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    1. label the behaviour as “wrong” or “naughty” rather than the children

    2. Label for use later

    3. Always check the label to see if PB is present

    4. Very interesting label, fun to read! Dr

    5. If you have ever read the label on a bottle of Dr

    6. It was about that time that the idea presented itself to place what he calls his “Moral ABC’s” - a complete version of this is now available in book form - on a label

    7. Many fans have made the pilgrimage to his California home - he’s not hard to find, his address and phone number printed on every label

    8. “What is beautiful about my father is that he believes everything on that label,” says Ralph, who says that way back when, he suggested his father’s soap - of which the uses range from shampoo to toothpaste, laundry cleaner to bug repellent, and plant cleaner to body message (though customers swear there are hundreds more uses) -something catchy like ‘Mint Glow’

    9. ” Since then, the famous label has been called by admirers, devotees and some of the hundreds of mainstream publications who have asked for permission to write stories about Dr

    10. She looks at the label on the bouquet of flowers she is holding – someone’s anniversary?

    11. “Let’s see what the label says

    12. By arranging the suits, shirts, blouses and skirts by label, size and colour she managed to shift most of the better items to middle class bargain hunters and a good deal of the less fashionable items to the local student population

    13. Look so real she has to label them 'Repros' or something

    14. He'd rather not have that label applied, the singularity's failure to appear gave it a pseudo-science connotation

    15. ’ Gary said, affixing a red label to the table

    16. Even the record label was a

    17. It’s label was a psychedelic aurora that you couldn’t read til you’d had a shot or two of it

    18. What about some hardy perennials? That grey-green ferny leaved thing, the label says it’ll have daisy-like flowers in the summer, and what about half a dozen of those bedding plants? Maybe some tough-looking grasses would colonise part of the border

    19. Maybe the label was telling the truth for once, usually when they state ‘hardy’ the plant curls up its roots at the first hint of a frost

    20. “I do not presume to categorize my children by tucking them under some fixed label of personality, you understand, yet it is most apparent that Titania is far more ready to spend time in the forest and mountains, or on horseback, than inside four walls however pleasant the accommodations

    21. Maybe he really thinks that he's saving the universe, maybe he's just a monster hiding under the label of justice; either way, we must save the universe from him

    22. And she says that’s fine I see the label so all I have to do is scan it

    23. A Desa signed out two and a half whole sheets as foreman for a label he'd never heard of out Khume Kimoneea way

    24. When you freeze your leftovers, be sure that you label your containers with freezer tape and

    25. negative label, create a positive affirmation to repeat often and tape it up

    26. White label software is software that is already written, and that you can

    27. their label, so that they can move on to the next one!”

    28. clipper and started to cut the label off of his shirt

    29. To dream that a label is missing on something indicates that you are feeling lost

    30. The man-dog that took the label, ‘The Leader,’ was still strong and still angry - more so than ever before in fact

    31. Each drawer had an old-fashioned brass label holder that held a tiny hand-written card with a single pictographic symbol inscribed upon it

    32. Some people call it God-force whereas others label it as the Divine essence

    33. He pulled loose the bottle with a white label and looked closely at it

    34. 'But at least there was a label on it

    35. Jack went on a binge of drinking after that night in the flat, the night Doc had produced the mysterious bottle without a label

    36. Our hosts were what you might label the bookish type

    37. A way of life respectful of traditions and institutions, as well as other people, pretty much on the order of classical liberalism, which label has been totally perverted by twentieth century American liberals

    38. individuals? Why the constant appealing to the lowest common denominator? Why the catering to man"s lowest basic instincts? The liberal herd mentality can"t stand standards of behavior, and can be counted on to everywhere and every time to label any rebuke of their bad behavior as intolerant and judgmental

    39. These were the kids who wore their psychological label as a badge, like they were as special as the doctors had made them believe

    40. It was the Nationalists who caused the SAP to carry that label and yes, I accuse the Nationalists for dishonouring the SAP and then running away as fast as they could for their pensions when it all came crashing down

    41. projectors, we will place images outside of ourselves and label onto others the

    42. Locate the icons that have the word Chan-nel as part of their label

    43. William could clearly see the label and was instantly horrified! The label on the bottle confirmed his fears:

    44. Now that William had read the label he did not care if the bottle disintegrated

    45. A more accurate label is free market fundamentalists, for the market is certainly their religion far more than any church

    46. North Dakota has a state run bank, which free market fundamentalists would no doubt label, somewhat correctly, socialist

    47. It has become socially fashionable, instead, to label disagreeable viewpoints as either racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic or some (reasonable) apprehension or concern as mean-spirited

    48. I reached in, past the tissue paper, and pulled out a tiny stuffed rabbit with a heart-shaped label on its ear

    49. Competition with better established labs, jealously guarding their markets, resulted in information being passed to him regarding movements of this new Tweety-Bird label

    50. The ingredient label should list meat as the first ingredient and no by-products

    1. Record labels and eternal fame is ahead

    2. Follow instructions on all labels

    3. The 3,000 plus minuscule words typeset in all directions on his labels tell about it, his “All-OneGod-Faith”, in which he hopes to unite all mankind on “Spaceship Earth”

    4. Two vials of insulin clearly marked with professionally preprinted identifying pharmaceutical labels

    5. He had to go down into the most detailed layer before he found labels that told him this was power to the female section of Paradis, or at least, that section of it that was on the Al-Harron

    6. Thom had attached captions to the labels on the impactors and Heymon was scrolling thru them

    7. She soaked the labels off of every bottle of Cava before it was

    8. Ava didn’t say anything, just went over to the cage and started reading any labels which were turned to the outside

    9. An organization of labels and directions, understandable expressions of tangibles and intangibles had to be structured in such a way to provide unambiguous communication from one person to another

    10. A real mathematical representation of all those otherwise confusing labels the older man had been referring to all this time in their discussions

    11. He spent a while reading labels and thinking, his face serious

    12. There are just as many genre labels in the aisles as here, not too many of them are the same, but there are just as many

    13. counting strategies or that you have to study labels

    14. In this instance, you will want to look at the nutritional labels

    15. Food labels can make it difficult to determine which fats are good fats

    16. It is also important that you learn to read labels

    17. There are federally mandated labels on all

    18. These labels are also standardized and contain certain information

    19. labels are only to assist perception---they are not the reality behind the manifestation

    20. He unwrapped two bottles and looked closely at the labels on their cardboard containers

    21. He had just asked me to tell him about Helen when a medical orderly and a couple of stretcher bearers came over to us we both had labels tied to our button holes but he simply asked

    22. had irregular shreds of masking tape and address labels stuck to their fascias, showing the name of the company and the name of the server; names

    23. Read your labels! While it is true that low or reduced fat foods are lower in fat, the downside is that many of these items are then loaded with extra sugar to replace the presence of fat

    24. If you’re in the market for mineral makeup, be sure to choose products that don’t have talc listed on the labels

    25. The difference between the extreme right and the extreme left amounts to no more than a difference in labels

    26. Weak light filtering through grimy windows, revealing rows of long counters littered with salt, dented cans, and torn labels

    27. She looked at the stuff spread over the bed; jeans, tops, tee-shirts, all with the latest labels

    28. Communist, commie, pinko, and socialist all became labels that often simply meant whatever the ignorant hated, feared, distrusted, or most often did not understand

    29. Elizabeth made a selection from the Countess’ wardrobe of a number of items, most with expensive Paris and New York labels

    30. “A crate of Semtex?” he said as he casually checked the labels on the other crates

    31. My husband is an executive at one of the premier boutique labels in this city

    32. All of them are encased in plastic and paper and have white labels

    33. Jason had been switching labels as he spoke

    34. In this way, we can avoid using the labels "good" and "bad"

    35. labels of the yellow bookcase

    36. Those who dare oppose him he labels fascistic, and attempts to destroy their character without responding to, or even hearing, the substance of their arguments

    37. During our conversations she constantly labels others and then accuses them of labeling

    38. high with labeled cardboard boxes, but she couldn’t read the labels

    39. cabinet and tried to appear as if he were studying the labels on the

    40. On a pragmatic account, true and belief are labels we apply to theories that we support and

    41. trashy and crazy and all of the others labels that come with all of the

    42. David Horowitz18 reported that the 1960s radical activists in returning to the Democratic ranks in the early 1970s assumed the less threatening cover labels of “liberal,”

    43. Top quality sound and seamless tracking are a must, as are printed labels and

    44. SoundCloud is being used al over the world by the biggest artists and record labels,

    45. After you have found a couple of record labels you like where you would want to

    46. There are a lot of small labels that do everything

    47. I know there are a lot of record labels that say they are there for the

    48. Where is the label releasing the track in the world? A lot of labels just release in

    49. A lot of record labels want a properly mixed and mastered track

    50. On bigger labels you are likely to receive

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    Synonyms for "label"

    label recording label judge pronounce mark tag identify designate brand name classify specify categorise categorize sticker marker stamp price tag identification classification

    "label" definitions

    a brief description given for purposes of identification

    trade name of a company that produces musical recordings

    a radioactive isotope that is used in a compound in order to trace the mechanism of a chemical reaction

    an identifying or descriptive marker that is attached to an object

    assign a label to; designate with a label

    attach a tag or label to

    pronounce judgment on

    distinguish (as a compound or molecule) by introducing a labeled atom

    distinguish (an element or atom) by using a radioactive isotope or an isotope of unusual mass for tracing through chemical reactions