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    1. Perhaps this unfortunate turn of events is inevitable in light of the continuous assault over the years by the International Community (read: Modern European Democracies) whose leaders widely regard sovereign authority (other than their own) and political prestige invested in great nations with suspicion and whose (own) precipitous decline as world power brokers foreshadowed America‘s diminution of (global) influence by a half century or more

    2. With regard to PRECIPITOUS HEIGHTS, if you are beforehand with your adversary, you should occupy the raised and sunny spots, and there wait for him to come up

    3. through a series of S-bends where the coastal highway edged dangerously along a precipitous drop into the waters of the Pacific

    4. Rockefeller was also able to argue that the precipitous price drops due to oil oversupply could only be dealt with by monopoly

    5. He peered anxiously up the precipitous face of the cliff

    6. that were rioting and luxuriating but not leaping; and he cast them into a precipitous place full of this ties and thorns so that it was impossible to extricate the sheep from the thorns and thistles; but they were completely entangled amongst them

    7. ones you expected or want? There may not be a need for precipitous action, but you may be able

    8. The mercenaries began a careful march up the precipitous stairway, holding their swords and bows at the ready

    9. I put on a humorous skit at the nightclub with a handsome New Zealand ski instructor, who had led me higher up the mountain than I'd have dared on my own, then let me feel his taut bronzed abs before the precipitous descent

    10. Stalagmites and stalactites protruded at precipitous angles from the earth and ceiling

    11. Vidya, however, was too tender and trusting to understand her position until her parents showed their crassness too coarsely for her comfort in that precipitous move

    12. Trees grew thickly along the rim of the plateau east and west of the cliffs, and clung to the precipitous incline

    13. And so, under the leadership of hirelings, these ruffians laid hold upon Jesus and rushed him out of the synagogue to the brow of a near-by precipitous hill, where they were minded to shove him over the edge to his death below

    14. It was a place of surging breakers, precipitous cliffs, towering volcanoes, and open windswept slopes, all located on the most remote island in the Pacific Ocean

    15. were precipitous and should be regarded as null and void

    16. is a message of hope for you, but also one of caution: do not take precipitous actions now that could endanger you or others around you

    17. Chills and a rush of adrenaline from fear and panic immediately surged through the bodies of those who, startled by the precipitous event that came without warning, gasped or sprang to their feet upon seeing the shadowy but distinct outline of a man standing still in the open door

    18. On the windy, easterly days, he watched them glide across to Mitchell’s and work their gliders up the precipitous east face, finally getting lit up like candles by the setting afternoon sun as they rose gracefully, like soaring eagles, above the thousand foot summit of the now conquered mountain

    19. Highway 2 will always attract tourist and local alike along its winding macadam through the gorge all respectful of the towering escarpments and precipitous roadside drops to the rapids below; all respectful of the acute bends that demand caution, yet take no prisoners

    20. wrong? And so quickly? Had a troll leader ever met such a precipitous end? Did the trolls have no honor? He was the 358

    21. Even his famed campaign against the Persians owed its success to the latter's precipitous decline rather than merely to Alexander's military genius

    22. The moving in was not very easy, because of what Papa calls the precipitous nature of the district

    23. The ride was precipitous, horrific, extreme, and, fortunately, brief

    24. Seeing his father through their eyes, Joseph was suddenly mindful of the precipitous decline his dad was exhibiting

    25. “Whoa!” he exclaimed when they arrived, startled by the precipitous decline

    26. precipitous fall actually exists; that's when they get

    27. Climbing the precipitous ascent, he laughed and chattered, but she was silent, seeming to brood over something

    28. Picturesque meant - he decided after careful observation of the scenery that inspired Twoflower to use the word - that the landscape was horribly precipitous

    29. The one in question was high and precipitous; its top flattened, as usual; but with one of its sides more than ordinarily irregular

    30. Aided by Duncan and the younger Mohican, the two latter descended the precipitous sides of that hill which they had so lately ascended under so very different auspices, and whose summit had so nearly proved the scene of their massacre

    31. Though protected from any great danger of observation by the precipitous banks, and the thick shrubbery which skirted the stream, no precaution known to an Indian attack was neglected

    32. Because in middle youth he had often sat observing through a rondel of bossed glass of a multicoloured pane the spectacle offered with continual changes of the thoroughfare without, pedestrians, quadrupeds, velocipedes, vehicles, passing slowly, quickly, evenly, round and round and round the rim of a round and round precipitous globe

    33. Beyond that the hills become precipitous

    34. Three hundred feet the down rose vertically in a stretch of no more than six hundred -- a precipitous wall, from the thin belt of trees at the foot to the ridge where the steep flattened out

    35. On this course nine obstacles had been arranged: the stream, a big and solid barrier five feet high, just before the pavilion, a dry ditch, a ditch full of water, a precipitous slope, an Irish barricade (one of the most difficult obstacles, consisting of a mound fenced with brushwood, beyond which was a ditch out of sight for the horses, so that the horse had to clear both obstacles or might be killed); then two more ditches filled with water, and one dry one; and the end of the race was just facing the pavilion

    36. It was reported in Sulaco that up there "at the mountain" Don Pepe walked about precipitous paths, girt with a great sword and in a shabby uniform with tarnished bullion epaulettes of a senior major

    37. He was like a man who had ventured on a precipitous path with no room to turn, where the only chance of safety is to press forward

    38. and the precipitous range of the Cordillera, immense and motionless, emerging from the billows of the lower forests like the barren coast of a land of giants

    39. The wall was absolutely precipitous, as was that which faced me

    40. On the steep sides of the mountain they dug their rifle pits and on the towering the precipitous slopes, for mules could not climb the hillsides

    41. Our rooms were on the floor above, reached by a precipitous marble staircase; they were shuttered against the afternoon sun; the butler threw them open and we looked out on the grand canal; the beds had mosquito nets

    42. Still he went on, for his mind was as utterly narrowed into that precipitous crevice of play as if he had been the most ignorant lounger there

    43. Assuming that a 4% bond deserves to sell at par as long as it meets strict investment standards, then as soon as it falls slightly below these standards its price would suffer a precipitous decline, say, to 70; and, conversely, a slight improvement in its exhibit would warrant its jumping suddenly back to par

    44. The circumstances surrounding the rise of Atlas Tack from 1½ to 34¾ in 1933 and its precipitous fall to 10 are worth studying as a perfect example of the manipulative pattern

    45. The Schlosses are especially attracted to stocks that have gapped down in price-stocks where the price decline has been precipitous

    46. It has never missed a major drop in the market, including the sudden precipitous drop in October 1997, and has always gotten me on board near the beginning of major bull markets including the challenging year of 2009 when it signaled a major buy on March 12, 2009

    47. Adding to the increase in the price of commodities was the precipitous fall of the U

    48. If more Americans owned lifecycle funds, for example, far fewer retirees would have seen precipitous drops in their retirement accounts, because the lifecycle funds would have automatically changed to a more conservative asset allocation as they approached their golden years

    49. If your seasonal average indicates that you should sell, this could mean that a more precipitous decline will occur this year

    50. And all of it was there for the reading in the June 1986 convertible prospectus, long before the precipitous decline in the stock price began in October 1986-and not a short squeeze or buy-in in the whole saga

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    abrupt precipitous sharp hasty overhasty precipitant precipitate steep high sheer

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    done with very great haste and without due deliberation

    extremely steep