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    1. "The math would have to be the same on both planets," Luray said, "Even though I wouldn't presume to recognize an equation that could describe a stargate, I know the same ones have to hold true at each star, except for the local constants

    2. they do they will have begun to presume to know

    3. presume that all things may be observed and evaluated? Discover what is

    4. And it is in our best interest to presume the worst to come

    5. 'I know and presume nothing at this stage

    6. “I do not presume to categorize my children by tucking them under some fixed label of personality, you understand, yet it is most apparent that Titania is far more ready to spend time in the forest and mountains, or on horseback, than inside four walls however pleasant the accommodations

    7. presume you’re aware of the murder?’

    8. ‘I presume he killed Leclercq as well?’ said

    9. presume he still has a particular interest in the stability of

    10. In view of this, I can only presume

    11. place, and the document went on to presume that the

    12. ‘Let’s presume for the moment that what you say is

    13. -There are those who are afraid of ‘Judgment Day’ which they presume would take place when they cross over

    14. In order, therefore, to make out something like an argument, it was necessary that they should express themselves as they have done ; and this argument, even supposing things actually were as it seems to presume them to be, turns out to be a very inconclusive one

    15. “I can only presume that it travelled here at a higher speed

    16. He decided it was better to take one thing at a time but he had to presume that they did not have any time to waste

    17. It seems to presume perfect wisdom and virtue in the one order, and the greatest weakness and folly in the other

    18. “That was my husband’s expectation,” she said, “and I presume

    19. With respect to the officers and crew…if the facts stated by Captain Waddell are true, there is clearly no case for any persecution on the ground of piracy in the courts of this country, and we presume that her Majesty’s government is not in possession of any evidence which could be produced before any court or magistrate for the purpose of contravening the statement or showing that the crime of piracy has, in fact, been committed…With respect to any persons on the Shenandoah who cannot immediately be proceeded against and

    20. Gerrid said, ‘I presume you have some connection with Central Council

    21. "Why did you kill our patrol and steal their horses? It was their horses you were after I presume

    22. Then, in a low voice, “Do not presume to believe

    23. "I presume it is the Elven version of your story

    24. “But if I were you,” Books continued, “I wouldn’t presume it to be absolute

    25. “I would not presume to read your private correspondences

    26. As a matter of fact, I presume I arrived at the very spot he went missing

    27. Do not presume for one instance that you mails and conversations cannot be bugged in Africa

    28. “I presume you’re here for the try-out” she said in a strong instructor

    29. �Now, presume for a moment that our mysterious Mr

    30. So I presume whoever tried to open the file would have automatically wiped it? If it was working that is”

    31. ‘A woman of your age!’ What cheek! Then to presume to tell her where to vacation and, without asking, including herself! What Sylvia had been contemplating was breaking out her easels to see if she couldn’t capture all the daily hues of the valley via a series of canvases of an identical view but at four-hour intervals, yet she was taken with Caroline’s description of a Caribbean paradise

    32. There was a pervasive scent of cigar in the air, and the room was dominated by a huge sort of display on one side and of course, the only other man in the room, who I was right to presume, was Von Papen himself

    33. “I presume it is a pistol of some sort you"d be looking for - any preferences? What have you shot before?”

    34. be taking a half hour break, and will presume into Bridgeport, and New Haven

    35. I presume that was why we had our guards down cause can’t nothing happen in suburbia right? Wrong

    36. I presume that he is either pleased to have more time for me or probably just worried about me after Monday’s texts

    37. "It seems to me--if I may presume to say so--that Mr

    38. 5 Then the king Ahasuerus answered and said to Esther the queen, who is he, and where is he, who dares presume in his heart to do

    39. Perhaps even more alarming is the possibility that they are from the police, although I presume they would arrest me immediately instead of following me

    40. “I would not presume to do so

    41. “What do you presume is happening inside the reactors?”

    42. You are aware of the fishing incursions of your fellow Ferengi, I presume?”

    43. While that means Crow Town in Mongol, I was not about to presume it was named for me and just affected mild interest

    44. Your grandfather’s books I presume?”

    45. ” If this is true for weather prediction a few days in advance, how much confidence, Kaku asks, can we have in computer data that presume to predict climate decades into the future? How many of the “molecules” that would be required for an accurate prediction are missing from the equations? How much relevant data is simply not known? Is it possible to give accurate weight to each of the elements entered into the computer equations?

    46. (I presume this was a big enough problem that they had to pass this law?)

    47. "Since you invited me out, and I presume that you are buying, why don't you pick out the restaurant?"

    48. They did not ever seem worried about hiding secrets, which is what I presume to be normal

    49. continually that it was not enough to presume the sanctity of those human rights whose violation was all too familiar to the Founding

    50. Even if you presume a reality

    1. Over on the ground the presumed perp was weeping

    2. I presumed everyone was as nervous as me

    3. Most of the presumed boulders had fallen from the null spot, swooped by Narrulla, missing it by only a few hundred miles, and been flung out of the system in the direction of Kunae

    4. Just behind her stood an over-bronzed popinjay, also in white, whom I presumed was her man

    5. Glorious Morning was presumed lost and Splendid Serenity could not have reached this position in time

    6. about responsibility to a presumed guilt of misconduct

    7. The papers on the desk were employment histories that he presumed were being updated

    8. from the more formal gardens which had, he presumed, been laid out

    9. We have difficulty dissuading ourselves from the habit of thinking we are 'one;' so to not acknowledge our presumed 'unity' by avoiding saying 'I' is tantamount to denying our existence

    10. The 'mother,' it had to be presumed, because in her free hand she carried a little girl's boat hat, and a ribbon which appeared to be the missing tie of the little boy's ensemble, walked with her back as straight as a board

    11. the stables having, Tom presumed, begged a lift from the causeway in

    12. presumed she was his wife

    13. he presumed his question was being ignored, and was

    14. choir had begun what he presumed was a motet

    15. Vaillant, and Monchet presumed his presence had

    16. presumed the choice was Collette’s

    17. presumed that the man spoke no English and was

    18. lane, and we presumed they were Czech nationals

    19. presumed was the Investigator from Jaca riding through

    20. But statutes of this kind are generally presumed to provide with equal care for all deviations from the middle price, for those below it, as well as for those above it

    21. river, which they presumed were the kidnappers mounting

    22. It maybe presumed, that he actually does so upon some particular occasions

    23. But since the disappearance of the architects’ ship, and its passengers presumed dead, all space agencies had agreed to halt their manned programs

    24. They were taught to do so, it may very safely be presumed, by the clergy of his own dominions

    25. But in the present times, through the greater part of Europe, a creditable day-labourer would be ashamed to appear in public without a linen shirt, the want of which would be supposed to denote that disgraceful degree of poverty, which, it is presumed, nobody can well fall into without extreme bad conduct

    26. Tobacco being a luxury, every man is allowed to buy or not to buy as he chuses ; but salt being a necessary, every man is obliged to buy of the farmer a certain quantity of it ; because, if he did not buy this quantity of the farmer, he would, it is presumed, buy it of some smuggler

    27. “Forget it,” he thought and presumed sex was off the agenda

    28. and had presumed with typical vanity that it was her behaviour

    29. Thoughts could be presumed from reading these emotions though words were not transferred which made it difficult to know when his friend was ready

    30. It was presumed that the Accursed had played a part in organizing that invasion, through dealings with the Dark One during their visits to Kerak’Otozi

    31. Affirmative Action Baby who, in her dissertation at Princeton, failed to give mention to the many opportunities that America has afforded her, choosing to concentrate on presumed instances of less than equal treatment

    32. Jean presumed she was recommended in an attempt to get her out of their territory

    33. The law does not take kindly to such behaviour as it is presumed in law that a woman's virginity is a serious matter (as it is and should be) for once broken it stays broken even if physically repaired

    34. We, as a people, have, on a very disturbing level, grown increasingly less ―diverse‖ in spite of our presumed diversity

    35. 69,195 people killed, 374,177 injured, and 18,392 missing and presumed dead in the Chengdu-Lixian-Guangyuan area

    36. I presumed it was his work that occupied his thoughts so much, preventing him from speaking nonstop over irrelevant matters, like the old Spencer I’d grown to love

    37. Her dark blue powdered eyes pierced my core with spits of fire as she told me to sit and wait in a gruff voice which I presumed she had inherited from all the cigarettes she clearly smoked

    38. I naturally presumed it was Sian’s baby as she had not dated anyone since they had broken up and she did not do the one night stand dates at all

    39. There exists an underlying current of confidence inherent in teleological designs reposed in a (presumed) understanding of ―things‖

    40. I presumed that since I had not heard from Dena after checking in on her this morning, that she was either feeling better or had got medication from Dr Preston

    41. Whoever’s voice it was, was so caressing and he – I presumed it was a he – sang as if he was singing to tell a story, an invitation for me to join him

    42. In law it is presumed that a married woman cannot be a virgin but note that there is absolutely no rule in law in this country to say that a marriage must be consummated before it becomes legal or that the wife must be a virgin when it is

    43. But then, the world, including Raul, had presumed Truman to be killed in action; what now, that he was resurrected? Portraying himself as blameless had come easily but, would it remain that way after he located Truman and heard what he had to say? Several more thoughtful puffs soothed him

    44. He had been unresponsive to shouts and presumed dead until slight movements were noticed

    45. Zabiewski saw to it that Colling was ensconced at a desk in a tiny office and provided with a sheaf of papers listing items that the Polish Red Cross was supposed to need, and which it was presumed that the Americans could provide

    46. He maneuvered the “IV stand” around his bed with what I presumed to be bags of chemo, saline, and god only knew what else were in those “intravenous bags

    47. By the time that Moses was ready to hand his spiritual mantle to his successor, it must be presumed, as implied in the text, that Joshua was at the head of a well-seasoned defense force

    48. and i presumed it was a fault with the dual axles or something like

    49. When I first met her, I presumed the

    50. She resolved if she found anything “incriminating,” she would enter his computer, but she presumed innocence

    1. A killer question is a question that presumes a falsehood, or has no valid answer, or the answer itself is a waste of time or is counterproductive

    2. “He knows you have captured and enslaved many of his people and he presumes that is what is in store for them if they give up

    3. because we have witnessed the ‘actual’ object in the past? This explanation presumes that the

    4. On the other side, mystical thinking presumes that the unknown can be positive, and that in some cases, Pandora’s Box

    5. The logic for this is never quite clear, but one presumes that they are illegal because, under the influence, you might injure someone or cause an accident

    6. 9 But Jesus earnestly warned his apostles against the foolishness of the child of God who presumes upon the Father's love

    7. presumes too much and serves up the oysters immediately, so to

    8. The child is always within his rights when he presumes to petition the parent; and the parent is always within his parental obligations to the immature child when his superior wisdom dictates that the answer to the child's prayer be delayed, modified, segregated, transcended, or postponed to another stage of spiritual ascension

    9. There cannot be any disagreement between these two requirements, the one being material and the other spiritual, unless it should develop that a Caesar presumes to usurp the prerogatives of God and demand that spiritual homage and supreme worship be rendered to him

    10. He’s owned it since before World War Two! One presumes he lived here- probably with the putative Mrs

    11. A few Parkland doctors changed their stories under threat, one presumes, to better support the government’s case

    12. “Okay,” Del said hesitantly, “but that presumes Spalding’s relationship with Stratavynski existed before the arms deal

    13. presumes that preliterate man wanted an atomic bomb in the first place

    14. A ready submission entitles him to mercy; resistance will provoke the aggressor, and his own blood must expiate the blood which he presumes to shed in legitimate defense

    15. with an egoistic and deluded mind presumes that he himself is the

    16. This of course presumes that you have started to train your subconscious and it is giving you good results

    17. presumes that what you want is already on its way

    18. mass of what any object presumes to have, which I prove in this book and in all my other books, is clearly

    19. No one can be said to be completely enlightened in a literal sense, for applying the notion of completion to the realm of truth presumes its finitude

    20. This presumes that the fossils themselves are

    21. ” He presumes to show us we have misunderstood the whole category of the English language

    22. is the achieving of inner integrity, which presumes the synthesis of

    23. Our friend Glendon presumes quite a lot, it seems to me

    24. She presumes he wanted to get the child out of the house and away from Jennifer

    25. There is often some hypothesis that presumes that investors are rational and risk neutral, and argues that expected returns are equated across assets if any asset’s initial carry advantage is offset by expected capital losses (which reflect the market’s expectations of future exchange rates, interest rates, and so forth)

    26. It presumes that investors are risk neutral, with the result that all bonds have the same near-term expected return, regardless of their maturity

    27. Our interest or duty may coincide with the line of conduct another presumes to prescribe

    28. “Put it into your pocket, and remember, for the future, that the servant who presumes to know his master’s business least understands his own

    29. Smith, notwithstanding he had been told by the Duke of Cadore that it was impossible any compromise could take place on that subject, says in the letter enclosing the proclamation that the President presumes that the requisitions contained in his letter of the 5th of July, as to the restoration of the property, will have been satisfied

    30. He has laboured since this period to apply this method to other formations, which contain the relics of organized bodies; but he stands in need of much assistance, and he presumes to ask it, not only of naturalists, but even of all persons interested in the sciences

    31. It was discovered in Pipe-creek, Maryland, in June, 1816, by said author, who confesses that he does not consider it as properly belonging to the genus Cyprinus, and presumes that when other species shall be discovered, possessing the same character, they will constitute a separate genus

    32. He is the more confident in this belief, from the consideration that these new duties may be discharged without interfering, as he presumes, with those of the station which you now hold

    1. This is presuming that you have the good

    2. None of them had ever dared ask for clarification or assistance, presuming that such admissions would reveal a lack of competence and a summary sacking

    3. seeing her again soon - presuming she’d survived the

    4. ‘So, presuming that you haven’t been back

    5. Presuming that the rest of the ship had not blown up or been smashed to pieces in the impact, then they should at least have better shelter at the end of their journey and a lot more supplies

    6. Presuming someone is responding then we’ve got less than a month to wait

    7. “I hope I’m safe in presuming it’s not you, especially after the attempt on your life, so that only leaves three suspects

    8. Presuming that there was likely to be no more information, the adventurers made their excuses, promising to tell Balzar about his brother when the retrieved the Globe, and Bleanor led them out to the blistering desert sands

    9. Presuming that interruption

    10. We're presuming that she has been taken by James's associates

    11. ‗I was presuming on the skills of your lovely consort

    12. 4 In the absence of direct word from the Master regarding the nature of these cases of spontaneous healing, it would be presuming on our part to undertake to explain how they were accomplished, but it will be permissible to record our opinion of all such healing phenomena

    13. 16 Thirty prejudiced and tradition-blinded false judges, with their false witnesses, are presuming to sit in judgment on the righteous Creator of a universe

    14. himself as a bore may have a low self-esteem, presuming that

    15. But any belief they had would be considered soft in terms of knowledge of God’s will for the rest of time, or even God’s will at the moment, presuming God not to change, but to be eternal and unchanging in values as God is perfect and any change to perfect becomes imperfect

    16. errors, presuming she would be a stickler for those things, given her

    17. He smiled, presuming Thomas was pulling his leg

    18. “You’re presuming they’re all connected,” Mary Catherine said,

    19. “I was presuming you were here because of the exhumation; such a delicate business

    20. world looking for something cal ed the vessel, I’m presuming it’s you, and al of a

    21. It says: how we used to live, just like the unsaved did, presuming we've changed that; and we were according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience

    22. nounced and for presuming that you might want to hear

    23. “I am aware I am aware!” he spittled towards the table door, presuming, wishing, instincting an instruction to it

    24. “Is that Evy talking again?” Guvney watched her parent ignore safety protocols, presuming IT's redundant safety features would catch any failures, while commencing the process of shutting down their Bubble State's power grid

    25. ” she laughed to herself presuming she was only joking, but the truth is how would she ever know?

    26. “Your neighbor?” OL smiled, presuming at least that would elicit a positive response, for weren't they neighbors in so many ways, including having lived together in the same apartment housing on 99 Main Street

    27. When the most massive interacts with the faintest trace, which is causing the other?” I was hearing Dali, presuming EdX, but seeing UNNU

    28. “Whoa, little crack gigoloho, who just let you out of the box?” Urit tried to sound casually disrespectful, presuming he was just messing with another faux AI agent of the State and not mouthing off to a consciousness with emotions

    29. “You're saying money,” Olive continued the conversation as casually as Steve, presuming the nonchalance was part of the provocateur's cover

    30. ” she said turning around inside the doorway arch to face the AS snapping spiritual junkies who were preparing to enter The Sanctuary, presuming they were both invited and welcomed

    31. “What is the greatest amendment?” vigilantes surrounded her, presuming her mere existence was a crime

    32. “How many gods are there?” Presuming she was a street vendor scratching out a post-collapse existence in these dark ages since the energy stopped flowing her people's way, he offered the coin again, not seeing any place to put it

    33. “And what are the names of these masters?” he looked about the stone wall she leaned against, thinking it might be the monastery of her order, presuming she was a follower of some way

    34. “And these other buildings, are any of them your temple?” he asked matter-of-factly, presuming now that he did not know what to presume

    35. I think it’s admirable that you’d even take that kind of a risk,” I said, presuming he was talking about his mother

    36. We have to check out what’s going on inside first, without alerting Chase Cotter, presuming it is him in there”

    37. It was an article that was intended specifically and unabashedly to sensationalise the already tense situation and to try to draw out something from the police that they had so far, presuming they had some additional relevant information, kept from the public

    38. This is presuming that the horse understands the driving signal and the yield signal

    39. Therefore, presuming that the model depicted

    40. Durst: The past action of dare; to take action in a presuming daring way; having the heart filled with courage and strength, to take on something

    41. Presuming that you aren’t overdoing it, your body will begin converting food into

    42. a3 = (T2 k)= a3 +2 + 1 = 6 with the sphere presuming the position of singularity as part the of k0 = 1 = singularity

    43. that is; presuming this 6 hours includes the time needed to go to the store, and that the cost of his buying the pipes is the same cost the plumber would have charged him for those pipes

    44. Presuming of course that renters can organize themselves nationally in secret; without letting a single owner know what they are planning

    45. Presuming you already have the line on the reel, put the butt of

    46. Presuming Brandor was a Master of the

    47. Presuming he must have fallen out of bed, just lying there felt

    48. Presuming his friend was talking about him leaving them behind, and not the

    49. Presuming it was

    50. Concerns turned to his brother, presuming he was

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    Synonyms for "presume"

    presume assume take for granted dare make bold venture infer conclude believe presuppose suppose

    "presume" definitions

    take to be the case or to be true; accept without verification or proof

    take upon oneself; act presumptuously, without permission

    constitute reasonable evidence for

    take liberties or act with too much confidence