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    1. It’s a good job I’m not bothered about money because the price tags on the lingerie displayed to us by the very discrete lady in the next shop we visit are an education

    2. There is no placing a price tag on such exemplary qualities that, in my estimation, are the hallmarks of a truly ―successful‖ individual

    3. The living room door opened and Alison appeared, dressed in a short and frilly pale green nightgown that he had never seen before, one of the day’s purchases, to judge by the price tag hanging from the back

    4. On the drive back home, I learned the price tag on the deal, which my father promised P&G he would not publicly disclose, but he did tell me that it would be enough to get him into whatever new career he wanted

    5. The price tag was $2

    6. I passed little glass bottles of water standing on solitary plinths with £20 price tags, I trotted down art deco style aisles with red neon lights or just white and sterile, like a hospital ward, passing mannequins and models and beautiful sales assistants wearing the latest clothes, looking the best, oozing richness and wealth and good fashion sense and I honestly didn’t give a shit

    7. I was about to look at the price tag but I couldn't find one

    8. Lee Iacocca said, “No matter what you’ve done for yourself or for humanity, if you can’t look back on having given love and attention to your own family, what have you really accomplished?” How could I pay back my wife for all those silent years of suffering? Nothing with a price tag

    9. care with a whopping $600 billion price tag

    10. Set a far more modest, more achievable goal together with its associated lower price tag - one you can afford to pay

    11. Everything you obtain in life has a price tag attached to it

    12. The price tags are higher and just holding the box tells you that there is much, much more than a simple game inside

    13. But this helped give the DS an edge: a lesser price tag

    14. I wonder how much of a price tag Parrish put on my head? I doubt that he has much to pay for my demise but I have no doubt that he would give all that he has to murder me

    15. No one can put a price tag on things that are important in life

    16. price tag on them

    17. I enjoyed the movie even though I had to pay for the headset and the snacks, pillow and soft drinks came with a price tag as well

    18. Without realizing it, I had been wearing an invisible price tag; I had been seeing

    19. figure on that invisible price tag that I began to climb

    20. price tag until now he has not only a fine motorboat, but has just moved his

    21. moment onward he would wear an invisible price tag with a figure at least double

    22. Invariably, the man with a low price tag is one who was always confronted with

    23. price tag dangling from the side—perched on her head and was

    24. In the US we see the price tag and pay the price

    25. still feel today that the initial $450 price tag

    26. “Well, you still haven’t told me what’s so special about it, other than its exorbitant price tag

    27. the price, perhaps percent of the price tag, and indeed he’d

    28. In this case, the opposite is true, because sellers aren’t interested in purchasing homes that still need work for a high price tag

    29. � Nearly half of the price tag of tanks in my era is for the electronic systems that fill them

    30. never put a price tag on something that held such value as his land

    31. dust; oddly, none of the items in the store were marked with price tags

    32. He wondered if Spalding really had known that Ed Carter and Jerry Barkley were behind the land purchase, evidently in an effort to flip the property to the city for a hefty price tag, and had threatened to expose them, prompting them to have Spalding rubbed out

    33. ‘’Well, you will agree that, for a price tag of 800 million euros, a customer has the right to be demanding about the goods, Mister Graschev

    34. Tina signed the contract after reviewing it with Piotr Romanski and with her engineering staff, finding everything to be most satisfactory, including the very reasonable final price tag of 3

    35. The sight of one particular jar full of a black spice and its price tag made him exclaim loudly in disbelief

    36. Price tags range

    37. “Murder comes with a hefty price tag,” he told me

    38. Always looking at the price tag on everything, Rooster asked

    39. see it without looking at the price tag

    40. Once inside the car with the luggage, he cut the price tags off with a jagged house key

    41. These bargains will help you have the quality yard you want but without the high price tag

    42. "Who do you think asked to have her on the flight?" Sebastian said, without taking his gaze from Melanie, still giving her that up and down stare as if he were sizing her up to put a price tag on her

    43. Stop putting a price tag , there are lives at stake

    44. ” He looked at the price tag

    45. Items can be hot with a high price tag

    46. faced with a $300+ price tag to get the ISBN

    47. products without an actual price tag

    48. [Again, I have not included any affiliate link here in spite of their steep price tags so you know this

    49. the price tags on some of the saltwater species

    50. Saltwater invertebrates also come with really high price tags, especially for those hobbyists not living near coastal areas

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