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    1. • Because moles seldom venture to the surface, they are seldom seen

    2. As you start moving up the age ladder the tendency is to be at peace and you are looking at more comfortable life rather than risky venture

    3. of the flat so he decided not to venture in, and instead inched his

    4. the fisherman joining this new business venture

    5. Taking their coffee with them Arbnor Jasari and Helen, his Girl Friday, unlock the doors and venture out into the bright sunshine of a clear Spring day

    6. mere sensations of touch, venture deeper, into the

    7. incentive for the trainees to venture out to one of the local pubs

    8. Now that the morn was warm enough to venture out, he was strolling the second level on Fourth Canal, actually half a block up from the canal, strolling the crystal-way on the sixth floor

    9. Satisfied, though not fully clear on the program proper, Samuel repeated his support for anything Harry wished to venture before September first and the start of term

    10. “I must have Otto von Eschen over to discuss a possible new venture

    11. You say that you have another venture to discuss?”

    12. As we prayed and I braved to venture past the dark veil of fear, I

    13. before he can venture to reduce them to the common level

    14. There is scarce a poor man in England, of forty years of age, 1 will venture to say,

    15. Fizzicist thought it could be marketed as a profitable venture whereas Sam went off to his first lesson

    16. In the last skirmish that I had with them I would venture to say that we thinned their numbers a little but there are still close to two hundred of them

    17. they each prayed for the success of their venture), and

    18. But these two spoke as if they were partners in a trading venture

    19. I venture in an area that has not been evoked by Mr Hawking when I declare that it is possible for us to alter the current reality using the power of our mind and brain

    20. The house is crazy, says a weary traveller to himself, and will not stand very long; but it is a chance if it falls to-night, and I will venture, therefore, to sleep in it

    21. Sober people, who will give for the use of money no more than a part of what they are likely to make by the use of it, would not venture into the competition

    22. It’s always such an awkward venture, she mused

    23. And as Mercer had long done the same, adding that there was never a good time or reason to venture into that miserable Hold, he did not mind passing on such jobs

    24. You need to venture out and explore

    25. The thunderous whooshing of rushing water made listening for footsteps a much more difficult venture and they had to rely solely on their sight

    26. As the Naud were nearly completely inept at stellar navigation, the best they could hope was to only ever venture a little ways from wherever they had been before; hence the looping reminders

    27. The demand of such countries for corn may frequently become so great and so urgent, that a small state in their neighbourhood, which happened at the same time to be labouring under some degree of dearth, could not venture to supply them without exposing itself to the like dreadful calamity

    28. And chasing ghosts - now in a supposed literal sense as much as a meta-phorical one - seemed a doomed venture

    29. I was going to venture out into that crowd?

    30. But the cruellest of our revenue laws, I will venture to affirm, are mild and gentle, in comparison to some of those which the clamour of our merchants and manufacturers has extorted from the legisiature, for the support of their own absurd and oppressive monopolies

    31. At some time, this had been a productive apple orchard of some commercial venture

    32. Despite the relative comfort of his bed, the plushness of the décor – a relining chair, a walnut work desk with a holo- interactive terminal, and exercise equipment for every muscle in his reconstituted body – there was no denying the obvious fact that he could not venture beyond this ten by fifteen metre room, no matter how determined and resourceful he knew himself to be

    33. being eager to venture out into a hurricane to help a ship in danger, but, that is the supposition, and so, we fired one of our cannons

    34. Here we venture into a whole new arena where supernatural design is also evident, but also intricately connected to and relying on the integrity of the structural layers that we have previously considered

    35. The one cannot venture to make the most important, which are generally the most expensive improvements; nor the other to raise the most valuable, which are generally, too, the most expensive crops; when the church, which lays out no part of the expense, is to share so very largely in the profit

    36. “I’ve tried to lay the foundation for such a venture

    37. He has some financial problems but this venture could cure all that

    38. beginning of Jon’s venture into the world of sailing ships and sea venture

    39. captain again and also have ownership in a venture

    40. now in a position to plan his next venture with Jessie at his side and with the responsibility of a small family to support

    41. It was, after all, a whaling venture and a business

    42. of the Statira and Captain Hawes got together and decided to venture into Montevideo to spend a few days

    43. In retrospect, this did not seem to be the best time for the Milo to venture on to the high seas away from home

    44. I still felt some apprehension, however, about where my new venture would take me

    45. Melbourne also had facilities that could be used for maintenance and repair prior to her venture into the Pacific, and this would be a safer place for the Shenandoah

    46. Hawes was certain that this would be a profitable side venture

    47. they were going to have a very successful whaling venture this

    48. “You must meditate before you can venture out to explore the campsite

    49. loosing their ship and the opportunity to bring home a profitable venture

    50. However, no one would benefit from this venture into the Bering Sea; even the Milo would not have a successful catch this season

    1. Smiler rarely ventured down into the burrow world of rabbit Marwan, preferring to leave others more attuned to the rhythms of nature to tend the sick foreign heathen in the basement

    2. ventured out, the folk who worked the land stayed on the land

    3. “Is it because of the children? Like you can’t have them,” I ventured

    4. Sometimes the tiger ventured a little nearer, but still kept a respectful distance

    5. Kemberra rarely ventured outside the Kassikan but to go back and forth to his home a block and a half outside the walls on the seventh floor

    6. Once or twice he ventured out into the street, looking

    7. "This is a very interesting culture," Glenelle ventured

    8. Meanwhile Lemoss had swept his parent’s path and had ventured up to Granny’s with Nimblefax

    9. When she finally ventured out and started to walk again, every step was agony as the blisters on her feet burst and bled and the lack of liquids ensured that her joints and muscles were stiff and painful due to the surfeit of lactic acid that her dehydrated body could no longer drain away

    10. Imorbis even ventured to near them, and investigated their trapped elven snack

    11. I ventured into

    12. I ventured to explain to him

    13. He had ventured into Dwemer ruins before in search of precious loot and always, every time, he had faced deadly traps

    14. It was just one more in the string of mysteries piling up at their doorstep the further they ventured toward the frontier

    15. And soon enough she had ventured beyond the borders of the camp and into the soft wilds

    16. He ventured toward one of the moveable wooden spiral steps

    17. The Elf ventured, “That was a Reference Potential?” Darshi grinned and nodded

    18. “And those are all RPs?” the Elf ventured further

    19. struck him, he ventured to test his new

    20. It took about two more weeks of patience before those first few brave goats ventured up to me and ate out of my hands, but it was not long after this that the entire group, generally, warmed up to me and accepted me as an honorary member of the herd, and I could then approach and mingle with the goats to my heart’s content

    21. ‘But what happens when you come to the beginning again?’ Alice ventured to ask

    22. ‘Perhaps it hasn’t one,’ Alice ventured to remark

    23. ‘I never heard of “Uglification,”’ Alice ventured to say

    24. Soon they ventured away to meet the rest of the children of the caravan

    25. You could feel their presence, even if you stayed in your room and never ventured out

    26. Each time I ventured from this dance, he’d do something to bring me back into the fold

    27. No longer satisfied with the limitations of this darkness, I tucked my fears and insecurities deep within my soul and ventured into the light once more

    28. Misha rarely ventured inside

    29. When Sara and the kids ventured out to check on the kittens, they saw momma cat depositing them one by one out in the front driveway in the rain

    30. the captain’s quarters and occasionally ventured out on deck to

    31. he ventured, was not invulnerable

    32. Nothing, he ventured, that any of them could do about it

    33. captain in the fleet, Imbrahim ventured that she’d have used this as an excuse to turn back and limp

    34. “Jocko said you were going to search both of their places, is there anything you can tell me about that?” I ventured

    35. No one had ventured near the cottage and she was happy that no one knew she was there, so she returned to the kitchen where a fresh brew was being made

    36. He was worried that the patrols may have ventured into the Lamganas

    37. More soldiers ventured through the flames and more even still joined the first echelons in the melee

    38. One day I ventured to explore this unknown waste

    39. “So,” I ventured, “Do you have the number here that I can call?”

    40. none, I ventured out and hoofed it to Wal-Mart

    41. As Dorro and Forgo’s vessel ventured forth from the harbor in the morning darkness, folks were already massing along wharfs and celebrating their good fortune

    42. The white men also met with almost disquieting receptions if they ventured in the “Quartier Fanti

    43. Frail women and children were trampled underfoot in the mad rush; men forgot their chivalry in the fight for food, which they usually wanted for their own little ones, and few but the most resolute, and therefore the least needy, ventured into the seething crowd

    44. Presque rapidly ventured back to the United States

    45. Hillenbrand cursed himself that they ventured so ignorant concerning retaliation from the minions, or

    46. Proclaiming to work on a new novel he ventured to Washington

    47. I have not found any other place, other than this one, that will allow for this to happen so I have not ventured too far from here

    48. 'I never heard of "Uglification,"' Alice ventured to say

    49. Towards the rear, she found the door that connected the casino with the bar and ventured in

    50. “I think the CEO might have the hots for me,” I ventured

    1. Allcock would be in translating my rods into his own commercial ventures, when she made the contract with him so long ago on behalf of your education

    2. “I have meetings with no less than five suppliers and three wholesalers before I even get to review my own operations at the factory in Toronto,” continued Samuel in mock solemnity, clearly pleased and proud that his North American ventures were going so well

    3. “Yes, to you Harry, I have again, to offer my gratitude for my business ventures

    4. Until LeCynic's ventures through the Crypt his name and achievements had been entirely forgotten

    5. all the other fields, ventures to utter a definitive

    6. ventures to walk on heat

    7. The one is not afraid to lay out at once a large capital upon the improvement of his land, when he has a probable prospect of raising the value of it in proportion to the expense ; the other, if he has any capital, which is not always the case, seldom ventures to employ it in this manner

    8. So about a year ago we decided to expand into other ventures

    9. What is significant about this opportunity and the success of my other ventures is that they are predicated on my own life experiences and challenges

    10. On the other hand, the Shenandoah had no interest in these ventures

    11. I was involved in one of Bernie’s ventures in real estate

    12. Bernie had so much trouble with making some of his ventures

    13. �He then leaves the apartment and ventures to some airport nearby and rents a plane and flies to Chicago

    14. I learned about it from my surreptitious ventures into his personal study

    15. Zeke just shrugs, but Christina ventures a guess

    16. As for imperialistic ventures herself, Cuba had as many “advisors” (agitators and insurrectionists) in Angola and

    17. understanding to investigate her ventures over a century ago

    18. During the precious years of the children growing up, he was often away on business ventures

    19. both plans and achieves complicated and risky ventures, showing

    20. One of its ventures into philosophy and ethics is to compare animals in slaughterhouses to Jews in concentration camps

    21. Schneider is not alone in these ventures of juggled facts versus scientific integrity

    22. Chinese market and even formed a number of joint ventures with

    23. While this is true in the majority of cases, there are some gigs that are still primarily cash-based ventures

    24. your research, don't take big joint ventures lightly, and this won't happen to you

    25. For this reason, you won't be a hot topic for joint ventures

    26. marketing ventures from now and into the future

    27. discussing joint ventures, whether they're long term or short term, are you thinking

    28. joint ventures that allow you to take parts of their list away and add it yours, through a

    29. ● Joint ventures: This is where a lot of your powerful resources will come from

    30. All three ventures took off positively and kept me busy cashing in on almost four decades of management experience

    31. thought Harry’s late night ventures in the dark to be the norm, but he decided to try it out for

    32. “Over time, I began to notice discrepancies in our little ventures

    33. try out Niche proft classroom's $1 trial to learn more within the membership on how to succeed in your niche marketng ventures

    34. Joint Ventures are a wonderful way

    35. The greatest thing about joint ventures is that you not only have access to

    36. Joint ventures are one of the most effective tools for building your lists

    37. Most of the ventures had either collapsed, or were on the point of doing so

    38. You just have to be careful to keep all this well hidden; besides being illegal, Mellina would quit in an instant if she knew about half the ventures you’re involved in

    39. Be clear of your intentions before starting these new ventures

    40. I have not had very good luck in the past with my ventures; this one

    41. You are exploring new ventures and new methods

    42. out the new ventures

    43. Instead of working for the success of their ventures, the promoters siphon off funds to fail their firms

    44. This indicates business partnerships or joint ventures

    45. In 2013 the aspects were favourable for business-type partnerships and joint ventures – this too is a form of marriage but on the economic level

    46. There are opportunities for business partnerships and joint ventures to happen then

    47. There are good opportunities for partnerships and joint ventures

    48. Since the Winter Solstice is the solar new Moon – the birth of the yearly solar cycle – this is an excellent time for launching new ventures or new products

    49. There are opportunities for business partnerships or joint ventures too

    50. They must be aware, however, that this over-optimism can lead to unrealistic financial ventures and disappointing losses

    1. Never venturing out, to find out what was going on around the place

    2. Yankee merchant or whaling ship venturing on the high seas was

    3. To them, venturing so deep into the heartland of the Unity was yet another chance

    4. Additionally, the trip to the Port of Limon was coastal, never venturing into international waters where US Coast Guard vessels operated

    5. After years of putting on a macho front by venturing out in t-shirts and chinos in the depths of winter, fashionable overcoats were all the rage

    6. If you’re venturing into this

    7. Midgar, venturing north towards the gateway to Sector7

    8. “This looks good,” Maggie said, venturing to look Huss in the face

    9. She decided on annoyed, when he said, “Did we discuss the dangers of venturing off in the woods alone?”

    10. And by venturing forth

    11. “I found one or two places where we might set a trap for them!” Benjamin was venturing as Yigal rode up and breathlessly announced, “They are not more than three leagues behind me, but they move slowly

    12. He stayed in that room for nearly a story’s length before venturing out again, the same mantra ringing in his ears: he has good reason; he is sworn to protect his people; he has good reason

    13. “Lope,” the Professor said, “you are venturing into areas of reality

    14. They may cling to the home, fearful of venturing anywhere else

    15. we had over the phone about venturing out without me

    16. I have very little to tell about what then happened, it could be that pushed by the newly acquired courage for the exaltation of the spirit, or that the cowardice, weary of dwell under my reverie, decide to dress up for the first time under the guise of the fearlessness and venturing in full for the distant roads of the audacity, the truth is that without thinking about it, I kissed him

    17. But, yet, how could he call it quits well before venturing into any? Wouldn’t that lead to a life of frustration? Better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all, after all that was the conventional wisdom

    18. But, as his sense of decency resisted his instinct from venturing, he was gripped with expectation

    19. The Argus was a small sturdy ship, typical of those trading-craft which ply between the ports of Zingara and Argos and the southern coasts, hugging the shoreline and seldom venturing far into the open ocean

    20. 10 EssentialsThe following 10 items are recognized as standard essentials that should be carried by anyone venturing on a camping trip or long hike

    21. The quaint pension where they had spent their honeymoon, occasionally venturing out to see the sights, but more often than not, spending time lying in each other's arms

    22. that Harold and I were venturing out of our comfort zone and

    23. Disrobing in public is a crime, but the cyclists disrobed before venturing out and would not be charged

    24. before venturing to turn the handle

    25. Venturing out of the abandoned building became an

    26. So, while current sunblocks only block out the UVB rays and still let in harmful UVA rays, it is still wise to cover up before venturing into the hands of Apollo

    27. When they arrived at the stable that smelled of damp hay and frightened animals, after venturing about thirty or forty yards in the driving rain and howling wind, their clothes were already thoroughly drenched, making the need for ponchos diminish greatly

    28. venturing into the many dark caves and long, dark and dreary

    29. mostly in his little two-room cabin, only venturing out once or twice

    30. But was torpedoed en route by a British submarine and had to turn back, never venturing to sea operationally again

    31. Aaron paused just inside the cover of the trees, feeling that he had forgotten something, that maybe he should’ve called someone before venturing in after a mysterious music

    32. There were people along the entire length of the road and most of them were simply standing there, staring, although some of them were venturing into the woods

    33. “It’s not that hard,” I remonstrated, a trifle irritated that he was trying to discourage her from venturing a guess

    34. Filled with youthful impetuousness, he was violating the Council’s will by venturing out alone

    35. Wearing the coat meant her mom was venturing outside, and that was all that mattered

    36. But when their love for adventure made them think in terms of venturing into the forbidden avenues of human joys, they began searching for a suitable couple to make it a foursome for a fulsome life

    37. Besides, they would have been alive to the problems logistics pose in fighting wars far off from their Afghan backyards, and so desisted from venturing farther into the grand landmass that is Hindustan

    38. Most versions relate the Klaxworms as the drug overlords who were collectively assassinated after venturing out of their hide-out

    39. The following short years left of her life were spent alone, only venturing out to attend church, three times a week

    40. Mia waited until after all the food was eaten before venturing into more

    41. Now he was venturing into operations that fell foul of the law

    42. Hal tried to imagine the three adults wearing strange suits and masks and venturing out across the water, through the fog

    43. He didn’t relish the idea of venturing into the thick woods, so he transformed back into his human body and stood in the center of the clearing, feeling extremely vulnerable

    44. All the crew understand that after venturing through European waters, they’ll be heading back to the Pacific

    45. But the greater the success which men have achieved in the inductive science, the more does the whole tenor of their teachings and example impress us with the necessity of observing carefully, patiently, accurately, with all the instruments and resources at our command the individual facts before venturing upon a statement of general laws

    46. To observe individual facts carefully, patiently, accurately, with all the instruments and resources at their command, before venturing upon a statement of general laws

    47. ” Even venturing into Bethanie’s closet filled me with disgust

    48. " My Dear Girl, although I'd be happy for you and Phillipe to stay at my home in Springfield until everything is sorted out, venturing back into the howling winter storm would be dangerous

    49. I had no intentions of venturing out with Sher waiting to devour me

    50. “Neither do I! Venturing into the city is beyond stupid

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    Synonyms for "venture"

    venture speculation guess hazard pretend embark adventure jeopardize stake attempt undertaking enterprise investment chance wager peril jeopardy danger gamble imperil jeopardise endanger make bold presume

    "venture" definitions

    any venturesome undertaking especially one with an uncertain outcome

    an investment that is very risky but could yield great profits

    a commercial undertaking that risks a loss but promises a profit

    proceed somewhere despite the risk of possible dangers

    put forward, of a guess, in spite of possible refutation

    put at risk