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Stamp in a sentence

1. Stamp on toes with heel.
2. I saw the American stamp.
3. Like a stamp, of course.
4. Why not use the stamp?
5. The time stamp read 4:27 a.
6. Personality is the stamp of God.
7. She did not even stamp my passport.

8. You want me to use the stamp?
9. Therefore every time a stamp size.
10. There was a stamp, but no postmark.
11. This is a stamp from the machine.
12. When you stamp, do it with your heel.
13. Stamp of approval is where it’s at.
14. The value of stamp depends upon the.
15. Disobedience is the stamp of the hero.
16. You don’t have to pay any stamp duty.
17. Stamp on the toes with your shoe heel.
18. Don’t forget the stamp duty selling.
19. Stamp and neigh, as the hostler calls;.
20. What it knows would fil a postage stamp.
21. It is sealed with the Stamp of the Wise.
22. It’s non-UK so stamp duty alone is 1%.
23. The next few years will stamp her future.
24. Martin moved to stamp it out with his boot.
25. Wants to stamp his trademark on everything.
26. I can see the stamp of it on your face yet.
27. Add the stamp and let the USPS do the rest.
28. And stamp the sovereign passion on the face.
29. The moment you begin to look for the stamp.
30. With that whereon his stamp he hath imprest?
31. As he walked he began to stamp with his heels.
32. Whate'er you grave or stamp thereon shall rest.
33. All you’ll have to do is put a stamp on the.
34. The others of the party were of different stamp.
35. Looks like the stamp collectors were here sir.
36. It can leave a mark, like a stamp in liquid wax.
37. They were cerulean green with a small red stamp.
38. The state is trying to stamp out all questioning.
39. Until you proposed a look at the stamp collection.
40. Stamp Student Union with exaggerated exasperation.
41. That will stamp you as a rational Science buff….
42. His stamp is the stamp of His spirit in your heart.
43. He looked like he might be ready to stamp his foot.
44. Try - and I'll stamp on you like I would an insect.
45. The postal service honored him with a stamp in 1984.
46. Zarras wishes to stamp out resistance to himself.
47. They looked at the stamp collection from three to six.
48. If you can, hit them on the knee with a stick, stamp.
49. I bet it even has a stamp of approval on it somewhere.
50. Q: Within the manifested what is the stamp of the un-.
51. However, the stamp of its power is there also, and the.
52. Witness my hand and official stamp or seal, this ____.
53. Golfer for life!’, near his name, you could stamp!.
54. First they champ, Then they stamp, Then they stand still.
55. The second fifty thousand put a firm stamp on it for me.
56. On the back, there was a stamp: CASUALTY STATUS VERIFIED.
57. Mair followed suit, stowing the bread and mounting Stamp.
58. My father must have noticed the stamp of the shop 65.
59. Be that as it may, lets help stamp out and eradicate it.
60. At this point, the firm can stamp out a product that was.
61. I’m going home! he finished with a stamp of his foot.
62. Stamp, to relax and give the children the history of Baja.
63. You now don’t have to pay stamp duty on AIM-listed shares.
64. Libby control ed the childish urge to stamp her foot—just.
65. Make a vow to stamp out stress and start loving life again.
66. Without a hand stamp, it’s twelve bucks to get back in.
67. The bank will explain to you how an Endorsement stamp works.
68. He hopped from the cart to stamp the life back into his feet.
69. Charlie Mingus was a local hero and we had the stamp of his.
70. Pausing only to stamp the escape alarm, they set out behind.
71. The time stamp corresponds with Tama Orleans disappearance.
72. Will took the garlic out and put it on the floor to stamp on it.
73. I stamp on hard earth on the off-beat, wearing down the rubber.
74. They made haste to stamp out these beginnings of conflagration.
75. Derek had barely made it to the postage stamp lawn at the back.
76. OK, I’ll read it and send it off with my stamp of approval.
77. It seemed the stamp of a man who was not her man in Paul Morel.
78. They called their love sessions, looking at the stamp collection.
79. Note: You only pay stamp duty on a buy, not when you sell a share.
80. Whether you are the creator or not, if you give it your stamp of.
81. If the man spreads his feet to stop your stamp, then relax for a.
82. Was the broker’s commission and stamp duty taken into account?
83. But you can look at the dream as a dream, refuse it the stamp of.
84. Ali died at one minute before eleven, according to the time stamp.
85. The validation is someone else giving you that stamp of approval.
86. Yet, having chosen so well, his constancy has a respectable stamp.
87. Contact muzzle stamp on his temple and soot in the entrance wound.
88. Now you can and you don’t have to pay stamp duty on them either.
89. I just got the final papers last week with a stamp from the judge.
90. A Bulla is a clay seal bearing a stamp with an individual’s name.
91. Check the time stamp of the last tweet to make sure it’s current.
92. In France, there are both stamp duties and duties upon registration.
93. It was a regime which delighted to honour men of Don Carlos's stamp.
94. Stamp with your foot-here is cool water to wash with, and to drink.
95. SALE and put a stamp on the imprint page, because it has come to our.
96. I have come to help him to stamp out a calumny, to crash his enemies.
97. One day Bridget saw a letter in the hallway with an Irish stamp on it.
98. Richard entered the name in his ledger and placed the stamp beside it.
99. Everything that they would do would be putting their own stamp on it.
100. Tenor: Stamp; the character of a subject; the general course or thought.
1. The man came stamping down.
2. He ran out in a fury, stamping.
3. Its stamping, capers and high leaps.
4. No! Jexter said, stamping his feet.
5. I started as a trainee, achieved stamping in.
6. Jim stood up, stamping his heels into his shoes.
7. Emma was stamping her feet as she repeated—.
8. The Grand Wizard changed shape by stamping his.
9. He could hear their pursuer stamping along the.
10. He leaped up and, stamping his foot down hard he.
11. He was literally stamping his right foot in anger.
12. The sound of men stamping overhead as they run about.
13. Dairyman Crick was discovered stamping about the house.
14. That had once borne the stamping of old Ocling’s shoe;.
15. I can’t bear the man! cried she, stamping her foot.
16. Kev had joined Mickey stamping … the noise was deafening.
17. Oh, go to the devil! cried Dimitri, stamping his foot.
18. At the stamping, all the rabbits above ground ran for cover.
19. Mick placed the man’s foot on the curb, stamping down with.
20. I could still remember the day I started my stamping train-.
21. I had seen him angry, stubborn, yelling and stamping his feet.
22. The Grand Wizard tried to make a stamping motion with one foot.
23. They were ecstatic, clapping and shouting, stamping their feet.
24. Stamping of Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes is mandatory.
25. Shakabpa remarks that ‘he could be ruthless in stamping out a.
26. Stamping on the throttle, Mai Cole span the tyres on the wet road.
27. He was brandishing his pistol and stamping his barbarous authority.
28. That’s what I’ve been saying! Cat said, stamping her foot.
29. The clapping and stamping in the hall were punctuated by whistling.
30. A second of silence was followed by loud cheers and stamping of feet.
31. The princess stood in the hall stamping her feet on the wooden floor.
32. With the pptID of 273, holding the designation of Stamping Editor for.
33. With the pptID of 215, holding the designation of Stamping Editor for.
34. In the wintry dusk the doctor came stamping in, shaking the snow from.
35. With the pptID of 235, holding the designation of Stamping editor for.
36. With pptID of 253, holding the designation of Stamping Editor for the.
37. From the hall came sounds of encouragement, clapping and stamping of feet.
38. Jon was stamping his feet to combat the chill drizzle when I picked him up.
39. It lifted one leg, and then the other- stamping its feet onto the dirt floor.
40. They started stamping their feet, and they kept yelling, "No!" over and over.
41. She was stamping her feet, running on the spot, slapping her feet in hysteria.
42. Why, what an idiot it is! cried Nastasia, stamping her foot with irritation.
43. Stir up the mud at the bottom of these pools with a stick, or by stamping in them.
44. Clouds of dust rose from the plains, under the stamping hoofs, veiling the action.
45. Atheists, he said and put out his own cigarette, stamping it on the red soil.
46. Insisting Hanor build the fire and prepare the meal, stamping his authority on the.
47. The mayor sat at his desk stamping some papers his secretary had put in front of him.
48. Uncle Hobart stuck his middle finger in the air, stamping his foot on the accelerator.
49. No more talk! bellowed the Grand Wizard, stamping his foot furiously on the ground.
50. He had tea at the Inn; and there they all were, slapping, stamping, saying, "After you,".
51. No! Jo said jokingly, jumping off the bar stool and stamping her foot on the ground.
52. Holohan pointed desperately towards the hall where the audience was clapping and stamping.
53. Adnan made his way back to the cafeteria, stamping his feet periodically as instructed to.
54. I'm sick of you!' shouted the girl, stamping her foot, and moved threateningly towards him.
55. Understanding the world for a man is reducing it to the human, stamping it with his seal.
56. Whoever it was, he was calling -- and stamping as well, Hazel noticed -- in an unnatural way.
57. Not until whoever said that owns up, urged the computer, stamping a few synapses closed.
58. It reared up, and then, with a stamping and splashing of hoofs, galloped away into the woods.
59. Three more men were opening chests, spilling more puppets on the ground and stamping on them.
60. Peter’s mare fought against his control, stamping impatiently, as Peter stared at the bird.
61. A contingent of guards, the wizard and the Governor were stamping down the hallway towards me.
62. The handsome akimbo, began stamping his cold feet rapidly and deftly on the spot where he stood.
63. I know that you will very likely be angry with me for that, and will begin shouting and stamping.
64. Eventually, the only sounds she heard were those of the animals, stamping and chewing in the barn.
65. I happily moved my wife, Nancy, and three little daughters to my old stamping grounds, Ithaca, NY.
66. What Stupendief do you mean, confound it all? cried Velchaninoff, stamping his foot with rage.
67. You’ve uncovered a heinous plot against him, and broken its back as if you were stamping on a viper.
68. The room erupted once more with men cheering and stamping their feet which lasted for a minute or more.
69. On the rue des Patriarches, she hears a distant stamping, as though thousands of people are on the move.
70. I kept hearing noises from the savages, who were stamping on the platform and letting out deafening yells.
71. The groom led out two enormous hunters already saddled and stamping around in their eagerness to get going.
72. She remembered stamping hard on the ground at Solfatara, a shallow volcanic crater at Pozzuoli, near Naples.
73. But remembering the muzzle, she shook it and again began restlessly stamping one after the other her shapely legs.
74. Like having horses in a burning barn, it is easier to deal with the crisis without all the stamping and whinnying.
75. The medical student really did dance on his head, and excited frantic enthusiasm, stamping, and shrieks of delight.
76. Candy took hold of Byron’s face and kissed it quickly, stamping their ownership before the slightly bemused Teresa.
77. Jilin heard a stamping of horses; some Tartars seemed to have come and all gathered at the Mosque, shouting and arguing.
78. He could smell the horses in the dark, and could hear their shiftings and their soft stamping on the needle-covered ground.
79. Then into the pool plunged the line of men, stamping, churning, moving in a crazy line up the pool, flinging their feet about.
80. One official sat with his head bent to one side and kept stamping the envelopes, which he slipped dexterously under the stamp.
81. Lelechka then ran away, stamping with her plump little legs over the carpets, and hid herself behind the curtains near her bed.
82. Now you should be glad you don't live in Old Testament times, because they had a different way of stamping, that you belong to God.
83. And for a long time he went up and down writhing as in pain, and even stamping and groaning aloud as he thought of this last scene.
84. For several minutes his round figure could hardly be seen at all in that scrimmage of tossing heads, stamping hoofs and waving tails.
85. I could hear her whinnying and squealing and stamping her feet, and I kept soothing her with my voice while my mind was intent on fish.
86. Amid the droning of the wind there had come the stamping of a horse's hoofs and the long grind of a wheel as it rasped against the kerb.
87. Do give over fooling, showing off your silly antics which never lead to anything! shouted Varvara, stamping her foot with passion.
88. At this point he began rapidly stamping with both feet on the carpet, so that Yulia Mihailovna was obliged to get up with stern dignity.
89. So have I seen Passion and Vanity stamping the living magnanimous earth, but the earth did not alter her tides and her seasons for that.
90. Amid the droning of the wind there had come the stamping of a horse's hoofs, and the long grind of a wheel as it rasped against the curb.
91. Mixed in with the applause, though, was a spattering of whistles and the stamping of feet, the European equivalents of catcalls and boos.
92. He glanced round at the trees, which were now quite naked and thin, and blew into his hands, stamping his feet into some semblance of life.
93. She left the table and went to her room, refusing to rush, walking purposefully, head up, shoulders back, face set, stamping on her temper.
94. Will no one come? it cried; and then, while the staggering and stamping went on wildly, I distinguished through plank and plaster:—.
95. She shrieked and flung the towel to the floor, stamping her feet and slapping her skin as the presence enfolded her, violating her singularity.
96. Then it disappeared from view, and the sounds of its huge stamping feet could be heard for another half-minute before fading into the distance.
97. Leon Uriss magnificent novel of the Nazis stamping out of the Warsaw Ghetto, while the Soviets waited patiently on the far side of the Vistula.
98. Here's the thing: God wants to tattoo you! In 1 Corinthians 1:22 it says: now God has marked us, stamped us like stamping with a signet ring.
99. Running up, he stamped on the animal’s head - stamping, stamping, his stomach roiling, shouting at the top of his voice, loosing all self-control.
100. He was well out into the great field and looking for a sight of the distant arch when he felt along the ground the first stamping thuds of the alarm.
1. It was stamped EU 217.
2. I stamped on the ground.
3. He stamped to the front door.
4. She should have stamped on it.
5. Awe is indelibly stamped and.
6. He'd stamped his feet trying.
7. She actually stamped her foot.
8. She should have stamped on him.
9. She stamped on the remembrance.
10. Stamped on his head dazing him.
11. Griff stamped and tossed his head.
12. Stamped on my destiny with a seal.
13. One man stamped the ground with.
14. Lolla stamped upstairs to her room.
15. The top cover was stamped with a.
16. Cheet stood up and stamped his foot.
17. He stamped the snow from his boots.
18. Which yet survive stamped on these.
19. It was stamped clearly on the back.
20. My boot stamped hard on the handle.
21. And it was stamped with sealing wax.
22. And she even stamped her foot at him.
23. The number 5 is stamped on its torso.
24. Shadowfax tossed his head and stamped.
25. Sharon stamped the ground and made a.
26. The crowd clapped, stamped and chanted.
27. Aglaya stamped her foot with annoyance.
28. He stamped out without saying goodnight.
29. Ayaks threw up his hands and stamped off.
30. I stamped my boots on the concrete stoop.
31. The head was stamped with a tiny pickaxe.
32. Mick dropped the pistol and stamped on it.
33. On the top of it were stamped initials—H.
34. Then I stamped my foot, and shouted at her.
35. Disaster was stamped on his terrorized face.
36. Sata hissed at him and she stamped her feet.
37. Then she stamped her little foot and said:.
38. Suddenly, he snorted and stamped his hooves.
39. Wegerle stamped his class all over the match.
40. Bob stared, stamped on the brake and threw.
41. A document stamped by the Department of the U.
42. Darek stamped his wet shoes on the dry ground.
43. Carlotta stamped her foot as she watched them.
44. Stamped on it was the words ‘STAFF ONLY’.
45. He stamped and vociferated almost with shrieks.
46. Moses had wanted to cry at the terror stamped.
47. Stamped across the top was the dispensary logo.
48. She rolled on the ground and stamped her arms.
49. Nancy's boots stamped on the floor for balance.
50. The centaurs stamped uneasily with their hoofs.
51. Troy dropped it on the floor and stamped on it.
52. She stamped her feet and roared at him, but he.
53. Without a word, she stamped my hand with red ink.
54. He snorted out steam and stamped his feet wildly.
55. Failing that, a date might be stamped on the fan.
56. Documents are stamped, but no money is exchanged.
57. Sue stamped her foot and put he hands on her hips.
58. And the old gentleman stamped on the carpet again.
59. The lettering could have been stamped, as it was.
60. The memory of the encounter was stamped in his head.
61. But in the end all that foul brood was stamped out.
62. Tom got up and stamped the last box to small pieces.
64. In every way but physically, Simla stamped her foot.
65. A green man dangled from a tree stamped on the card.
66. Emma shrugged her shoulders as she stamped her feet.
67. There was a pronounced sneer of distaste stamped on.
68. On the road above Libby stamped her feet, grimacing.
69. This document, once signed by you, duly stamped and.
70. Be sure that there is a date stamped on the envelope.
71. It puffed and stamped nervously with its front hooves.
72. A giant faded-blue numeral stamped above the threshold.
73. They definitely know, she stamped the accelerator.
74. Alice stamped her foot on the floor, knocking two deer.
75. A heavy foot was raised and stamped the ground savagely.
76. He appeared to have stamped on it at some point as well.
77. There is a seal of red wax stamped with a crouching lion.
78. A battle ax, with an Eye of Gruumnsh stamped on the head.
79. One of the does stamped on the puddled floor of the punt.
80. I got mad at a girl who dumped me and stamped on the case.
81. The address has been stamped mechanically on your memory.
82. Boody stamped her foot and threw her satchel on the table.
83. He stamped out his cigarette and returned to the quarters.
84. The man threatened me with a brick and stamped on my foot.
85. Hundreds of cigarette butts were stamped out on the floor.
86. The seal of The Zorbantan Medical Association was stamped.
87. He stamped his foot, turning himself into an enormous crab.
88. Again, he stamped on the brake, the Mercedes speeding past.
89. It had Wilders & Co Solicitors stamped on the front.
90. At that moment we didn’t have one piece of stamped paper.
91. The dial is stamped of aluminium sheet or this steel sheet.
92. Christianity and stamped out other knowledge and viewpoints.
93. The fury of the flood was stamped upon this shapeless mass.
94. The CM handed Musafir the government stamped, signed letter.
95. The boy landed on his back and Frank stamped on his instep.
96. In this event, stamped with superhuman necessity, the part.
97. In his rage he stamped and stomped on the floor with so much.
98. The word RAMONES was stamped above it in severe-looking type.
99. Amazement and fear were stamped upon his expressive features.
100. Old Odo Proudfoot removed his feet from the table and stamped.
1. Thanks again for the stamps.
2. I got it without any stamps on it.
3. I bought some stamps and headed home.
4. Here are some Philippine postage stamps.
5. I can serve you if you want some stamps.
6. I mean, I hadn't used up my food stamps, yet.
7. It’s protected and you can save with stamps.
8. I don‘t have the stamps to write directly to C.
9. Only then did that dockmaster remember her stamps.
10. Try doing that with the Forever stamps at Safeway!.
11. I have wasted four roubles over stamps alone for them.
12. She is bipolar, and receives a payment and food stamps.
13. The postmarks and stamps weren’t English or Japanese.
14. Send 2 stamps for Catalogue of Presses, Type, Cards, &c.
15. Most of your publishing have early morning time stamps.
16. Even the stamps were neatly lined up with the ridges fit-.
17. All the entry and exit stamps were as Colling had requested.
18. My mother was receiving food stamps and my grandmother would.
19. Birds were like bronze stamps you inked and punched on your brain.
20. In the pile of magazines and bills, there was a letter with no stamps.
21. She had paid her stamps while working and was able to claim the dole.
22. Additionally, the family received food stamps and general assistance.
23. I would’ve struggled on somehow living off welfare and food stamps.
24. The sales of trading stamps by Blue Chip thereafter declined from $102.
25. The United States, Chad and Togo honored Ellington with postage stamps.
26. The porcelain being pouts, stamps her feet, then tries to step forward.
27. It depends a bit on the stamps and visas you want - you understand me?
28. I need to buy some food, aspirin, cough syrup and stamps as soon as I can.
29. You must separate the parcel stamps with steam because there are always 2.
30. The Government of Britain had always issued stamps with Royal figures on them.
31. I have to buy gas, stamps and other things I can‘t get at the grocery store.
32. I desperately need to get some before next week for food, stamps and medicine.
33. I've concluded it‘s a waste of stamps to ask her because she just ignores me.
34. Hobbies and pastimes: swim, take pictures, collection of stamps, game (that you.
35. Once she was sitting, the agent showed her the entry and exit stamps in her passport.
36. I think I read about this in a spy book once, and it must cost MI6 a fortune in stamps.
37. Cow and bull invade territory together, bull already in field stamps his feet and roars.
38. Dates attached to the schedule recycled and he pushed for tougher regulations on stamps.
39. The Active Directory replication process relies on time stamps in only certain situations.
40. In that time, the postal service issued a run of commemorative stamps honoring his memory.
41. I bet a month of food stamps, this was not a stone you could find on West 47th, and those.
42. Miss Astarte, this letter doesn't have stamps or anything, it was just in the box outside.
43. Fortunately, the stamps were imperforate, so the old style straight edges were easily cut.
44. More than 150 countries have selected to put a picture of Mahātmā Gāndhi on their stamps.
45. The issue date was 1938, and there were several entry stamps from South American countries.
46. Well, look at this, he said, a parcel with stamps, an address and a pet rat inside.
47. All Coins, stamps, buttons, the heads of zippers, pins, capitalized letters, hats, neckties.
48. Davie slams the manhole cover back into place and stamps it down to keep the dead from rising.
49. The post lady looked down at him and said, No, you don't have any stamps, so I can't post you.
50. Corey detested his position of director even though he gladly glued the stamps to get to the spot.
51. Those two, the chief continued, had more stamps in their passports than a coyote has fleas.
52. Thanks to being eligible for food stamps, the family did have a minimal amount of food on their table.
53. Your food stamps will be stopped effective March 1992 because we received notice that you passed away.
54. She was on housing support and got food stamps and some money for groceries, baby care items and clothing.
55. The king wasn’t allowed to grant titles to South Africans and they even removed his head from the stamps.
56. Food stamps are traded for almost anything other than food – stolen coats, cigarettes, videos, watches.
57. Commissions, tax stamps and the invisible eighth, in addition to frequent losses, form too great a handicap.
58. For sale by all druggists or mailed to any address on receipt of 30 cents in stamps, or three cakes for 75 cents.
59. Another of the group, in similar garb, approaches and stamps on him repeatedly: teeth and blood sprays everywhere.
60. We filled shopping trolleys at Tesco’s, collected Green Stamps, and then I earned my supper by acting as porter.
61. The site includes the family tree of Gāndhi and a collection of stamps from various countries commemorating Gāndhi.
62. THE HONOURABLE MRS MERVYN TALBOYS: (Stamps her jingling spurs in a sudden paroxysm of fury) I will, by the God above me.
63. He did wonder for a moment if the stamps might be worth anything, but then decided he couldn’t be bothered to find out.
64. I pulled out a little rectangle of stamps I had in the ziplock bag that held my driver’s license and placed it near my plate.
65. Our guide finds a dry piece of wood in the undergrowth, stamps it into the ground, like a peg, and then loops the cable around it.
66. It is not the high nature of an act, nor the authority of the act, that stamps the character of sovereignty on him who performs it.
67. Then, immensely proud of her cleverness, she trotted down to the post-office, bought stamps, and put the letter herself in the box.
68. She used one of her mother’s stamps on it and put the letter by her purse, to mail when she went to the hospital in a little while.
69. Some directory services, such as NDS, base their data synchronization algorithms on time stamps assigned to each database modification.
70. Come inside, because they need your passport to put in it all the necessary stamps and seals to show that you paid the tax and all.
71. See here, GovCorp smothered in stamps of approval: it's made from All Natural Commerce, that's Fairly Resourced and Organically Traded.
72. Before he could move, Cynthia was at the wastepaper basket taking out the crumpled wrapping paper with the special-delivery stamps on it.
73. May I send you this banknote for Michael Toney, his University courses were not paid ($50 per month) and he is without any food or stamps.
74. Everything was in order, complete with all the necessary seals and stamps to show that the vessel left Limon with but one horse on board.
75. He was very sad, because he did not have an address label on him, he did not have any stamps on him, and he did not have anything inside him.
76. The card is not here but I know I would not send her an empty envelope and there's so many stamps on it I must've put a card in here – ha-ha.
77. They inched their way to the far right end, which was reserved for guests with skull stamps, and had a line only a third as long as the others.
78. LADIES’ HOME JOURNAL AND PRACTICAL HOUSEKEEPER, mailed to any address for 6 months, for only 25 cents, either stamps or silver—a small sum of money.
79. They looked remarkably similar now that copies of the stamps had been stuck over the printed image; the raised texture certainly looked like real stamps.
80. They’d have to initially stumble across the individuals in light of the situation, indiscreetly pass one’s interest and then get their stamps and bling.
81. Hauptmann stamps a clearing in the snow, and Werner sets up the first transceiver, uses measuring tape to pace off two hundred meters, and sets up the second.
82. Such habits are ―individualistic‖; that is to say, that provide style or ―personality‖ to an individual or otherwise stamps that individual‘s Character.
83. A short time later they were rescued by the flour Aurelianos, whose crosses of ash inspired a sacred respect, as if they were caste marks, stamps of invulnerability.
84. On the other hand, it was very easy to send an employee to buy enough stamps for a month, and then slip the letter into one of the three mailboxes located in the old city.
85. I have a nice big envelope with lots of postage stamps that I mailed February 11 so I know I sent Judy a Valentine's Day card this year cause that's when Valentine's Day is.
86. The passport from her teenage years, the one filled with stamps from an eight week If-Its-Tuesday-This-Must-Be Belgium American Youth Hostels summer vacation, was long expired.
87. Resembling San Francisco in hills and the use of a tramway, Dunedin proudly shows tourists its Baldwin Street that the Guinness Book stamps as the steepest street in the world.
88. Curious, Eli Cohen first examined the envelope but found no return address or even postal stamps on it: it must have been dropped by hand at the newspaper’s reception counter.
89. A young lad of about twelve took it upon himself to arrive with water and fresh eggs and fruit every morning, refusing payment! I took his address and promised to send him stamps.
90. In the pocket of his old Ex Post Facto jacket, in the little hole he’d cut into the lining, was a paper envelope of heroin, like the sleeves they put stamps in at the post office.
91. The size of the option is variable to accommodate multiple time stamps, but must be specified when the sender creates the datagram and cannot be enlarged en route to the destination.
92. In this case, and only in this case, the system uses the time stamps included with each of the attributes to determine which value is newer and should take precedence over the other.
93. The problem with this method is that the use of time stamps requires the clocks on all of the network’s domain controllers to be precisely synchronized, which is difficult to arrange.
94. If this is being read by some nosey new resident please can you pass this on to James Montague, if you have a forwarding address (I have enclosed two first class stamps for your trouble).
95. The largest collection of panda-related items belongs to Edo Rajh and Iva Rajh (both Croatia) and takes the form of 1,966 different World Wildlife Fund (WWF) stamps bearing a panda logo.
96. To the officials posted in such a place as Los Chiles, the stamps they pounded into his passport were secondary: they were more interested in receiving the attentions of a man of importance.
97. The program would prevent the time and date stamps within the desktop’s primary FAT table from being changed the moment the files in the Plutonium’s Revenge directory were successfully copied.
98. First magic society featured on a national stamp: The Royal Mail issued a series of five interactive stamps on 15 March 2005 to commemorate the centenary of the Magic Circle (UK).
99. The package was large, the size of a breakfast cereal box and she’d used three books of stamps before she was satisfied it would be accepted by New Zealand Post and not ‘returned to sender’.
100. There was no menu except a laminated card showing four dishes of similar-looking steamed buns, each with a small, raised red, blue, or silver square in the center, like stamps of faded sealing wax.

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