elaborate sentry system to monitor the Bird’s movements.
  71. Action: The new sentry on guard in the corridor had orders that all must stand on the M.
  72. I thought about that cop standing sentry outside the Sarducci house and made a mental leap.
  73. He stopped struggling and I wiped my knife off on his shirt and moved on to the next sentry.
  74. She had noticed a Space Force sentry ship in the area on what appeared to be routine patrol.
  75. The Guardians on sentry duty at the compound entrance snapped to attention as they approached.
  76. In the Transcaspian Territory, when told to stand sentry with his gun, he again refuses to obey.
  77. Our group must appear as small as possible to the sentry, to reduce our chance of being spotted.
  78. The earl had already heard the routine challenge of the sentry outside his quarters, and he nodded.
  79. Fucking Bitch!!! The sentry had run to the window and now looked through it at me and he said.
  80. You know, two human wizards have intruded as far as the first sentry line near the top of the pass.
  81. Tarak looked up at the sentry tower above the gate and saw his friend bound out the door at a dead run.
  82. At least, it was well guarded, with two sandbagged sentry posts occupied by four Air Force police women.
  83. My granddad’s got the same sorry thing, Detective, and he’s only seventy-eight, the sentry said.
  84. The sentry, who was relieved every two hours, marched up and down in front of his cage with loaded musket.
  85. The city gate-house sounded its alarm bell as the tower sentry spotted the lone rider approaching Tarctiania.
  86. Within seconds, the driver runs through the gate opening, past the sentry box, and toward the barracks lobby.
  87. As he came to the end of his story, Dandelion remembered that he was supposed to be relieving Acorn as sentry.
  88. There are three levels to the structure; the top level has sentry posts at each corner and middle section.
  89. He silently pointed that man to Dean, who then split up from his partner to make his way towards that sentry.
  90. It's exchanging fire with the station and three corvettes, five sentry ships, and about two fighter divisions.
  91. Moneywort, the sentry on duty, was peering uneasily out of the mouth of the hole, but turned as he approached.
  92. On the battlements of the gatehouse a rook stood like a sentry, the sun glinting off his glossy black feathers.
  93. They were all more or less drunk, had dropped their muskets, and literally did sentry with their wooden spoons.
  94. Armed men rushed from the interior of many a hut and raced madly across the clearing toward the excited sentry.
  95. Listen up lads what I am about to relate to you is not just for when you are on sentry duty but for anytime.
  96. But our sentry ships have studied the Harbinger's exit signatures and know it is heading toward the Iota System.
  97. In the Trans-Caspian province, where he is once more ordered to serve as a sentry under arms, he refuses to obey.
  98. Striding back from the sentry lines, Conan halted as a slender cloaked figure stayed him with an outstretched hand.
  99. They passed through the secondary defense line, and surprised a sentry who was running with his dog to a guard post.
  100. A sentry was posted in each of the five turrets, which were connected by a walkway that resembled a medieval castle.

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