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Frasi con presume (in inglese)

  1. You read it, I presume.
  2. At least, I presume so.
  3. This, I presume, is Mr.
  4. I presume it was for me.
  5. And I presume that Mr.

  6. I presume that there are.
  7. I presume this is double.
  8. I presume he’s in his room.
  9. Sara, I presume? I nod.
  10. Do not presume he would know.
  11. Even if you presume a reality.
  12. I would not presume to do so.
  13. He could only presume the worst.
  14. It is to presume to defy reality.
  15. For myself, and I would presume.

  16. I presume it does not exist there.
  17. Don’t presume that he will know.
  18. I presume I made the correct move.
  19. I wouldn't presume to order for you.
  20. In view of this, I can only presume.
  21. Not because it was easier, I presume.
  22. Presume not to outbid a man in hiring.
  23. You presume correctly, Caleb says.
  24. I presume there are other papers there.
  25. Blake? I presume your legal counsel Mr.

  26. Why this should be so I can only presume.
  27. Archimbault, hangman by trade, I presume.
  28. I was unable to presume any one’s move.
  29. That doth presume to boast of gentle blood.
  30. Your grandfather’s books I presume?
  31. I presume when he is ready, I replied.
  32. I presume you have the search warrant?
  33. We presume you have analyzed the equipment.
  34. I presume that is all right, Inspector?
  35. You have some fresh instructions, I presume.
  36. This I presume is your celebrated friend, Mr.
  37. I can't presume you're guilt without knowing.
  38. I presume it’s the usual for you two?
  39. You are yourself, I presume, a medical man?
  40. I have the honor, I presume, of addressing M.
  41. And your answer then I presume is yes?
  42. I presume the heart's highest virtue is love.
  43. Though sordid minds with impious touch presume.
  44. He said, I would presume that you’re armed.
  45. I presume you have a deed for the property?
  46. If I may presume to speak for the Council—.
  47. Don’t presume to question me, Ralph said.
  48. I presume it is the Elven version of your story.
  49. It seems to me--if I may presume to say so--that Mr.
  50. Then, in a low voice, Do not presume to believe.
  51. The time will come when the moon is full, I presume?
  52. And, I presume, you have that reason, Anson said.
  53. A lady would never presume to call upon a gentleman.
  54. Greenfield, the same Lexicon, I presume, from which Mr.
  55. I presume it was some type of superstition on her part.
  56. Presume some mistake as to proposed running of special.
  57. You presume other development will start that does.
  58. I presume the proceeds from the sale would ultimately.
  59. And may I presume that this is your baby from….
  60. How does your father presume he can select a doctor.
  61. Some of William’s friend’s I presume, hello?
  62. They presume they ought not to fear; and, therefore, in.
  63. Saul is a humble man and does not presume himself better.
  64. I presume you were there, as well? Professor Astor.
  65. Least of all, did Flask presume to help himself to butter.
  66. I would not presume to read your private correspondences.
  67. And yet I presume not one of them has noticed it, because.
  68. I do not presume to be able to demonstrate this affirmation.
  69. May I presume to ask whether you have long possessed it?
  70. Gerald said to Nate: I presume the countess died too?
  71. I don’t presume that I can solve a mystery that is almost.
  72. What do you presume is happening inside the reactors?
  73. And it is in our best interest to presume the worst to come.
  74. JT: MRCI does not presume to tell anyone how or what to trade.
  75. Well, then, we will presume that she had come on a visit to.
  76. I can only presume that it travelled here at a higher speed.
  77. I presume it would be alright, if I leave the man I've sent in.
  78. Yet even he should not presume upon his knowledge, for unceasing.
  79. Will followed her only with his eyes and said, I presume you know.
  80. I would presume that Homeland Security would like to talk to him.
  81. I presume that he is rich, although I have never asked him about it.
  82. This small pellet is, I presume, the black, doughy mass you spoke of.
  83. I presume this Eddie was in the crash, maybe the poor kid saw him die.
  84. Your family, I presume they know you’ve accepted, said Trevor.
  85. An unsuspecting reader of my Conclusion will presume me to be a racist.
  86. That was my husband’s expectation, she said, and I presume.
  87. I presume he is a risk taker himself and he appreciates that in others.
  88. Gerrid said, ‘I presume you have some connection with Central Council.
  89. I presume that the career of this judge is now in the shitters?’’.
  90. And why would you ever presume such a thing? the darkness smirked.
  91. So I presume the secret is that Queen Isabella had her husband murdered.
  92. I"d presume there"d be some representatives from the administrating in.
  93. As a matter of fact, I presume I arrived at the very spot he went missing.
  94. I presume this was in response to whatever action you carried out tonight.
  95. There will be seen, I presume, what he has said, and what he has not said.
  96. Grey, I presume, tall, blond, and as handsome in his own way as Christian.
  97. I presume then that you are going to make one of the interdicted answers?
  98. I presume that you have a home elsewhere and will be glad to return to it.
  99. No longer can man presume to monopolize the ministry of religious service.
  100. He is still staying here, I presume? You should start charging him rent.
  1. Presuming nothing goes wrong, that is.
  2. Presuming Brandor was a Master of the.
  3. This is presuming that you have the good.
  4. Therefore, presuming that the model depicted.
  5. He smiled, presuming Thomas was pulling his leg.
  6. Concerns turned to his brother, presuming he was.
  7. Presuming an ample water supply, he might last three weeks.
  8. We're presuming that she has been taken by James's associates.
  9. I took the liberty of presuming on your goodness in his behalf.
  10. Presuming he must have fallen out of bed, just lying there felt.
  11. Presuming you already have the line on the reel, put the butt of.
  12. Presuming Hanor would be fine, but something grim kept gnawing at him.
  13. Presuming someone is responding then we’ve got less than a month to wait.
  14. Presuming his friend was talking about him leaving them behind, and not the.
  15. Hanor let it be, presuming he was having as much trouble as Hallen with the Souls.
  16. Presuming that you aren’t overdoing it, your body will begin converting food into.
  17. Presuming to be in a dream requires one to assume the laws of physics are suspended.
  18. I was presuming you were here because of the exhumation; such a delicate business.
  19. This is presuming that the horse understands the driving signal and the yield signal.
  20. Accounting for Air Days and presuming 90 kilometers of travel per sol, I should arrive on Sol 498.
  21. What is the greatest amendment? vigilantes surrounded her, presuming her mere existence was a crime.
  22. We have to check out what’s going on inside first, without alerting Chase Cotter, presuming it is him in there.
  23. I am aware I am aware! he spittled towards the table door, presuming, wishing, instincting an instruction to it.
  24. Perhaps I ought, in presuming to speak further about the West Indies, to apologize to the gentleman from Maryland, (Mr.
  25. I think it’s admirable that you’d even take that kind of a risk, I said, presuming he was talking about his mother.
  26. I hope I’m safe in presuming it’s not you, especially after the attempt on your life, so that only leaves three suspects.
  27. Now from this double point our research must commence, and we will begin it by presuming that what the lad says is absolutely true.
  28. Presuming on his disguise, and his ability to sustain the character he had assumed, he took the most plain and direct route to the place.
  29. Presuming of course that renters can organize themselves nationally in secret; without letting a single owner know what they are planning.
  30. When the most massive interacts with the faintest trace, which is causing the other? I was hearing Dali, presuming EdX, but seeing UNNU.
  31. And these other buildings, are any of them your temple? he asked matter-of-factly, presuming now that he did not know what to presume.
  32. You're saying money, Olive continued the conversation as casually as Steve, presuming the nonchalance was part of the provocateur's cover.
  33. Durst: The past action of dare; to take action in a presuming daring way; having the heart filled with courage and strength, to take on something.
  34. None of them had ever dared ask for clarification or assistance, presuming that such admissions would reveal a lack of competence and a summary sacking.
  35. Presuming that we have, up to this point, reconstructed the tragedy correctly, we shall find nothing in this other man to cause us to reconsider our conclusions.
  36. The idea of his presuming to couple his own name, as one in the direct line of apostolic succession, with that of a jockey! Surely his son was bereft of his senses.
  37. And what are the names of these masters? he looked about the stone wall she leaned against, thinking it might be the monastery of her order, presuming she was a follower of some way.
  38. Now, first of all, presuming that the assassin entered the house, how did he or she come in? Undoubtedly by the garden path and the back door, from which there is direct access to the study.
  39. By tempting Christ is meant disbelieving the providence and goodness of God; and presuming to prescribe to him how he should send them the necessary supplies, and of what kind they should be.
  40. Presuming that the rest of the ship had not blown up or been smashed to pieces in the impact, then they should at least have better shelter at the end of their journey and a lot more supplies.
  41. It says: how we used to live, just like the unsaved did, presuming we've changed that; and we were according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience.
  42. Your neighbor? OL smiled, presuming at least that would elicit a positive response, for weren't they neighbors in so many ways, including having lived together in the same apartment housing on 99 Main Street.
  43. Presuming that there was likely to be no more information, the adventurers made their excuses, promising to tell Balzar about his brother when the retrieved the Globe, and Bleanor led them out to the blistering desert sands.
  44. The majority of the working men were also very indignant when they heard about the Secretary's letter: they said the rates were quite high enough as it was, and they sneered at him for presuming to write to the papers at all:.
  45. Is that Evy talking again? Guvney watched her parent ignore safety protocols, presuming IT's redundant safety features would catch any failures, while commencing the process of shutting down their Bubble State's power grid.
  46. He naturally wanted to know where I came from, and what brought me there; and, when I had told him, I asked him in my turn how he came there, presuming him to be an honest man, of course; and, as the world goes, I believe he was.
  47. With statistical volatility very high at the end of this period, and still rising, we would consider buying a straddle to benefit from the increased option premiums when implied volatility eventually catches up, presuming it will.
  48. How many gods are there? Presuming she was a street vendor scratching out a post-collapse existence in these dark ages since the energy stopped flowing her people's way, he offered the coin again, not seeing any place to put it.
  49. Whoa, little crack gigoloho, who just let you out of the box? Urit tried to sound casually disrespectful, presuming he was just messing with another faux AI agent of the State and not mouthing off to a consciousness with emotions.
  50. But presuming they had not heard of Governor Hull's march, and that they had left that fort comparatively defenceless, they will assuredly learn it soon enough to have the detachment return by water before Governor Hull can reach Malden.
  51. It was an article that was intended specifically and unabashedly to sensationalise the already tense situation and to try to draw out something from the police that they had so far, presuming they had some additional relevant information, kept from the public.
  52. Well, if Holmes takes the same view, that would account for his action, would it not? Presuming that your theory is correct, if he can lay his hands upon the man who threatened you last night he will have gone a long way towards finding who took the naval treaty.
  53. But any belief they had would be considered soft in terms of knowledge of God’s will for the rest of time, or even God’s will at the moment, presuming God not to change, but to be eternal and unchanging in values as God is perfect and any change to perfect becomes imperfect.
  54. Presuming that one of the other women of the same household may have come in to speak to Sola, and so delayed their departure, I did not feel any undue apprehension until nearly an hour had passed without a sign of them, and by the time another half hour had crawled away I was becoming filled with grave anxiety.
  55. The Bertrams were all forgotten in detailing the faults of Rebecca, against whom Susan had also much to depose, and little Betsey a great deal more, and who did seem so thoroughly without a single recommendation, that Fanny could not help modestly presuming that her mother meant to part with her when her year was up.
  56. But alas! the prince never suspected any such subtleties! For instance, he had no suspicion of the fact that the Epanchins, having in their mind so important a step as the marriage of their daughter, would never think of presuming to take it without having previously shown off the proposed husband to the dignitary—the recognized patron of the family.
  57. And so, as we have said, the iron gate leading into the kitchen-garden had been closed up and left to the rust, which bade fair before long to eat off its hinges, while to prevent the ignoble glances of the diggers and delvers of the ground from presuming to sully the aristocratic enclosure belonging to the mansion, the gate had been boarded up to a height of six feet.
  58. Yet what had brought about this PRESENT condition of mind, above all things, this outburst? Had it come of wounded pride? Had it come of despair over her decision to come to me? Had it come of the fact that, presuming too much on my good fortune, I had seemed to be intending to desert her (even as De Griers had done) when once I had given her the fifty thousand francs? But, on my honour, I had never cherished any such intention.
  59. Ellen, I was ready to tear my hair off my head! I sobbed and wept so that my eyes were almost blind; and the ruffian you have such sympathy with stood opposite: presuming every now and then to bid me 'wisht,' and denying that it was his fault; and, finally, frightened by my assertions that I would tell papa, and that he should be put in prison and hanged, he commenced blubbering himself, and hurried out to hide his cowardly agitation.
  60. As we got more and more into debt, breakfast became a hollower and hollower form, and, being on one occasion at breakfast-time threatened (by letter) with legal proceedings, "not unwholly unconnected," as my local paper might put it, "with jewelery," I went so far as to seize the Avenger by his blue collar and shake him off his feet,—so that he was actually in the air, like a booted Cupid,—for presuming to suppose that we wanted a roll.
  61. In this world the penalty is less equal than could be wished; but without presuming to look forward to a juster appointment hereafter, we may fairly consider a man of sense, like Henry Crawford, to be providing for himself no small portion of vexation and regret: vexation that must rise sometimes to self-reproach, and regret to wretchedness, in having so requited hospitality, so injured family peace, so forfeited his best, most estimable, and endeared acquaintance, and so lost the woman whom he had rationally as well as passionately loved.
  62. But what is this amendment which re-enacts the law of May last, and such pitiful reasoning as I have heard on this occasion, but placing our seal to that infamous insinuation? The President, on the mere promise of the Minister of the Emperor, that the Berlin and Milan decrees should cease to operate on the first day of November, placed full faith and reliance on that promise, and issued his proclamation on the 2d, presuming the promise had been fulfilled—and, shall we say that the Emperor is justifiable in disbelieving the law of May last, solemnly enacted by the three branches of the Government and the President's proclamation, together with the Circular of the Secretary of the Treasury, enjoining the law to be carried into effect?
  63. Presuming he had died and was in the Realms of the Soul,.
  64. You’re presuming they’re all connected, Mary Catherine said,.
  1. It was presumed that Mr.
  2. I presumed that was the case.
  3. I presumed they had questions.
  4. She had presumed the prince.
  5. Or at least, are presumed dead.
  6. Three missing and presumed dead.
  7. But I nevertheless presumed that.
  8. It was presumed the killer was male.
  9. I presumed it must be the priest’s.
  10. I presumed this was their lunch break.
  11. When I first met her, I presumed the.
  12. Elowen presumed that meant all was well.
  13. I presumed everyone was as nervous as me.
  14. Yes, he said, such an art may be presumed.
  15. This, sir, it is presumed, cannot be denied.
  16. But she had presumed too much on her strength.
  17. I presumed he had gotten word about the gerege.
  18. No…? Just as I presumed, Kifter sniffed.
  19. Over on the ground the presumed perp was weeping.
  20. Vaillant, and Monchet presumed his presence had.
  21. A human, he presumed, for she had no pair of wings.
  22. Maybe our love was not as I had presumed it to be.
  23. I presumed he did not want to try to date our way.
  24. I presumed that Mattie had also been hit with a dart.
  25. It is presumed that Jesus was an authority on the Old.
  26. I one day presumed to ask his majesty why he did not.
  27. We were presumed dead but we’d only hidden ourselves.
  28. The parent or guardian is presumed to act in the best.
  29. Seven months ago, my father went missing, presumed dead.
  30. I immediately presumed Raymond must have had an accident.
  31. So, well, we reported Brad as missing, but presumed dead.
  32. He leads the men out to his presumed execution with honor.
  33. As she could not she presumed he was indoors with Stephen.
  34. It may be presumed they were, though there is no evidence.
  35. He would have gone down and passed out to be presumed dead.
  36. Doug Roberts? Dart presumed, shaking the students hand.
  37. At first, Ralph presumed the second man was the quarrymaster.
  38. A few stone benches populated the darkness, but he presumed.
  39. We had built a reasonable personal equation, or so I presumed.
  40. This may seem easier than presumed if the analyst is willing.
  41. The man, whom everybody presumed was McDermot, had disappeared.
  42. He presumed Derek was multitasking as they called it nowadays.
  43. Caris presumed the female voice to be that of the wedding guest.
  44. Nichols asked two questions, one presumed to answer the other:.
  45. Forget it, he thought and presumed sex was off the agenda.
  46. Though now that particular contact has vanished, presumed dead.
  47. His eyebrow rose at what I presumed to be the ridiculous question.
  48. He found that they were very much as he had presumed they would.
  49. Caught in their own amazement at, what they presumed to be, their.
  50. It’s presumed that one will follow that road, or takes one’s.
  51. I was a little startled but I presumed that she was trying to help.
  52. It’s missing, presumed lost, replied Roger looking perplexed.
  53. There was another man in the front, riding I presumed, ‘shot-gun’.
  54. He heard her say, he presumed it was to the girl in back, okay, okay.
  55. It was some hours before his meeting with the man he presumed was Lowe.
  56. He presumed the time had come to test his story about the cricket shed.
  57. Greg gazed in the direction of her presumed companion; no one was there.
  58. There was also a row of pumpkins on posts, emulating heads, he presumed.
  59. I think it is to be presumed that the President had no knowledge that Mr.
  60. There was no answer so she presumed that Herne acquiesced to her request.
  61. On some doorsteps he saw a shrouded form that he presumed was a dead body.
  62. Halfshaft and Takina were missing, presumed eaten, and all Doon could do.
  63. It maybe presumed, that he actually does so upon some particular occasions.
  64. She presumed it was to give the parties an opportunity to offer him a bribe.
  65. His friends were keeping indoors, he presumed - those that were still alive.
  66. Shoop presumed that it was a guard who’d been watching the entrance to the.
  67. What did these guys want with his sister? He had presumed they were there to.
  68. He heard a sound he presumed to be the back door of the paddywagon unlatching.
  69. I saw that we were in a remote field that I presumed was somewhere in England.
  70. Taking one step back, Jake pointed the presumed opening mechanism cover to Tina.
  71. It is presumed that the arrangement will be easily and amicably made between you.
  72. Clayton stared at what he presumed were the legs of Sally Batten and nodded grimly.
  73. I presumed it was you, the mysterious figure of Kifter said, unperturbed by.
  74. Jean presumed she was recommended in an attempt to get her out of their territory.
  75. Her fear of his presumed com-bustible temper had been washed away by Don’s tears.
  76. I presumed that our last stop was his room, which was as stylish as the whole house.
  77. It was almost an act of reverence or submission before The Almighty Power presumed.
  78. The papers on the desk were employment histories that he presumed were being updated.
  79. You were supposed to get corrections dead right, he presumed: that seemed reasonable.
  80. Half of all committee members are presumed dead, while the other half are in custody.
  81. So that what we presumed to be merely the betrothal feast turns out to be the actual.
  82. He had a distinct Irish look about him that Matthew presumed came from his mothers side.
  83. Maria presumed that the vast majority were working people out for a fun Saturday night.
  84. But when the preemptive reason of nothing to hide attributes a required and presumed 217.
  85. His jacket hung over one arm, his presumed wife hung on the other, her face a bleak mask.
  86. After retracing our swim several more times, we presumed that the bag was hopelessly lost.
  87. He had been unresponsive to shouts and presumed dead until slight movements were noticed.
  88. The receptionist had not heard of Comrade Kay and presumed he was a distinguished visitor.
  89. He did not at all fit the description Mikael Blomkvist had given of the presumed murderer.
  90. Peter, Martin, Julio's point man told me to start what I presumed to be yet another.
  91. I wasn’t sure how accurate that was, but I presumed someone had marked off a li for him.
  92. Just behind her stood an over-bronzed popinjay, also in white, whom I presumed was her man.
  93. He presumed that The Chief Of Police must have cut his hand while running it over the glass.
  94. He gave Melvin a gentle shove, whereupon Melvin retreated to the presumed safety of his home.
  95. More than once I had overheard some man or women refer to the presumed Creative Cause/Owner.
  96. When expressing our views or conclusions about either (a) the presumed Infinite Cause of our.
  97. Whatever Paul’s good intentions may have been, or how correct he presumed himself to be, I.
  98. They were presumed to have succumbed to some freak accident, but the bodies were never found.
  99. They were taught to do so, it may very safely be presumed, by the clergy of his own dominions.
  100. The Sphinx was built by Khephren and is presumed to be in his image with the body of a lion.
  1. This presumes that the fossils themselves are.
  2. Our friend Glendon presumes quite a lot, it seems to me.
  3. She presumes he wanted to get the child out of the house and away from Jennifer.
  4. Our interest or duty may coincide with the line of conduct another presumes to prescribe.
  5. He’s owned it since before World War Two! One presumes he lived here- probably with the putative Mrs.
  6. This of course presumes that you have started to train your subconscious and it is giving you good results.
  7. A few Parkland doctors changed their stories under threat, one presumes, to better support the government’s case.
  8. On the other side, mystical thinking presumes that the unknown can be positive, and that in some cases, Pandora’s Box.
  9. Okay, Del said hesitantly, but that presumes Spalding’s relationship with Stratavynski existed before the arms deal.
  10. He knows you have captured and enslaved many of his people and he presumes that is what is in store for them if they give up.
  11. It presumes that investors are risk neutral, with the result that all bonds have the same near-term expected return, regardless of their maturity.
  12. Put it into your pocket, and remember, for the future, that the servant who presumes to know his master’s business least understands his own.
  13. A killer question is a question that presumes a falsehood, or has no valid answer, or the answer itself is a waste of time or is counterproductive.
  14. No one can be said to be completely enlightened in a literal sense, for applying the notion of completion to the realm of truth presumes its finitude.
  15. The logic for this is never quite clear, but one presumes that they are illegal because, under the influence, you might injure someone or cause an accident.
  16. A ready submission entitles him to mercy; resistance will provoke the aggressor, and his own blood must expiate the blood which he presumes to shed in legitimate defense.
  17. He is the more confident in this belief, from the consideration that these new duties may be discharged without interfering, as he presumes, with those of the station which you now hold.
  18. There cannot be any disagreement between these two requirements, the one being material and the other spiritual, unless it should develop that a Caesar presumes to usurp the prerogatives of God and demand that spiritual homage and supreme worship be rendered to him.
  19. He has laboured since this period to apply this method to other formations, which contain the relics of organized bodies; but he stands in need of much assistance, and he presumes to ask it, not only of naturalists, but even of all persons interested in the sciences.
  20. It was discovered in Pipe-creek, Maryland, in June, 1816, by said author, who confesses that he does not consider it as properly belonging to the genus Cyprinus, and presumes that when other species shall be discovered, possessing the same character, they will constitute a separate genus.
  21. There is often some hypothesis that presumes that investors are rational and risk neutral, and argues that expected returns are equated across assets if any asset’s initial carry advantage is offset by expected capital losses (which reflect the market’s expectations of future exchange rates, interest rates, and so forth).
  22. The child is always within his rights when he presumes to petition the parent; and the parent is always within his parental obligations to the immature child when his superior wisdom dictates that the answer to the child's prayer be delayed, modified, segregated, transcended, or postponed to another stage of spiritual ascension.
  23. Smith, notwithstanding he had been told by the Duke of Cadore that it was impossible any compromise could take place on that subject, says in the letter enclosing the proclamation that the President presumes that the requisitions contained in his letter of the 5th of July, as to the restoration of the property, will have been satisfied.

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