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Principal in a sentence

Principal used to fight it.
We asked her principal, Dr.
The principal seat of the.
He chose the principal street.
Principal mam is on the round.
The principal called the police.
Hertzog, the principal, who has.

Hiram, or to Principal O'Connell.
The principal made a belated rally.
These are the principal results:.
Isolation was the principal thing.
Everyone has to earn his principal.
Its principal location is at the.
Mulch? the principal said again.
Same thing with Principal Smidgeon.
Principal Klieglight licked his lips.
Principal Klieglight had no response.
The principal isn’t buying my story.
None yet, the principal replied.
Principal Smidgeon was already there.
Doug sat in Principal Bain’s office.
He was, said the new principal, happy.
She had her skinny vice principal, Mr.
They dissolve into me, the Principal.
They’d get Principal Klieglight 377.
The principal address was given by Rev.
The principal tapped his pen on his desk.
Principal #6 – The Habit of Cleansing.
The principal scowled and shook his head.
The principal is not in at the moment.
I’m sorry Principal, Serena says.
The principal sat in silence for a minute.
Alicia's mom is seeing Principal Sanders.
It was Mr Clarence, the school principal.
This is the principal spiritual activity.
I don’t know, Principal Cole says.
This is how it guarantees your principal.
Miss Margarita, Principal Cole says.
The principal hills are of this formation.
I told them that he was my Principal at K.

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